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The Best (and Worst) Makeup for Eyelash Extensions

November 15, 2019 by freemexy  

First, the good news: Your new eyelash extensions look amazing. Now, for the bad news: Half your eye-makeup collection needs to go. True, eyelash extensions can last for up to six weeks, but wearing the wrong makeup can lead to lashes falling out and extension damage, which can dramatically decrease the length of time your lash extensions look full and fabulous. To help you avoid this pitfall, we've compiled a list of the best makeup you should (and can) wear when you've got your eyelash extensions in.
One weird consequence of having mile-long individual false lashes: Your eyelashes get tangled. And dragging a sticky pencil liner along the lash line, where eyelash extensions form their tenuous bonds, just worsens tangling and lash fallout. And, as anyone who's ever worn pencil liner knows, there's the lingering aftermath: Cream and gel eyeliners can leave a gummy residue on extensions, making removal an utter nightmare. You've been warned.top eyelash vendors

Fact: You can wear mascara without destroying your lashes. Just avoid "tubing" formulas (the kind envelops your lashes and slips off in water without requiring remover). Tube mascara can literally be pulled off natural lashes with a little moisture and light pressure, but this formula sticks like glue to falsies. You'll get it off—but not without losing a few (pricey, hard-earned) lashes.

If it's not obvious by now, smudge-proof and budge-proof eye makeup is generally bad news for lash extensions. This includes water-resistant or waterproof liquid liner. A liquid eyeliner may seem innocent enough (it's not creamy or gel-like), but its long-wearing capabilities will require rubbing or repeatedly touching your lashes to remove it, all of which will shorten the life span of your extensions.

Keeping your eyelash extensions clean is key to making them last as long as possible. Oil-based makeup removers are best for removing stubborn eye makeup, but they also loosen the glue that bonds extensions to your lashes. Unfortunately, you're going to want to keep oil fully away from your eyes for as long as your extensions last.

Do eyelash serums work? What you should know about the popular treatment

November 15, 2019 by freemexy  

If you're dreaming of doe-like lashes, but can't be bothered with false lashes and eyelash extensions, you may want to consider an eyelash-enhancing serum. But what exactly do these treatments entail?Best wholesale eyelash vendor

“They generally contain ingredients like panthenol and argan oil to smooth and condition lashes, humectants such as hyaluronic acid to plump lashes, and peptides to stimulate the lash’s hair follicle," said Dr. Joshua Zeichner, Director of Cosmetic & Clinical Research in Dermatology at Mount Sinai Hospital in New York City.

Which treatment's right for you? That depends on what your end goal is."I think the consumer needs to determine if they desire true regrowth or just conditioning and pick ingredients accordingly," said New York-based dermatologist Dr. Sejal Shah.

"Serums that do not contain bimatoprost and isopropyl cloprostenate or a comparable prostaglandin are more lash conditioners," Shah continued, "which likely make lashes look fuller or longer by hydrating them but don't truly stimulate growth."

“Unfortunately, we don’t have any head-to-head studies comparing the effectiveness of one product to another, so you’ll have to rely on the reputation and science provided by each brand and give them a try,” Zeichner advised.

Both physicians cautioned users to be careful when trying out any of these treatments. "Apply as directed, avoiding the eyelid and eye itself," said Shah. "Before using, patch test it on another part of the skin, such as the inner arm."

If you develop a reaction (any redness or stinging) wash the product off right away and stop using it. If the reaction is severe, contact your physician.

If you're interested in giving these new treatments a try, we've rounded up a few popular lash enhancing serums to consider plus other lash boosting options that promise gorgeous lashes in a snap.         

