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Structural advantages of VSI5X sand making machine

July 4, 2018 by onlysunny  

From PCL sand making machine to VSI sand making machine to 4 series (VSI4X) and 5 Series (VSI5X), in the long years, Sand Making Machine has been constantly improved and perfected continuously. In the current market, 4 series and 5 series sand making machines are widely used and 6 systems have applications. This article will take a look at the continuous upgrading of the VSI sand making machine. What are the characteristics of the 5 series equipment on the wear-resistant parts?

1. the VSI5X adopts a new dual-purpose bulk tray, which can quickly realize the conversion of central feed and falling feed, reduce downtime and improve efficiency. The material is generally high chromium cast iron.

VSI4X is generally only a bulk cone.

2. VSI5X circumferential boards can be used upside down when worn locally, so that the material utilization rate can be increased, and the service life can be increased by more than 48%.

The circumferential guard plate of VSI4X is an integral structure.

3. VSI5X adopts the combined hammer head design, only replacing the worn hammerhead part, effectively preventing the damage of the vertical plate after wearing the hammer head, and can reduce the use cost by more than 30%. The main material of the main and vice hammer head is 42CrMo.

VSI4X uses an integrated structure of the hammer.

4. VSI5X adopts diamond shaped impact block to avoid material impact damage to the vertical plate. In addition to improving its wear resistance, it can also be used alternately. It not only improves the utilization rate of materials, but also effectively protects the life of the inner guard boards of sand making machines. The material is generally high chromium cast iron.

VSI4X is square.

5. VSI5X hopper adopts stamping process, once forming, the technology level is higher and more durable.

VSI4X mostly adopts welding folding process.

The advantages and disadvantages of the parts reflect the quality of the whole machine to a great extent, and the replacement period of the wear-resistant parts affects the production cost and efficiency. Therefore, the optimization of the parts of the VSI5X sand making machine is one of its bright spots.

environmental protection of sand making machine

June 19, 2018 by onlysunny  

With the state's advocacy of low carbon environmental protection mode, the development of green mines has become the necessity of transformation and upgrading in the twenty-first Century. Therefore, in the environment protection, sand maker machine as the core equipment of the production mechanism sand of the stone plant, how to choose the most important, not only to have reasonable structure design, but also efficient, intelligent, more durable.

In view of the increasing demand for large-scale, intensive, energy saving, environmental protection and high quality mechanism sand in the sand and gravel market, through the combination of the learning of new technology at home and abroad with its own years of production experience, we have further optimized the structure and function of the impact breaking, and thus successfully introduced a new generation of high efficiency and low cost system. Sand and plastic equipment.

1. For environmental protection, the new sand making machine, with environmental protection as its core, has less dust and low noise. It is used with high efficiency pulse duster and silencing equipment, and the dust free operation site is completely realized.

2. for intelligent endorsement: using high and new sand technology design, equipment operation more intelligent, remote computer control sand production site, without site operators, work flexible, safe, stable, reliable.

3. for longevity: durable, wear-resistant steel, combined with craftsmanship and careful production technology, to ensure the quality of the equipment and prolong the service life, the average failure rate is about 60% lower than the old type sand making machine.

sand making machine: http://www.zenithcrusher.com/products/complete-crushing-plant/sand-making-plant.html

Rapid development trend of sand making machine

June 14, 2018 by onlysunny  

Nowadays in the sand making machine market,  the variety of sand making machine is more and more indicating that the variety of sand and stone which can be consumed is more and more. So it deals with the demand of people without the same sand and the perfect union of sand making machine and vibrating screen, so that the sand and stone without the same granularity will leave, so that the sand and stone will be used.

