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How to Update aol desktop gold

January 11, 2019 by Mikemanuel  

How to Update aol desktop gold

What is AOL Desktop Gold?

In addition to the growing demand for technology, companies have launched new ideas on the market. Some are good, but with exceptional service, AOL Desktop Gold is paramount. Now there are many good features and benefits in AOL. Many people around the world use it. With so many features called the best software on the market. AOL Gold allows you to use e-mail, online video and songs and browse through different websites.

The software enhances hassle-free updates and security. You can also enjoy the premium version of the software that allows them to access it from anywhere. AOL is the best version of the software. It's great for desktop computer packages.

Before installing AOL Desktop Gold software, a few things are needed which we are fully mentioned in the description. Users must remember some key points that can have a negative impact if not complete. The latest AOL Gold software is different from its earlier versions in many ways. Because of this, it is being used by millions of users now, and users are upgrading their version. If users have some technical bottlenecks, they will have to maintain peace because we have some well-qualified and skilled technocrats who can resolve their issues through AOL Desktop Gold Support within a short time.

System Requirement of AOL Desktop Gold Software

Language: English

Version: 10.1

Size: 2.2 mb

License: Both Free & Paid

Downloads: 22M

User Rating: 8/10 (206 votes)

Developed By : AOL

System Requirement to Install and Upgrade AOL Desktop Gold:-

OS: Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10, Mac

Processor: 266 MHz or faster computer processor

Screen Resolution: 1024 x 768 or higher screen resolution recommended

Memory: 1 GB RAM, 512 MB free hard disk space 

Internet: Connection 

AOL Desktop Gold Software for Advance Desktop Option

Easily explore your Internet world with AOL Desktop Gold with the latest latest security features and automatic updates, a better, faster, more secure Internet browser powered by AOL. Download now and start using AOL Desktop Gold ™.

User friendly Auto updates: Users do not have to take a lot of pain, the moment they shift to the new version of AOL Gold software, because their user names, passwords, toolbar icons, contacts and mail are automatically transferred from AOL Desktop to newer version Will go Users will need less space for updates to their system because it changes old updates with new ones.

User Customized font size: You can change the font size, text and color of the background.

Two-way verification process: With the latest version of AOL Gold you are completely safe because there is a two-way verification process in it.Two-step verification is a process that involves two authentication methods, which do one verification after one so that some or any other thing is requested.The difference between two-step verification and two-factor authentication:

Advance Updated web-browser with encryption:The browser will save the user's favorite websites like favorites and tools, and users will not need to wait to load this information. The user's email that they send to any user will be in an encrypted mode for security purpose and no one can read them except the sender and the receiver.

Advance Security Technology : The new version saves the user's time with improved speed and performance, as well as very few errors while using its features. It provides security and security to users with various dangerous cyber hazards through its two step verification process, which helps users to avoid compromising their account.

AOL Customer Service: Latest Updates and strategy of AOL

December 7, 2018 by Mikemanuel  

Highlights of AOL's email services

The AOL email platform is packed with a number of attractive features, but some of them are surprisingly unique. Let's see what are the main benefits of AOL that make others better. For detailed guide, contact AOL 800 number and talk to customers.

Comprehensive Search Filter: With AOL filter you can easily get an email, contact or event without any difficulty. All you have to do is set up the filter with a specific keyword for email or incoming messages. Filters are very beneficial to keep your inbox free of spam / trash. To know how to configure and use AOL filter, contact AOL customer service number.

Unlimited Free Storage: Unlike other email service providers, AOL offers unlimited storage capabilities. With AOL's email services, it can store as much data as you want online.

Background themes: You have the full advantage to customize the screen theme of your AOL email interface. Receives many colors, background themes, patterns to change the perspective of AOL's email services.

Check the status of the message: With AOL email, you can verify the independence of the position of sending or receiving messages. So, now you can be sure that the message has been sent or not.

Easy to build filter: You can create as many folders as you want with AOL email client. You can create and delete an unlimited number of folders and can classify your email for easy access.

Resize the panel: resizing panels in your inbox is a one-click game. Move the pointer to set the panel size

Disable reading panel: To customize the reading panel, you have to go to the configuration and then go to the customization, from which you can disable the reading panel from the screen.

