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How does ODF create an unbounded value ecosystem?

September 3, 2019 by Sam Kim  

Each wave of industrial revolution produces new possibilities and imaginations to the world. The birth of blockchain technology has indeed presented a brand-new value transfer channel for the digital economy, and its application scenarios are nearly unlimited.

The Occhio del future Technology finance application system (ODF_Dapp) has various features, for instance, consensus, weak centralization, information not tampering, and smart contracts. Also, it makes a blockchain underlying application service framework network. The application service operation is brilliant and open under the collaboration of data investigation, artificial intelligence, cloud security, and automated operation and maintenance technologies. At the same time, it can support multiplied applications in timely, effective, and secure entree to the ODF blockchain network.


Generally speaking, ODF_DAPP is principally an intelligent technology system according to the bottom of the blockchain. Via the technical aspects of the blockchain, it employs a cloud computing/edge computing, artificial intelligence, intelligent Internet of Things and users’ big data to build a universal to grow, flexible and reliable credit and deep network ecology. ODF_DAPP is a consensus ecology, which creates a more diversified business application scenario, and the whole consensus ecological application service layer is more intelligent and secure. Besides, ODF_DAPP uses the advantages of its system to communicate with users and to give technology, financial assets, digital asset applications, smart contract applications, and offline life applications. Use “lightweight, intelligent, distinctive, digital, global business services. Therefore, it can extensively use in smart finance, digital asset applications, new retail, global payments, e-commerce, games, Internet of Things, and other industries.

The Consensus Ecology of ODF will be a smart service platform capable of building and giving business value for clients. It depends on the combined intelligent technology platform and uses blockchain technology to blend with several industrial applications to advance the transformation and upgrading of its industry. Generate innovative products, business, and business models that increase the influence of consumers in the industry.

Since the mainstream application scenario of ODF, the ecological application scenario around the whole underlying architecture is also a diversified business application scenario. And the complete consensus environmental application service layer is more intelligent and secure.


The ODF system utilizes the benefits of its platform to leverage the advantages of its platform to show the nature of modern commercial banks. Furthermore, it presents users with intelligent finance, digital asset applications, smart contract applications, project investment, and other application scenarios. Take “lightweight, smart, distinctive, digital, and international business services.

Nowadays, the ODF system has assisted smart financial application scenarios, for instance, intelligent payment, smart banking, intelligent banking options, futures, foreign exchange, digital asset quantitative trading applications. Thus, it also helps digital asset applications, such as significant data transactions, sharing economy, SDF circulation to communicate with a diversity of digital assets also supports smart contract applications, linked with the blockchain platform, the innovation of the initial business model, make a reliable ecology.

Silicon Innovation & Technology Group

June 19, 2019 by Sam Kim  

Silicon Innovation & Technology Group is a business incubator and a member of the National Business Incubation Association. It provides a series of service support by providing physical space and infrastructure for newly-established technology-based SMEs in the new energy field, thereby reducing the entrepreneurial risk and entrepreneurship cost of entrepreneurs, improving the success rate of entrepreneurship, promoting the transformation of scientific and technological achievements, and fostering success. Business and entrepreneurs. The Silicon Group adopts a five-in-one accelerator mode: investment + mechanism + system + space + ecology. Accelerators are the most successful incubation spaces in the United States, with a very small number of only 8% of the nation's total.


《New energy network ecology》

The New Energy Network Foundation

A global new energy sharing autonomous organization. NENF is building shared numbers

Infrastructure, an open source, scalable blockchain platform; designed for new energy

Designed for industry regulation, operations and market needs. NENF by: Alexandra Innovation & technology Group

Alison Innovation & technology Group

Silicon Innovation & technology Group

Co-founded, affiliated to the Silicon Incubator Incubation Agency. With more than 30 branch offices and an evolving global network, it is the largest new energy blockchain alliance and the industry's leading blockchain base layer choice, providing a new energy future for the digital DNA building blocks.