The sand making machine consists of rotor, spindle, crushing chamber, motor, transmission device, automatic control system, lubrication system and steel structure. The main wear parts of the sand making machine are wear resistant and impact resistant alloy materials, such as rotor base, hopper, disel and anvil, and are long life and easy to replace. In the working process, the aggregate is injected into the rotor of high speed rotating, which makes the aggregate get some energy to throw out and collide with the fixed plate to produce energy conversion, thus the principle of aggregate breakage is realized. Because of the advanced lubrication and control system and scientific design concept, the sand making machine has high reliability, large crushing ratio, strong handling capacity, good grain size, and even the production of sand and stone grade. From the view of production capacity and sand making effect, it can completely replace the grinding machine to meet the national base. The requirements for the production of sand and gravel used in the construction of basic engineering.

The sand making machine is used in the dry sand process, which completely changes the defects of high energy consumption, high water consumption and dust pollution in the traditional sand making process. The quality stability of the finished sand is solved by the new sand making process of breaking generation grinding. The production of sand and gravel is less, the grain shape is full and the gradation is good, and the finished product is not produced.

Selection the sand making machine based on material characteristics

May 15, 2018 by onlysunny  

Sand making machine is a special equipment for the production of sand and stone in sand and stone production line. The sand making machine is mainly used for the processing of sand and stone materials such as building materials. It provides a good guarantee for the building sand. With the development of the times, there are more and more models of sand making machines.

The increasingly perfect production equipment model of sand making machine makes many users unable to choose the machine equipment suitable for their own sand making machine. Here, the selection of the general user sand making machine should be chosen according to the processed materials.

In the processing of sand and gravel, it should be noted that if the local raw material content or humidity can not be too large, it will cause a certain damage to the sand making machine. If the mud content is high, the sand washing machine is used to carry out simple cleaning and screening of sand and stone.

In addition, the sand making machine also has certain requirements for the properties of material, grain type and grain grade. If the material is too thin or too large, it is easy to make the material uneven and cause the image of the material.

The definition of portable jaw crusher and its composition analysis

May 3, 2018 by onlysunny  

For portable crusher plant, it refers to a movable crushing production line, according to different crushing equipment, portable crusher plant can be divided into different types, such as the main equipment of jaw crusher machine, could be called if the primary crushing equipment cone is broken, you can call it cone mobile crushing station, for the same kind of crushing station, different models of the same type of broken equipment, so can choose according to actual production requirements, its configuration is very flexible.

For portable jaw crusher plant, it is a fragile process, not only including jaw broken machine, also include other devices, such as a cone or fight back breaking, feeder, etc., for example, these different devices with different models, also can form different production configuration, complete different production process.

Jaw in general, for the portable crusher plant configuration, in time, mainly considering two factors, one is the nature of the processing of stone,  it is the needs of customers, because of different devices with different processing ability, can deal with the hardness of the material, size and so on are different, so you need to choose the right equipment, according to the nature of the stone on the other hand, customer demand of different capacity, and the budget of the investment, curb models of required equipment, so this is also need to consider, the two aspects of the comprehensive, to choose appropriate production process.

Mentioned above the portable jaw crusher plant is a production process, it is relative to the fixed production line, the significant advantage is its mobility, can directly drive to the scene to work, no longer need to transportation of materials, also do not need to on-site installation, save a lot of process, and reduce the possible problems in the process of production process caused by the delay phenomenon, is now in the market, has high investment value of a production line.

The paper mainly introduces the definition of portable jaw crusher plant is and its constituent analysis, first an overview of the device are introduced, and then analyzes its component parts, then introduces the configuration, need to consider the factors, as well as its advantages compared with fixed line analysis, introduce more detailed these aspects, hopes to be helpful for the understanding of customers.

complete sand machine in the sand making plant

April 24, 2018 by onlysunny  

For the production of the mechanism sand making plant, its production of sand and gravel is mainly the processing of different internal equipment. The sand making machine plays an important role in the sand production line. The different configuration of the process is based on the properties of the processed materials and the needs of the customers. Here we are introduced. What is the equipment contained in the production process and the price of the process?

