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VooPoo DRAG 2 Kit w/ UFORCE T2 Tank

April 2, 2019 by freemexy  

VooPoo DRAG 2 Kit w/ UFORCE T2 Tank

FIT more than you ever expected... A new generation of DRAG is here with a higher output and better user experience. The voopoo drag 2 platinum kit 177W Kit employs designs to precisely fit your hands with the elegantly rounded corners and overall shaping. With spectacular finishing a multiple resin plates to choose from, the DRAG 2 Mod is paired with the brand new UFORCE T2 Tank, which is compatible with all UFORCE Series Coils. DRAG 2 Kit from VooPoo is here to FIT your hand, your atomizer, and your heart.

INTRODUCING FIT - Our vision has always been to create a device that is of high performance, long endurance, and the best protection for vapers. FIT is a mode that can protect tanks to the most with its intelligent matches of FIT 1/2/3 (1-Battery Set / 2-Flavor Set / 3-Cloud Set). Protect sub-ohm tanks from burnout (under normal and right operating conditions), intelligent matches with tanks.
E-LIQUID FILLING STEPS - It can effectively prevent e-juice leakage by pushing the top cap and filling it with e-liquid, which is way more convenient and clean.

Hold the atomizer with your left hand and push the top cap with your right hand and move it.
Add e-liquid through the slot, paying attention to check how much liquid is filled in the tank (suggested no lower than the MIN line).
Gently push back the top cap, then let the atomizer stand for 5 minutes to let the organic cotton saturate completely before vaping.
TRAVELS 1/4 LIGHTER THAN ORIGINAL DRAG - Following the same design and solid quality of the DRAG, the DRAG 2 Mod is slimmer and 1/4 lighter than its predecessor, making it more friendly for everyday use. The biggest optimization of this mod comes internally.

Voopoo Drag 2 Platinum Kit vs Drag Mini Platinum Kit

April 2, 2019 by freemexy  

voopoo drag 2 platinum kit & Vape Battery Mods are powered by GENE. Chipset and become much powerful. GENE. Chip is one of the best chipset in vaping and the instant fire speed make VOOPOO Drag as the best vape device.Now here comes the new VOOPOO Drag 2 Platinum Kit and Drag Mini Platinum Kit! They are equipped with Platinum shell. Both simple and elegant, DRAG Platinum fulfills vapers desire to vape and enjoy.

1 x VOOPOO DRAG Mini Platinum 117W TC Mod

● 1 x VOOPOO UFORCE T2 Tank (5ml)

● 1 x UFROCE P2 (pre-installed)

● 1 x UFROCE N1

● 1 x Glass Tube (3.5ml)

● 7 x Sealing O-Rings

● 1 x USB Cable

● 2 x User Manuals

● 1 x Warranty Card


● 1 x GENE Chip Card

Voopoo Drag 2 Platinum Kit vs Drag Mini Platinum Kit

April 2, 2019 by freemexy  

voopoo drag 2 platinum kit & Vape Battery Mods are powered by GENE. Chipset and become much powerful. GENE. Chip is one of the best chipset in vaping and the instant fire speed make VOOPOO Drag as the best vape device.Now here comes the new VOOPOO Drag 2 Platinum Kit and Drag Mini Platinum Kit! They are equipped with Platinum shell. Both simple and elegant, DRAG Platinum fulfills vapers desire to vape and enjoy.
Introducing the VOOPOO DRAG Mini Starter Kit featuring the UFORCE T2 Sub-ohm Tank. The DRAG Mini mod features a built-in 4400mAh battery, which is the equivalent of two 18650 battery cells, and is now available in a smaller footprint than the original VOOPOO DRAG & DRAG 2 Box Mods. The DRAG Mini is available in a multitude of beautiful and colorful resin panel designs, and features the exceptional GENE.FIT Chip for battery-efficient outputs with various power modes to power the included UFORCE T2 Sub-Ohm Tank.
VOOPOO Drag Mini Platinum Kit is an upgraded version of Drag Mini Kit with more attractive appearance. It consists of DRAG Mini Platinum Mod and UFORCE T2 Tank. The DRAG Mini PlatinumMod features ergonomic design with curve surface and round corners. Powered by 4400mAh built-in battery, the mod supports a max output of 117W. It utilizes advanced GENE.FIT chip with innovative FIT mode, bringing both security and convenience to vapors.