Caring for Eyelash Extensions

November 15, 2019 by freemexy  

Eyelash extensions are a commitment, even if you plan to only get them once for a special event or occasion. You pay a good amount of money, lay in a chair for more than an hour and walk out looking like the prettiest version of yourself. Whether you plan to come back in a month for a fill or not, you want to keep those lashes looking beautiful, natural and healthy. Even the best eyelash extensions can be short-lived and even destructive to your natural lashes if you aren’t taking care of them. The good news is that taking good care of your eyelash extensions is actually very easy – and rewarding. By taking care of your extensions you can make them last longer, look prettier, and protect the growth of your natural eyelashes.eyelash vendors

Come Prepared

Show up to your appointment on time, with all of your eye makeup (lid, lashes and even below your eyes) carefully removed. Starting with clean lashes is a critical step for making sure your lash extensions go on correctly and stick appropriately for the longest possible lifespan. Not to mention your lash technician will have to remove the makeup for you, meaning less time for lash application. Make sure you have used the bathroom and taken a drink, and then get comfortable for the long haul. The less you move during the appointment the more likely you are to get clean and even lash application.

Let them Cure

For the first 24-48 hours the glue for your extensions will be curing, meaning they are still setting up. During this time it is important to keep them dry and as untouched as possible. Avoid applying makeup, washing your eye area, and even the steam from the shower. Try your best to sleep on your back, because sometimes rubbing your eyes into your pillow can loosen fresh lashes and cause them to fall out prematurely. Talk to your lash technician about this curing period and what she suggests to let your lashes set up safely.

Keep it Oil-Free

Makeup and beauty products are great and safe to use with eyelash extensions. Just be wary of products that rely on oil. Oil can break down some of the adhesives in the glue used for lash extensions, meaning they can twist and fall out before they are ready. When washing your face, use an oil-free cleanser and don’t scrub or pull at your lashes. If you snag the extensions on a cloth or cleanser pad it can pull out the extension and natural lash, tearing and damaging the eyelash follicle permanently! Just be gentle and careful.

Get a Regular Fill

Don’t wait too long to get a fill. Some people take their time between appointments to save money, but towards the date of their fill the extensions have grown out and started to twist and pull on the natural lashes. They are more likely to snag or irritate you, meaning you’ll touch, scrub and pull them out much more, damaging your natural lashes. Go see a lash technician to remove extensions if you don’t want a fill, or go get a regular fill to keep your lashes healthy and full.         

Cara Memutihkan Kulit Tangan dan Kaki Belang dalam 1 Hari Secara Alami

November 15, 2019 by freemexy  

Memutihkan kulit tangan dan kaki saat ini menjadi perhatian banyak orang. Pasalnya, tidak hanya kulit wajah saja yang perlu dirawat. Tentu kamu tidak mau memiliki kulit yang belang, kan?cara cepat mengecilkan pori pori wajah

Punya kulit tangan dan kaki belang tentu saja akan mengganggu penampilan. Belangnya kulit tangan biasanya disebabkan oleh kotoran, obat, faktor lingkungan, zat kimia, infeksi, inflamasi, sampai sinar matahari.

Sederet produk kecantikan yang ada di pasaran memiliki banyak sekali khasiat dalam cara memutihkan kulit tangan dan kaki. Namun beberapa di antaranya justru mengakibatkan alergi yang serius. Dampaknya tidak main-main. Paparan merkuri yang kerap diabaikan menjadi bumerang.

Cara memutihkan kulit tangan dan kaki bisa kamu jumpai di manapun. Namun hanya mereka tidak dapat cepat membuat kulit tangan menjadi putih. Untuk itu, di sini kami akan memberikan cara memutihkan kulit tangan dan kaki dengan alami serta cepat.
Sebenarnya ada beberapa cara yang dapat dilakukan untuk memutihkan kulit tangan dan kaki dalam waktu singkat. Bahan-bahan yang digunakan juga sangat mudah didapat, mulai dari bengkoang, susu, hingga beras. Mari kita bahas satu per satu.

Nutrisi pada daging bengkuang sudah terbukti ampuh menjadi cara memutihkan kulit tangan dan kaki secara alami. Selain nikmat dikonsumsi, bengkoang juga dapat dijadikan masker atau lulur pemutih kulit. Itulah mengapa banyak produk kecantikan yang terbuat dari sari bengkoang. Nah, berikut ini beberapa cara mengolah dan menggunakan bengkuang yang efektif untuk memutihkan kulit:

Kandungan kolagen pada susu murni terutama susu kambing sapi merupakan cara memutihkan kulit tangan dan kaki secara alami. Cara ini sangat efektif, mengingat khasiat susu memang sudah terbukti dan menjadi salah satu bahan produk kosmetik kecantikan. Hasilnya sangat cepat terlihat dan tentunya tidak menyebabkan infeksi karena merupakan bahan alami.

