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How Are Diamonds Being Graded In 2020 - Aura Jewels

January 24, 2020 by Aura Jewels  

With customers becoming so interested in understanding the details of every product before making a purchase, a diamond’s 4Cs are not providing them with sufficient information. In fact, the issue of inconsistency in diamond grading has long been a curse in the diamond industry. One single diamond presented at different gem labs can bring different 4C gradings; can you believe that!? So, what’s the problem?



The international 4C grading system for diamonds was first introduced in the 1950s; and ever since, since the past 70 years, this has been the basic grading system for diamonds used by all – wholesalers, retailers, and consumers alike. The 4Cs – Cut, Colour, Clarity, and Carat  – provide the value and rarity of a diamond. However, each element of the four differs to play a role when combined with one another. Thus, there is no specific definition of the four elements to determine a diamond’s perfect value. Hence, the entire grading system becomes complicated.

Diamond grading – Then & Now

You would be surprised to know that more than 140 million carats of rough diamonds are mined every year! And, what is more surprising is that only half of these are worth being polished and sold as diamonds! Earlier, the grading of diamonds was traditionally carried out manually by experienced gemologists to inspect the inventory using visual aids; and then, with the help of standard 4C grading charts, they would decide the diamond’s grades in each category, providing a solid and accurate analysis for the diamond’s grading. However, things have changed now, making it difficult to standardize and accurately determine the quality of every single diamond, with millions of diamonds being mined each year. After all, people are not machines. Thus, to grade all these huge number of diamonds, certain machineries are used today.

What role does Artificial Intelligence play?

The advent of Artificial Intelligence is likely to change the reality of the diamond industry, as machines are now capable to inspect a diamond based on various parameters, and also provide only more accurate, time efficient, and cost efficient results, as compared to its human counterpart. With such accuracy and efficiency, there has seen to be a huge breakthrough in grading using Artificial Intelligence, and this is only believed to continually develop. Such Artificial Intelligence based and automated diamond grading has been seen since 2016 when the world’s first technology of diamond grading was launched. These technologies are based on machine learning. The more diamonds that are scanned and graded by machineries, the more knowledge they accumulate, thus making the algorithm-based methodology even more sophisticated. In turn, the grading outputs become more and more accurate and consistent, enabling standardized and ever-improving grading results.

However, this does not mean that Artificial Intelligence grading technologies will completely replace gemologists, but in fact both of them will work together to bring about a provable consistent and objective approach to diamond grading. So, make sure to find and purchase only genuine 4C standardized diamonds the next time you wish to make such a purchase. And, if you aren’t too sure, you can always make a purchase from Aura Jewels, the best diamond jewellery shop in Bangalore, where you are guaranteed to get only the best quality genuine A-grade diamonds and diamond jewellery.


Choosing The Perfect Diamond Jewellery For Therapists - Aura Jewels

January 9, 2020 by Aura Jewels  

Most of the women today are working women, and one of the things that they have a tough time doing is choosing the right clothing and accessories to wear to work. This is because women are more easily judged than men. They are straightforwardly judged depending upon what they wear.

This is why it becomes very critical for a woman to be very careful with what she is choosing to wear to work. As the best diamond jewellery shop in Bangalore, we, at Aura Jewels, understand this problem, and thus have come up with a list of the most professional and classy diamond jewellery pieces a woman can wear to work; and, we have done this keeping our focus on one of the most caring and important professions – therapy. A therapist of any sort will involve lots of meetings and consultations, meaning interaction with a lot of clients and people. This means you have to look presentable and professional at all times.



You need to sport elegant earrings that enhance the look of your face, yet don’t show off too much. They should be graceful and appealing that look good with your formal wear. One of the best options here are stud earrings. Wear them in any design, metal, and stone, and stud earrings are going to always look the best for formal wear. However, if you want something more feminine, you could opt for small hoops or drop earrings. Whatever you choose, it must be as minimalistic as possible, and look professional and formal.


