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FreeMax Mesh Pro Tank Replacement Vape Coils (3-Pack)

June 5, 2019 by freemexy  

FreeMax Mesh Pro Tank Replacement Vape Coils (3-Pack)


Ready for a shortcut to amazing flavor? Pop in a brand new coil! This three-pack of replacement coils for the excellent freemax vape Mesh Pro Tank are sure to put the flavor intensity back in your clouds - and a big smile back on your face! These coils feature mesh heating elements and have been engineered to produce intense flavor and dense, thick vapor when used within the manufacturer's recommended power range.

What's Included

1 x 3-Pack of Freemax Mesh Pro Coils
Specs & Features

Freemax Mesh Pro Tank Coils
Kanthal Single Mesh Coil
Resistance: 0.15ohm
Kanthal Double Mesh Coil
Resistance: 0.2ohm
Kanthal Tripple Mesh Coil
Resistance: 0.15ohm
Rating: 80-110W
Compatibility: Not Compatible with Original Freemax Mesh Tank
WARNING: This is an advanced Item. Please use at your own risk and always use proper precautions and handling. Images are for illustration purposes only. Actual color, finish and packaging may vary.
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Rincoe Ceto Vape Pod Starter Kit

June 5, 2019 by freemexy  

Rincoe Ceto Vape Pod Starter Kit


The Ceto is Rincoe's impressive entry into the field of ultraportable pod-based devices. This super compact system features a slim and lightweight form factor that is intended to provide excellent pod performance in a covert and stealth-friendly design. The Ceto is packed with a number of highly-desirable features including excellent ergonomics, draw-activated firing, easily filled 2.0 ml juice capacity pods, and a sizable 370 mAh battery. If your current pod system isn't cutting the mustard, the Rincoe Ceto may just be the device you've been longing for. Get compact and convenient satisfaction with the incredible Ceto today!

Specs & Features

Rincoe Ceto Ultra Portable Starter Kit Features
Dimensions - 80mm by 37.5mm by 10mm
Integrated 370mAh Rechargeable Battery
Coil Resistance: 1.3ohm
Voltage Output: 3.3V
Draw Activated Firing Mechanism
Refillable 2mL Pod Cartridge
Snap-In Connection
LED Battery Light Indicator
MicroUSB Charging
10 Seconds Cut-Off
Low Voltage Protection
Short Circuit Protection
Charging Protection
WARNING: This is an advanced Item. Please use at your own risk and always use proper precautions and handling as these are very sensitive to charging characteristics and may explode or burn if not properly handled. Please note that there is an inherent risk with the use of any and all rechargeable batteries in any circumstance. We are not responsible for any damage, injury, or defect caused by the improper use and/or mishandling of Li-ion (Lithium-ion), LiPo (Lithium-ion Polymer) and any rechargeable batteries and chargers. Images are for illustration purposes only. Actual color, finish and packaging may vary.
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Rincoe Ceto SE Review — Duck Bill Mouthpiece & 650mAh Pod Vape

June 5, 2019 by freemexy  

The Ceto SE is the new all in one pod kit released by Rincoe. It's an ultra compact and portable device that comes in three different colour choices. The Ceto SE is a refillable pod system and super easy to use. The device is button activated and gives a very pleasant draw, especially if you're looking for something a little more tight but not too harsh.

The Ceto SE features a 650mAh built-in battery and uses a refillable pod that will hold up to 2ml of your favorite eliquid. The pods uses a 1.3ohm coil resistance which is pretty standard for an all in one pod kit. This kit also features lots of security protections which I will elaborate more on later.

I received the all black Ceto SE to test for this review, but personally would have loved to have gotten the yellow and black version. I'm going to go over everything you need to know about this pod vape and see for myself if it's as good as they claim.
The Ceto SE is a super sleek and very nice looking device. I got it in the all black but it also comes in two other colours, grey and yellow. I would have liked to see it in a few more color choices, but maybe in the future right? The Ceto SE has a long, rounded form factor but it's a little chunkier in the middle making it very comfortable to hold. The device has two ridges carved into the sides for extra grip and I am a big fan. It's also fairly light as well, which is never a bad thing.