Susu juga bisa dipadukan dengan bahan alami lainnya seperti madu, perasan jeruk nipis, yogurt, atau air perasan lemon. Berikut cara mengolah susu sebagai krim untuk memutihkan kulit tubuh secara alami.Lulur beras ternyata cukup efektif berperan sebagai bahan pemutih kulit tangan dan kaki. Di Indonesia, beras sangat mudah dijumpai. Disebut efektif karena memang kandungan beras sangat menunjang untuk memutihkan kulit tangan dan kaki. Berikut adalah cara mengolah beras menjadi lulur yang mampu memutihkan tubuh secara instant.

Memiliki kulit tangan dan kaki yang belang rasanya akan sangat mengganggu penampilan. Namun hal ini bisa diatasi dengan cara yang aman menggunakan bahan-bahan alami. Beberapa bahan yang bisa digunakan untuk memutihkan kulit tangan yang belang pun mudah di dapat. Berikut ini adalah cara memutihkan kulit tangan dan kaki yang belang secara alami.

Cara memutihkan kulit tangan dan kaki secara alami dan cepat selanjutnya adalah dengan menggunakan minyak zaitun. Minyak zaitun mengandung zat linoleic acid yang berguna untuk menjaga keseimbangan kadar air dalam kulit. Dan juga minyak zaitun mengandung banyak anti-oksidan, yaitu polifenol yang berfungsi untuk melindungi sel-sel dari kerusakan.         

Gampang dan Murah, Ini Cara agar Kulit Putih Alami

November 15, 2019 by freemexy  

MEMILIKI kulit yang putih dan halus merupakan impian banyak orang, terutama wanita. Zaman sekarang ini apa pun dapat didapatkan secara instan. Dengan pemutih kulit, ‘body lotion’ atau produk kosmetik lainnya dan yang paling ekstrim melakukan suntik pemutih. Langkah-langkah tersebut yang membuat kulit putih secara instan.cara cepat kulit putih

Namun, seperti yang kita ketahui apapun yang instan hasilnya tidak baik dan biasanya memiliki efek samping.

Padahal, ada cara alami yang dapat membuat kulih putih, yang selain lebih aman, hasilnya pun jauh lebih natural dan tidak memiliki efek samping.

Membuat kulit putih halus dapat dilakukan dengan proses menggunakan buah-buahan dan bahan alami lainnya. Seperti bengkoang, lemon, jeruk nipis, lidah buaya, madu dan bahan lain-lain.

Dengan penggunakan yang rutin, buah yang terbukti cepat untuk memutihkan kulit adalah buah lemon. Lemon adalah jenis jeruk yang kaya akan anti-oksidan dan vitamin C. Selain itu, lemon juga mengandung asam alpha hidroksi yang berguna untuk menangkal radikal bebas yang ada di dalam kulit. Begini cara memutihkan kulit secara alami dengan cepat dan permanen menggunakan lemon.


Siapkan buah lemon segar dan peras. Oleskan perasaan lemon pada kulit. Biarkan selama beberapa menit. Bilas dengan air bersih sambil mandi. Cara ini akan membuat kulit menjadi segar dan merona. Karena lemon merupakan alat bleaching yang alami.

Setelah buah lemon, buah lain yang dapat kalian pakai untuk membuat kulit cepat putih ialah buah bengkoang. Selain rasanya yang enak untuk dikonsumsi, bengkoang juga dapat dijadikan masker atau lulur pemutih kulit. Itulah mengapa banyak produk kecantikan yang menggunakan buah bengkoang.

