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Things You Should Know Before Buying Property in Navi Mumbai

September 18, 2019 by balajisymphony  

Buying a property in metro city is everyone’s dream, the thing is to buy it perfect according to requirement and the available amenities. Many 1BHK, 2 BHK flats are available for sale in Navi Mumbai. But before buying any property you should take a proper legal advice, verify the documents and check all the other information related to that particular land property.




The registration documents are needed to verify the authenticity of the property from the local development authority of that locality. It will provide you all the previous information related to the property land that you have decided to buy in Navi Mumbai. So before buying any land property you should properly scrutinize all the registration documents related to that property.




The land property that you are going to buy in Navi Mumbai can be under litigation so it’s better to do an extensive verification of the builder, you can verify the current, past projects of the builder. You can also clear all your queries related to the property or builder with the help of various online real estate forums.




You must ask or check the conversion certificate, it is needed to confirm that the status of the concerned property has been change from an agricultural to a non-agricultural purpose land or not you are authorised to get all the information pertaining to the property that you desire to buy in the future.




The completion certificate verifies that the building is in compliance with the norms and rules of the local municipal authority in terms of height, its distance from the road and the overall construction of the building is done as per the approval plan. You should never ignore this certificate before buying any Property in Navi Mumbai otherwise you may have to pay a heavy price as the property can be demolished by the local municipal authority.




Checking the receipts of the tax payment bills of the concerned property is also very important before buying that property.  You should ask for the latest original tax paid receipts and check other details like taxpayer’s name, address of the building, date of payment, etc. You should also check whether the other bills are paid or not, for example electricity bill, water bill, etc. It is done to ensure that the taxes are paid up to date and to confirm that all the dues are cleared by the seller or not.




Apart from the above-mentioned documents, you should also ask the seller to provide occupancy certificate. It is compulsory for the seller to have occupancy certificate from the competent authority before selling the property and in case the seller has not obtained this certificate and sold the property then the buyer have to pay a heavy penalty under the applicable government laws. Not only to this there can be risk of demolition of the property. So be careful.


Source: https://www.balajisymphony.com/blog/things-you-should-know-before-buying-property-in-navi-mumbai/



Guide for Choosing Your Dream House Projects in Panvel

September 13, 2019 by balajisymphony  

Moving or relocating is exciting. However, there are many things, which you have to keep in mind. From searching, a new home at a good location, equipped with all amenities, has the right valuation and what not! To find for your dream House Projects in Panvel is something that you should do with utmost care. Is the flat in a good location? Does it have all the needed amenities? Is it closer to schools,hospitals and shopping mall? Before you sign the dotted line, these are some crucial questions for which you should have an answer.


You may lose track of thing to keep in mind. We are here as your guide to help you find the house of your dreams. The following are the steps that you require to follow in find of your house.


Select A Layout Of Your Choice


Layouts can be starkly different from what you might expect in terms of Vastu requirements, kitchen spacing, etc. In one property itself, there can be multiple options. It would help if you chose what suits you and your family buy Flats in Navi Mumbai.


Make Location Your Prime Focus


The location of your flat is one of the most important things to consider. The locality require to be one, which is closer to hospitals,schools, shopping malls, etc. The neighborhood also needs to be safe. In Navi Mumbai, having a Property in Panvel or Flats in Panvel is a good choice as these localities have all the necessary latest amenities and facilities.


Consider the Number of Amenities Provided


You should know what amenities are essential for you and if the property offers similar amenities at the same or additional price it. A spa, clubhouse, gym, proper parking space, are some amenities that you can search in Luxury Flats in Navi Mumbai.


Evaluate the Space


You need to know the property details in terms of its space. You should check whether it has the number of rooms you need along with proper space for each of the rooms, how big is the kitchen and how safe and spacious are the balconies. These are somethings which you should look for.


Consider the Commute


Your home needs to be connected to access points in the city. You need to see how far is your house from points such as railway stations, bus stops and your office etc. You also need to take into account the potential traffic woes in the area. Maybe you can drive to the site in peak hour and check how much time does it take from point A to point B. Buy house Flats for Sale in Panvel.


Read the Documentation Carefully


Once you feel that you have found the right property, you need to read all the documentation carefully. Check for everything from cost to amenities mentioned, to the maintenance charges. You need to understand the contract and only then sign the dotted line.


Searching a dream house can become an easy task if you keep the above points in mind. If you are currently on the find for luxury homes in Navi Mumbai then go with Balaji Symphony.