The pod for the Ceto SE features a duck billed mouthpiece and it magnetically attaches to the device. It will only fit one way so you won't have to worry if it's put in correctly. Once attached to the device the pod doesn't move around at all and seems to be very secure. I didn't have issues with it getting loose over the few weeks I was using it to review. The magnets seem to be strong enough to keep the device in place but not too strong to make it impossible to remove. Kudos to Rincoe on this one.

The Ceto SE is button activated to draw and features a light near the bottom of the device in the shape of a fan blade. It appears to be in their logo as well so I'm not really sure what they consider the shape to be but that's what I can describe it as. There is very little writing on the device which I really like as well. It just makes the device look more sleek and nice in my opinion. On the back of the device near the bottom you will find the Ceto SE and Rincoe logos in very small font.
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Vape Hut Electronic Cigarettes And Accessories

June 5, 2019 by freemexy  

New liquids are coming to cheap vape deals Hut! Vapetasia custards should drop any moment. We love Vapetasia because they are not full of artificial sweeteners that give you gunky coils in two days!! Vape Hut tries to offer lots of choices that do not include this coil killing additive. We are also bringing CA Pops back to the shelves. If this was one of your faves, it should be back in the stores next week. 
Loads of new hardware is in the store!! Check out the Luxe and Luxe ZV from Vaporesso! The Luxe ZV is a limited edition and only 5,000 of each were made. Awesome kit comes with the new SKRR tank...best leak protection on any tank on the market. We also have the Luxe Nano. Also new at Vape Hut is theVooPoo Drag 2 and Drag Minis!!! Beautiful resin mod with the awesome UForce tank. The UForce coils are also compatible with the Fireluke Mesh tank...loving this cross compatibility!! Experience a great vape. In recent times, more and more people are making the switch to electronic cigarettes to help them quit smoking. What is an electronic cigarette, you may ask? An electronic cigarette, or e-cig, is a battery-powered device that converts liquid nicotine into a mist, or vapor, that the user inhales. There's no fire, no ash and no lingering smoky smell. E-cigarettes do not contain all of the harmful chemicals and carcinogens associated with smoking traditional tobacco cigarettes, such as carbon dioxide and tar. Tobacco cigarettes cause millions of deaths each year and e-cigs are considered a healthier alternative. Users of e-cigs say they have experienced a reduction in their "smokers cough," a sharper sense of taste and of smell and some even report improved sleeping patterns. 
Vape Hut specializes in electronic cigarettes, striving to make these products available to all, especially those that are trying to quit tobacco cigarettes. They sell electronic cigarettes, e-liquids and accessories in their retail stores, as well as online. Vape Hut helps to educate customers about how to use these products to get the most benefit from them and maximize their potential to quit smoking tobacco cigarettes. They offer premium e-liquids made in the US and imported. New products are hitting the shelves all the time. With the e-cig market constantly changing, inventory is continuously updated. Vape Hut keeps up with these trends, providing three locations in the area and an online store. If all this seems confusing to you and you don't know where to start, Vape Hut offers bundle kits to get you started. They include everything you need to start your path to quitting, for as little as $45.00. The bundle kits can include different types of batteries, clearomizers, and E-liquids. They also include a charger and case. "It is our goal at Vape Hut to support our customers in their efforts to achieve their goals with the electronic cigarette. We are here to help people find a better alternative to smoking tobacco cigarettes and to enjoy the benefits and freedom of a tobacco-free life." 
"Joint pain? Anxiety? Can't sleep? Creating Better Days is Nature's Remedy!! Find high quality CBD products at Vape Hut!! We now carry gummies, pops, tincture, and vapeables in our stores. If we don't have what you are looking for, talk to us. We can even get CBD products for your pets" While you are there, ask about Vape Hut's MyRewards, "this is a thank you to Wilmington vapers for their continued support!"
Vape Hut is locally owned and operated and has been serving our area for over five years now. Vape Hut has three retail locations to serve Pleasure Island and the Wilmington area. Their original location is at 4904 Carolina Beach Road in Wilmington, the second location is at 4724 New Centre Drive near Target, and the third is beside Food Lion in Carolina Beach at 1401 North Lake Park Boulevard. 
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The Vaporesso NRG

