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Why This Is The Right Time To Buy A House Projects in Panvel?

October 24, 2019 by balajisymphony  

If you have been looking to buy a house in Navi Mumbai, experts say that this is the right time to make the purchase. As a result of demonetization and many other reforms such as RERA and GST, property purchase in Navi Mumbai has become a fairly lucrative proposition.


Here are some reasons why this is the right time for you to buy a House Projects in Panvel:


RERA has ensured enormous transparency in property purchase


With the implementation of the Real Estate Regulatory Authority (RERA) Act, property purchase has become much more reliable and transparent. Developers and Builders in Panvel are now being held more accountable and due compensation is being offered against delays in the completion of real estate Projects in Panvel.


Property prices are at all-time low: 


Demonetization has had a direct impact on property prices in Navi Mumbai. It has significantly reduced the inflation of property rates, which is why property prices are at all-time low right now. This is why experts recommend buying a house at this point in time.


GST has greatly simplified the processes of property purchase: 


As a result of the Goods and Services Tax (GST) coming into effect, the processes that go into property purchase have been simplified to a large extent. The complex paperwork that used to go into a property purchase until now has been reduced to a minimum, thereby making the entire process compact and easy to understand.


A residential house in the carpet area of up to 90 sqm in non-metropolitan cities/towns and 60 sqm in metropolitan cities having a value up to Rs. 45 lakh (both for metropolitan and non-metropolitan cities) has been categorized as affordable housing. Metropolitan cities are Bengaluru, Chennai, Delhi NCR (limited to Delhi, Noida, Greater Noida, Ghaziabad, Gurgaon, Faridabad), Hyderabad, Kolkata and Mumbai.


On how the tax liability would be calculated for a person who owns two or more flats in the housing society or residential complex, the Ministry said in such cases the ceiling of Rs 7,500 per month per member shall be applied separately, for each residential apartment owned by him. The Ministry further clarified that RWAs are entitled to take input tax credit (ITC) of Goods and Services Tax (GST) paid by them on capital goods generators, water pumps, lawn furniture, etc.


House loan interest rates are lower than before: 


The interest rates on house loans in Navi Mumbai have come down significantly. This shift has contributed to making Property in Panvel much more affordable at this point in time.


Looking to buy the perfect House in Panvel? Balaji Symphony present Flats for Sale in Panvel. Buy 2 and 3 BHK Flats in Navi Mumbai.

Why Making Project Site Visit Is Absolutely Important

October 22, 2019 by balajisymphony  

A mere 20 minutes spent on the site of the property that is going to be your home eventually, is vital to keep unpleasant surprises at bay.


Seeing is believing - an adage, which holds absolutely true in the real estate parlance. Therefore, site visits should top the to-do list of potential buyers looking to book their dream house Property in Panvel.


Not an underrated activity anymore.


Till a couple of years ago, house buyers would send their relatives or friends living in the nearby area to visit the property site or blindly trust the developers and Builders in Panvel. The progress card without crosschecking with the ground reality. However, that is not the case anymore. Since the market of today is dominated mostly by end-users, they ensure they evaluate every aspect and then take a call to buy a house on Panvel Property.


With RERA now a reality, developers cannot take the buyers for a ride with misleading advertisements and promotional activities. Hence, it is the buyer's responsibility to make sure they review every detail pertaining to the project and report any misadventures. In this regard, site visits are of utmost importance and should be undertaken by buyers before they decide to invest Projects in Panvel.


Make it a part of your to-do list!


When visiting the property site, match the sales pitch to the ground reality to help you decide the developer's authenticity and transparency; 


Review the construction quality, pace of the construction and the progress of the project; 


Visit the site office and check on the RERA registration status and other legal approvals; 


It is advisable to view the projects in daylight and at night to give you a better idea about the locality, especially w.r.t. Safety; 


Physically inspect the property, especially a resale apartment, in the monsoon season to check for leakages, construction quality, seepages and water-logging in the area; 


Involve all stakeholders (kids, parents / spouse / financer ) in a written down matrix-analysis and make them visit the property to help objectively make a decision. For instance, at times, the developer may reduce the play area for children and it might go unnoticed by you, but the children will divert your attention to this aspect. Buy luxury house Flats for Sale in Panvel.



