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Dial Spirit Airlines Phone Number For Flight Inquiery

January 18, 2019 by Andrew Mac  

With a motto ‘less money, more go’, Spirit Airlines aims to make your travel easy and economical. It is the ultra-low-cost airline that encourages you to travel more without stressing much on your pocket. That is why it has managed to carry more than 55 million passengers this year.

Making the services readily available, the airline also make sure that the services are affordable to the passengers. Right from ticket booking to baggage check-in, the airline ensures to make your travel the most economical one. And, through Spirit Airlines number, the airline aims to adhere to its promise- quality service on-time, always!

Like every airline, Spirit also has some extra fees for your baggage allowance. So, if you have booked your tickets under the Bare Fare program, you need to be careful about how much the airline charges for your baggage. Because the ticket charges do not include your baggage fees.

Hence, you must know everything about the baggage fees of the airline. You can call on the Spirit Airlines number to inquire if you are exempted from the baggage fees. For a basic regular fare, here is the baggage allowance policy of the airline that you need to know.

Spirit Airlines Baggage allowance policy and fees

Carry-on baggage

Under Bare Fare, the airline allows you to carry one personal item for free. The personal item can be a purse, duffle bag, suitcase or a small backpack. The size of the personal item must be within 18x14x8 inches. And, this includes handle and wheels.

An additional larger carry-on baggage is also allowed onboard for free. The best and the economical option is to buy your carry-on bag while purchasing your tickets. You can also call on the Spirit Airlines number +1-888-388-8770 to buy your carry-on baggage. 

The price of the carry-on baggage varies with the route, time, ticket type and your class of travel. The bag must not exceed 22 x 18 x 10 inches. This measurement includes wheels and handles.


Checked baggage

Spirit Airlines always charges for the checked luggage. But, the baggage fees largely depends on the route, time, type of ticket, and class of your travel. You can call on the Spirit Airlines number to determine the accurate fees for your luggage.

According to the policy, every passenger is allowed to take up to five bags and their weight should not exceed 40lbs. The dimensions of the bags must be 62 linear inches. The airline can accept the oversized bags up to 100 lbs. and 80 linear inches, but hefty additional charges may apply.

In case you think your bag may exceed the limit set by the airline, call on the Spirit Airlines phone number and get the confirmation about the charges. Doing this ensures that you make informed decisions and baggage fees do not come as a surprise.

If your bag weighs between 40 to 51 lbs. the fine is around $30. And, if the weight exceeds to more the fees may go up to $50, $100 or more. The extra charges may apply if the baggage dimension also exceeds the limit set by the airline. So, it is important to call on the Spirit Airlines phone number and be in touch with the experts to be sure with your carry-on and checked bags.

The experts on the Spirit Airlines number let you know the bag size and the weight that is allowed on your ticket. Moreover, they also calculate and help you determine how much you have to pay if your bag exceeds the measurements set by the airline.

Although the airline is known for their super low-cost airfares, it can charge you with a fine if you don’t adhere to the weight or measurement policy of the airline. So, always be watchful for the latest updates on baggage policies. Call on the Spirit Airlines number and get every information about the baggage policy.

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Know About The Spirit Airlines Special Services

January 14, 2019 by Andrew Mac  

Spirit Airlines is known for making your travel economical and free from hassles. The airline provides efficient and quick customer support to help passengers resolving general travel queries. Any passenger who wishes to talk to the airline officials for any travel concern can call on Spirit Airlines customer service number. The Spirit Airlines customer service number +1-888-388-8870 is available 24×7 to help passengers with the updated travel information. Right from ticket booking to the final boarding, the customer support of the airline stays with you all the time.

For your convenience, here we provide you with all the general information that you may need to know if you choose to travel by Spirit Airlines.


Bag charges: If your bag ranges from 40- 50 lbs. you have to pay $30 per bag. The charges increase to $55 for bags weighing 51-70 lbs. and scale up to $150 for a further increase in weight.

Bag allowance: Only one personal item (a purse, a small backpack, etc.) is allowed. Its dimension should be within 18 x 14 x 8 inches. The carry-on bag should be 22 x 18 x10 inches including wheels and handle. The checked bags should be 62 inches in total including length, width, and breadth. It should be only less than or equal to 40 lbs.