June 5, 2019 by freemexy  

3 Reasons Why The Vaporesso NRG Tank Crushes the Competition

The vaporesso vape

Tank is one of the best sub-ohm tank options that Vaporesso has yet to release. They recently came out with a special edition version of the NRG, the Vaporesso NRG SE tank. While the updated version is one to consider, the original NRG still has staying power. Want a sub-ohm tank that has nearly all of the popular sub-ohm features? Read on for 3 reasons why the Vaporesso NRG Tank is a top-performer.

1. The Build and Design Features

The Vaporesso NRG tank is full of features that you're probably looking for in a sub-ohm tank. It's got a sliding top fill, two large dual airflow slots on the bottom, and a 5ml juice capacity. The construction is solid, built from stainless steel with a pyrex glass tube. You've got a few color options: silver, black, red, blue, and rainbow. But there are a couple of features that makes the Vaporesso NRG tank stand out from some other similar tanks. First, the NRG has mesh included in the drip tip. That means that it blocks unwanted spit back of e-liquid from the tank. Second, it's got a really nice heat insulated layer on the bottom base of the tank to buffer the heat to keep you vaping comfortably.

2. The GT Core Coil Series

Some vapers don't use pre-built coils very often, but there are those of you who purchase a tank based off of the pre-built coil options that are available for the tank. The Vaporesso NRG tank uses the GT Core coil series. When you purchase the tank, you get a GT2 and a GT4 coil. The GT2 is a 0.4-ohm coil that works anywhere from 40-80W, while the GT4 rates at 0.15-ohms at 30-70W. If those were the only coil options, the NRG might look a bit disappointing. But there are three other coils in the GT Core family: the GT cCell (a 0.3-ohm ceramic coil), the GT6 (0.2-ohms for 40-130W), and the GT8 (a 0.15-ohm coil that vapes anywhere from 50-110W). With all of these coil options, you can vape at high wattages, low wattages, or anywhere in between. It's also a bonus to have a coil like the GT cCell available, for those of you who like to try various coil materials.

3. It's a Mid-Wattage Beast, But Also Great For High Wattage Vaping

If you don't like vaping at extremely high wattages (though you totally can vape up to 130W with the NRG) then the Vaporesso NRG tank offers some great coil options for you. It performs extremely well at mid-range wattages, delivering smooth flavor. Even the clouds from the NRG aren't disappointing. Depending on what wattage you're vaping at, the Vaporesso NRG can produce satisfying average clouds or fill the room with dense vapor if you crank up the power. The airflow slots allow for a good control of air, and even when they're nearly shut, the NRG vapes well. There is even a newer GT Mesh coil available, which means you don't have to worry if you prefer mesh coils.
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June 5, 2019 by freemexy  

Vape Wholesale is one of those hobbies that was created with pure enjoyment in mind (and your health) and so here we have our latest and best vaping kits for you, offering you the perfect delivery system to help you on your way to full, fun and flavoursome vaping. All vaping kits offer the basic components needed to get you started, from the e cigarette itself to the vape tank and charger. Some starter kits also contain e liquids for your convenience. This collection of starter kits is new to the market and contain the very best vape devices so that you may get the most out of your vape from the very first draw.

These latest vaping & e cigarette starter kit releases are pretty impressive, even if we do say so ourselves. You have everything here from fairly basic plug and play devices to significantly more advanced vape kits which allow you to customise your vape in a number of ways including temperature control, variable wattage, alongside a number of other features combined with a range of in-built safety features.