Panvel - A Very Hopeful Destination For Residential Property in Panvel

October 18, 2019 by balajisymphony  

Panvel being the premier and one of the most popular hubs of a slew of educational institutions and IT industries, now is burgeoning in terms of the real estate market without an end. The panel is one of the well-known metro cities of Maharashtra are also one of the most populated cities in Maharashtra. In the wake of the mushrooming population in the city, Residential Property in Panvel is in huge demand and exorbitant in price rates  in the downtown and other major areas of the city. Again, as a result of the establishment of several IT industries in the city, Panvel is relatively highly expanding in the suburban areas.


Presently, the real estate prices of every area surrounding the IT Park ranges from Rs 1,500 to Rs 2,000 per sq. Ft!And, believe it or not, knowledgeable people who know the resale value of these properties are buying these properties paying a fancy price for them. One of the best examples of the fastest growing market of real estate Property in Navi Mumbai is Panvel, which is rapidly evolving as a sub-urban area in the city.


Also, the booming sector of IT companies in Panvel has encouraged a mass of educated people to flock to the city, and which is why the completed and Ongoing Residential Projects in Panvel are stepping up in demand with the passage of time. Capital values of 2 & 3 BHK in prime Ongoing Real Estate Projects In Panvel range from Rs 1,000 to Rs 4,200 per sq. Ft. In point of fact, the demand for rental Property in Panvel is also largely driven by students and professionals who have arrived in the city for pursing highest quality education and doing jobs respectively. The availability of a plenty of prominent educational institutions as well as IT industries, Banking & Finance sectors and BPOs in the city attracts a host of students and job-seekers to come to the city who then look for rental and saleable accommodations in the city. Buy home Flats for Sale in Panvel.


At the same time, students who pursue the education from Panvel institutions also develop an affinity with the city and therefore most of them make up their mind to settle down in the city owning an affordable property there. With so many engaging and available characteristics in the city, the prospect of ongoing and Completed Residential Projects in Panvel is very hopeful.

Residential Luxury Property in Panvel the Great Opportunity For Investment

October 15, 2019 by balajisymphony  

In the last few years, Panvel, Navi Mumbai has successfully arisen as the most preferred location for multinational companies due to its strategic location. It is located on the outskirts of the state of Maharashtra, and it is in the booming phase right now, which is giving the greater opportunity for investment purposes in the residential Luxury Property in Panvel. In spite of the global economy crisis, the demand for residential properties in Panvel, Navi Mumbai has been growing. As a real estate market until recently, and it has now become one of the hottest property destinations in Maharashtra.


There has always been a reason for buying of any Property in Navi Mumbai. Keeping those reasons in mind you have to decide in which city, in which area you are willing to buy your dream luxury house. Some of the important reasons you should consider for investing in residential Property in Panvel could be the lowest rate of interest offered by various banks, its nearness to Mumbai, massive potential for growth in multiple sectors. Also, it offers good infrastructure, balanced climatic conditions, and many other reasons to invest in the city. 


Panvel, Navi Mumbai, which is also known as the Industrial Capital of Maharashtra is the well established educational hub since it has a large number of esteemed colleges and educational institutions. Students from all over the country and the world are coming to this city, which is another reason for the rise in the demand for all kinds of residential properties in Panvel.


The IT industry was the primary reason that drives the demand for residential Property in Panvel. There is a required for creating more living spaces since various commercial establishments like commercial buildings, offices, world-class latest infrastructure, etc. Being set in the city. The professionals who are employed in these industries also have to be accommodated in the city, and that increase the demand for building up of various types of residential accommodations, thereby, increasing the demand Flats in Navi Mumbai.


