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Best way to Manage Pharmacy Trade in UK

October 23, 2019 by atlsystem  

ATL EPOS system is distinctively designed for the Pharmacy of UK and it is very authoritative with implausible consumer’s understanding as well as extremely interactive. Moving forward, it also has some amazing features and one of the most interesting thing is that it is very rapid and easy to utilize sale coordination for contradict till procedure. In addition to it,ATL EPOS  is very simple and perceptive to set up collection, update regarding price, product connecting, dead stock , pharmacy vigilant  as well as expiry date and many more other things also.

To add on, it is also helpful to set up advertising with usual protrusion edge label printing and daily C&D modernize with value evaluation report. It also has the feature related to internet functionality to broadcast procure order to dealers such as AAH, endeavor, Phoenix as well as Lenox. In addition to it, Pharmacy EPOS Software UK is specifically residential to supervise pos pharmacy in UK.

Apart from this, there are many advantages of ATL EPOS System because it is an absolute administration implement for the pharmacies and also provide them with occupied be in command of over   virtually all aspect of trade.  It is also very helpful in proving a very detailed supply manage process as well as techniques which would be very helpful in saving one’s capital and  it done the same by some characteristic which would impact their pharmacy operation by this one can make various saving in their pharmacy.  Because by this one can easily be able to setting up least as well as utmost stock intensity and optional deal order through organism decrease, go beyond ordering and creating deceased collection. In addition to it, by this one can also keep the updates of their prices with chemist as well as with druggist one the standard basis and such kind of updated will also very helpful in downloaded to their tills routinely in excess of the internet. Moreover, one will be able to setup endorsement, analyze transaction for fast as well as slow moving line, not sell ever since as well as regular sale forecast and this kind of things are very helpful in increasing the turnover of any particular industry. Apart from this, there is also shelf Edge Label that can be printed in thermal receipt printer therefore there is no additional charges of purchasing expensive label as well as printers also. By this one can easily view wide range of management reports so that one knows accurately what is happing in their trade.

Authenticity of Medicine- the Falsified Medicine Directive (FMD)

September 30, 2019 by atlsystem  

It was important to mend and enforce strict laws to keep check over the circulation of falsified medicine, since there always had been a risk of supply of false medicine posing danger to patient’s health. So, European Union made a process to give authenticity to medicine that is EU FMD.

Before discussing further, there arises an important question what Falsified Medicines Directive and their risks are.

Falsified medicine are fake drugs often disguised as authentic and real, but they contain really poor quality or inappropriate strength of the active ingredient that is used in original medicine to give its effects. These are in wrong dosage, which are risky for health when consumed by the patient. They have not been evaluated properly for their quality, safety and efficacy.

European Union (EU) had taken strict measures against the global risk provoked by falsified medicines and securing their circulation in market. A catalogue had been made through European medicines verification organization (EMVO) for advancing the European medicine verification system (EMVS).

As a result, a directive 2011/62/EU known as falsified medicine directive (FMD) came into effect to prevent the entry of falsified medicine in legal chain and check its circulation.

Infiltration and circulation of Fmd Falsified Medicines Directive is major threat to patient health. This feature ensured implementation of functional, secure, and cost-effective medicine circulation across Europe and also regulated new rules to pharmaceutical companies.

Legal framework by EMVS: EU FMD has Safety feature that include a unique identifier (UI) which is a 2D data matrix (barcode) and an anti-tempering device (ATD) on the outer packaging of medicine.

This is to ensure the medicine safety and prevent them from tempering and duplication at each supply chain. The packaging remains intact and reaches as it is without any duplication from manufacturer to supplier and retailer and then to consumers. Since, it is a long process there are chances of tempering the unique ATD and barcode safety ensure there is no threat with the medicine. It also made strict quality check to omit false medicines that may have low or high strength of an active ingredient.

Pharmaceutical manufacturing companies, wholesalers, retailers across Europe use system based on shared database and tamper-proof packages with barcodes for this legal process by EU falsified medicine directive for quality control.