A growing trend in sport is high-profile

April 2, 2019 by freemexy  

A growing trend in sport is high-profile major leagues seeking to reach young people in China by leveraging the popularity of Chinese entertainment stars. Such co-operation can sometimes backfire, however, when hardcore supporters and critics react negatively to a sport's choice of representative.To get more sport news in China, you can visit shine news official website.

In January 2019, 21-year-old pop idol Cai Xukun, who has more than 21 million followers on the Chinese Twitter-like social media platform Weibo, was announced as the NBA (US National Basketball Association) Chinese New Year celebration brand ambassador, marking the first time that a Chinese celebrity had been featured in such a campaign.

While the NBA sought Cai's popularity to expand its larger Chinese fan base, his appearance struck a marked contrast with the NBA's traditionally macho basketball players.

In addition to full-hearted wishes from Cai's loyal fans, many serious sports supporters expressed hostility online.

"What Cai represents is totally different from what the NBA means to us," said one post on the Chinese basketball portal Hupu.Simon Chadwick, professor of sports enterprise and co-director of the Centre for Sports Business at the University of Salford Manchester, said: "The convergence of sport and entertainment often touches a raw nerve among sports fans, especially those afraid of the excessive commercialisation now infiltrating some sports."

In seeking to successfully align brands, Mr Chadwick said it is important that marketers establish the synergies between them. "For instance, if a team is perceived as being strong and the entertainer is perceived as being weak, consumers will often encounter cognitive dissonance. That is, there will be inconsistencies in the way they view the relationship."

Mr Chadwick emphasises the importance of understanding the personalities of both brands. "If a sports club is big, loud, ostentatious and successful, there will be problems if the entertainer's characteristics appear to be at odds with the club's."

In February 2019, Lu Han, once dubbed the "Chinese Justin Bieber", was named as a "Red Devil Messenger" by Manchester United. His passion for the Red Devils is well attested: he holds a Guinness World Record for the most comments on a Weibo post.

His "Ten years a fan, Lifelong a Red Devil!" post in September 2015 broke his own record, and has received more than 100 million comments to date.United are the one of the most popular sports teams in China, and were named as the No 1 club online in 2017 and 2018, but dropped to third after Real Madrid and FC Bayern Munich in this year's Red Card Report by the Mailman Group.

In the fast-paced digital era, United are keen to bolster their popularity in China by teaming up with influential key opinion leaders. Lu, who has more than 59 million Weibo followers, was a natural choice.

The convergence of sport and entertainment brands is likely to intensify rather than abate, critics say, but argue it is debatable whether this is a sustainable approach, and say marketers should be aware of who contributes most to their revenues.

"Is it those who want stars, celebrities and entertainment from their sports, or is it those who buy tickets to a game and want to stand on the terraces watching their favourite team?" Mr Chadwick asked.

"Sports should be careful not to alienate their core customers as they pursue perceived lucrative new revenue streams."

While Manchester United and the NBA will not have enjoyed the backlash by Chinese sports fans, Mark Dreyer, a Beijing-based sportswriter who edits the China Sports Insider website, said he does not see a "big issue", as the aim of these partnerships is to tap into new demographics.