The real estate sector of Panvel has not been affected much by economic breakdown, and the prices were found to be quite stable as well. There was an insignificant amount of drop in prices during it and with a market already picking up, they are all set to rise again. The demand for residential properties in Panvel has been increasing so much so that it has about to exceed the supply Property market of Panvel is one of the fastest growing too. More and more investments are being brought in by the property developers.


The focus on these areas has grown due to high capital and rental values and property developers are obviously taking the opportunity with open arms. The demand for medium to high budget residential properties are continuously seeing an increasing trend in Panvel.



Top Reasons to Invest in Panvel, Navi Mumbai

October 9, 2019 by balajisymphony  

Panvel, Navi Mumbai the almost perfect city to live in India. Of all the emerging localities for house buyers  invest in, one in particular emerges bright. Panvel is easily one of the best places to live in the Navi Mumbai city, and we’ll tell you Why!


Convenience of Location:-


What makes house buyers enthusiastic about this area is the ideal location. With near proximity to IT/ITeS companies. The Navi Mumbai International Airport is aimed at easing air traffic congestion at Mumbai’s Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport. It is located on the National Highway 4B near Panvel, about 35 km from the existing Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport. Buy house Property in Panvel.


Schools and Collages:-


A child does not need to spend hours travelling between school and house. With options of 4 highly reknowned schools in the area, both children and parents get a few extra spare hours a week. An enriching education, and a fulfilling life.




The roads connecting to Panvel are easily accessible and pleasant to drive. Great infrastructural development is taking place in this area.commercial and infrastructural growth, there’s bound to be residential growth, hence making Panvel a viable residential choice. With the new International Airport, slated to be operational soon, Balaji Symphony at Panvel offers you the convenience of connectivity and easy accessibility to travel. Stay connected with the world as you have access to the finest amenities at the best possible location in Navi Mumbai buy 2, 3 BHK Flats in Panvel.


Entertainment Options:-


With many of the best malls of the city, movie theatres, the best of cafes, restaurants and shopping options available around your apartment, spending leisure time in Panvel is a piece of Cake!


Fitness Lifestyle:-


There are a number of international standard gyms and fitness clubs in and around Panvel, further enhancing your life.


Future Developments:-


The 22km Mumbai Trans Harbour Link promises to cut travel time between south Mumbai and Navi Mumbai to just 30 minutes. Being built simultaneously with the airport. Since the talks about the International Airport were in the air, Panvel quickly turned into an investment hotspot. People from this part of Mumbai will not have to leave house hours ago to catch their flight on time. Buy house Property in Navi Mumbai. 


Quality of Life:-


With all the conveniences anyone can ask for in this day and age, living in Panvel will largely enhance your quality of life.


Options Galore:-


Most of the best real estate developers in Navi Mumbai building residential Projects in Panvel, this location offers a wide variety of cost-effective flats for sale to the house buyer in Navi Mumbai. To view some of the best 2 & 3 BHK Residential Projects in Panvel, Click Here Balajisymphony.com



Things To Know Before Buying A House Projects in Panvel

October 4, 2019 by balajisymphony  

Thinking of buying a second house Projects in Panvel, but worried about the down payment? Losing sleep over the additional loan, and trying to evaluate the soundness of the investment? Even a ‘small’ investment in real estate can often mean lakhs of rupees, and the added financial pressure of buying a second home can often be overwhelming. We have got some great tips to get you through this. Buying your second house may be easier than you think!




How to save for your dream vacation and holiday home! Now that you have decided on what you need, begin the penny pinching. Monthly budgeting is the best way to begin. Start with a simple excel sheet to track all your expenses – Transport, Rent, Food, Treats and so on. Assign an overall percentage to each of these items to see where you are spending more or less, what is required and what is not. Target the top 3-4 most expensive items on your list and focus on how you can save here.. It can be easy to lose track of your spending, so rather than waiting until the end of the month, start right at the beginning. Buy your dream house 2 BHK Flats for sale in Navi Mumbai.


Decide what kind of second house you need to buy: 


Do you want your new Property in Panvel to be an investment or a house away from home? The location of this second house will also affect the price tag, so choose wisely! A holiday house would be great if it is a quiet farmhouse on the outskirts of your city.


