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the structure of the limestone ultrafine grinding mill

January 5, 2018 by onlysunny  

Because the ultrafine grinder equipment is designed on the basis of general milling equipment, so it gives enough advantages in the production area, so that its production can maintain stable and high yield. The ultrafine mill is the equipment which is crushed again after the raw material is broken. It is widely used in the industry of mineral processing, building materials and chemical industry. The pulverizing equipment is more precise than the general grinding equipment when it is manufactured, so its performance is also guaranteed. In the production process, it can provide stable production for users and achieve a good harvest of users.

In design, it has a lot of advantages, which is one of the reasons why he can stabilize production and have good performance, and is one of the most important reasons. When it is produced, it has strong adaptability to material and large production capacity. It is easy to adjust product granularity and grinding ratio. It can perform dry or wet operation, and also can combine drying with grinding. At the same time, it has simple structure, reliable operation, strong durability, convenient maintenance and management, and can run continuously for a long time. Not only that, its airtight property is good, it prevents the bad production phenomena such as dust and so on, which brings great convenience to users' use, accords with the requirements of the environmental protection department, and avoids the delay in production process and affects the benefit because of the need to suspend business.

In general, the milling equipment to give users a good experience, it is also one of the reasons it can be sold. So, in production, its good performance gives it a stable production state. What is the cause of this? It looks at his structure.

Because the main bearing of the limestone ultrafine mill adopts large diameter double row aligning rod bearing instead of the original sliding bearing, which reduces friction, reduces energy consumption, makes the mill easy to start, and reduces some malfunctions during start-up. The mill preserves the end cover structure of the ordinary mill, the large diameter inlet and outlet and the large amount of treatment. In production, there is no inertia impact, the equipment runs smoothly, and the time of shutdown and maintenance of the ultrafine mill is reduced, and the efficiency is improved. The feeder of the pulverizing equipment is divided into two parts: a combined feeder and a drum feeder. The structure is simple and the body is installed, so that it can achieve high efficiency in installation.

Reasonable Structure Sand Washing Machine

December 5, 2017 by onlysunny  

Sand washing machine is used to wash minerals of large slit content, such as iron, manganese, limestone, tin ore, etc. It carries out mixing, washing, separating, and declining. With a sand washing working process pressure less than 147-196kpa, it is also suitable for washing building materials in construction and power station applications. The gear transmission parts of our sand washing machine are separated from stones, water and sands, which greatly reduces the error rate of our sand washing machine.

In sand making process, this washer can wash and separate the soil and foreign material in the sand. Its novel structure, adjustable overflow dam baffle and reliable arrangement can make sure the result of wash. It is widely used to wash, classify, rid impurities, good choice to the coarse from the fine in the industries of highway, hydropower, construction, and so on.

Screw washing machine is a kind of cleaning equipment which adopts the international advanced level for sand and slag pellets. This efficient sand washing machine is developed on the basis of introducing foreign outstanding technology of the same kind of products. It is used to remove the dust in sand and aims at improving the quality of sand. The materials include the required gravel in building site, gravel factories, hydropower station and concrete dam site, post and electric pole factory, casting-70 sand, glass factories quartz sand and refilling pressure sand. It does cleaning work in the following industries: quarry, minerals, building materials, transportation, chemical industry, water conservancy and hydropower, cement mixture station and so on.

This sand washer adopts inclination of 15°. Under the water tub, three weir plates form the sediment pool. The screw head is immersed in this pool, and the screw is driven by electric motor through reducer rotating continuously, and then the fresh water is feeding from porous plate at bottom of sediment pool, this machine are three functions of washing, de-watering and classifying.

This sand washer has the following features such as reasonable structure, big process capacity and economical power cost, especially the advanced design that makes transmission part isolated from water and sand, which can mostly reduce the malfunction sand washer, so this sand washer is the best choice for product's upgrading and development.

Market economic development in sand maker is our dynamic to fight

November 22, 2017 by onlysunny  

Since the reform and opening up, the national economy development is obvious to all. Each market in our country conducts various reforms to adapt to the rapid development of national economy. The sand making equipment and mining machine markets are constantly expanded. Confronted with the fierce competition, reform is the only road which must be passed.