For this critical operation specially designed software, Epos is used to maintain all record. Epos system is widely used in UK pharmacies.



Software for Stock Management

September 25, 2019 by atlsystem  

Instead of the amazing efforts made by the employees and managers of companies, the mismanagement of the inventory could create some chaos during the working. The awkward aspect of mismanagement of stock can be cancellation of orders because of shortage in inventory. It directly leads to the huge losses.

The right step is to use the Stock Management Software UK that will be very beneficial for business operations. But the thing needs to consider is that you have to do pay for the same and it is not possible when the business incurred losses and no Return on Investment. How do you justify the same? There is a solution for this problem, which is free  stock management software UK.

First thing is that it will not cost a single penny to you. It is also justifiable to implement the software and generate Return on Investment. Moreover, it also make improvements in the customer experience what you are providing. There is an automatic track of inventory and you will also get a alert whenever it seems some shortage of stocks. With the help of this automatic software, you can also reduce the chances for cancellation of order.

The growth of business will be activated with the free stock management software UK in two different ways. Firstly, it will save the money as software is free of cost and other one is reduction in the cancellation of orders, which will generate high revenue.

Here, we have shortlist the five best stock management software UK ,which will be helpful in the operations of the business.

inflow Inventory: The software is good for all sizes of business. The free version of the same will help you to manage up to hundred products as well as customers. It also has some additional features such as bar-coding, cost management; purchase order, sales orders and so on. Premium and Regular versions are available.

Odoo: It is an ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) solution for all sizes of businesses whether it is large or small. It is available for free if you want to apply the stock management module only.

Sortly Pro: It is a cloud based solution for stock management. You can manage up to 100 transactions every month. If more than hundred is needed, then you need to buy the plan.

ZhenHub: It is used for managing logistics and stock for small to medium size businesses. You will manage one warehouse with this software and also fifty online orders every month. You can choose from the Starter, Standard or Professional plans.

Zoho Inventory: It is warehouse management solutions and based on cloud inventory from small to medium size businesses. The free version will let you control twenty online orders, twenty offline, twelve shipments and one warehouse each month.

Now, after came through the software, the next step is to choose the one according to the size of your business and that looks good to you.                                           

Mile Huge Cautionary of Counterfeit Drugs

August 21, 2019 by atlsystem  

In every progressive Pharmaceutical Wholesalers, to develop a professional cum positive attitude to check when it is desirable by the auditors. In this process of audit, the skills of each participant should be updated as well as enhanced. The motive for topmost attainable standards cannot be viewed as being desiring success. Each time, the right first time approach will be demanded as per the fierce and constant competition. The evolved best practices can be an accurate assessment that ensures safety and also promises the quality. The audit is a necessary evil which is predicated, obtained and supported by the large number of professionals that are a part of manufacturing of drugs. It come up against a situation with preparation and one has to progress and acclimate to take part in one.

The world’s prescription drug market has been flooding with ample number of new reports regarding the counterfeit drugs even every day. All the time, it is happening around the world in the marketplace of drug market. Few months ago, the partnership for Safe Medicines place a post related to how the counterfeit drugs speed up the strains of drug-resistant of malaria. In addition to this, a report related to a raid in United Kingdom was posted which is an operation of distribution of counterfeit drugs and the recall of Mhra License due to inhalers in possible counterfeit that was found in the system of the United Kingdom.  

In the United States, there is a proof of documents that global problems are counterfeit drugs that also affects the rights of consumers here.

If one is going to order medicine online, make it sure that it will be purchased through a verified online pharmacy that carries a seal from the authorized Internet Pharmacy Practice Sites (VIPPS). A VIPPS is a program under which all the pharmacies will be accredited only when they meet all the requirements of inspection and licensing of each and every state within which they distribute pharmaceuticals by the National Association of Boards of Pharmacy. It is renewed by Mr. Sheperd.