Economic Factors to Look While Buying a House in Navi Mumbai

September 10, 2019 by balajisymphony  

Panvel, Navi Mumbai is enclosed within the natural beauty and many housing projects have been started there. If you are interested to purchase a flat by choosing one of the best housing projects in Panvel, it will be a good idea. You will get the options for choosing the 2 or 3 BHK flats which are facilitated with all kinds of modern amenities to ensure your comfort and luxury. It is very important to choose the right property and checking of several economic factors are also very important while you are choosing 3BHK or 2BHK flats in Panvel. These economic factors are as follows.


Clear information about property tax


If you are thinking about purchasing a flat within the housing projects in Panvel, you should check the clearance of a property tax of the real estate. The property tax is levied by the local government and the owner of the property has to pay the property tax. You should check the owner of the property has made the payment of all required tax for the current years. If there is any unpaid tax, you will have to calculate for required money to pay the unpaid tax.


Required money for closing cost


In case of purchasing a luxury flat, there are many service providers are involved until the time of processing of selling the flats. Sometimes, third-party service providers charge for the closing cost which includes the services for securing, preparing documentation and completion of the final transaction procedure for selling of a flat.


Evaluation of debt to income ratio


It is one of the most important factors while you are going to purchase one of the best 2 BHK Flats in Navi Mumbai. DTI or Debt to income ratio is calculated based on your monthly expenses and your monthly gross income. It will help you to get an idea of whether you will be able to afford the cost of purchasing a property or a flat.


Checking off the list of financial agencies or banks involved within the project


Sometimes, the real estate companies are not able to complete their housing projects due to lack of enough cash and they depend on the banks or financial agencies for financing them. Several real estate companies have a good relation to the banks and financial agencies. They also offer the facility to get a bank loan while you are purchasing their property. Many real estate companies don’t offer the facility to get a bank loan while you are purchasing a flat.


Availability of home insurance


Home insurance is very important to protect your house from any kind of damage caused by natural calamities, theft or accident and so on. So, you should check the availability of home insurance while you are purchasing one of the 2 BHK or 3 BHK flats in Panvel.


By following the above-mentioned factors, you can purchase the right property or flat within the housing projects in Panvel.



Trending Features In A Luxury House Projects In Panvel

September 6, 2019 by balajisymphony  

One of the trademarks of a luxury house is its impressive range of features and latest amenities. Back in the day, luxury house were all about over-the-top decor and opulence. However, the luxury house of today are known for their minimalist decor, house automation features and sustainable living environment.


Here are some trending features of luxury house


Home Automation System: Home automation is one of the biggest defining trends in luxury residences Flats in Panvel. Combining state of the art features like remote controlled lighting, digital locking, temperature control and voice-activated commands, smart homes offer their residents the ultimate experience of comfort and luxury.


Smart Technology In Kitchen: The kitchen in the new luxury house Flats in Navi Mumbai. These new-age smart kitchens have been spruced up to feature super-sized walk-in refrigerators, high-end dishwashers, multiple ovens, and exquisite sinks.


Walk-in Closets: Luxury house are all about intelligent storage, without cutting down on size. That’s where walk-in closets come in. Most luxury house today feature at least one walk-in closet.


Inspiring Spa Bathrooms: Bathrooms, too, have had an impressive facelift. Featuring accessories like walls of stone, magnificent bathtubs, walk-in showers with jets and steam, heated floors and toilet seats, and no-touch plumbing fixtures. 


Sustainable Features: Responsible luxury has become the buzzword in high-end real estate projects, and for all the right reasons. Luxury house are no longer about waste and opulence; instead, they are designed to nurture the environment without compromising on comfort. Rainwater harvesting, waste recycling and energy-saving appliances have become the norm in luxury house.


Looking to invest in your dream house? Explore 2 BHK, 3 BHK luxurious apartments at Panvel, a premium residential project by Balaji Symphony, one of the best real estate developers and Builders in Panvel.



Factors That Affect The Value of A Property

September 5, 2019 by balajisymphony  

Property in Navi Mumbai

Any type of property be it residential apartments, villas, row houses, luxury, and super luxury apartments, plotted development and aspirational homes are worth if available with all world class amenities. Property location, nearby areas, transit to offices, schools, hospitals and other popular areas are key factors that defines the value of the property. Here we listed some factors.


Location is one of the major factor affecting the value of a property. The land properties located near the market areas, recreational centres and other well-developed areas holds a higher value than the other residential areas. That’s why freehold plots or construction areas are more on demand than the leasehold lands. The area which are away from the heart of the city are relatively cheaper than the town side areas. Builders in Navi Mumbai help the buyers to get the full furnished 2 and 3 BHK flats in the well-developed localities of the city.