《New Energy Vehicle Networking》

The new energy vehicle network is an intelligent ecosystem of electric vehicle industry based on the underlying technology of NEN Chain. It aims to provide users with a decentralized and non-tamperable intelligent blockchain network for electric vehicle industry, serving users' rights and generating derivative economic value. The electric car uses a service system. In such a complete ecological network, an intelligent and efficient driving system housekeeper, equipped with blockchain technology, can fully drive the driving mileage data of individual users, driving the track, driving the scene, and driving habits. Data consumption such as value consumption. The user has built a constantly improved encrypted portrait of the user's driving behavior. This portrait docks the user's personalized demand service. In the DAPP scene user, it can provide replacement in the built-in base platform of the automotive industry blockchain DAPP application. The modular basic service truly forms a complete closed loop of driving ecology.


《Ecological value interconnection》

Looking to the future, we will build a global new energy Internet and promote the world.

The transformation of energy in the world and the promotion of global economic development are in line with the common interests of all mankind. They are of great significance, far-reaching and broad prospects. Global New Energy Internet Development We are willing to work with countries and relevant parties around the world to build broad consensus, deepen pragmatic cooperation, jointly promote global new energy Internet construction, promote world energy and economic transformation, and achieve clean, low-carbon and sustainable development. , creating great benefits for all mankind, towards a better tomorrow

Benitet wallet AI quantitative trading: the data also has the world

May 6, 2019 by Sam Kim  

As early as the 20th century Wall Street, the artificial intelligence to replace humans to complete part of the work has emerged. One of the greatest hedge managers, James Simmons, with his Renaissance technology company. Investing in the ball market, unlike the previous financial companies, the computer is more replaced in this investment company. With the work of financial analysts, there are very few traditional Wall Street analysts. This company is a famous quantitative investment. The capital fund – the incubator of the medallion fund, the quantitative investment has come to the public.


In the world of quantitative investment, artificial intelligence has replaced humans to complete part of the work, but does this mean artificial? Will intelligence replace humans? The answer is no, the part that artificial intelligence replaces is the ability to get the job done, not replace humans. Especially in the world of quantitative investment, artificial intelligence is only a tool to provide services for wide passengers.

Give investors the best portfolio and benefits. Like a smartphone, what it can bring us is to let us in any corner. Real-time communication, in addition to the advantages of more convenient in a variety of life scenarios.



So, what advantages does the Benitet wallet artificial intelligence robot bring to the quantitative investment? Bennett Wallet Labor Intelligent robot quantitative investment is to obtain sales orders through quantitative methods and computer programmatic. A profit-oriented trading method; through the establishment of a data model, valuation, timing and stock selection.


The investment trading model of Benitet Wallet Artificial Intelligence Robot will put some of the company's fundamentals during stock selection. The data is used as a model indicator, and the market trend indicator is added to the model. The final trading decision is the model synthesis office. There are results of the indicator running. The advantages of such investment trading are:




1. Discipline: trading decisions such as timing and stock selection are determined by the model, avoiding emotional, greedy, etc., which may lead to investment errors. Psychological factors interfere; 


2. Systematic: Multi-level, multi-angle quantitative investment model. In the category of asset allocation, industry selection, stock allocation Each has its own sub-model; at the same time, it establishes tracking indicators for market cycle, structure, valuation, market sentiment, etc.; 


3. Arbitrage thinking: At the moment of each market, use model analysis to obtain the α income exceeding the market; 


4. Probability wins: In the turbulent market, the perfect model can't achieve absolute win rate. Quantitative investment Rely on the probability of winning more than the market average, micro-win micro-transmission, sand accumulation into a tower, and finally obtain considerable income.


Benitet Wallet Artificial Intelligence Robot Quantitative Trading Solution.