Kansas players surprised with Yeezy 500 sneakers ahead of Final Four

March 27, 2019 by freemexy  

Kansas players surprised with Yeezy 500 sneakers ahead of Final Four There's still time to win! Pick the Final Four winners in CBS Sports' Round-By-Round game and you could be in attendance next year. Advancing to the Final Four of the NCAA Tournament has its fair share of perks and prizes, as Kansas players found out firsthand Friday when they were surprised with Yeezy 500 sneakers.get Yeezy 70% Off,more order with big discount According to Sneaker News, the adidas shoes aren't set to his shelves until mid-April and are currently on pre-order. It had Jayhawks star Devonte' Graham jumping for joy, too.
The extra perks of advancing this far also include opportunity to advance to the title game, which Kansas will look to do on Saturday as it squares off with 1 seed Villanova at 8:49 p.m. ET. Kansas is one of adidas' biggest basketball programs. Fellow Final Four teams Villanova and Loyola-Chicago are outfitted by Nike, while Michigan wears Nike-affiliated Jordan Brand. erms and Conditions for the raffle: There is no purchase requirement to enter the raffle.
 The raffle is open worldwide. Winners will be given the opportunity to purchase on Saturday 7th July by email (using details provided at entry - if you have previously unsubscribed from our mailing list then we will not be able to contact you). The recipient will be provided with a link for the opportunity to purchase the product on a first come first serve basis. Only one entry per person is permitted. Any duplicate entries will be void. The previously mentioned terms are not exhaustive and can be amended at our discretion.

Major Spending Budget Journey Preparing

March 27, 2019 by freemexy  

Major Spending Budget Journey Preparing So what are you waiting around for, get your baggage packed. Searching about the store various designs of artwork can be noticed such as indigenous Alaskan artwork. There is small or no meals served on the aircraft. 飛行機格安 Some flights may have limited seats that have low grading. These types of flights will give last minute cheap discount offers which you can avail and travel secure at low rates. The 2nd seat block will have reasonably low rates which lets you to get the tickets at discount rates. Even the third block seating arrangement will have low air fares. Trying these sorts of cheap flights is feasible only if you book it on the internet. Last minute reservation will aid you to locate all these offers. There are finest views in the world and India is amongst of them. Are you looking for a tours to india and spend your holidays in India to see the world most cultures country. This article is about to trip in India and how do travel in India. And finally, promise your self a weekly treat and sick to it. It might be cinema, a good meal (or both), a night in with your feet up, a glass of red in one hand and those chocolates in the other, with the family off hang gliding, white water rafting or abseiling down the face of the town's tallest building, who cares, just relax.
The pastor cheap flight from the local Cowboy Church a Baptist group that has blossomed to members in its first year has asked that I come and teach the Cowboys about the cults. Though I'm not Baptist, I have taught too many times to count at the Sunday meetings of the local Baptist Ministry. I attend a weekly house church meeting that includes several Pentecostals, some Baptists and a couple of Catholics. We've prayed together and ministered to others and have seen miracles and spiritual gifts in operation. It is a good idea to arrive early. All parking for Aviation Nation will be located at Las Vegas Motor Speedway and shuttles will be provided. To avoid traffic delays plan on arriving early and leaving late. I booked my own flight to Ireland about thre weeks in advance, and you wouldn't believe how thorough my search was.
But no matter where I looked, American Airlines' flights seemed to always be the cheapest. Check out their website and see for yourself. Keep in mind that the cheapest airline will vary with your departure city. If you live in Atlanta, Delta may give you the best option for a cheap flight. If you live in New York, Aer Lingus may be the cheapest. Just check around, and keep these tips in mind as you do. Fast-forward 233 years to Tel Aviv, Israel, and there I am, an American sitting in Ben-Gurion International Airport at 5:30a.m.
 Or 05:30 as they say it in Israel. (Who came up with that idea, anyway?) Anywhere can be disorienting at dawn after getting off a trans-Atlantic flight. But I was totally bewildered. The diversity of distinct cultural groups mingling about me, the warmth of the air so early, and the vast ocean of a language I don't speak being uttered at every turn was like a merry-go-round. It was less of a first impression, and more of a warning: you're not in Kansas anymore. If I have not mentioned that you have to book your ticket with a low cost airline, please note that I consider this to be one of the most important ways of flying cheap. Research budget airlines flying into New York from Europe and make your booking.