Sporting a simple chain with a pendant can be the most professional type of neckpiece one can wear with formal wear attire. As a therapist, there are a variety of pendant types you can wear. Wearing one’s initial is the most common pendant one can wear. The next most popular symbol is wearing your own zodiac sign. If you are religious, you could also opt to wear a religious pendant. It could be an “Om”, a Christian cross, a swastik, or any other symbolic religious pendant.


Rings are one of the most admirable jewellery pieces of women. these tiny elements enhance the look of the fingers and the hands, and bring a whole new personality to the lady. You may wear any number of rings in your fingers as you like, but you must always remember to not overdo it. Even if you wear rings in all five fingers of your hand, you must keep the design minimalistic, such that it does not look too gaudy. After all, as a therapist, your dramatic usage and waving of hands imply that there should be the least distraction. So, we would suggest you wear only one single classy ring in your finger that could be a band, a ring with a single diamond, or a channel set diamond ring.


Just like rings, even a bracelet can enhance the look of your hand. But, you need to be very selective in the choice of your bracelet too. A tennis bracelet is the most common type of bracelet that working women sport. A single row of diamonds lends an aesthetic appeal to a professional attire. Or, you can also choose a more elegant string of pearls, or a pearl bracelet in rose gold, encrusted with a single row of diamonds.



When You Want To Wear Diamond Jewellery To Work - Aura Jewels

December 31, 2019 by Aura Jewels  

When you think about jewellery to be worn at your workplace, all you will be able to think about would be stud earrings, a simple chain with a small pendant, a ring, and maybe a simple thin bracelet. But, this is not all. There is so much more you can wear at work, looking classy, without exaggerating too much. And, if diamonds are what you love, you will be happy to know that we have a list of diamond jewellery pieces that every working woman can wear to work!



First remember!

Before we get onto the list, we would like you to know that whatever you choose to wear to work, whether it is your apparel, shoes, or jewellery, it should always be something that looks subtle and is also comfortable to carry along throughout the day, without wearing you down, or interfering with your work. So, while we bring to you 7 cool diamond jewellery pieces, make sure you consider them thoroughly in a way to confirm that these jewellery won’t interfere with your work in any way, because we bring to you a general basic list that we think should be good for all. The last decision is however always yours!


Diamond jewellery pieces apt for any workplace

1.     Engagement ring – An engagement ring is absolutely fine to be worn at work. An engagement ring is generally studded with one big diamond or a series of small diamonds. Whatever the design, a diamond engagement ring should be what you wear on your finger all the time; so there should be no hesitation for you to wear your engagement ring to work. Nevertheless, if your engagement ring is too huge or flashy, you will have to avoid wearing it as it may hinder with your work, or may be too distracting for others. Otherwise, generally, engagement rings are tiny, delicate, and fine which can be worn to work every day.

2.     Bands – If you aren’t engaged yet, you can then opt for a diamond band. Choose from yellow gold, rose gold, or white metal, and have tiny diamonds studded in a fine line. Wear it just as a simple band, or have a solitaire set on top, and it will definitely boast of your classy choice at work.

3.     Stud earrings – One of the very basics is diamond stud earrings that can help you achieve a timeless and edgy look. Go for simple one-stud diamond earrings in the colour of your choice , or have a floral design or geometric pattern in yellow or rose gold, studded with tiny diamonds. Whatever your choice, make sure to keep it to the minimum, without going too loud and distractive.

4.     Initial pendants – Initial pendants are the most common and most admired pieces of jewellery. Even though they are so common, they are yet the best choice as they bring a personalized feeling to the wearer. It could be your own initial, or a combination of the initials of your partner and you, or maybe the initial of your new born too. Make a choice and have a pendant crafted especially for yourself by the best diamond jewellery shop in Bangalore, where you can come up with your own design, and have it customized for you to make it even more special.

5.     Lock and key pendant – This is yet another popularly worn pendant that can make your outfit look interesting with a fresh new modern look. There are varieties of lock-and-key designs available for you to choose from. And, if you don’t like what is readily available, you can always have a special design remarkably tailored for you!