1. What are the equipment contained in the sand making plant?
For a complete production process of sand making, the general process is crushing, making sand, conveying the material and so on. According to these different links, different equipment should be selected. So a complete mechanism of the mechanism sand production line includes the following types: feeder, jaw crusher, counter crusher, Sand machine, vibrating screen, belt conveyor and so on, but in order to meet the different needs of customers, sometimes need to be equipped with conical crusher, dust removal equipment, etc., in addition, these different equipment are different types, can be used in different materials processing, also that the composition of the machine sand production line is different. It should be determined according to the actual production demand.

2. How much of the sand making plant?
Through the analysis of the equipment of the production line, it can be found that the production line contains a lot of equipment, so the price is the sum of the prices of these equipment, and these equipment are not fixed and need to be determined according to the specific production needs. When the production needs are known, the mechanism sand can be found. The specific configuration of the production line, and then determine the manufacturer, so that the specific prices can be learned, of course, the different manufacturers produced equipment, because of the different technology and services, and other aspects of the price will be different.

The article mainly introduces the whole set of mechanism sand production line including what equipment, how much money, the two questions are introduced separately, we need to carry on the actual demand according to the specific demand in the actual selection of the process, at the same time, we should pay attention to the regularization of the factory, the equipment after sale and so on. As far as possible, ensure the working conditions of the process.

ultrafine mill for coal processing

April 2, 2018 by onlysunny  

After the coal mining is first treated, it is necessary to use a pulverizer for fine grinding. The coal grinding mill is very important, which directly affects the use and efficiency of the coal. For different industrial requirements, the use of coal level is not the same, the fineness of coal processing are not the same, our company based on the market analysis of coal product demand, especially the design of SCM series of ultrafine mill, this ultrafine mill for coal processing needs of different fineness have great advantages, it can meet the requirements of the use of the coal processing industry, but also improve the efficiency of utilization of coal. Below is a simple analysis of the current utilization of coal resources and the improvement of the SCM ultrafine grinding machine for the present situation.

In recent years, I have been developing rapidly, and for a long time, we have been the uneven distribution of coal use, water and power resources, as well as my abundant coal resources, making life and production especially dependent on the exploitation and utilization of coal. In me, coal is called black gold, it is the grain of industry, and it has always been the main source of energy in my life. For a long time, coal has been crushed and ground to be used as the main energy for industrial production and life. In the industry, large and small thermal power plants, steel metallurgy and pulverized coal fired boilers are commonly used industries, which are very dependent on coal resources. For a long time, due to the development of industrial speed and the backward coal pulverizing equipment and technology, a large number of coal resources have not been fully utilized, resulting in a large waste of coal resources, and inadequate utilization leads to large environmental pollution.

When the fineness of coal is not in line with industrial requirements, it will cause insufficient combustion of coal, and it will not be fast enough to reach the effective temperature after combustion, which will make the industrial production efficiency low. Generate a lot of dust in the coal combustion process, but also the formation of carbon monoxide, sulphur dioxide and other harmful gases, and because of incomplete combustion, will produce a large number of coal gangue, coal gangue contains some components of coal, not only a waste of resources, but also a large number of coal gangue will also cause environmental pollution and damage.

From the above can be found, full use of coal resources is very important, but the key is to make full use of coal and coal fineness, SCM ultrafine mill can be adjusted according to the requirements of different fineness of coal industry, the coal into the combustion furnace with a suitable fineness, making use of coal high efficiency, not only saves a lot of cost for the enterprise, but also makes the industrial production on the environment destruction to relatively low, truly made for a better life.

Ultrafine Mill: http://www.ohiointernationalfund.com/products/grinding/xzm-ultrafine-mill.html

It is imperative to make the technological innovation of sand maker

March 5, 2018 by onlysunny  

With the progress of science and technology in our country, the makers of sand making machine have been improving their own scientific research ability, and striving to develop their own way of taking off in the difficult situation of the homogenization of sand making machine.

Sand making machine equipment must break through the single style, old-fashioned traditional sand making process, to launch competitive advantage, please sand making equipment, so that more exquisite and rich perspective development sand making equipment, leading by science and technology.

Sand making machine from appearing in our sight after constantly brings wealth, from the traditional sand making machine is beginning to change, technology innovation, not hard, is for the people have a better life.