Health Tips For Travellers On Korean Air Flights

March 27, 2019 by freemexy  

Health Tips For Travellers On Korean Air Flights To determine them the direction they are and break free of them. Snow sports is one of the main attraction for the visitors of Denver. Big cities such as Las Vegas get various air-line deals. 澳門去哈爾濱 Bali is the tropical island in Indonesia and throughout the world many individual are excited to visit that place. It is one of the favorite tourist destinations due to its wonderful mountains, a landscape of hills, barren volcanic hillsides, lush rice terraces and sandy beaches. Bali is Small Island but various things that will attract the tourists. You can reach on that place by taking flight from any corner of the world.
There are countless flights to Bali throughout the world. It is really easy to reach at this destination. Economy has slow down, many people lost their jobs and many more are in constant stress and are likely to lose their job. The budget for grocery has gone down too. It has become difficult to pay EMI's of your car. You do need a break and a stress buster. There is nothing better than taking a holiday. But taking a holiday too has become expensive, and flight tickets being the most expensive part of a holiday.
 If you could save a considerable amount on flight Tickets, you would automatically reduce the holiday bill by a great deal. I 'm touched by Your hand, somehow, she thought. I see things hidden from others. She heard a shout from the deck, words not distinguishable to her ear. Something's ahead of us cheap flight she suddenly knew. Something dangerous. It is possible nowadays to buy cheap air tickets online without hurting your wallet. The internet is crammed with discount travel agents which provide you with the latest ticket searches. Search the cheap flight tickets rates not only from the biggest and most popular online travel agencies but extend your search to new travel agencies then buy tickets from them online. Sometimes airlines have their own websites which are also offering cheap flight tickets rates and purchase the tickets online from them if they offer the best price. This is because many airlines give discounts on prices of tickets that are bought online.
 The KC-135 Strato Tanker is the key to getting Air Force fighter jets over long distances without stopping to refuel. The mammoth KC-135 Strato Tanker can take off at a weight of 322,500 pounds and is capable of refueling two jets in the air at once. When the gargantuan plane makes a low flyby along the deck at Aviation Nation be prepared for the ground to rumble. Always a favorite with the kids at Aviation Nation also. C) While booking flight tickets online you can also ask for other services like hotel room booking or car rental to get an additional discount on the tickets. Well, thought Sir Thomas, this is newly tempered steel, much like that within Elizabeth.
"Understand, lady," Patrick replied, "that my father has taken on English ways, even an English title, and thus has set aside much Irish popularity. He has looked away as English troops closed our Irish monasteries and dispossessed our Catholic clergy, though he has not taken up your new faith himself. He'll be just as compliant as your new Queen restores those monasteries and reinstates the Catholic clergy. My brother Shane is of another mind. If you have travel plans to Goa, my recommendation to you is- Just let yourself go & book a cheap flight to Goa. It's a simple city with a carnival of fun prospects. There is much to rave about here - just capture your share of utter bliss!

Travel Tips For Packing Light While Staying On A Budget.

March 27, 2019 by freemexy  

Every day I work with people having exactly these problems. Even if I get a cheap airline ticket to America I don't think I'll jump on the chance and go. Book your the air tickets at cheap air fares. cheap flight tickets It sounds easy to plan perfect vacation but not in reality. Everybody wants to have a great day out with their family members, friends and loved ones. Whereas, if you wish to tour around the quieter part of Goa, then South Goa would be the right choice.
 It has more hotels, almost all boasting of a private beach. Remember, the real essence of Goa lies in its winding lanes, with a church at every corner. So hire a scooty and explore on your own the smiling locals would cheap flight only be glad to help you with directions. And if you'd rather spend time on the beaches, just follow the safety instructions and stay within limits. Las Vegas helicopter rides only fly to Grand Canyon West, which is 120 miles away. Grand Canyon South is 270-plus miles from Vegas and is beyond the range of helicopters. If you are set on going to the South Rim, do yourself a favor and take the package that includes the 45-minute airplane flight. The other option is a tour bus that takes 5.5-hours to reach the rim. I booked my own flight to Ireland about thre weeks in advance, and you wouldn't believe how thorough my search was.
 But no matter where I looked, American Airlines' flights seemed to always be the cheapest. Check out their website and see for yourself. Keep in mind that the cheapest airline will vary with your departure city. If you live in Atlanta, Delta may give you the best option for a cheap flight. If you live in New York, Aer Lingus may be the cheapest. Just check around, and keep these tips in mind as you do. Captain Ramirez scowled as he paced the quarterdeck of the Santa Maria. He had ordered provisions for a week loaded aboard and the work was running behind. He did not expect to be out a week-perhaps three days at the most.
But if he were obliged to give chase to the Gray Falcon, he might have to put his men under iron rations. It was not only for that reason he prayed the Gray Falcon would take another route on her flight from England. This is the off-peak season. It occurs in June, July and September. You would have to pay more if you are aiming at spending Xmas there. When you search for cheap airfare to New Zealand, try to break the journey down in parts so that you will be able to save money. The destinations that are popular en-route are Los Angeles, Hong Kong and Singapore. Many people start their trip in Auckland, the North Island capital, then travel through the extensive national parks and then to the capital of the country. There are ferries from bays surrounding Wellington that take you down to Southern Island that has fjords and gleaming lakes. High and increasing airline ticket prices for flights to South Africa appear to be here to stay. Using these insider secrets will always help you get cheap or discounted flights to and within South Africa.