From small, discreet vape pens and similar-sized e cigs to larger, gorgeous-looking vape kits that you really do want to show off, there is something here for everyone (and for every budget). We love the fact that vaping is so individual and that there is no wrong way to vape. If you're browsing our latest vaping kits for cutting-edge design, for great new features and added customisability, good for you. If you're looking for something easy to get started with and affordable, you're still in the right place and have access to newest releases and great offers. 
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Apple may be headed for ‘serious ramifications’ in China after Tencent’s latest update to WeChat

June 5, 2019 by freemexy  

A recent update of the WeChat app from Chinese tech juggernaut Tencent could have “serious ramifications” for Apple, according to one analyst.To get more tencent tv, you can visit shine news official website.

The WeChat update, which came out this week, involves a redesign in the way mini-programs — apps within the app — are presented. With that change, users now “essentially have a second home screen” on their phones, said Matthew Brennan, co-founder and managing director at consultancy China Channel.

While a change in user interface may not immediately seem like a game changer, experts said it signals a significant shift in the Chinese tech space.

“With WeChat moving towards solidifying the mini-programs position, there could be serious ramifications for Apple’s service business, which it has been focusing on to counter plateauing hardware sales,” TuanAnh Nguyen, an analyst at technology research firm Canalys, said in an email to CNBC.

“The advantage that WeChat mini-program brings is not only concentration of apps into one popular (platform), but it’s very enticing to developers, especially startups and (independent operations) who have limited resources, to focus on 1 single ‘app store,’” Nguyen said.

Apple did not immediately respond to a CNBC request for comment on this story.

Given their ubiquity across both Apple’s iOS and Google’s Android mobile operating systems, “superapps” such as WeChat have “made the Apple ecosystem lock-in much weaker” in China in comparison to other parts of the world, resulting in an erosion of the competitive advantage of the Cupertino-based tech giant’s hardware, he said.

WeChat has more than 1 billion monthly active users, according to Tencent. Known in China as Weixin, the mobile app is also used by many overseas Chinese and foreigners. It has evolved from recorded voice messages to a means of paying for store purchases and utility bills. Users can also access third-party services such as SF Express — a delivery company similar to FedEx — through WeChat mini programs.

“WeChat is your Facebook, your credit card, your Uber, your Amazon altogether. ” said Mengmeng Zhang, a Beijing-based analyst at Counterpoint Research. “Some even say China’s operating system is WeChat, not (Google’s) Android or (Apple’s) iOS.”

The latest development comes weeks after Apple CEO Tim Cook warned that the company was facing trouble selling its iPhones in China.Commenting on the potential financial impact of the design change in WeChat on Apple, Brennan and Nguyen generally agreed that the impact would be more long-term in nature.

“In the near term, high-value segments of contents such as mobile gaming will still stay on the main platforms instead of moving to WeChat’s mini-programs,” said Canalys’ Nguyen.Echoing that view, Brennan said the mini-programs on WeChat are “not designed to be very big” and are unlikely to compete against the games that feature on Apple’s App Store.

Inexperienced Pakistan fight against history

June 5, 2019 by freemexy  

Just how much difference can a single series make? Australia came to India as an unfancied side and beat them 3-2. They are now on a five-match winning streak and seem unstoppable. With the ICC Men’s Cricket World Cup 2019 just weeks away, this is a classic sign of Australia before such events: they just raise their game.To get morecricket fight, you can visit shine news official website.

Most pleasing in this turnaround has been Aaron Finch’s return to form. The Australia limited-overs captain has gone from being somewhat unsure of his place at the World Cup to being confirmed as captain for the tournament and to making two centuries and a ninety in his last five one-day innings.
At the other end is Usman Khawaja, who has 407 runs from his last five innings. With Finch and Khawaja in the kind of form they’ve been in, Australia’s opening stand averages 104.5 in the last six innings. In this series, they have put on 63 and 209, and it has helped Australia run down targets of 281 and 285 with seeming ease.

