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Structure and Application Scope of Grinding Mill

August 19, 2019 by onlysunny  

Grinding plant, also called high pressure grinding mill, is the newest machine developed through years of R&D based on the processing experience of fine powder. We have a variety of grinding mills, including MTW Trapezium Mill, Ball Mill, Vertical Roller mill, SCM Ultrafine Mill and so on. You can choose the right equipment according to your different needs. The output has been improved by 10-20%, which lets the grinding plant industry reach the international level.

Structure of Grinding Mill

Grinding mill is made up of main body, high tension spring, analytical engine, cyclone powder collector, dirt catcher and air duct. The complete production line can be formed with crusher, elevator, storage bin, electromagnetic vibration feeder and electric control cabinet according to different production requirements. The special set is installed inside the raymond grinding mill. The product granularity can be adjusted within 30-1000mm.

The Application Scope of Milling Equipment

These grinding mills can be used to grind the materials with Moh's hardness less than 9.3 and humidity below 6% in industries such as mines, metallurgy, chemical and building material. It is applicable for the grinding various natural sand, metal ores, non-metallic ore, compound fertilizer and thermal insulation.

1. Good sealing performance

2. Fine dust extraction effects

3. Small dust discharging

4. Low energy consumption

5. Long replacement period

How to purchase a sand making machine?

July 10, 2019 by onlysunny  

Let's talk about the product knowledge that the purchase of a sand making machine needs to know, and how to choose the manufacturer.

1. look at the appearance of the machine. Whether the weld is uniform or not, the groove of the groove is not, the appearance of the machine is not beautiful, etc., if these are all right, this shows that the manufacturer's welding is no problem, the quality is trustworthy and has the premise.

2. touch the quality of the machine. If you turn the belt wheel of the crusher to see if it can be easily rotated or revolved, it shows that the concentricity of the machine is better. If it doesn't move, there may be a problem of concentricity of the machine, or it will be placed for a long time, and there is a lack of lubricating oil in the bearing seat.

3. test machine is transported by air to the machine, listening to the sound and watching the vibration.

4. see the time of the establishment of the factory. Some manufacturers set up soon, all aspects of the foundation relatively, as some of the old factory, they experienced the baptism of time, whether it is the efficiency of the machine, the quality of relatively have a certain guarantee, and we encountered in the process of using problem solving is convenience and fast.

Six Maintenance Skills of Raymond Mill

July 1, 2019 by onlysunny  

In the mill equipment, the production investment cost of Raymond mill is low. The three-dimensional structure saves the area of the production line. Similar to the design principle of vertical mill, Raymond mill can form an independent production system from rough processing of raw materials to conveying to powder making and post-packaging. The difficulty of manual work is low, and centralized control is adopted in electrical system to improve production efficiency.

Do the following six aspects of Raymond grinding maintenance tips, can effectively extend the service life of equipment:

(1) Start-up preparation should ensure that the cylinder pressure entering the mill is stable and maintain a certain load.

(2) Appropriate adjustment of feed structure and adjustment of the position of limit screw according to actual production conditions are suggested to ensure the relative stability of mill workflow.

(3) Ensure uniform feeding and avoid blocking.

(4) Attention should be paid to whether the temperature of the material rises or not, to the adjustment of the suction fan mechanism, and to the timely reduction of the temperature of the material.

(5) Staff members should adjust the rolling distance by turning monotonous handwheel according to the material production process, and then lock it with locking handwheel.

(6) Clean up the residue on the surface of the grinding roll with a brush in time to ensure that the purity of the finished product meets the standard.

No-load test run of Raymond Mill

After the installation of the equipment, it is necessary to carry out 2-4 hours of no-load test run, and check whether the installation of each component meets the requirements without feeding.

(1) Electrical interlocking system test run, according to the start-up procedure, its start and stop meet the design requirements of the electrical interlocking system;

(2) All fasteners should be firm and reliable without loosening.

(3) The flywheel rotates smoothly;

(4) Bearing temperature rise does not exceed 30 C.

How to replace the parts of vibrating screen?

June 20, 2019 by onlysunny  

The screen is the main component of the vibrating screen, and it is also a vulnerable part. The vibrating screen is used for a long time, it is easy to appear the old phenomenon of the old screen. At this time, we need to replace the screen. When the user is buying the equipment, it may be possible to prepare a few screen spares to avoid the normal work when the screen is damaged.

Of course, everyone should also cherish the screen in peacetime, avoid the screen overload work, so that the life of the screen can be extended. So, how should the screen mesh of the vibrating screen be replaced? The specific operation methods are as follows:

1. of the first ring screw loose, remove the box, put the damaged fine mesh removed, replaced by a new fine screen.

2. when users change the screen, they can lay the thin screen on the top of the coarse screen and put the upper frame back to the original position. Then the staff will tighten the whole screen around the thin screen, and use the universal clamp to clamp the upper frame and the lower frame.

3. ring again, to loosen universal pliers, screw locking ring beam.

4. with a soft hammer round the ring around the ring, and then the copper nut lock, the replacement of fine screen net is completed.

5. Coarse mesh on the screen if there is damage to the vibration phenomenon, the user can repair it, if unable to complete the repair work, can be returned to buy the factory where the repair, better prepare a spare coarse mesh.

Environmental Protection of Mobile Crusher

June 12, 2019 by onlysunny  

Mobile crusher belongs to the equipment loaded with multi-equipment. Mobile Crusher can be divided into tyre type and caterpillar type in general. Tracked mobile crusher adopts the self-driving operation mode of caterpillar. Tire mobile crusher is the traction and moving mode of vehicle head. The cost of equipment is cheaper than that of caterpillar. Before selecting and purchasing such equipment, professional technicians are needed according to the students of customers. Production needs tailor-made corresponding matching scheme.

Mobile machinery and equipment as ore processing machinery has intelligent operation mode, and combined with market development needs, integrated with environmental protection equipment, green production design concept, to ensure that enterprises can pass the customs under the environment of strict environmental protection.

1. The operation mode that can directly enter the processing site not only saves the cost of construction, transportation, manpower and site, but also avoids the secondary pollution caused by material transportation.

2. As an on-board collocation equipment, it can be equipped with dedusting and noise removal devices when it is designed. According to other dedusting technologies, such as spraying, fog gun, nanofilm dust suppression and so on.

3. In order to better respond to the operation of energy saving and emission reduction, mobile machinery equipped with advanced green environmental protection motor can operate continuously and efficiently for a long time, and has low energy consumption.