6.     Nose pin – You can complete your look with a diamond stud nose pin, which can drastically transform your look, and thus your attitude simultaneously. Wear the tiniest nose pin initially if you are not yet sure, and you could later opt for a wired diamond studded nose pin, once you are confident.

7.     Tennis bracelet – Last but not the least, if a bracelet won’t hinder what you do at work, you could choose a tennis bracelet, which will look elegant, classy, rich, and will add a long-lasting grace to your attire.

While we have brought to you 7 jewellery pieces you can wear to work, bear in mind that you can’t wear all of them at the same time. Choose a maximum of 3 jewellery pieces to wear at a time, unless you want to look like a decked up doll at work. And, to ease your job of picking the right jewellery that suits your personality and the place you work, you can always get genuine advice from the skilled designers available at Aura Jewels, the best diamond jewellery shop in Bangalore, who can design the most special diamond jewellery pieces for you at a very reasonable price!

When Buying Diamonds - Aura Jewels

December 19, 2019 by Aura Jewels  

Buying diamonds can be thrilling, yet daunting. What if you make the wrong choice? What if you are cheated into buying a false diamond? What if you pay for something that is not worth the cost? All these questions can daunt you, especially when you are buying your first diamond . Whether you are buying a diamond for yourself, or for gifting it to someone very near and dear, you always want to get only genuine diamonds that are worth who you are buying for. 



After all, diamonds and diamond jewellery are such items that are often passed down from generation to generation. Thus, you need to put careful thought into the diamonds that you purchase, whether it is for you or for someone else. You need to buy those diamonds that are pretty awesome for the present as well as the future too.

Where to buy from?

When investing so much money into buying a genuine diamond, you want only the best buy. You can't afford investing in something that is not genuine, or that will only make you repent later. To avoid such scenarios, you need to choose a retailer who is genuine, and one you can trust. You need to be sure that what you are buying is something you won't repent for later. One such diamond retailer is Aura Jewels, the best diamond jewellery shop in Bangalore, where you can get a vast array of diamond jewellery ranging in earrings, necklaces, rings, bangles, and more. You may choose from what is available, or have your designs customized as per your choice and requirement from the extremely skilled and talented artisans and craftsmen. And whatever you choose, you can be sure to get only GIA certified diamonds and hallmarked gold jewellery here. You can get products that are great value for money here, and you can always get something that fits your budget.

Invest time into consideration

In order to ensure that you get the right product, it helps to spend some time thinking through your options, rather than rushing into a purchase. So, consider all the options available, and mull over them for some time, before coming to a final decision. It can be quite tricky to refrain from making a purchase when you a wide range of gorgeous shiny diamond jewellery pieces. But, it is sensible to hold back from committing to a design immediately. Consider all the options carefully and take your time before deciding on what you want to buy. Whether you want to buy everyday jewellery for yourself, or special diamond jewellery for your wedding, considerable thought needs to be put in.

The 4C’s of a diamond                

Consider all the aspects of a diamond before coming down to a decision. This includes the diamond colour, clarity, cut, and carat.

üYou must choose the least colour, as lesser the colour, the more valuable the diamond will be.

üYou must choose a clear diamond. The clarity depicts the amount, size, and placement of internal inclusions and external blemishes.

üYou must choose the cut that determines the highest amount of brilliance and sparkle of the diamond.

üYou must choose the carat that suits your budget. The higher the carat, the more expensive the stone.




What Is Diamond’s Brilliance? – Aura Jewels

December 13, 2019 by Aura Jewels  

There is a big issue about the trust of consumers in the diamond industry. People don’t trust diamond manufacturers and retailers because of those who cheat their customers by delivering to them adulterated diamonds and diamond jewellery. This is why diamond retailers who are genuine and only want to provide what’s best to their customers need to find ways to help their customers understand a diamond’s true beauty and character; and that is where a diamond’s brilliance becomes important.



What is diamond’s brilliance?

