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Commercial Appliance-We Are Your Partner

January 20, 2020 by CHENJIA alex  

  Simply put, every minute your commercial appliance is down means money lost—especially in industries such as restaurant, bar, hospitality, mortuary, etc. We can help get you back to normal business operations as fast as possible.It can reduce product downtime, reduce costly repairs and reduce energy consumption of your appliances. Call for program pricing.


  Plus service specialized restaurant machines such as Commercial Appliance and food slicers.Our experienced team of repair technicians can save you the hassle, time, and cost of replacing your broken and expensive appliances by repairing the ones you already own.

Commercial Appliance-Super Long Life

January 11, 2020 by CHENJIA alex  


  We can promise you excellent service. Which equals faster response time and a quicker resolution to get your commercial appliance back on line, saving you money.Restaurants can be hectic, especially in the kitchen. The demands on equipment are high and virtually nonstop.


  Commercial Appliance service technicians are part of a dynamic industry that reflects the rapid technology revolution.We want to help when you’re tired of appliances that break year after year and aren’t reliable anymore.

The Perfect China Home Appliance

January 7, 2020 by CHENJIA alex  

  China is now one of the biggest home appliance markets globally. We will focus more on the domestic market and its demands for healthy and creative lifestyles.For China Home Appliance companies, future growth depends on whether their new products can excite consumers enough so they want to throw away their old fridges and washers.


  In China, there is a high replacement demand for white goods and small appliances. Whereas, the major kitchen appliances market is witnessing a higher demand for new products. Premium white goods are being increasingly adopted by consumers.China Home Appliance.

Chenjia Upright Showcase Series

December 31, 2019 by CHENJIA alex  

  Home appliance, also called Household Appliance, any of numerous and varied electric, electromechanical, or gas-powered devices introduced mainly in the 20th century to save labour and time in the household.Major appliances are large home appliances used for regular housekeeping tasks such as cooking, washing laundry, food preservation, and others.

  Internal light of the Upright Showcase is inside the bevrage cooler cabinet to make`the beverages,drinks,juices,wines,beers,mineral waters,foods,fruits stored inside the upright visi cooler can be clearly visible.Lighting, space for branding, mirrored doors for product depth and maximum bottle loadings are just some of the features that promote the aesthetics of your products, while at the same time ensuring your food and beverages are maintained at the correct temperature.


  The most important is that we listen to what our customers need and we are always looking for ways to improve the quality of our products through continuous improvement.

Best-In-Class China Home Appliance

December 27, 2019 by CHENJIA alex  

  China is the fastest growing home appliances market all over the world. Being technically advanced and relatively cheaper, many countries are importing home appliances from China.Chinese home appliance manufacturers have drawn global attention over the past few years as they have made frequent moves to acquire foreign brands.


  The refrigerator and washing machine markets are majorly supported by the trend of premiumization.The China Home Appliance market is experiencing a lucrative growth due to improving disposable incomes, urbanization, and increasing consumption of white goods in rural areas.Home appliance giants are striving for consuming upgrades.Given that the whole market is generally weak.Our China home appliance is of good quality and long life. If you want to buy our China home appliance, you can contact us. We look forward to working with you.

Owning Commercial Appliance Repair Is Important

December 26, 2019 by CHENJIA alex  

Business owners and homeowners alike depend on their appliances a lot to get things done each day. This is why whenever an appliance stops working, you need to get it fixed quickly and right the first time around. This is why it is important that if you run a business, whether you are the owner or manager of a restaurant, hotel or Laundromat, then you know how important your commercial appliances are to you, but you also need to understand the difference between residential and commercial.

Your Commercial Appliance repair needs to recognize these differences as well, so make sure that when you are in need of restaurant equipment repair that you find a commercial appliance service company that is actually certified and trained to do the following:

Commercial oven repair
Commercial refrigerator repair
Commercial refrigeration repair
Commercial stove repair
Laundromat washer and dryer repair

Since time is of the essence when your equipment malfunctions, you have to find a repairman that actually knows what he is doing so that you can get the type of service that you need to get your commercial equipment back up and running quickly.

A commercial stove is designed to be able to cook for hundreds of customers each and every day. Similar to how a commercial washing machine and a commercial dryer are designed to run constantly 24 hours per day. When you go into a kitchen at a restaurant or hotel you will find all types of appliances such as:

Convectional ovens
Walk-in Freezers
Walk-in Coolers

All these are designed with maximum efficiency in mind, so they can produce several different meals all at the same time. A residential repair technician is not a good choice to fix your food service equipment, because the inner components are drastically different from their residential counterparts. So never ever try to use a residential repairman to fix your industrial equipment, instead find a commercial repairman that has an affordable price, skill set, knowledge and training to fix your kitchen equipment fast and efficiently.