Pertama-tama siapkan buah bengkoang yang segar. Siapkan peralatan seperti parutan dan wadah untuk menampung hasil bengkoang yang sudah halus. Setelah itu diamkan kurang lebih 1 jam supaya ekstrak bengkoang mengendap. Endapan sari bengkoang sudah bisa digunakan pada tubuh sebagai masker atau scrub dengan menambahkan sedikit gula pasir.

Setelah dioleskan pada kulit, diamkan kurang lebih 30 menit supaya ekstrak tersebut meresap melalui pori-pori kulit. Bila digunakan untuk kulit tangan, disarankan malam hari saat mau tidur agar dibilas keesokan harinya.         

6 Cara Menghilangkan Komedo Putih di Hidung

November 15, 2019 by freemexy  

Jerawat whitehead, juga sering disebut komedo putih, terbentuk karena pori-pori yang tersumbat oleh minyak, sel kulit mati, makeup, dan kotoran. Jerawat putih kecil-kecil yang biasa timbul di hidung ini juga bisa diperparah oleh stres, kebiasaan memencet jerawat, hingga kulit kering akibat menggunakan terlalu banyak produk antijerawat. Selain itu, komedo putih umum terjadi pada masa puber atau perempuan yang sedang haid. Lantas, bagaimana cara menghilangkan jerawat whitehead? Kasus jerawat whitehead yang masih dalam taraf ringan bisa diatasi dengan berbagai cara rumahan seperti dengan terapi uap, masker madu, hingga masker tanah liat. Berikut penjelasannya. 1. Terapi uap Uap hangat bisa membantu membuka pori-pori wajah agar segala macam kotoran yang menyumbatnya bisa terlepas keluar. Caranya cukup dengan merebus air dalam panci hingga mendidih, setelahnya tuang dalam baskom yang cukup lebar. Tundukkan kepala dan dekatkan wajah setidaknya 5-10 centimeter di atas permukaan baskom, tutupi kepala dengan handuk tipis agar uap air tidak merembes keluar. Uapkan wajah selama 5-10 menit. Kamu bisa ulangi selama beberapa kali dalam seminggu.cara cara make up

2. Madu manuka Madu manuka memiliki pH rendah juga agen antibakteri yang dapat menghilangkan jerawat whitehead. Selain itu, madu asal Selandia Baru ini juga mengandung asam amino dan sejumlah vitamin dan mineral yang ampuh mengangkat mengangkat sel-sel kulit mati dan menyeimbangkan pH kulit. Cara menggunakannya pun mudah. Ambil sedikit madu dengan sendok bersih dan oleskan langsung ke permukaan kulit hidung, tentunya dengan tangan yang juga bersih. Diamkan selama 15-30 menit, dan bilas dengan air hangat. Ulangi pemakaian madu manuka beberapa kali dalam seminggu sampai hasilnya terlihat memuaskan.
3. Scrub oatmeal Selama ini yang kita tahu, oatmeal hanya untuk sarapan. Namun, gandum juga menyimpan segudang manfaat untuk kesehatan kulit, termasuk menghilangkan jerawat whitehead di hidung. Oatmeal mempunyai banyak manfaat bagi kulit karena kandungan lemak dan gulanya. Lemak dan gula polisakarida dari oatmeal dapat membantu melembapkan kulit kering. Sementara itu, sebuah penelitian terbitan Journal of Drugs in Dermatology tahun 2010 menunjukkan bahwa kandungan avenanthramides dalam oatmeal dapat menghambat senyawa penyebab peradangan yang memicu timbulnya jerawat. Penelitian yang sama juga melaporkan bahwa avenanthramides dalam gandum membantu memerangi antihistamin sehingga membantu mengurangi rasa gatal pada kulit akibat jerawat.