Diamond’s brilliance is nothing but the stone’s light performance, which is a big factor that affects its appearance, and a way to better assess a diamond. A diamond’s appearance is a direct result of the way it interacts with light. When light enters, it gets bent and refracted, and then exits the diamond, returning to the eyes of the viewer. Every diamond interacts with light in a different way, depending upon its shape, size, structure, inclusions, cuts, and polish. This is the reason why no two diamonds can have the same light performance.

Diamond’s 4C’s and Brilliance – How they affect the price

Generally, when you search the Web on how you can assess a diamond before purchase to make the right buy, you will be given a list of the 4C’s – carat, colour, cut, and clarity . While all of these are really important to decide upon the quality of a diamond, one other aspect is the diamond’s overall appearance – the brilliance. This is because two diamonds can have the same 4C’s, that is, they can have the same carat, colour, cut, and clarity, but they may have a completely different appearance in light; and thus, a difference in price. This is why when you see two diamonds having the same 4C gradings, but different pricing, you may get confused. You now know that the difference between the price is because of the way they play with light.

The exact meaning of a diamond’s brilliance

While we have told you from the beginning of this blog that a diamond’s brilliance is the way the stone plays with light. But now, to make it more specific, the light performance of a diamond depends not only on brilliance, but also on other factors like sparkle, fire, and light symmetry. Thus, when we get down to the precise details, we’ll say that a diamond’s brilliance is the intense white light that radiates from the diamond. Obviously, this is just what we, as laymen, will generally look at, which is why we, in general terms, consider a diamond’s brilliance as the way it plays with light.

How to measure a diamond’s brilliance?

A diamond’s brilliance is measured with a special light performance measurement device that utilizes a special camera imaging technology to scan the diamond and record its luminance and chrominance. Luminance is the perceived brightness in black-and-white; while chrominance represents the colour components. Grading of a diamond’s brilliance focuses on the luminance of the diamond. Multiple images of the diamond are taken from various angles, and the average gray level of the diamond is analyzed. Higher the gray level, higher the brilliance will be. The five levels of brilliance attributed to the light performance of diamonds include minimum, standard, high, very high, and exceptional. The brilliance of a diamond is only one of the four parameters of light performance that forms the basis of a diamond’s overall light performance grade. However, brilliance is a very clear way to describe a diamond’s unique visual appearance and characteristics. Once you have understood this, you will be in a better position to shop for the right diamonds. Nevertheless, if in confusion, you can simply rely on the guidance given by Aura Jewels, the best diamond jewellery shop in Bangalore, where you’re guaranteed to get only the best quality genuine diamonds always.




20 Amazing Facts About Silver You Wouldnt Know About - Aura Jewels

December 11, 2019 by Aura Jewels  

Silver is a very versatile and valuable precious metal that is used in a variety of applications. You may know that silver is most commonly used in jewellery, coins, and a number of gifting articles of silverware. But, do you know that silver has many other applications in the fields of medicine and photography too!? If not, you definitely do not much more than what a normal person would know. This is why we have brought forward a list of some of the most fascinating facts about silver, which you may have not yet learnt about. So, if the appearance and shine of silver fascinates you enough, these amazing facts are going to add to that fascination for sure:


1.     Silver was discovered even thousands of years before 4000 BC, which was the time when silver objects were first found. It was one of the first five elements discovered, along with gold, lead, copper, and iron; and has been mined for over 6000 years now.

2.     Chunks of pure silver can be found in nature, in other metals and materials like gold, copper, lead, zinc, and argentite. In the early 1900s, silver was found in sized as big as stove lids and cannon balls in Northern Ontario, Canada. Today, Mexico and Peru have the world’s largest amounts of silver, with other countries lining behind, including US, Australia, and Russia.

3.     Silver jewellery was, by ancient civilizations, believed to be associated with good fortune and healing powers, which warded off evil spirits.

4.     Silver is one of the most malleable metals; with an ounce of silver having the capability to be moulded into a wire that is 8000 feet long!