Here Are Some Tips To Minimize Commercial Appliance Repairs

If you run a restaurant, hotel, catering business, bakery or some other type of food service business and you notice that one of your main expenses each month is the repair costs on your equipment, then you may be trying to figure out how you can minimize those commercial appliance repair Miami expenses. If you are, then here are a few tips to do just that.

The first thing you will want to do, if you are not already doing so, is to keep a record of all the repairs when they are done for each different type of equipment. This is important, because you need to know if you are paying for the same repair more than once. If you are then you need to figure out if the restaurant equipment service company is not any good so the same problem keeps coming back, maybe they are not using brand name parts, so the same part keeps going bad or maybe it is time to replace that particular type of equipment.

Then next thing to consider if you don’t already have one in place is a preventative maintenance program. Now you may be thinking that this is just another expense, but in actuality, most businesses that have a maintenance program in place actually save more money on repairs, than a company that doesn’t have one, as the preventative maintenance actually can significantly reduce that amount of times a machine will need to get serviced. For more tips that can save your business money, check out this Commercial Appliance Repair Miami Facebook Page.

You see whenever you have a new problem with any of your appliances; you will have to pay trip charges, parts costs and labor expenses, all which can add up rather quickly. Another great tip that won’t cost you a lot to implement is training your employees that will be operating the equipment on how to operate it properly. Many repair issues are caused by operator error.


Whenever you are notified of a problem with any of your machines, immediately check your records, make sure the equipment is actually turned on, this may sound stupid, but it happens all the time also check to see if that particular problem is covered by the warranty.

Upright Showcase-Can Be Installed In The Kitchen

December 24, 2019 by CHENJIA alex  

  The Upright Showcase is without a fan in the display fridge to avoid losing of water inside the food,fruit,vegetable stored inside the vertical beverage chiller cabinet and is more cost-efficiency.The Upright Showcase are manufactured & produced by CHENJIA.Great for showcasing valuable merchandise,the upright showcase.

  The Upright Showcase is a small counter sized version of the large showcase you know and love. Made of aluminum and tempered glass you have a stylish case for your merchandise. Use that open counter space and place this showcase display in that spot.The Upright Showcase of commercial beverage display cooler cabinet, refrigerated drink showcase & upright juice display chiller showcase is a powerful and fast freezing upright display cooler cabinet.


  CHENJIA's upright showcase are of good quality and low price. If you are interested in a upright showcase, you can contact us.

Independent Chenjia Household Appliances

December 19, 2019 by CHENJIA alex  

  All good things must come to an end—including your extremely overworked dishwasher and overstuffed refrigerator.Because of this, it's important to know what's worth the extra money to last you for years to come. When you break it down by how long they last , the cost doesn't seem like such a blow.

  Though washers last about 10 years, dryers typically live a solid 13 before needing to be replaced. By cleaning out lint traps every time you use the dryer and keeping the vent pipe, motor, belt, drum, and behind the dryer lint-free, CHENJIA says you can maintain your dryer. Similarly, by checking hoses for leaks and clogs and keeping the filter clean, you can maintain your washer longer.


  The Household Appliance produced by CHENJIA are of good quality and low price. If you are interested in household appliance, you can contact us.

China Home Appliances-attractive

December 17, 2019 by CHENJIA alex  

  China accounts for 60% of total production of White Goods. Thanks to washing machines and fridges. China is planning to implement new policies to encourage more household purchases of home appliances in order to increase domestic consumption to boost the economy.Consumers reacted enthusiastically.Everything you need to make the right decisions.Providing the most comprehensive and up-to-date information and analysis of the Household Appliances market, its consumers and the major players who make up that market.


  CHENJIA produces the best China home appliance. Our China home appliances are high quality and cheap. If you are interested in our China Home Appliance, please contact us and we look forward to working with you.

Chenjia Household Appliances That Protect The Environment

December 14, 2019 by CHENJIA alex  

  “Household Appliance” does not include items that are not required to be installed, such as toasters, mixers, blenders, can openers, food processors, and other items that are considered to be small household appliances that do not require installation.

  Home appliances, also known as domestic appliances, are electrical machines that help in household functions such as cooking, cleaning and food preservation.They are divided into the three classifications: small appliances, major appliances, or white goods, and consumer electronics, or brown goods in the United Kingdom.Every home needs a helping hand, and our collection of household appliances make sure that no matter the mess or emergency, you’ll have the back-up you need.

  The quality of household appliances produced by CHENJIA is good. If you are interested in our household appliances, please contact us and we look forward to working with you.