There is no such regulatory procedure enforced in the state of Mexico regarding their pharmacies. So, the Partnership for Safe Medicines warns the wholesalers not to import any kind of drug or medicines from other countries such as Mexico due to non-enforcement of stringent regulatory procedures.               

There is a serious problem to the safety of patient’s health with the Counterfeit drugs. To protect and prevent the safety of the prescribed drugs, the Partnership for Safe Medicines is working together. The Partnership for Safe Medicines is a group of organizations as well as individuals that protect the consumer from counterfeit drugs or contraband medicines by framing policies and rules with procedures.  

Getting The Best FMD Suppliers

July 29, 2019 by atlsystem  

Well medicines play a really important role and therefore for any medical institution to work It is necessary that they provide and supply the correct medicine therefore the FMD department takes care of all the medicines that powers under the process in order to make sure that the medicine that is applied to the patients and to all the clinics are appropriate and there is no fraud done however not only that with the help of FMD creating a track record also become is easily possible as in case later on it can be used for future use if keeping records. 


It has really become easier with the help of FMD UK that finding the right issue and supplies of the medicines and keeping a track record has actually help in generating the right compliances. 


Supplying Medicines In Bulk


When it comes to supply medicines in bulk and also in fewer amounts then the only people who come in the night are FMD wholesalers. All the wholesalers have in general some obligations as the manufacturers do not give them the right Lee please value of the product in the market that is why they need to secure the supply chain and also verify any problem with the falsified medicines. 


When it comes to supply wholesale things then surely there is a lot of risk in walled in it as the medicines and a supplier that the whole selling rate will be lesser than the market product value of it there for people who are supplying medicines would be at a great loss of all the medicines are found guilty and rejected by the national system. With the help of FMD wholesalers it will be easy for the people to verify the medicines before they send it to others and therefore this will save their money as well as their reputation. 


Before supplying the medicines to the institutions it is necessary that they are properly verified as the medicines will be returned with the entire lot even if one of the single tablet turns out to be wrong however no risks are to be taken and therefore these things are kept in common in order to make sure that nothing goes wrong. 


With Bill checking it has really become easy for the FM divorce list to reduce their risk of losing a lot of money as well as reputation in the market and have a proper record of the medicines. 


What are the features to look into a Wholesale Distribution Software?

July 2, 2019 by atlsystem  

Trying to get the best technology for your pharmaceutical business? Don’t worry, there are a lot of options are available today for you. Handling the pharmacy business process is quite difficult. This is very true in the case of large wholesale pharmacy business. Companies that involves wholesale pharmaceutical products management should need a best solution that automate all their processes.

In order to make the healthcare and pharmaceutical business process easier, different Wholesale Distribution Software are available. Any business owner can easily find such a software in the market today.

Why choose a pharmacy software?

There are a number of valid reasons to use a software for your wholesale pharmacy business. Some of them include,

The inventory management process can be easier with the use of Pharmacy Inventory Management Systems

        You can save any number of records of your customers and dealers easily.

        You don’t need to keep a bunch of papers to save those number of records.

        Each and every record of the sale made, the purchase and remaining stock can be easily managed

        You can maintain a good balance between the high and low inventory

        It makes your business process simple and proficient

        You can look back at your saved data at any time in the future

        Purchase, sales and inventory all process can be managed through a single software

Apart from these reasons, there are different other important factors to use such an automated software for the pharmaceutical industry.

Features to look into a pharmacy software

If you are decided to purchase an inventory software for your business consider these points

        The software that you are going to purchase should be user-friendly

        It should have easy to use and simply handling user interface

        The software should be constructed in a way that it should be flexible to use for any business model

        The software should be easily configured and manage

        It should have easy features for the storage and retrieval of data

        It should generate reports in an accurate and real-time manner

        It should have the feature to scan prescriptions

        It should generate the results in quicker time

All these features are needed for a good pharmacy inventory management software. Choosing a software with these factors will ease the process of the business. Also, if such a software is used each and every process is streamlined and this makes the business more efficient