4. Masker tanah liat Jika kulitmu rentan terhadap jerawat putih, ada baiknya coba gunakan produk masker tanah liat. Masker tanah liat bekerja dengan melembutkan pori-pori yang tersumbat, sementara juga membersihkan kulit dari kotoran, minyak, dan sel-sel kulit mati yang menumpuk. Menggunakan masker tanah liat setidak nya 2 minggu sekali di hidung dapat mengurangi whitehead seiring waktu. Mengatasi jerawat whitehead yang membandel di dokter kulit Jika perawatan rumahan tidak cukup untuk memberantas komedo putih yang membandel, tidak ada salahnya untuk pergi berobat ke dokter kulit. Menurut American Academy of Dermatology, mungkin butuh waktu sekitar satu hingga dua bulan rutin berobat ke dermatolog untuk mendapatkan hasil yang benar-benar manjur.

Apa saja perawatan jerawat whitehead di dokter kulit?
1. Asam mandelic Asam mandelic adalah asam alfa hidroksi (AHA) yang terkandung dalam bentuk peeling atau masker untuk mengendalikan produksi minyak berlebih di kulit. Perawatan ini juga bisa dilakukan pada kulit sekitar hidung yang kering.
2. Asam glikolat Asam glikolat adalah bentuk lain dari AHA yang bekerja mengelupas sel kulit mati sekaligus membantu menghilangkan kotoran yang tersumbat di pori-pori hidung, yang jadi penyebab timbulnya jerawat whitehead. Produk perawatan kulit yang mengandung asam glikolat tidak dianjurkan dipakai setiap hari, melainkan beberapa kali saja dalam seminggu.         

Continuing professional development

November 15, 2019 by freemexy  

Why do we learn? Within a professional context, the basic motivation is typically to improve the quality of our work which will benefit our patients, their families and our colleagues. Continuing professional development (CPD) is defined by the Health and Care Professions Council as, “the way in which you continue to learn and develop throughout your career so you keep your skills and knowledge up to date and are able to practise safely and effectively”.CPD (Continuing Professional development)

Evidence of this learning can satisfy our employers and regulatory bodies that the standard of our work continues to evolve. It is also beneficial to ourselves; as our skills improve, this can reduce work-related stress and improve our employability prospects. What is frequently forgotten is that it can also provide considerable enjoyment! There’s usually an interest in a particular topic that drew us to our career and the pleasure in absorbing and exploring more information around that area can be immensely satisfying.

Identifying gaps in knowledge can be one of the most difficult aspects of learning, particularly acknowledging that some of these gaps may be areas that are fundamental to your practice. We have to remember, however, that when we have been in practice for a long time, some areas of our initial training may have become rusty! Relooking at fundamentals of practice as refreshers can be eye-opening and reassuring in equal measure.
Making the most of CPD opportunities requires some planning. Formal course providers should have a set of intended learning outcomes (ILOs). These are the specifics of what they expect the student to gain from the course. It is helpful for the students to know what these are, and to consider their own ILOs so that they can ask appropriate questions to ensure the learning is most appropriate to their needs. Course providers may also recommend pre-course reading and an assessment of some form. This is particularly useful to identify areas of learning that remain, following the course.

While we accept that most people have a preferred learning style [1] it is worth bearing in mind that this may not remain the same over time [3] and that ultimately a diversity of learning methods is desirable [2]. It may also be possible to gain from the ‘hidden curriculum’; areas of learning which haven’t been planned. This is possible in CPD forms such as shadowing or observing. In addition to the specific practices being observed, the professional practice and communication skills of the clinician are also displayed, which can be very informative. The professional styles of different disciplines can vary so the hidden curriculum can be maximised further by widening the range of professions that we learn from. Peer review is also an excellent source of CPD for both the reviewer and reviewee. Depending on the model of peer review adopted, this could include evaluation of specific techniques or overall patient management.

When documenting CPD, professional bodies and organisations responsible for state registration may have a format that they recommend which makes auditing easier and there is an increasing expectation that learning is not recorded simply by a list of course titles and dates, but by a series of reflective pieces. This develops the learners’ critical and self-awareness skills. It also helps the learner identify benefits and short comings of the learning which assists in planning the next step. Regarding the depth of knowledge required, there is a hierarchy of learning called Bloom’s Taxonomy, paraphrased in Figure 1.
Considering this pyramid can help with reflection – to what level has this CPD developed your understanding of the material? Can you simply recall the facts, or have you reached a level of understanding that allows you to challenge the theories? This is particularly relevant in considering the application of the learning to the clinical setting. The World Health Organization published a set of guidelines in 2013, ‘Transforming and scaling up health professionals’ education and training’ [4]. This document highlighted evidence which suggested that despite CPD being valued, it did not consistently result in a change of clinical practice. Factors suggested to improve this include multiple exposures to the training material and and there being a clear link to career progression.