Bag claim: In case your bag is missing, damaged, delayed or lost, you must call on the Spirit Airlines customer service number. Make a request within 24 hours of the arrival.


You can either call on the Spirit Airlines phone number to select your seat or the airline will randomly assign you the seat. To be sure that you sit next to your friend or with a family member, you may want to select them yourselves. The seat arrangement starts at $5 and may vary according to the routes.


There are many ways to do the check-in. You can try doing it through mobile, Kiosk, at the ticket counter, and by calling on the Spirit Airlines customer service number. Calling on the customer care number is one of the quickest ways to check in for your flight and get your boarding pass printed. Do the check-in 24 hours before the flight.

Travel information

The airline allows you to modify, cancel, and change your reservation before 24 hours of your flight. You can change the name on your reservation and choose to standby for other flight. Moreover, you can even add more seats by calling on the Spirit Airlines customer service number.

Vacation packages

You can use promotional codes, coupon codes, and other offers easily on the vacation packages. The airline ensures that you get the vacation packages at the economical rates. The airline also manages the flight cancellation and delay proactively with vacation packages. The airlines officials care for all your special needs. Whether it is about carrying an Insulin dose, mobility aid, pet support, or about the respiratory assistive device, the airline got you covered.

Special travel needs

In case you are traveling with pets, infant, a person with a disability, you can contact the airline officials on the Spirit Airlines customer service number.

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Get Aware About Spirit Airlines Customer Services Things

January 5, 2019 by Andrew Mac  

Spirit Airlines is likely to provide you with the lowest airfare from the rest available airlines. It is the ultra-low-cost airline in the US. You pay only for the services you avail during the ticket booking. Unlike the airlines that bake all the services in your ticket price, irrespective of whether or not you use those services. You enjoy various benefits of traveling with Spirit Airlines. So, if you wish to travel with this airline, call on the Spirit Airlines phone number and book your tickets. Ticket booking is quick and easy on the Spirit Airlines phone number. But, before you choose to do so, here are some things to consider.

5 things to consider before booking tickets with Spirit Airlines

1.  Destinations it covers

Spirit Airlines covers more than 66 cities throughout Central America. It operates flights to cover the Western Hemisphere that include major 30 destinations in the US. It has its crew bases at Atlantic City, Las Vegas, Dallas/Fort Worth, and Fort Lauderdale. The airline is also adding some popular nonstop routes from North Carolina to Florida. To know more about the latest added routes of the airline, call on the Spirit Airlines phone number.

2.  Spirit’s $9 Fare Club

It is the best alternative to going to the airport for ticket booking. The $9 Fare Club offers inexpensive tickets than the usual times. The tickets you purchase under Fare Club are $10-$20, less expensive than the normal ticket types. So, in case you to want to avail this service by the airline, signup for Fare Club. Call on the Spirit airlines customer service number to buy the membership. 

3.  Carry-on baggage fees

Including checked baggage, the airline does charge fees for carry-on baggage. And, this is important for you to know ahead of time. It is because the extra fees at the gate may come as a shocking surprise to you. Luckily, you can avoid the entire baggage fees by paying attention to the size of your bag. The airline allows one personal bag for free as a carry-on baggage. Do check the bag dimensions, size, and weight on the website of the airline. You can know the same by calling on the Spirit Airlines phone number +1-888-388-8770.

4.  Charges for assigned seats

If you let the airline choose the seat for you, it is for free. But, if you request for a seat, it will cost you up to $50. And, this all depends on the availability of the seats, class of travel, and other circumstances. The premium seats of the airline cost $12 to $150 only if you book them in advance. And, if you want to upgrade your seats to the premium class, you may have to pay $25 to $175.

5.  Drinks and meal are not for free

The onboard meals, beverages, and even the entertainment services are chargeable. Except for a cup of water and the use of lavatory, everything onboard is chargeable. You can carry things in your carry-on bag that you may require onboard. And, in any case, you have some doubts, clear them by speaking to the customer care of the airline. Call on the Spirit airlines phone number.

The airline, by all means, tries to make your travel experience a pleasant one. Whether it is by saving on tickets or making the onboard services affordable for you. You get the best deals for your bookings with the airline. Even if certain services of the airline are chargeable, they are still less expensive than the other airlines. Therefore, choose to fly with Spirit Airlines if you are tight on budget. Spend less, travel more!