5.     Silver kills bacteria, which means it is not toxic, but rather friendly to humans. This is why silver bottles were used by the Phoenicians to store water, vinegar, and wine, to avoid contamination of the liquids by bacteria.

6.     Silver reflects 95% of the visible light spectrum, making it the most reflective element known. Mirrors are backed with silver due to its amazing reflective quality.

7.     Silver remains stable in oxygen and water, but it tarnishes when exposed to ozone, hydrogen sulfide, or air containing sulphur, due to a reaction with sulphur compounds that causes a black sulphide layer.

8.     When there was a need to control hurricanes, silver iodide was used to make the clouds produce rain.

9.     Silver, when processed, may sometimes form a powerful explosive known as silver fulminate.

10.            India’s food like sweets and paan is sometimes decorated with a thin layer of silver, which is known as ‘varak’.

11.            Silver is the best electric conductor, which is known to score 100% conductivity, with the next closes element being copper at 97%. It is also the best thermal conductor of any metal, but it has the lowest contact resistance.

12.            Silver’s melting point is 961.78°C, and its boiling point is 2162°C. It has a density of 10.5 gm/cm3. The E number of silver, when used as a food additive or colouring, is E174.

13.            Silver may be used as an alternative medicine to treat colds and flu viruses, as well as lung infections and sinus. Silver compounds can be absorbed into the circulatory system, and reduced silver can be deposited into various body tissues. They were also used to prevent infection that spread in war zones during World War I.

14.            Silver is less worthy than gold, but its value keeps changing regularly as per supply and demand. In fact, silver is termed as “the poor man’s gold” throughout history.

15.            Fine silver is 99.9% pure, but is too soft to be used for general use like in jewellery or silverware, which is why another strong element is combined with it.

16.            Sterling silver is the most common type of silver, which is used to make jewellery. It comprises of 92.5% pure silver, with the other 7.5% being made up of other precious materials, only to maintain its sturdiness while crafting jewellery and other items.

17.            Britannia silver, comprising of 95.8% silver and 4.2% copper, may also be used for jewellery and silverware; but it is very rare. Mexican silver is another rare type of silver used, which comprises of 95% silver and 5% copper.

18.            Never mistake alpaca silver to be a type of silver. It is in fact an alloy of non-precious metals that have properties similar to stainless steel.

19.            Silver nitrate is used to make the celluloid film sensitive to light, making it possible to create a photograph. In fact, 9000 metric tons of silver us used by the photography industry every year, which is almost half of the total silver mined annually!

20.            Around 20 billion ounces of silver is currently in use in the world today to make jewellery, coins, and other silverware! oin the silver league and have the best silver jewellery in Bangalore crafted for you, or the most beautiful silver articles made for your loved one from Aura Jewels, the leader in jewellery making of all types.

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Does Diamond Size Really Matter - Aura Jewels

December 10, 2019 by Aura Jewels  

Small diamond or big diamond? If this is the question on your mind while you are pondering over the design of your engagement ring, you are one of those who think that the size of a diamond is a big issue. But, does diamond size really matter? Let’s talk about it.


As a general person looking at an engagement ring, we will say that the size of a diamond definitely matters. People will look at your ring and say “Oh! Why such a petite diamond? Mine was a bigger one!”. Such statements hurt, the fear of which is what makes people believe that they have to opt for a bigger diamond in their ring, whether they like it or not, whether they can afford it or not. But, this shouldn’t be the case!

You must choose a diamond that you like, the one that thrills you. You must choose a diamond that looks good on your finger. You must choose a diamond that goes well with the design of the rest of your ring. You must choose a diamond that fits within your budget. Simply choosing a diamond that is big in size, without considering its cut, colour, carat, and clarity is not a wise decision. All the 4C’s of a diamond must be taken into consideration before making a choice.

You can take assistance from diamond professionals to understand what kind of cut, colour, clarity, and carat you should be choosing. Aura Jewels is the best diamond jewellery shop in Bangalore where you can take assistance and suggestions from, and have the best diamond or diamond jewellery designed within your budget. And, if you don’t want to walk in just yet, you can take help from this guide below to understand what these 4C’s are, in order to help you take a better decision.