Minimize on the Luxuries:


This is an important step that will probably take you further on your path to a second house loan than you might think. All those little luxuries add up, and if you were to control them, you’d realize how much quicker you could hit your savings goal. Find a balance between cutting them out completely and overspending – make a fancy meal at the house rather than eating out at an expensive restaurant every week. Instead of burning money on fuel, carpool with colleagues. Make a list of your monthly expenditure and look for expenses that can be minimized.


Treat Yourself: 


Keeping the purse strings too tightly closed can backfire – you snap and make expensive, impulsive purchases. Rather than driving yourself crazy by denying yourself, your every luxury, make a plan to treat yourself every few months. Set yourself a savings goal every quarter, and once this is met, treat yourself to a day at the spa or that nice mini-vacation you’ve always wanted. This reward program will make those months of saving for a holiday house easier as the months go by.


Get the Taxman to pay for your Second Home:


Apart from borrowing, saving can be a form of alternative finance as well. A tax benefit on a second house loan is given on the interest part of the amount that you pay for a fully constructed house; or 20% of the total interest paid before construction began is also allowed as a tax deduction while construction is not yet complete. Since the law considers your second house to be rented out and therefore eligible for income tax, these need to be factored into your budgets.


Increase your Down-Payment if Possible:


Next, when you think you are ready to make the big leap and buy that second Luxury Property in Navi Mumbai, it may be a good idea for you to pay a larger down payment on your second property than the standard. If you pay a larger sum upfront, say 30-35%, you will reduce the housing loan you will want to take out, thus saving yourself thousands of rupees in interest. This would allow you to finish paying off your loan faster and reduce the stress that comes with a large loan.


Saving for your new property doesn’t have to be about deprivation and anxiety, all it takes is some careful planning. A little forethought before you begin this journey will reduce all your tension and worry over loan repayments in the long run; and every time you check your house fund and see those numbers growing, it will motivate you to keep going!

Make Your House Pet Friendly For Your Furry Friends

October 1, 2019 by balajisymphony  

The moment you decide to get a fuzzy, little pet house, it fills you with joy. But before you introduce your little friend to your house and your family, you require to make sure that the home is safe and comfortable for your goofy inhabitant. Things, which do not pose a threat for humans, might be unsafe for pets. 


Here we are sharing a few tips, which can help you make your home pet friendly.


Avoid Rugs and Carpets:


Flooring is something that you want to look at. Make sure your house has hardwood floors or easy to clean textured tiles. You would need to decorate your luxury Flats in Panvel with exquisite rugs and carpets. Nevertheless, avoid furnishing your floor with rugs and carpets. If you own a dog or a cat, then having rugs in the home can accumulate hair and bacteria. This is not better for pets as well as you.


Avoid Open Wires:


Many Flats in Panvel come with concealed wiring. Still, there might be lamps, TV cables, which would lie hanging in the reach of your pets. For this, you can get cable protectors so that your pets do not chew on them. Open wires in the presence of pets are one thing that you require to avoid.


Store Fragile and Precious Items High:


If you own a two-bedroom apartment, then your pets get ample amount of space to wander around. They tend to play with anything and everything. To avoid them sniffing chemicals or breaking any glasses, make sure that you store fragile items higher. Medication should be stored out of reach from the pets in the home. Easily breakable things such as picture frames and vases can be kept out of reach of pets. Buy luxury modern house Property in Navi Mumbai.


No White or Light Colored Upholstery:


Whether it is pillow covers, curtains, or any such fabric, make sure it is not white or light in color. You also get scratch-free materials in the market. You can have faux leather sofas and furniture which are easy to clean and do not absorb odor.


Install Blockades:


If you have furniture, which has large units, then you should install blockades to stop your pet from entering into the spaces. Blockades also help in keeping away areas that have washing machines, dryers, and refrigerators in the home.