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How to Book Cheap Spirit Airlines Flight Reservation?

December 27, 2018 by Andrew Mac  

Ticket booking is indeed the most arduous and time – consuming process of air travel. We have to filter through all the options thoroughly, spend days or even months looking for the best option available before we could finally lay our hands on an option that suits our pocket. In some cases, where you have to travel in an emergency, the option of booking a ticket at economical prices is totally out of the picture.

Wouldn’t it be such a relief if you had someone to assist you through the entire process of booking? You will be delighted to know that doing so is possible by calling on the Spirit Airlines phone number. You can call on the 24 x 7 helpline number to seek assistance related to reservations from experts. Along with guiding you through the process of booking a ticket conveniently, they will also inform you about the current deals and offers you can redeem on ticket booking with Spirit Airlines.

Besides making a reservation, you can also contact the team on the Spirit Airlines customer service number to make rectifications in the passengers or travel details, cancel or refund your reservations, have the baggage limits extended. However, the assistance available on the Spirit Airlines customer service number is not limited to the things mentioned above. To know in details the queries or concerns for which you can reach out to our customer service team, it is recommended that you call them once.

For connecting to a representative, you can call on the Spirit Airlines customer service number from any mobile network. There will be minimal call waiting time involved. Once connected, you will be expected to share the arrival as well as departure destination along with the number of passengers and the class you wish to travel. The representative will offer you certain options out of which you can choose the one that is most suitable for you.

Once you have made the reservations, you can make the payment via our secure payment gateways the link for which will be shared by an executive monitoring the Spirit airlines customer service number +1-888-388-8770 . Once you have made the payment, you can choose a mode using which the tickets will be shared with you. You can choose to either have an electronic copy of the ticket shared with you on your registered mail ID or have a physical copy sent you at your doorstep through post via US Mail or FedEx. There will be no extra charges applicable for mailing or posting the tickets to you.

If you are skeptical of making online payments, you can request our agent handling the Spirit Airlines customer service number to help you in finding a local travel agent. This local travel agent will book the ticket for you. You can collect the ticket from him directly and make payments on the spot using your credit, debit card or net banking.

 Original Source Link: https://airlinescustomerhelpline.wordpress.com/2018/12/26/online-flight-ticket-booking-process-with-spirit-airlines-customer-service/

Call Spirit Airlines Customer Service Number

December 20, 2018 by Andrew Mac  

Are you planning your next trip and looking for some low-cost ticket options? Do you want to save time and money on your ticket booking? Well, you can consider flying with Spirit Airlines. 

Spirit Airlines is a low-cost and the eighth largest airline in North America. The airline is committed to providing affordable ticket booking options to your selected destination. As compared to the other airlines, Spirit Airline offers the lowest total price to the places you want to visit. Whether it is a planned business trip or a spur-of-the-moment trip, call on the Spirit airlines phone number to book your tickets. The airline offers a frill control program in which you pay only for the options you choose in your ticket like bags, seat arrangements, in-flight services, refreshments, etc. Unlike the other airlines, Spirit Airlines doesn’t charge such prices all into your ticket. With Spirit, you travel and save more while you spend reasonably.  Therefore, booking your tickets for your next travel will be a cost-effective attempt. Call on the Spirit Airlines number and book your tickets. Depending on the date, day, and destination, the customer care of the airline will provide you with the cost-effective ticket booking options.

The Spirit Airlines customer service is another reason why you must choose to travel with this airline. They are quick in providing reliable solutions for your travel queries. The Spirit Airlines customer service is just beyond ticket booking. It is more about enhancing your travel experience. It is to make your travel easy, enjoyable, and free from hassles. 


Here are a few reasons why to choose Spirit Airlines for your next trip

  • It provides you with the affordable ticket options  
  • It gives us an easy access for ticket booking, check-in, and knowing the flight status 
  • Their services are on-time, latest, and reliable 
  • It offers spacious, clean, and fuel-efficient airplanes      
  • Their on-ground and the in-flight staff is friendly 
  •  It gives complimentary onboard snacks and beverages

The Spirit Airlines customer service also provide reservation for Hotels, cars, and Cruise for your selected destination. You can also inquire about the vacation packages for your group travel with the airline. Call on the Spirit airlines customer service number +1-888-388-8770 and ask for the low-cost vacation packages for your travel. The airline customer care team try every effort to make your travel free from hassles. Visit their website and book your ticket. 