Oriental hotels silently establishing baccarat furniture in Hainan

March 27, 2019 by freemexy  

Oriental hotels silently establishing baccarat furniture in Hainan They're not quite casinos, but they're pretty close - and they could be coming to China sooner than some expected.On the tropical island of Hainan, at least five Chinese-owned resorts are laying the groundwork for so-called entertainment bars, where players put down real money on games but receive their winnings in the form of points that can be redeemed in local restaurants, shops and hotels, according to people with direct knowledge of the plans. The resorts' proprietors have contacted providers of baccarat furniture, drafted plans to transform ballrooms into video gaming flooring and kept casual conversations with Hainan authorities recently, the folks stated, requesting to not be recognized talking about personal data. 코인카지노 Whilst The far east outlaws gambling establishments outdoors Macau, the hotels are wagering that Hainan will earn an exemption for enjoyment pubs as an element of a federal government drive to transform the area referred to as "China's Hawaii" a couple of,700 kilometres southern of Beijing right into a significant vacationer location. It would mark another big shift in the country's approach to gaming after officials unveiled landmark measures to promote horse racing and sports lotteries in Hainan two months ago if they're right. It's uncertain regardless of whether national and provincial respective authorities would indication away on this kind of jobs - also referred to as "cashless gambling establishments" - and they've provided no general public sign that the plan alter is upcoming. However the latest flurry of exercise comes after a positive courtroom judgment on enjoyment pubs in Dec, that was construed by some observers being an established stamp of authorization."From your discussions with individuals on the floor, they may be favorably enthusiastic about the modifications that seem to be arriving via quickly," stated Ben Lee, a Macau-dependent handling companion at consultancy IGamiX, that has been dealing with programmers in Hainan for any ten years. Enjoyment pubs "would unquestionably pull mainlanders that have never ever been abroad to test video gaming," he explained.

Baccarat dealer at MGM National Harbor accused of cheating

March 27, 2019 by freemexy  

A Maryland baccarat dealer accused of cheating has been charged with one count of conspiracy.Ming Zhang, who used to be a dealer at the MGM National Harbor, is expected to appear in U.S. District Court in Maryland for a hearing Tuesday at 1 p.m.Zhang, of Alexandria, showed a portion of the baccarat deck to his co-conspirator, who then took a picture of it before the cards were put into play, according to a federal indictment filed last week.카지노사이트

The co-conspirator then played baccarat at Zhang’s table and the two men planned to split the winnings, the indictment alleges. The scheme occurred on Sept. According to the indictment, which was first reported by NBC4.Baccarat is a card game in which players bet on which hand will get closest to nine.27 and 2017

“If a bettor knows the order in which cards appear in the deck, the bettor can predict the outcome of any given baccarat hand with near-perfect accuracy and place bets accordingly,” the indictment said.“Ming Zhang is no longer employed by MGM National Harbor,” casino spokesman Malik Husser said in a statement. “We have provided our full cooperation with authorities throughout this investigation.”Although it’s often tucked away in high-limit gaming areas, baccarat is a simple game to play. Players choose whether to bet on the “Player” or “Banker” hand, then sit back while the dealer does the rest. The object of the game is to get closer to nine than the opposite hand. If your cards total above nine, the first digit is dropped. For example, a seven and a six would result in a 13, which is dropped to a three. 10-count cards (tens, jacks and queens and kings) count as zero, while aces count as one.