Apart from the location, valuation of a property largely depends on the availability of the necessities and other basic facilities. The proper supply of electricity and water services is necessary to provide comfort housing. Parking facilities, proper disposal of sewage, attached toilet rooms, availability of balcony and storerooms are the factors that people keep in mind before buying any real estate property.

Other common amenities of the society includes advanced security services, gym area, garden area, children’s park, meeting halls, sports room, swimming pools, general stores and other landscapes around the buildings. With the availability of best amenities, the standard of living as well as the price of the residential area increases. Builders in Panvel focuses highly on providing the best amenities to their customers.


Infrastructure of the locality also influences the value of real estate property. Nobody likes to live in isolation well developed roads, flyovers and the availability of various modes of transportation enhances the demand of the concerned real estate property in Navi Mumbai. Facility of medical services, educational institutes and a source of entertainment like cinema hall, gaming zones near the apartment area influence the rate of a real estate property project in Navi Mumbai.


Commercially developed areas highly affect the value of a property. The presence of IT offices, software companies, cyberspace, shopping malls, branded showrooms, and other economic zones influence the demand and the pricing of the apartment areas. Many 3-BHK flats are available for sale in Panvel near the well-developed commercial areas.


Demand and supply have an inverse relation i.e. higher the demand of the houses, lesser is the supply and vice versa. The inter relationship between these two factors greatly influence the price of the Property in Navi Mumbai.


The specifications include the materials used in constructing the building, the design of the layout of the wall, the quality of the tiles or marvel used in the floor of the apartment, the size of the bedroom, height of the building and all other physical attributes affects the value of the property available for sale in Navi Mumbai.

Should I Invest In A Real Estate Property in Panvel?

August 30, 2019 by balajisymphony  

Flats in Navi Mumbai

The Panvel has emerged as one of the favorite cities for investing in the residential real estate Projects in Panvel. Famed for the educational institutions and the picturesque localities, the city is a bustling metropolis with great places to live in, with entertainment and dining options to add to the excitement.

Owing to a surge in residential and commercial spaces, the Panvel real estate marketplace has touched new heights. It is one metropolis where the housing property market has always maintained its momentum even during the difficult times. This city has been ranked as the best performing real estate market. People buying Flat in Panvel with diverse purposes for a living, investment, leasing or renting out.

End users cover a wide array of options to pick from most locations. They are in a strong position to negotiate with real estate developers. They gain from the predictable long-term appreciation of residential estate as they had been buying Panvel Property over extended periods that often new generations. It is an ideal market for appreciation.

Some prime reasons why you should consider buying or investing in Property in Panvel.

Increased employment scope:

Navi Mumbai has been recognised as one of the best cities for education because of the reputed schools and universities. It is a flourishing commercial city with plenty of employment options, particularly in IT and ITes companies. Accessibility of land, relaxed lifestyle and pleasant climate make it a happening place. Growing employment potential in IT, healthcare, education, manufacturing, shopping mall and automobile sectors have accelerated the rate of growth. Its proximity to Mumbai works to its advantage. It has carved its own identity as a promising lifestyle and property destination buy house 2 BHK Flats for sale in Panvel.

Steady ROI over the next few years:

Although the rate of appreciation of property cost in many areas of the city has slowed down in the past one year, there is still ample scope for steady capital value appreciation in the years to come. If you are looking for a suitable market, Navi Mumbai is definitely a good option to invest in and gain in the long term Buy Flat in Panvel.

Better physical and social infrastructure:

The growth in the number of large adjoining areas of the city has led to a distinct improvement in the infrastructure within the city. As a result, infrastructural development has resulted in a raised demand for flats and apartments in the budget as well as luxury category. A consistent progress in multiple aspects has placed the city in the national spotlight. It is marching ahead with a vibrant growth culture.

Affordable residential projects:

Panvel is a safe bet for investment in residential Flats in Navi Mumbai. If you are averse to high-risk investment options, try this ‘mid-segment’ market and ensure complete peace of mind. Upcoming township projects are in huge demand. Panvel is an incomparable realty market because buyers have numerous options to select from as per their require. They could select a scheme depending on their funds. No other city offers such multiple choices. Some locations have changed because of the needs of buyers. There have been many innovations like luxury apartments, studio apartments at affordable rates, except standard 2BHK and 3 BHK Flats in Panvel.

Knowledge hub:

Apart from the established schools and colleges the city was known for, the rise in the number of township projects and residential localities on the outskirts of the city has led to the setting up of several nationally and internationally accredited educational institutions in the city.  The Panvel is one of the many hot destinations in the country. Buying Property in Panvel here will eventually prove to be a wise investment decision.