Original Source Link: https://airlinestechnicalphonenumber.blogspot.com/2018/12/reasons-to-choose-spirit-airlines-for-your-next-trip.html

How Allegiant Airlines Helps You to Save Money?

December 14, 2018 by Andrew Mac  

Airfare of Allegiant Airlines tends to change mysteriously. However, you need to follow two simple rules that can serve you well for your low-priced airfare hunt. One is to choose an early-morning flight. And, the second is to try boarding red-eye flight, which is an overnight flight to save on your ticket booking. Choosing to fly with the red-eye flight is the best favor you are doing to yourself. Let us know more about the red-eye flight, its benefits, and how it saves money on ticket booking.

What is A Red-Eye Flight?

In terms of commercial aviation, a red-eye flight is a flight planned to take off late in the night and reach early in the next morning. Usually, the flight takes off after 9 p.m. and lands by/before 5 a.m. So, if you choose to fly with a red-eye flight, you will be up in the air overnight, when you would usually be sleeping. Usually, such flights travel through west to east, giving the passengers an advantage of reaching in an earlier time zone with an availability of a full day. Instead of arriving at your destination in the mid-afternoon, post-evening or losing the entire day, choose to fly with a red-eye flight and save the entire day at your destination.

In the early days of air transport, airports weren’t really equipped to execute the red-eye flights. They were not too advanced enough to provide the required staff and equipment for the red-eye flights. In case you are wondering where the word ‘red-eye’ came from, it refers to the red eyes which you get after a sleepless night. Not every passenger is comfortable sleeping on planes. And, so their eyes appear red and tired, and hence the term red-eye flights.

Therefore, if you are planning to travel with Allegiant Airlines and want to save maximum on ticket booking, try booking the tickets with a red-eye flight. The red-eye flight is comparatively low-priced.

  • It is the best option to choose if you are finding affordable plane tickets
  • Business travelers can save maximum on time and work efficiency
  • Vacationers can actually spend time vacationing than spoiling a day
  • Airports are comparatively quieter with shorter check-in and security line
  • It is less crowded and so will be the over-head compartment for luggage
  • It avails you with more comfortable seating arrangement than the daytime flights

While the idea of sleeping on the flight is not bad after all, the red-eye flight is not a choice for everyone. To some passengers, not being able to sleep in the flight might turn into an inconvenience. While for some it is just okay to travel with a red-eye flight as it saves them money on tickets. So, the red-eye flight is a very subjective choice. It has its own perks to offer if a passenger chooses it for the travel.

Other than red-eye flights, there are many ways to book tickets at a bargained price. Stay connected with the customer care of the Allegiant Airlines Phone Number +1-888-388-8918. Signup for regular updates and offers on ticket booking. Try to book your tickets at least a month early. Avoid booking tickets in the peak seasons. Try to sign up for airline-affiliated Credit Cards to save on ticket bookings.

Save maximum on ticket booking by choosing to fly under the frequent flyer program of the airline. Download the Allegiant Airlines app and stay informed with the best price for ticket booking.

Original Source Link: https://airlinesphonehelplinenumber.wordpress.com/2018/12/13/what-is-a-red-eye-flight-how-it-saves-money-on-ticket-booking/

Spirit Airlines Customer Service Number

December 13, 2018 by Andrew Mac  

Spirit Airlines is a low-cost and the eight largest commercial airlines in North America. Connecting small cities to major hubs, the airline operates flights to 67 destinations throughout the United States, the Caribbean, Central America, and South America. It is a no-frills airline that aims to provide the lowest airfare for the places you choose to fly. The air ticket prices offered by Spirit Airlines are comparatively much lower than the other available American airlines. The airline starts you off with its unbundled Bare Fare and then the Frill Control program. In Bare Fare, you get the lowest ticket booking options for your chosen destination. In Frill Control program, the airline asks you to pay only for the options you select to avail in your tickets like bags, seat arrangement, in-flight services, etc. Unlike the other airlines, Spirit Airlines helps you save money and travel more! It operates more than 356 flights daily to 60 destinations in the US.

