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The Practice of Eliminating Demons; Exorcism

September 16, 2019 by bantuleadership  

What is an Exorcism in the Catholic Church?

An exorcism is a spiritual worship exercise which bases around the idea of fighting demons and spirits, which can possess individuals. The existence of demons and unholy spirits is claimed to be one of the most widely-held beliefs which is regarded in all religions, over the world. As most religions have a stern belief on the existence of these creatures, they offer exorcism in order to cast out these spirits. Since, Catholics also have this certain belief, the practice of casting out demonic spirits from Catholics is carried out in churches.

A Basic Guideline of The First Catholic Exorcism:

The first official guidelines for an exorcism, was issued by The Vatican in 1614. The Vatican, however reviewed the guidelines before re-designing and streamlining them in a new document in 1999. The increasing reports of these cases, led to the training and formulation of a number of Vatican-approved practitioners who carry out exorcism in the catholic churches, and further, led to many self-styled exorcists too, who carry out this activity. The Catholic church law, requires that every certain diocese, should have at least one experienced priest who can perform exorcisms.

Symptoms of Demonic Possession and The Continuing Practice of Exorcism:

As per Catholic priests and The Vatican, there are a few certain symptoms, which are recorded in all sufferers. The main symptoms consist of a loss of appetite, unreal and unnatural body postures and positions, changes in a person’s facial features and voice, pre-telling of the near future events and cold feelings within the room they reside. Other than that, demons use the possessed to lash out or retaliate, when any religious element is placed. This includes going to the church, reading out the bible, mentioning holy scriptures and showing any sort of antipathy towards the name of God. Often the symptoms contain both medical and spiritual help, due to which an exorcism has to be accompanied with proper medical care.

How Is the Process Carried Out?

Exorcism in the catholic church is not a simple process, it requires days of pre case study and effective work during the procedure.  In the church, an ordained priest, will make arrangements for the exorcism to take place.  The possessed would be brought in after which all the others except the exorcists, would be told to leave. In the most serious cases, the gates would also be locked and the possessed may be tied to a table/chair. The catholic priest would then call out holy names, and would read from the holy scriptures. It is highly important for the entire process to be completed in order to achieve the best results. In some cases, the prayers may be repeated numerous times.

Cases of Exorcisms in History:

There are many cases reported in history of possessed people who were later consulted by priests. However, out of these the two most famous include the story of a 14-year-old boy, Ronald in 1949, and the case of Anneliese Michel in the 1970s. Ronald, was a boy who was exposed to a Ouija Board, by his aunt, after which the paranormal activities began. The boy’s parents were very worried and thus, contacted priests who carried out exorcism in the catholic church for the boy. Anneliese, on the other hand was a religious 23-yeal-old student, who began experiencing hallucinations during prayers. The case worsened to an unreal level, after which priests had to be consulted. In both the cases, the symptoms were highly similar, and the incidents were mostly similar. This goes to outline the basic symptoms and issues observed amongst sufferers of demonic possession.