It is widely acknowledged that CPD is particularly difficult to achieve with increasing demands on our time, so an increasing number of education providers are creating online learning opportunities. In 2015 the World Health Organization published a systematic review that found that, “students acquire knowledge and skills through online and offline eLearning as well as or better than they do through traditional teaching.

The British Society of Audiology in December 2017 delivered the UK’s largest virtual audiology conference. This removed delegates’ need to travel and enabled learning from experts across the world. However, the online format has created challenges for hospital-based IT departments as they are presented with the contrasting demands of an increasing range of software platforms delivering innovative and accessible learning with the security needs of a healthcare provider. There is often a reduction in spontaneous discussion at an online event even with the provision of an online forum. As for face-to-face events, good e-learning provides exciting ways of keeping the learner’s attention throughout, such as quizzes and activities.             

Children’s Theatre Program About to Begin

November 15, 2019 by freemexy  

Do you have a student who has done some acting and wants to do more? Is your child interested in learning more about theatre, but hasn’t had the chance to experience acting in school? Can’t afford some of the programs that are offered? Yuba Sutter Arts is pleased to announce its newest Arts in Education program – Applause KIDS!Children's performing arts

Applause KIDS! is a free program being offered at Yuba Sutter Arts this fall that encourages young people from 8 – 13 to either get up on stage for the first time or work on any performance skills they may already have. Led by two Marysville Charter Academy for the Arts graduates, Julian Barkley-Brinson and Megan Molly O’Shea Enderton, Applause KIDS! will provide students with a safe, enriching educational environment.

“I am passionate about arts education in this community, and it is my goal to be able to provide quality programs to our youth for free,” said Julian, Founder of Rise Up! Youth Program for the Performing Arts. Julian, Megan, and an entire group of hard working volunteer artists are contributing their time and talents to get the much-needed program off the ground.

Tryouts will be held at the Burrows Theater at 630 E Street in Marysville on Thursday, August 30 and Friday August 31 from 5:30 to 8pm. Classes will be held on Mondays and Thursdays starting on Thursday September 6 from 6 – 7:30pm through November 13th. Four public performances will be held between November 15thand 18th.

Students will learn character development through voice and movement work, develop fundamental acting skills, practice singing and dancing and help create whole scenes with other students.

Applause KIDS! will be held indoors and outdoors in a beautiful setting at Yuba Sutter Arts’ main campus in Marysville. Students will enjoy playing theatre games and learning theatre exercises.

The Best Middle Schools in the U.S.

November 15, 2019 by freemexy  

This ranking of the best middle schools in the United States focuses on grades 7 and 8. By a "middle school" we mean a school that includes those grades. Because regions (states, districts, etc.) set their own standards, in some places grades 7 and 8 may be combined with the high school, while in others they may be found together with elementary grades. Another alternative has been to place 7th and 8th grades in a separate school by themselves or together with 6th grade (these are usually called "middle schools" or less frequently now "junior high schools").International middle school

Whatever the combination, the schools in this ranking have both 7th and 8th grade housed together within the same building (which is nearly always the case). Where 7th and 8th graders were housed with other grades, achievement scores for the 7th and 8th graders were evaluated individually, rather than for the school as a whole. The schools in this ranking have found a way to provide 7th and 8th graders with a rich school experience that prepares them superbly well for high school, college, and life.

