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How To Choose The Correct Seating For Your Living Room? 4 Tips

November 5, 2018 by NY Furniture Direct  

From family movie nights to asking friends to join over coffee, the living room is just as vital as the kitchen room when it’s about functionality. As far as furniture is concerned, let’s be frank: it should look good & be super comfortable. You wish your living room to possess a warm and welcoming environment for family and friends to spend time. Follow our simple tips mentioned below to find the appropriate living room seating for your space.




Know What You Are Working With:

It might look obvious, but if you’ve not measured your living room yet, go ahead & do it now. You can even draw a floor plan to visualize your space better. Take into account where people walk, which areas need easy access & where the windows and doors are so you will have ample room to move around your living room.





If you use your living room to watch TV basically, you’ve to choose furniture that fits in the room oriented towards the TV; if you used to enjoy family game nights & conversation, you may wish a coffee table that is large enough for the board game, but small enough that you can sit around it comfortably.


Take into account the scale of your living room:

A large sectional that feels right-at-home in a large room can truly spoil a smaller space, so ensure to have a good look at the sizes of any furniture you purchase. Feeling confused? Not to be worried. You can stop by the physical store of NY Furniture Direct and our experts will help you create a floor plan and seating arrangements that best fit your living room.




Invest in durable furniture:

If you’ve a large family & pets, durability is a vital consideration when buying living room furniture in Nassau County, NY. Look for stain-proof materials, leather couches with removable cushion covers for easy cleaning, and sturdy fabrics that’ll stand up to several years of use. Leather possesses a timeless elegance, is effortless to clean and develop a beautiful finish with age that adds to its look.




Be yourself:

Your living room is the perfect expression of your own personality & sense of style, so buy furniture and ornamental accessories that make you glad. Add reclaimed wood furniture for a rustic feeling or a luxe touch with a faux fur that looks & feels even better than the genuine thing.




At NY Furniture Direct find a great range of exceptional living room furniture designs that will certainly add a new spark to your space. We are one stop shop whether you are looking for living room furniture for small or big spaces. Visit us online or check out our physical store now to see if we have the perfect living room furniture for your home. For any help, feel free to get in touch with us at 516-223-2506.For more information stay connected with us on our facebook , twitter , google+ pages.