Why is Navi Mumbai the best place to invest in a Residential Property in Navi Mumbai?

August 28, 2019 by balajisymphony  

Projects in Panvel

Imagine your affordable dream home with all the latest amenities in the best possible locality! Is it a fantasy or is there a chance to bring it into reality? Well, it might be a difficult task, but not impossible either.

With a lot of residential Projects in Panvel, you can think about owning a fantastic flat with extensive amenities. And that too with a great connectivity and comfy living! The city of Navi Mumbai is the heaven for property investors because the history of the rate of appreciation has been phenomenal so far. With the pace of development currently and the inclusion of Navi Mumbai in the list of smart cities, you need not be a genius to anticipate the bright future of your investment.

Why do people prefer investing in residential projects in Panvel?

Well, it is definitely not an easy thing to Buy Flat in Panvel. Even if you are looking for reasonably priced 3 BHK Flats in Navi Mumbai, there are several things to be thought over. The unprecedented increase IT companies, the job market has flourished like anything. People have enough money to spend on high-class residential projects which leads to a significant improvement in the quality of construction.

Here are a few reasons people find it the best place to invest in residential property.

It will be a Smart City

Yes, Navi Mumbai is included in the list of smart cities. Hence, it is certain that smart infrastructure will bring a remarkable difference in the coming years. The risk is pretty low when you put money Property in Panvel.

With a lot of focus on new-age concepts such as rainwater harvesting, adequate water supply, intelligent traffic management and electrical supply, and so on; it will be a further increase in the property prices in Panvel, Navi Mumbai.

Still today some areas retain the charm of good old days

It is quite amazing that still there are areas in Navi Mumbai where you can find calm and peace of the good old times. In spite of their vicinity to the hustles and bustles of Navi Mumbai city there are greeneries around, and you can hear the sweet chirping of birds in the morning.

Yes, areas like Panvel offer this privilege of living in absolute greenery and pristine environment. If you buy one or 2 BHK Flats in Navi Mumbai, then it is guaranteed that you get multiple times returns than what you spend.

Due to amazing landscape and convenient location, you can find a large number of Flats for Sale in Panvel. Almost every big name in property development marks its presence in Navi Mumbai. It is the proof of its success.

Navi Mumbai is the only city where you get the perfect blend modernization and traditions. Being one of the most flourishing IT hubs in India, you get the best and the state of the art facilities. At the same time, the city proudly retains the art and culture that places Navi Mumbai pretty high from others.
No wonder it is the right place for investing in property!

Maharashtra Cabinet Approves Three New Metro Lines, Projects

August 27, 2019 by balajisymphony  

Maharashtra Cabinet Approves Three New Metro Lines, Projects

The state cabinet on Tuesday gave the green light to three new metro lines – 10, 11 and 12 of Mumbai metro, all of which would be completed by 2026. The board of Mumbai metropolitan Region Development Authority (MMRDA) which is executing the project, had already approved it.

Line 10 is 9Km Long. The elevated corridor will run between Giamukh and shivaji Chowk in Mira road. The DPR for the project was prepared by the Delhi Metro Rail Corporation (DMRC) last year. The route will be built parallel to the Thane-Bhayandar Highway, and will intersect the Line 9 at Chatrapati Shivaji Maharaj statue in Kashimira. The project is estimated to cost Rs5000 crore.

Line 11 covers a length of 11.4km, linking Wadala to the Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Terminus. It will connect Metro 4 from Thane to Wadala. Providing connectivity to south Mumbai areas, the corridor is an extension of Line 4, from Wadala to Kasarvadavali in Thane. The MMRDA has written to the centre for land and stabling lines at Wadala. It will cost Rs8000 crore. There will be eight underground stations and this will be second underground route for the city after Colaba – Bandra-SEEPZ Metro 3 corridor.

Line 12 will be over an elevated stretch of 20.75km, comprising 17 stations starting from Kalyan and terminating at Taloja via Dombivali. It will be an extension of Line 5, also knowns as the Thane-Bhiwandi-Kalyan corridor. This line estimtaed to cost Rs 11000 crore.


Home Buying Guide - How To Buy A Home in Navi Mumbai in 2019?

August 23, 2019 by balajisymphony  

Buying a new house is both exciting and emotional. For many Indians, it is a dream come true. But another aspect of buying a house is that it is really expensive. A home buying process can turn itself into a great asset or worst liability, depending on how you approach your financial planning. 

So whenever you plan to buy a house Property in Navi Mumbai, make sure you got your basics right. Having the basic knowledge of real estate and the documentation process will really help you make decisions that are best for your family and light on your pocket. 

These are 3 critical steps you should understand before buying a house.