To make your travel affordable and save maximum on ticket booking with Spirit Airlines, here are some tips to follow.

Book your tickets early

The airline recommends booking your tickets early to avoid high-priced airfare for your travel. The lowest priced air tickets tend to sell more quickly on the peak flight timings. If you want to make your travel easy and affordable try booking a flight during mid-morning, early-afternoon or late-night. At these times, you are more likely to be able to book a flight at a lower price. And, don’t forget to avail the upcoming Black Friday deals and discounts on air tickets! Contact Spirit Airlines Phone Number to book your flight tickets anytime.

Avoid peak seasons

It is obvious that tickets are going to be costly on the special days like Thanksgiving Day, Valentine’s Day, Christmas, etc. The peak season is a period in which the airline generate more revenue than ever for all good reasons. So, if you wish to travel to meet your parents on Thanksgiving or to visit a friend on Valentine’s, try booking your tickets in advance. Even the no-frills airline like Spirit Airlines, cannot help you avail the lowest price tickets unless you have signed up for its Mileage or special travel programs.

Be Flexible with your travel dates and timings

It is always recommended by the airline to board red-eye (mid-night) flights or early-morning flights to save on your ticket booking. The flights are less crowded at these times and it increases your probability of getting affordable tickets. Early-morning and red-eye flights are considered as the best times to fly, as airports are quieter, check-in and security lines are shorter, and boarding is more efficient. So, be flexible with your travel dates and timings if they are not crucial for you.

Be in constant touch with Customer Care

The customer care of the airline is quite forthcoming when we talk about the travel experience. The airline aims to give the lowest-priced air tickets to the customers for their destination. In case you are booking early and still cannot find low airfare for your travel, call on the Spirit airlines customer service number +1-888-388-8770 Stay in constant touch with the customer care of the airline to know more about the latest offers, deals, and discounts on ticket booking.

If you choose to fly with this airline, know when is the best time to fly to save maximum on your tickets. Ensure that you do signup for the frequent flyer program of the airline to stay informed with the latest offers on the air tickets.

Original Source Link: https://airlinestechnicalphonenumber.blogspot.com/2018/12/how-to-book-spirit-airlines-flight-tickets-at-a-low-price.html


How to Get Allegiant Airlines Travel Services?

December 5, 2018 by Andrew Mac  

Traveling can be a lot easier if you have a constant support of the airline’s customer care. Already, the air travel involves many uncertainties and challenges, which if not resolved on time can spoil the entire travel experience of the passengers. And, this is the reason passengers require a one-point access to reach for their travel concerns with the airline. 


Allegiant Airline, which is one of the largest commercial airlines in the US, is very forthcoming when it comes to customer care and support. With a team of qualified professionals, the airline aims to resolve every travel query of the passenger in the least possible time. Any passenger with a travel query can simply call on the Allegiant Airlines Phone Number and get an expert assistance. The airline value your time and money and the fact that these two factors are the most important for your travel. Through Allegiant Airlines Phone Number, the airline wants to ensure a stress-free travel for every passenger. Although imagining a travel free from challenges is not always possible, the airline staff ensures to mitigate every issue that may come in the way of your travel experience.

In case you choose to travel with Allegiant Airlines, call on the Allegiant Airlines Phone Number to know about the airfare and ticket booking options. This is a toll-free number which costs nothing but a few seconds of your time. And, it is all worth it. Because, you get to know useful, updated, and the latest information for your travel. Here are the other benefits of calling on the Allegiant Airlines Number.