Diamond cut refers to the diamond’s angles, proportions, symmetrical facets, and finishing. These factors determine the diamond’s sparkle and overall aesthetic appeal. Thus, a diamond’s cut is the biggest indicator of its beauty, and should be given priority, because no matter how big a diamond you buy, unless it has the right cut, it won't sparkle; and if it doesn’t sparkle, it won't thrill anyone.


Diamond colour refers to the colour and tint of a diamond. Diamonds are graded from D to Z, with D being colourless, and Z containing a brown or yellow tint. These grades significantly vary the price of the diamond. While the choice of colour is completely yours, you must choose one that combines both colour and shine.


Diamond clarity determines how clean a diamond is from inclusions and blemishes. Any kind of inclusions and blemishes can interfere with light as it passes through the diamond, thus altering the shine and sparkle. More the blemishes, duller the diamond.


Diamond carat is the weight of the diamond. 1 carat equals to 200 milligrams, weighing almost that of a quarter of a raisin. However, two diamonds of the same carat may be different in size, depending upon its shape and cut. Thus, you can't associate the weight of a diamond to its size.

Each of the 4C’s of a diamond contributes in their own ways to the overall beauty of a diamond to make each stone unique. Thus, all the 4C’s must be taken into account before choosing a diamond. It’s definitely okay to want a diamond that is a little bigger in size, but don’t forget to consider all the 4C’s  too. And, if you don’t have a budget big enough, it’s absolutely fine to go with a small diamond. Worry more about your budget, and less about what others say!

Want To Propose This Christmas - Aura Jewels

November 29, 2019 by Aura Jewels  

It’s November end, which brings us to the last month of the year, bringing with it lots of mixed feelings. This year end will bring lots of happy tears in our eyes remembering all those heart-melting moments we had this year. It would also bring lots of promising feelings to build up a resolution for the New Year that is to come. And, one of the best feelings that will come with it is the feeling of Christmas.



Christmas is one of the most wonderful times of the year. It definitely is the best time of year for Christians, but it is also a great festive season for everyone across the globe. No matter what the caste or religion, everyone enjoys the feelings of happiness, joy, festivity, and warmth spread in the air. And, amongst all these feelings, one more wonderful feeling is that of love. If you are single yet and are in love, there can be no better time to propose her and let her know your feelings than this. The idea of a Winter proposal during this magical and special time can be one of the best plans you can have. To make your Winter proposal even more special and exciting, we have come up with 3 special proposal ideas that can give you a head start in your proposal plans.

“Will you marry me” bauble

With the Christmas tree being the most significant element of Christmas, you can use it to the most for your proposal plan. Get a “Will you marry me?” bauble ready, but don’t put it yet onto the Christmas tree. Hang it only on Christmas Eve, and have her to notice it. You could ask her to pick out her most favourite bauble, and while she is taking a look, you could get ready on your knees with a diamond ring in your hand.

Present opening ceremony

While you are having the present opening ceremony, you can let her know how you feel for her. Before beginning the ceremony, you can place your diamond ring box right at the bottom. Let it be the last present to be opened, and let her be the one to open it. She will definitely be surprised to receive that diamond ring, and you can always have a “Will you marry me” message inside to make your diamond ring shine even more. Or, you could sit beside her while she is opening the gift, and as she opens the box, you could whisper those four magical words in her ears.

The special winter walk

Take your love for a dinner on Christmas Eve or Christmas Day, and after the dinner, you could always suggest a walk down the lane before dropping her home. While walking down, take her to a scenic area, and give her a simple distraction. While she is looking at what you are showing her, be quick to get down on your knee with the diamond ring in your hand, so that when she turns back to you, you will be ready to ask her that one enchanting question – “Will you marry me?”.