Benitet wallet artificial intelligence robot quantitative trading technology principle:

Benitet wallet artificial intelligence robot quantitative trading blue dot technology community alliance for technical support, research and development as the fundamental. Technology-oriented, based on artificial intelligence and big data, on options, futures, foreign exchange, digital assets the production of dozens of related products is reasonably configured, and the application of their respective domain associations is packaged and hedged, based on big data operations make probabilities. Achieve steady and sustained benefits.

Benite Smart Financial Wallet Bank opens a new world-class financial circles

May 6, 2019 by Sam Kim  

At present, the blockchain has become a widely recognized new technology and new ideas, traditional industries and blockchains. The combination has become the trend of the times. With the rapid development of blockchain technology in all areas of the world. The blockchain + payment industry will use this technology to the fullest. The popularity of the mobile Internet has promotedAt present, the blockchain has become a widely recognized new technology and new ideas, traditional industries and blockchains. The combination has become the trend of the times.

With the rapid development of blockchain technology in all areas of the world. The blockchain + payment industry will use this technology to the fullest. The popularity of the mobile Internet has promotedWith the rapid development of the industry, in 2018 alone, the global mobile payment share has exceeded 51 trillion US dollars. However, the over-centralized Internet is inefficient, centrally risky, and transactional costs are high. Meet the rapid development of the mobile payment industry.


Based on this, the Blue Point Technology Community Alliance Blockchain Research Team launched the world's first UFN cloud blockchain. Smart payment tool Bennett wallet. Benitet wallet uses UFN cloud blockchain technology as the underlying technology. Payment of word assets, settlement of transactions, application and landing, to meet the user's payment, landing merchant consumption, Online shopping malls, major industry consumption, various blockchain trading media and other application needs.

In the mplementation process. In the end, it designed a complete ecosystem, and let it implement the landing, realizing digital assets. The "second pay". The ultimate goal is to provide a guarantee for the freefall of commercial spending in the global consumer scene.The closed-loop eco-sphere of word asset economy, creating global digital payment and opening a new era of large-scale digital asset commercialization generation.

Bennett Wallet - a global payment innovation solution based on UFN cloud blockchain technology
Benitet Wallet is committed to becoming the frontier performer of digital asset payment transaction settlement, Bennett Wallet Payment is the world's first digital asset smart payment that truly has a composite business model and landing application. Platform, Benite wallet payment is linking the global offline merchants in the scene of extremely fast arrival, and the online line is opened.

Under the digital asset payment channel, to create a closed loop of global asset applications, comprehensively promote digital currency payment scenarios. 
With the continuous improvement of the payment system for all kinds of encrypted digital assets, there are outstanding features such as breaking geographical restrictions, account freedom, effective management, and high efficiency compatibility Benite Wallet Smart Payment Tool.

It can solve the pain points of slow payment, inefficiency and cost of digital assets, and achieve high efficiency. Benite Wallet Speed payment, reached a zero waiting experience, and the payment process is extremely simple, the user only needs one connection the PC or mobile phone on the network can complete the payment behavior conveniently, quickly and efficiently.

Bennett Wallet - a new world-class financial ecosystem opens a new ecosystem of wealth
Blockchain innovation is changing the landscape to deal with payment transactions worldwide. With full production industry chain ecological layout Benite wallet with the "commercial application" + digital asset smart payment" first-mover advantage, Bay Nite wallet smart payment hopes to finally rely on big data + cloud computing + artificial intelligence + Internet of Things + blockchain. Technology seamlessly connects businesses and scenarios across countries, involving global organizations, institutions and peopleCome to give them a higher level of security, transparency and usability to achieve high levels worldwideSynergistic synergy; and with Bennett Wallet intelligent payment of circulation data, from the underlying infrastructure of the payment structure hand, create a new era of point-to-point smart payment for UFN cloud blockchain, and create a new global smart payment ecology. And give full play to the ecological advantages of digital assets in the whole scene, and link global payment companies and major businesses.Industry banks and memory blockchain technology companies, create a new generation of intelligent financial ecosystem, share the new era the trend of industrial ecological upgrading and fission.