Sand making machine in design as well as other sand making equipment rely on sudden impact between ore with hard objects, as a result, it sand and other equipment share common characteristics, its design is better than that of extrusion type. If the feeding mouth is large enough, the nature of the mineral crushing can obtain high granularity crushing ratio, particle forming and can produce good products. Natural crushing method is used to crushing ore. Sand making machine main advantage is that can produce good forming various granularity of high quality products and high productivity.

How does the ore milling equipment configure the plant?

February 25, 2018 by onlysunny  

Is the production line can fully improve the operator of the tooling and equipment working efficiency, raw materials to complete the user needs by processing a series of products, which is a production line production line, today the ore milling equipment production activities are called ore milling equipment production line is designed for ore powder production line equipment ore grinding equipment, production line to become the configured user concerns. Look below, to the user's supporting scheme.

According to the characteristics of various types of stone production in many aspects, the overall advantages of comprehensive ore grinding equipment of production line, give the user the configuration of the ore milling equipment complete production line configuration including crusher, bucket elevator, storage hopper, vibration feeder, ore grinding equipment, host frequency classifier, double cyclone powder collector the pulse of high pressure air dust removal system, machine, air compressor, electrical control system for production line is composed of multiple devices, this scheme configuration also has certain advantages, mainly in the following aspects.

Supporting scheme of ore milling equipment production line to the user, the biggest advantage is to simplify the production process, we often see the market in flour production line in the production process, there are three sections, four stage crushing to complete the entire production, and the production process is simplified to two period of production fragmentation, this scheme. Not only can reduce the host equipment at the same time, but also reduce the crushing machine and milling equipment between the feeding belt machine and the equipment in operation generated in the process of power consumption, wear loss etc.. In addition the ore milling equipment production line configuration of the crusher and the main ore milling equipment can not only simplify the production process, but also can reduce colleagues in 30-40% between energy consumption and production, which make the wear parts to decrease consumption between 70-80%, so as to achieve a total investment of less 20-30%.

the structure of the limestone ultrafine grinding mill

January 5, 2018 by onlysunny  

Because the ultrafine grinder equipment is designed on the basis of general milling equipment, so it gives enough advantages in the production area, so that its production can maintain stable and high yield. The ultrafine mill is the equipment which is crushed again after the raw material is broken. It is widely used in the industry of mineral processing, building materials and chemical industry. The pulverizing equipment is more precise than the general grinding equipment when it is manufactured, so its performance is also guaranteed. In the production process, it can provide stable production for users and achieve a good harvest of users.

In design, it has a lot of advantages, which is one of the reasons why he can stabilize production and have good performance, and is one of the most important reasons. When it is produced, it has strong adaptability to material and large production capacity. It is easy to adjust product granularity and grinding ratio. It can perform dry or wet operation, and also can combine drying with grinding. At the same time, it has simple structure, reliable operation, strong durability, convenient maintenance and management, and can run continuously for a long time. Not only that, its airtight property is good, it prevents the bad production phenomena such as dust and so on, which brings great convenience to users' use, accords with the requirements of the environmental protection department, and avoids the delay in production process and affects the benefit because of the need to suspend business.

In general, the milling equipment to give users a good experience, it is also one of the reasons it can be sold. So, in production, its good performance gives it a stable production state. What is the cause of this? It looks at his structure.

Because the main bearing of the limestone ultrafine mill adopts large diameter double row aligning rod bearing instead of the original sliding bearing, which reduces friction, reduces energy consumption, makes the mill easy to start, and reduces some malfunctions during start-up. The mill preserves the end cover structure of the ordinary mill, the large diameter inlet and outlet and the large amount of treatment. In production, there is no inertia impact, the equipment runs smoothly, and the time of shutdown and maintenance of the ultrafine mill is reduced, and the efficiency is improved. The feeder of the pulverizing equipment is divided into two parts: a combined feeder and a drum feeder. The structure is simple and the body is installed, so that it can achieve high efficiency in installation.