  • The customer care of the airline stays with you before, during, and even after your flight
  • They have a seamless communication channel whether it is through email, phone, or mobile app 
  • They update you with things like weather predictions, flight status, wait times, and baggage location 
  • They help you get special assistance if your travel involves children and infants
  • They also assist you in availing exclusive services in case you are traveling a disable person
  •  They avail you with helpful options in case you want to cancel your ticket for any emergency
  • You get 24x7 assistance for booking, changing, and canceling the tickets
  • You get a quick response for ticket refund which is applicable for domestic as well as international tickets

You can also call on the Allegiant Airlines phone number +1-888-388-8918 to know about important documents required on the day of travel. People fly for personal reasons as well as for business. They choose to fly with the airline with which they had a positive experience. They choose the one that has good ratings and the best overall buying process. The one that takes customer’s complaints seriously with a quick response time. And, Allegiant Airlines has come long way passing the hurdles to providing a smoother travel experience. And, the airline is doing excellent at delivering world-class services to the passengers. Believing in ‘happy passenger is a happy investment’, the airline aims to strengthen its bond with the customers to gain an unbeatable market position and surpass the competitors. The customer experience is one of the driving factors of the airline that has made it one of the largest commercial airlines in the US. And, it will continue to be for years to come.

Original Source Link: https://airlinestechnicalphonenumber.blogspot.com/2018/12/how-allegiant-airlines-phone-number-is-helpful-for-a-seamless-travel-experience.html

Book Flight Tickets for USA Travel Vacation

December 4, 2018 by Andrew Mac  

The United States is full of places for amazing and mouthwatering photographs. In my travels across the continental US, I have come across some of these popular places and have taken the best photographs anyone could take. In this blog, I will be discussing these places and describing them. In my journey, I found out that for a good picture, you need a good location. Location plays an important role and these locations are one of the very best. Have a look -


•   Niagara Falls

The Niagara Falls is the collective of three separate waterfalls that form the southernmost tip of the Niagara gorge. The waterfalls are on the international border of the American state of New York and the Canadian state of Ontario. The place is a fabulous location blissful photographs. Book your flights to New York right away with Spirit Airlines Phone Number


•   Crater Lake

Southcentral Oregon is popular for many things. One of these things is Crater Lake. The lake is famous for its picturesque location and the amazing pictures that it allows travelers to take. Book your flights to Oregon right away with Spirit Reservation Phone number.

•   Death Valley National Park

The Death Valley Park is a junction between the state of California and the state of Nevada. The national park is famous for its ghost town and rocks of various colors. Death Valley national park offers travelers multiple opportunities for photographs and memorable pictures. Book flights to California and Nevada with Spirit Reservation Phone Number +1-888-388-8770. 


•   Yellow Stone National Park

The yellow stone national park is special. It is a national reserve and a creational spot for wildlife on top a real volcanic hotspot. The place is popular among the locals and for travelers across the United States who consider themselves wanderlust enthusiasts. The place is full of opportunities for photographs. 

Original Source Link: https://airlinestechnicalphonenumber.blogspot.com/2018/12/best-places-in-the-usa-for-fantastic-photos.html

Avail Spirit Reservation Phone Number for Technical Issues

November 29, 2018 by Andrew Mac  

The United States of America is known all over the world as the most powerful country. It has resources, the personnel, and the leader that suits the image of an alpha dog. But merely a few people recognize the USA as a haven for travelers and wanderlust enthusiasts. The continental United States is a place with rare gems on Earth. With geographical spectacles like the Catskill Mountains to the Grand Canyon, the United States of America is a treasure chest of such picturesque and iconic places. You can always count on the Spirit reservation phone number to book yourself a flight to these places.

Anyhow, in this write-up, we would discuss these must-see destinations in details. Have a look –

•   The Catskill Mountains

The Catskills is a mountain range located in the state of New York. It is a place of flora and fauna. The mountain range has been an attraction for travelers all over the USA and is a must visit for people who love the mountains. Flights to New York are easily available at Spirit reservation phone number +1-888-388-8770.

•   Mount Rushmore

Mo8unt Rushmore is a gem in America’s crown situated in South Dakota. The iconic carving on the hills has been part of pop culture for ages. Spirit reservation phone number deals in special offers to South Dakota.

•   Grand Canyon

The Grand Canyon is a natural gorge that is present in Arizona and is a major public attraction. The canyon is 277 miles in length and 18 miles in terms of width. The road to Grand Canyon can be a little bit tough but thanks to Spirit reservation phone number, special offers for flights are available.

I had the time of my life while in the United States thanks to Spirit Airlines. You must see these places the next time you in the states.

Original Source Link: https://airlines-phonenumber.weebly.com/blog/places-you-must-visit-in-the-united-states