Recent research indicates that it is beneficial to put 7th and 8th graders together with the elementary grades, creating a single school for K through 8. There are significant studies which show that junior high/middle school students perform better when educated in a K through 8 setting. However, in large urban or suburban areas this option may create space, staffing, and safety issues. For this reason, it is not always feasible to make one school for nine grades.
For this study, the National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP) results in science, math, and reading for 8th graders were used as a principal (but not the sole) basis for comparison of schools. The NAEP administers the same test nationally so that one standard is applied to each student no matter which state they live in.

In the case of other common standardized test assessments, each state creates and administers its own tests, which makes cross-state comparisons difficult. That is the reason why we emphasize the NAEP. However, state assessment scores were also examined, where available, and weighed together with the NAEP scores.

Finally, other factors such as awards and rankings and geographical diversity were also taken into account.
Community Day Charter School
Community Day Charter was founded in 1995 and was one of the first charter schools in Massachusetts. It began with grades K--3 and added a grade every year thereafter until it had all grades K--8.

Teachers work together in teams to identify areas of weakness and formulate action plans for students who are not succeeding as well as they should. All students are given the opportunity to succeed with school support and the belief that all students are capable of meeting the demands of challenging standards.An extended day and extended year is offered to students who wish to develop their skills or participate in extracurricular activities.
2. Stowe Middle School
Stowe Middle School is a school for grades 6--8. The program at Stowe is rigorous, but the school recognizes the importance of more than just academics. All students are required to perform four hours of community service and many perform more service than is required. Personalized classes are provided so that students can build relationships with other students, as well as staff and faculty.

An online free library is provided to all students in addition to the regular library, which has a website that assists students in finding books that they will enjoy and to keep them updated on what is new and what is popular. The school also prepares a newsletter that gives suggestions to parents on things they can do to help their children to be successful both socially and academically.

Each grade in middle school is separated into teams so that students on the same team share the same teachers. Likewise, teachers on a team share the same students. There is a math, social studies, and science teacher for each team, and each teacher also teaches language arts across the curriculum.

Electives include life skills, band, choir, art, Technology Design Education, and Family and Consumer Sciences Education (FACS). A theater group performs plays and musicals and the school hosts informative seminars on drug awareness and prevention tips for parents on subjects like Abduction and Harm.

Friday wellness classes allow students to participate in snowboarding, snowshoeing, skiing, swimming, and skating. Team sports include field hockey, soccer, track, and cross country skiing.             

CIIE National Pavilion remains open for visitors

November 15, 2019 by freemexy  

Though the second China International Import Expo wrapped up for professional visitors on Sunday, the National Pavilion will be open from November 13 to 20 to those who made reservations in advance.The second China International Import Expo will be held at the National Exhibition and Convention Center in Shanghai from November 5 to 10, 2019.For further information about China International Import Expo, please visit: www.shine.cn/China-International-Import-Expo/ /a> or
www.shine.cn/ciie2019/v1 /a>.To get more ciie china 2019, you can visit shine news official website.

According to officials, the reservation window has expired and about 400,000 people have booked visits already.A total of 64 countries in the National Pavilion will offer exciting and abundant cultural experiences to visitors.

The China booth covers 1,500 square meters and focuses on the dramatic changes the country has accomplished over the 70 years since the founding of the People’s Republic of China. The France booth has several large screens and VR equipment for visitors to experience French culture. The Greece booth recalls ancient splendor with wine and Greek goat cheese.

Apart from the National Pavilion, some of the intangible cultural heritage exhibitions, introduced as a first at this year's expo, will open to the visitors as well. During the extended exhibition, people can enjoy intangible cultural heritage from Zhejiang, Shandong, Fujian and Shaanxi provinces as well as Shanghai.

The two plazas of the National Exhibition and Convention Center also offer great fun. The south plaza of the center shows off the grand architecture of the expo venue and a glorious display of flowers and greenery.The north plaza has an ice and snow experience zone to promote the upcoming Winter Olympics in 2022. Visitors can ski or play curling in this area.

After leaving the expo, visitors can go to the Greenland Global Merchandise Trade Center or the Hongqiao Import Commodity Exhibition and Trade Center to do some shopping. Here visitors will find most of the items showcased by exhibitors at the CIIE.