The downside of this kind of top-order dominance is the middle order going untested for extended periods. It is the same issue that has ailed India for so long now. But with Glenn Maxwell, Shaun Marsh and Peter Handscomb all having found form recently, it’s not an immediate concern.Pakistan are inexperienced, but they have had their performers with the bat. Haris Sohail struck a century in the first ODI and Mohammad Rizwan did so in the second. It’s with the ball that they have lacked incision, taking four Australian wickets in 97 overs this series. Yasir Shah, especially, who has had so much success as a Test cricketer in these conditions, has been disappointing, taking 1-116 in 20 overs.

On the bright side, fellow Test regular Mohammad Abbas has had a decent start to his limited-overs career, giving away 82 runs in 17 overs while dismissing Finch once.

But wickets are what Pakistan need. It’s what they need to turn up the pressure and test the Australian middle order. It’s also what they need to pick up a win and keep their hopes alive of winning a bilateral ODI series against Australia for the first time in the UAE.
He bats at the all-important No. 3 position, is in good form, and has had a terrific start to his one-day career, where he averages 47.60 after 28 matches. If the top order fires, Sohail will be the one to build on it and launch Pakistan to a big score. If the top order fails, he will be expected to be the glue that holds the innings together and builds it.

Usman Khawaja (Australia): Khawaja is enjoying a tremendous second wind to his one-day career and seems determined to make that opening slot his own at the World Cup. He faces direct competition from David Warner, who like Khawaja, bats left-handed at the top of the order. Since the start of the India series, Khawaja has made 495 runs in seven outings at 70.71 and is Australia’s most consistent batsman in their current line-up.

Rincoe Mechman 228W TC Kit

May 31, 2019 by freemexy  

Rincoe Mechman 228W TC Kit


The Rincoe mechman kit is a lightweight and durable kit which has a unique and ergonomic appearance. It comes with Mechman 228W TC mod and 810 resin drip tip, which will bring you increased airflow and excellent appearance. It is compact, portable and fits well in your hand. The Mechman mesh tank comes with 4.5ml juice capacity. 0.25ohm single mesh coil and 0.2ohm dual mesh coil. The Mechman Mesh tank is a top refill system and bottom airflow adjustment.

Battery: 2 x 18650 batteries (NOT included)
Power Range: 1-228W
TC modes supports: NI200/Ti/SSTC modes support: Ni200/Ti/ SS
Power mode(VW/BYPASS) :0.08-5.0ohm (0.3ohm recommended)
TC mode Nickel/Titanium/Stainless/TCR): 0.05-3.5ohm(0.15ohm recommended)
Tank Capacity: 4.5mL
810 Drip Tip
Top fill tank


May 31, 2019 by freemexy  


The Rincoe mechman kit is consisted of Mechman TC box mod and Mechman mesh coil tank which has a unique and ergonomic appearance. Made of zinc alloy material with leather decoration to give you steady impression with its excellent workmanship. Mechman 228W mod and 810 resin drip tip, which will bring you increased airflow and excellent appearance. Moreover, Comes with compact and portable size to make it easy to carry with. Powered by dual 18650 batteries to make the max output reach up to 228w. What's more, Changeable panels also offer you more selections up to your personal preference. Mechman Mesh Tank comes with 4.5ml juice capacity. 0.25ohm single mesh coil and 0.2ohm dual mesh coil both bring you an easy and convenient vape experience. Top refill system and bottom airflow adjustment design make best and easier vaping!

Technical Data: 
Mechman 228W mod
Size: 53.8* 29.2* 90mm
Battery: dual 18650 batteries(not included)
Material: Zinc alloy & leather
Output: 1-228W
Screen: 0.96 inch display
Max output current: 50A
Max output voltage: 8V
Input voltage: 6-8.4V
Resistance range: 0.08-5ohm(VW/Bypass modes)/0.05-3.5ohm(TC/TCR modes)
TC: Ni200/Ti/SS
Temperature range: 200-600°F/100-315°C
Charging: 5V/2A
Mechman mesh tank
Size: 28* 36mm
Capacity: 4.5ml
Material: Stainless steel & quartz bubble glass & resin drip tip
Resistance: 0.25ohm single mesh coil(40-60W)
0.2ohm dual mesh coil(50-80W)
Drip tip: 810 drip tip
Thread: 510