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‘Smart citizens’ Stem The Flow of Inclusive Citizen Science

September 19, 2018 by Karthik  

In a world where water crisis are often referred to as water governance crisis – and the traditional single decision-making authority of governments has often been replaced by a multi-level governance system – the topic of stakeholder engagement in the water sector has attracted increasing interest.


Indeed, the internationally recognised OECD Water Governance Initiative considers stakeholder engagement as a key principle of good governance, acknowledging the important role that stakeholders can have in respect to an effective, efficient and inclusive water management.

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Qualitative Analysis Digs Deep Into Community Engagement

August 8, 2018 by Karthik  

Effective qualitative analysis answers the Why, not just the What’, reveals Capire Consulting Group’s Koel Wrigley.

In her recent webinar with Bang the Table , Wrigley taps into her extensive work in community engagement projects across Australia and unpacks what to consider when collecting and making sense of subjective responses and feedback – or, qualitative data.

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