Use one of the above ideas that you think will be the best for you, and make your proposal completely heartfelt and perfectly romantic. But, in the process, don’t forget to get that amazing diamond ring for her well in advance. Choose from readily available designs, or have your design customized with her initial, her birthstone, or her favourite gem  mounted on the ring, at Aura Jewels, the best diamond jewellery shop in Bangalore.


Understanding Navratna Jewellery - Aura Jewels

November 28, 2019 by Aura Jewels  

Jewellery dates back to the Indus Valley Civilization, around 5000 long years ago, boasting a rich inheritance of the traditional jewellery making art. India is known for adorning jewellery with precious stones and metals. One of the most popular and precious Indian jewellery is the Navratna, which is believed to possess celestial powers. This is why those who wear Navratna jewellery are said to be gifted with immense supernatural power and support. The term “Navratna” is a portmanteau of two Sanskrit terms – ‘Nav’ and ‘Ratna’, with ‘Nav’ meaning nine, and ‘Ratna’ meaning gems. Thus, Navratna means a combination of nine gems. Now, which are these specific nine gems? Let’s take a look.




The beautiful red Ruby is believed to enhance the qualities of leadership, focus, independence, and purity. It also helps keep negative feelings like egoism and self-centeredness at bay. Those with a weak Sun in their horoscope are advised to wear a Ruby to help them become stronger and leave an impact on others with their qualities of boldness and focus.


A diamond is believed to be a Venus stone, which depicts love, beauty, and feminine energy. Thus, wearing a diamond can bring grace, charm, and positive energy to the wearer. While diamonds are considered safe to be worn by everyone, those who have a conflicting Venus in their horoscopes are advised the most to wear this precious and graceful stone. Moreover, diamonds are available in a variety of cuts and colours, so you need to know which diamond suits your personality and horoscope the best, which will help you decide as to which diamond you should wear.



Pearls are a cooler gem, as compared to the other stones. They help enhance mental strength, emotional stability, self-contentment, and amiability. This gem is thus advised to be worn by individuals who face depression, mental issues, and sleeping problems. It also instills happiness in the life of the wearer by eliminating all kinds of fears from the mind, and keeping the mind calm.

Red coral

The Red Coral, although duller in comparison with the other gems, is a very significant one, boosting the energy of Mars in the horoscope. It helps the wearer overcome enemies and adversaries, while imparting courage by overcoming fear and nervousness.


When your horoscope is affected by the negative influence of external sources in our lives, which is a characteristic of Rahu, Hessonite may be what you need. This gemstone brings clarity in thinking and balances all forms of negative influences, bringing about a better behavioural pattern. One can be kept away from negative vibes and energies by wearing a Hessonite, which calms the mind and relieves it from any state of anxiety, depression, and mental worries.

Blue Sapphire

Blue Sapphire is believed to ease out major problems in life. It protects against enemies, evil eye, jealousy, and the like. It also helps in improving digestion, focus, concentration, and vitality. Hence, those who have a weak Saturn, which leads to health and financial problems, are advised to wear the Blue Sapphire.

Cat’s Eye

Just like Rahu affects the mind, Ketu is what affects the physical health of an individual. For those who have a Ketu conflict in your horoscope, which causes symptoms of uncertainty, doubts, and lack of concentration, along with health issues, a Cat’s Eye could be the perfect solution. This gem can help alleviate all such problems.

Yellow Sapphire

Yellow Sapphire is for the planet Jupiter, which symbolizes joy, wisdom, enthusiasm, and compassion. In fact, the Yellow Sapphire is considered as the most divine gemstone representing grace and power. It is a gemstone of knowledge, love, relationships, well-being, spiritual knowledge, and auspicious wealth. The Yellow Sapphire is one of the safest stones that can be worn for achieving happiness and prosperity in life.


Emerald is believed to enhance mental alertness, control, and communication skills. It is best for students who are weak and have problems studying, helping them to concentrate on studies. Also, it helps businessmen to stay at bay from losses in business or frauds. Other professional speakers, managers, and team leaders can also benefit from this stone as it will help them to express their views and thoughts in a better way so as to achieve success in life. The Emerald is also a perfect gemstone for those who work in the field of art such as fashion designing music, painting, and the like. One can get new ideas and innovations by wearing an Emerald stone. Last but not the least, the Emerald is also known to have healing powers, which means that it is beneficial for those suffering from allergies, skin related problems, respiratory disease, and nervous disorders.