1.Understanding Why You Want To Buy A House

Purchasing a new home is a major turning point in everyone's life and shouldn't be treated lightly. It is important to define your financial and personal goals before proceeding your plans to buy a home Projects in Panvel. Are you looking at your home as a security option or as an investment opportunity? Financially, you should be able to afford and maintain the home. You need to clear yourself, whether this roof is temporary, if yes when are you moving out? Also, you need to decide the kind of amenities you want in your house, your ideal location and how long will it take for you to save your first down payment.Being aware of all these decisions could harm you in the long run. Identifying your goals and aligning it with your budget is the first and the critical step of the home buying process.

2.Planning A House Buying Budget

Here is the most critical part - Determining the budget for your house. Many people confuse the budget with the actual amount you need to buy a house, but there are other expenses. The buyers always forgot to ask the processing fee and more importantly the maintenance price. Lenders don't take into account your monthly maintenance price while lending you a loan. You need to keep some extra amount in your savings for last-minute emergencies. It is recommended that you first plan your house buying budget, gain approval from your financial lender and then visit Flats for Sale in Panvel.

3.Hire A Reputed Real Estate Builders and Agent 

Hiring a reputed real estate builder and agent will save you a lot of headaches and probably money and time. A real estate agent is the key to finding your dream house and negotiate on your behalf to crack the best deal. A real estate agent should be on your side and recommend you to other professionals like lawyers, developers, contractors and help you compare fees for different services. Real estate attracts a lot of paperwork, an agent could help you navigate through all the documents necessary for a smooth deal. Before you hire a real estate builder and agent, please track down their history and study their portfolio. Study how they have performed in areas you wish to Buy Flat in Panvel.


Why Everyone Is Looking For Luxury House Property in Navi Mumbai?

August 22, 2019 by balajisymphony  

Luxury Flats in Navi Mumbai

In Today’s age, we all of known what is the economic conditions and other real estate market variable, still there will always be people who are not content with just any kind of house. As a result, the demand for luxury Flats in Navi Mumbai may rise and fall – but it never goes entirely away. It is driven by the rising standard of living and increasing disposable income among successful entrepreneurs, high-flying corporate executives and software professionals, and the wealthy scions of traditionally wealthy families. They are not just satisfied with four walls, Garden, gym, Club houses and a parking slot. People are demanding the luxurious lifestyle with high class amenities. Navi Mumbai luxury house buyers have sound reasons for why they want to live in premium rather than ‘normal’ house, here some reasons we are trying to put in front of all.

Home Interior Design:

Is”the art or process of designing the interior, often including the exterior, of a room or building”. In the design industry, there’s an overwhelming number of options to choose from when establishing how a room or specific area will look and function. While it’s great to have options, it can be difficult to narrow them down to the best selection for your budget, resources and personal taste.

Level of Affluence:

Buying a luxury Flats in Panvel is a matter of prestige – and why not? After all, most luxury house owners have bought their pride and joy with hard-earned money. They want to live in house that announce their arrival, and offer a higher lifestyle rather than just a postal address.


The very latest of today’s luxury house provide all the class amenities – and an ideal environment for living and raising a happy family. These house are built to take care of the needs of a comfortable lifestyle. Features like gyms, meditation centers, swimming pools, themed, landscaped gardens, club houses, electronic security, touch-button responsive fixtures, and entertainment and shopping available at close hand all contribute towards making the living experience more comfortable and enjoyable.

High-tech Applications:

Technology and IT innovation have gone a long way to make the living experience in high-end luxury house extraordinary. From solar generators to remote controlled window shutters, everything is directed towards meeting the demands of home buyers looking for an modern lifestyle.


The benefits of housing one’s family in a luxury apartment do not only extend to conveniences. Luxury housing projects are also seen as the perfect environment for one’s children to grow up in and the adults to socialize in. After all, such projects basically form a society with a certain degree of culture, education and beliefs – in short, better local environment & surrounding Buy 2,3 BHK Flats in Navi Mumbai.


One important feature of luxury house is that they have very high security systems in case of society gate & safety door of Projects in Panvel. They have top of the line security, both in terms of trained security personnel and security installation that guarantee safety. Further, accidents and medical emergencies can be quickly taken care of with immediate response triggered by technology, and the availability of hospitals and emergency rooms just at doorstep.

Asset Value:

Real estate and gold are the most traditional forms of wealth investment in India. However, properties present the advantage of being an asset that rises in value at every instance and it is also a ‘performing asset’, meaning that it serves a practical purpose even as it gains in value. Given the fact that luxury house are always in demand even on the secondary market buy 2 BHK Flats for sale in Panvel.