Write emoji: User draws a large variety of paintings, also called emoji, which helps you express your feelings when talking through AOL Messenger.

AOL Shield: With AOL application, you get the facility to protect your account and the information you share during the purchase, bank or other web portal. To customize the security of your AOL email client with the help of experts, dial the free AOL number. Click here install AOL Shield Web browser.

Keyboard and mouse shortcuts: You can configure your AOL email and its functions to access them for free. With the shortcut, organizing your email is very easy and easy. This feature is designed primarily to save time.

For AOL Support Issues Toll-Free +1(800)-608-2315

This emerging brand is giving new heights to the communications standards by presenting new special features with every passing day. Although AOL has seen many ups and downs, but it has always managed to survive and win.

There are several factors that raise AOL from the crowd. With AOL you can find many things, it is a huge platform with many hidden gems. This email platform is growing as a small child, so it is common to face technical problems.

Users often find technical flaws, but it is best that you are never alone at the time of trouble, as the number AOL support users are available to help unleashed unlimited time or distance. AOL support is one of the best places to get the right solution for unexpected technical breakings.

AOL Gold Desktop Support Help Certified Technicians

September 10, 2018 by Mikemanuel  

AOL Gold Desktop Support Help Certified Technicians

Technology has its own importance and within the gift market, it's taking part in an important role in all kinds of product and services. Within the same means, AOL Desktop Gold is currently with some new increased and advanced options for the shoppers. There are several things which might be done by the e-mail system and AOL Desktop Gold offers all those facilities to you to utilize. It’s some advanced options and functions and options which offer safety to your important info yet your system too. There’s an opening that whereas victimization it you may confront with some technical hiccups in it and wish some help to induce obviate from all such reasonably errors and different vulnerabilities. There are choices accessible for you to rectify any reasonably issue you ever face in it through AOL Desktop Gold Technical Support wherever you may be helped by the certified technicians to handle each issue you face in it which too among a brief amount of your time and hassle-free answer.

Some necessary options that are recently updated in AOL Desktop Gold such as-


Automatic Updates: This feature is sort of useful as you wish not need to manually update the code because it includes operate that updates Error mechanically and saves the time conjointly and fewer area.

Advanced Technology: it's repacked with advanced technology and with boosted speed and performance and Not responding errors.

Customized Font and Text Options: you'll be able to customize the font and text choice in line with your needs

Two-Screen Verification Process: its safety options which might defend your important info and may save the account to be hacked

Updated net Browser: The updated browser will defend you from dangerous malware and your important info too. It will save your favorite web site and toolbars and you've got to not anticipate any web site to load.

Apart from such howling options and performance within the new AOL Desktop Gold, there are some errors too that you may confront whereas victimization it that can’t be resolved by you itself as all the errors are a lit bit technical in nature. All such problems will be delineated below such as-aol desktop Error 140


I am unable to put in AOL Desktop Gold. What do I do?

I get prompted to update Microsoft .NET Framework to four.5.2 whereas putting in the new AOL Desktop Download. Do i want to try and do the update?

ØWhy am I unable to play bound games on Pogo.com?

ØWhere do I enter my password?

ØMy mail is missing. What ought to I do?

ØThere is miscalculation whereas causation and receiving email?

ØWhere are my Favorites or Address Book contacts?

ØMy AOL Desktop icon is missing from my laptop desktop. However am i able to add it?

ØWhy won’t the AOL Desktop Gold connect thus I will get online?

ØI am having problems printing from AOL Desktop Gold. However am i able to fix it?

ØAOL Desktop Gold is slow. What ought to I do?

All the preceding errors will be resolved in a straightforward means as there's Associate in Nursing choice for you within the style of AOL Desktop Gold Support Number +1 (800) 608-2315  wherever get the help from the certified consultants will assist you in breakdown the problem among a brief amount of your time. You’ll be able to avail the service with none problem and with a fast response. The error would possibly occur at any time, thus because the answer ought to be there. Our consultants are going to be accessible for you 24×7 on-line to resolve every and each technical defect whereas victimization AOL Desktop Gold in anyplace across the planet.