As you can see, each of the nine gemstones has its own particular role to play and benefit to offer. Hence, you can individually wear one or a few of these gemstones, as suitable for your horoscope, or wear them all together in the form of Navratna jewellery. With each gem having such unique specialties based on Vedic astrology, Navratna jewellery is considered to be the most powerful amongst all other types of precious jewellery. So, we would advise you to think about adorning this unique, beneficial, powerful, and gorgeous-looking Navratna combination, if you want a happy and prosperous life ahead. You can have all kinds of Navratrna pendants, rings, bracelets, and much more designed as per your choice and design at Aura Jewels, the most reliable customized gold jewellery shop in Bangalore. Have individual stones set in gold, or an entire gold-Navratna combination – the choice is yours!

Research Before Buying Diamonds - Aura Jewels

November 22, 2019 by Aura Jewels  

Diamonds are one of the most precious things you can buy that can add a touch of timeless elegance to any outfit and enhance the mood of a celebration. Moreover, this precious stone can be handed down through generations, without going out of style. Thus, when you invest in diamonds or diamond jewellery, you would want to buy one that is pure, genuine, and valuable.



It should be a bright lustrous diamond that can grab eyeballs. But, to be able to buy the best diamonds, you will want to know that you are buying what you should. And, this can only be possible when you have knowledge and experience about understanding all the aspects of a diamond.

The cut

The cut determines the way in which the gems are shaped like princess cut, pear cut, oval cut, round brilliant, and more. When the diamonds are mined, they are dull and rock-like, which are cut into the required shape to define their shine and brilliance. However, if the diamond in not cut properly, it will not exhibit the same luminosity. Diamonds that are cut should reflect light all over, creating an eye-catching sparkle, only then can they be said to be cut properly. It is this cut that makes a difference in the price of the diamonds. The more intricate the cut is, the higher its price will be.

The colour

While you may love coloured diamonds, it is the clear white diamonds that are the most valuable. White diamonds appear completely colourless with no inclusions, and this is what makes them expensive. Other coloured options in diamonds include pink, blue, green, orange, and red. These colours are caused by chemical impurities in the diamonds . These rare colours are also very striking and raise the price of the diamond.

The clarity

Clarity, just as the term says, determines how clear the diamond is. And, this clarity depends upon the existence or non-existence of any internal features inclusions, and surface defects. Although it is impossible to find a flawless diamond as they come from nature, but good quality diamonds have comparatively lesser flaws than others. And, the clearer the diamond, the more valuable it is. The flaws in the best quality diamond are only microscopic; thus diamonds that have flaws visible to the naked eye shouldn’t be purchased, as they are definitely not of good quality.

The carat

Carat determines the weight of a diamond. One carat is equal to 200 mg. The more carats a diamond had, the more expensive it is. Till date, the world’s largest diamond found is the Cullian Diamond that weighs 3106.75 carats. But, the world’s largest wearable diamond is the Golden Jubilee diamond with an estimated weight of 545.67 carats. Obviously, none of us can afford that diamond; so you should always decide on the diamond your pocket can allow you to buy. Budget conscious buyers can also opt for smaller diamonds clustered together to offer the appearance of a larger diamond.

Along with the diamond you are buying, you also need to decide on the type of metal you want your diamond to be held in. You may choose from gold, white gold, rose gold, silver, platinum, or palladium. You can also decide on the design, the setting, and every other facet that you may require for your diamond ring, diamond pendant, diamond earrings, diamond bracelet, diamond bangles, or anything else. With all this in mind, you can have your jewellery designed and customized at Aura Jewels, the best diamond jewellery shop in Bangalore, where a team of skilled artisans and designers are waiting to help you get the best always.