Place Pet Friendly Indoor Plants:


Pet friendly house wants to have indoor plants that do not cause unease to pets. If you are someone who loves to have a natural touch to your house decor, then you can have pet friendly indoor plants. Plants such as Spider plants, Parlor Palm, Areca Palm, etc., are pet friendly. Buy luxury smart house Property in Panvel.


Keep Your house Clean:


A pet friendly house also involves keeping your home clean. Invest in a good vacuum cleaner if you have a pet which sheds a lot. You can also make a habit of brushing your pet outside the house to lessen the amount of dead hair inside the house. Whether you own 2bhk flats or 3 BHK Flats in Panvel, you want to make sure your house is safe for your pets. They are a part of your family and should be treated the same. Pets like to spend time on their own as well. Hence, luxury house with ample space can help a pet find its own cozy corner. Buy luxury house Flats for Sale in Panvel with latest house amenities.



Budget Tips While Buying A New Home Property in Navi Mumbai

September 26, 2019 by balajisymphony  

The positive vibes echoing within the walls of your house strengthen familial love bonds and offer relief from worries that strain your nerves.Planning your budget judiciously while buying a new home Property in Navi Mumbai ensures that you can enjoy those vibes without any nightmare haunting you. While looking to buy a home, you require to be wise and prudent to grab the best deal without being strapped for funds. To help you confidently move ahead with your intention of buying a house. 


Below budget tips are being shared over here to streamline the financial process.


Get Your Credit Rating Checked:


If you have been thinking to initiate the process of house loan application after finalizing the apartment, there can be significant delays in the same.The delay primarily is attributable to the time taken in preparing your credit report. If your credit score happens to be discouraging, your loan application stands rejected and the apartment too may slip out of your hand. To steer clear of such prospect, you need to have your credit eligibility tested from any reputed bureau.


Be Wary Of Putting All Your Money on Dream House:


A general rule of thumb is that the monthly loan repayment amount should not exceed 30% of income earned per month.Plan accordingly else you may run short of money to cater to other vital requires. Your dream house can wait for some time. But if you get mired in a financial crisis, it would be difficult to rise above the same.


Opt For 30 Years Loan Repayment Period:


House loans are available for various time frames. Even if you feel that you are capable of repaying the loan amount pretty soon, it is advisable to opt for an extended period.


Consciously Plan Your Budget:


Before buying a new house Property in Panvel, you need to appraise your ability to bear the financial burden. Get your earnings and spending mapped on a spreadsheet.Check whether you would be able to sustain your current income, factoring in value appreciation of goods and salary increments, over the next few years. Seek out the scope for reducing overspending on luxury items and habits. Buy Flats in Navi Mumbai.


Settle Debts With High-Interest Rates:


If you have personal or vehicle loans in your name, they must be attracting higher EMIs on account of higher interest rates. Square them off before availing house loan.


Visit A Credit Counselor:


If you feel that you are not able to manage your debts properly, you must pay a visit to a non-profit credit counsellor to get everything sorted out. These budget tips can come in handy whenever you are going to buy a Home in Panvel Property.

Reasons That Defines Navi Mumbai As The Ideal Real Estate Investment Hub

September 24, 2019 by balajisymphony  

Navi Mumbai is a perfect example of planned living. Flats in Navi Mumbai are gaining popularity. They are near to market and airport and also, well connected to well-maintained roads and railways structure. Flats in Panvel are also an amazing destination and when it comes to return, it gives full-on return on investment in the real estate. There are many reasons that make Navi Mumbai as the ideal Real estate investment hub as it has many benefits:


Environment: Navi Mumbai has more green cover than many parts of Mumbai. It is environment-friendly. There is tree cover, and it is less polluted than many parts of Mumbai.


Roads: Roads are well maintained and wider unlike the potholes in Mumbai roads. Covered under the roads schemes, there are next to none potholes.


Less pollution: There are fewer factories here, so good a place for families. It is a residential area and nearby malls are there for entertainment. It is a fantastic destination for office going people also and for working ladies as well.


Lower population: It is less crowded unlike Mumbai. And there are more resources.


The reason behind calling Navi Mumbai an ideal Real Estate Investment hub:


1.Progressive infrastructure:


Mumbai trans-harbor link and the airport is changing the face of the city. That’s why Navi Mumbai is in more demand. State-of-art- infrastructure is well defined and schools, hospitals and markets are nearby only.


2.Employment generation:


Companies like L&T, Infosys, Reliance, have their headquarters and so scope of jobs is more here. Ample employment opportunities are there. There is enough for people who work there and has goals to grow in the future. There are multiple offices where one can earn and make money to sustain his/her life well.


3.Commercial real estate


There is a lot of office space available. And that also is in high demand.

Property in Navi Mumbai is an example of investment in real estate.


4.Planned living and connectivity:


Navi Mumbai is well connected to rail and road. Harbour link is connected to railways too. There are many infrastructural developments which are happening and planned living is an outcome for that for families for residential purposes. The flats are also gaining popularity here.


Property in Panvel offers a lot of options from premium to affordable. It has a reasonable cost than anywhere in India and is the ultimate purchase for your family. It will be a dream-come-true for your family as it has all the necessities filled like water and electricity in flats and other important facilities.


At the end…


Owning a Panvel property near the railway station is one of the real good benefits of investing in real estate in Panvel. It is well connected to the roads and commuting to office/home have never been this easy. It is the investment hub for real estate and the prices of appreciation in future is also an important aspect of purchasing property here. Do make your investments and buy your dream-home or dream-office.


Source: https://www.balajisymphony.com/blog/reasons-that-defines-navi-mumbai-as-the-ideal-real-estate-investment-hub/



Ways to Turn Your Ordinary Home into A Smart House

September 20, 2019 by balajisymphony  

Technology is making our lives easier by the day. Smart technology is a trend, which only seems to go upwards. With so many people welcoming technology in their lives, it is not a surprise that smart technology has entered our homes too. A smart house is a concept that is attracting many house buyers. From having a smart lighting solution that changes as per your mood, to devices which can help you maintain the temperature in your house, technology has made convenience a priority. With just the click or tap on your smartphone, you can make your house do your work. If you have invested in luxury house, then converting them into smart house is a game changer. Buy smart luxury house Flats in Navi Mumbai.  


Here we share a few ways through which you can use home automation into a smart House.


Smart Lightings:


The smart lighting solution is something that has created a buzz. Controlling lights with sensor technologies makes things easier. It helps you get the best from your lighting solution. Smart lighting solutions also help you to live a sustainable, cost-efficient and resource-efficient life. You can use smart lighting for both indoors and outdoors.


Smart Gadgets for Homes:


Gadgets are something which can make our life easier if used for the right purpose. For a smart house, there are many gadgets available to make your life simpler. This is gadgets can convert your home into a smart house Like: Smart Speakers, Smart Plugs, control lights and Smart Hub.


Security and Fire Safety:


Keeping your house safe and secure from any malfunction is a top priority. There are many gadgets which can help you with this. Video door phone, surveillance camera, secured door locks, intrusion alarm system, Smoke or Fire Alarm system etc. A few options for smart house security solutions. Book your smart luxury house with Builders in Panvel


Room Temperature:


Having control of your house temperature is something you want in such changing climatic conditions. Smart thermostats can help you with this. A smart thermostat helps you control the heat or air-conditioning in your home. It also detects and saves energy when you are not at Home. Buy Flat in Panvel with the latest luxury house amenities.


Smart Cleaning:


The bigger the home, the more time you want to spend after cleaning it. If you are living in two bedroom apartments or 3bhk flats, then you will search smart cleaning solutions helpful. Gadgets such as a robot vacuum, microwave cleaner, air purifier, superfast scrubber, dual compartment trashcans, etc. A few of the many, which can help you, clean your house easily.


There are many residential properties, which can be a perfect fit to be converted into smart house. A luxury home or a premium apartment, which is also a smart house, is the perfect add on to your investment Property in Panvel.