As the major manufacturer of sand maker and crusher, attaches much importance to each equipment. After all, quality is the first factor to open up and stabilize market. The mining machines produced by such as sand maker, jaw crusher, impact crusher and dryer occupy high shares in market.

Therefore, it is more beneficial to the sand maker and crusher development. Under the great supports of government, constantly conducts reform and research of sand maker, crusher, jaw crusher. The quality and service are increased step by step. Relying on the reliable quality and sound service, continuously expands its shares in sand maker, crusher and grinder market. Mining machine plays quite important role and position in the economy construction, technology progress and social development. Mining machine manufacturing industry is the foundation to build independent industrial system. Reform is imperative to be conducted.

Economic development and social progress put new requirements and expectation to mining machine industry. The total tendency of mechanical engineering science will be digitization, intelligence, precision, micromation, life generation and ecologicalization. As the branch of mechanical engineering science, mining machine, mining machine should obey this total tendency.

A new generation of environmental protection economical vertical roller mill

November 14, 2017 by onlysunny  

Under the dome, people's awareness of environmental protection has also been enhanced, forcing the development of manufacturing industry in transition, dust, and dust generated in the production process of vertical roller mill , is one of the main threat to the ecological environment, so in order to better development, only the transformation is the right way.

A new generation of environmentally friendly economic type vertical roller mill is a traditional milling equipment upgrades and new products, the advent of the machine can not only resolve the traditional dust sky milling equipment in the production process and the production efficiency of the powder in the predicament, and powder products equal also are greatly improved, so pay attention to environmental protection and now, the environmental economic vertical roller mill favored by users.

First of all, in the long run, energy conservation and environmental protection are the development initiatives pursued by the state. In order to alleviate the environmental deterioration, the state began to advocate the implementation of low-carbon economy, construction of low energy consumption, low pollution and low emission based on the mode of economic development, and the introduction of a lot of relevant environmental policies, restrictions of low efficiency and high pollution of small enterprises, to encourage efficient energy saving and environmental protection advantages of enterprises, so the milling equipment in order not to be mine out of the community, we must keep up the pace of development, environmental protection and energy saving transformation toward the direction, the only way to better footing, "seize" users!

Secondly, from the current perspective, environmental and economical vertical roller mill put into use can not only reduce the noise pollution and dust pollution to surrounding environment by milling equipment in production, and it is a kind of equipment operating personnel is a guarantee of health, reduce the incidence of silicosis. In addition, the use of the machine can also help users production to achieve higher economic benefits, social benefits and environmental benefits in a large extent, so in the current environmental protection at present, development of environmental and economical vertical roller mill is necessary to the development trend of mining industry.

energy saving and environmental protection vertical mill

November 9, 2017 by onlysunny  

In response to the call of the national energy saving and environmental protection, our technical expertise in vertical roller mill operation energy saving and environmental protection technology research continuously, eventually developed to energy conservation and environmental protection as a vertical mill highlights, it is a very important to improve the working environment of mining area, has been successful practice in a number of processing plants, access to consumers, rave reviews.

Energy saving and environmental protection highlights of vertical roller mill

The domestic production of vertical roller mill production of many manufacturers, but different manufacturers of equipment quality, performance and environmental protection are there will be some differences, according to our survey found that vertical mill energy saving effect is significant, not only increase a highlight for the vertical mill, and high yield and high efficiency, so how to realize the vertical roller mill energy saving and environmental protection? What are the specific aspects? The detailed analysis is as follows:

1. careful selection

Always in response to the national energy-saving environmental protection material for vertical mill call, very cautious, for comparison, select those very good energy saving and environmental protection material manufacturing equipment, so as to reduce the environmental pollution caused by the equipment itself.

2. good sealing

The sealed gear box and belt pulley are adopted, and the lubrication system is very clean, the transmission device runs smoothly, and there is no dust overflow in the operation process, and the production process is more safe and reliable.

3. Equipped with dust collector

At present in many large dust collector equipment will be configured, our vertical mill configuration is pulse filter type dust collector, the advanced configuration, the dust removal effect is remarkable, can reduce dust emissions of vertical mill operation, to reduce air pollution.

4. Equipped with silencer

Noise pollution is also within the scope of pollution. In order to solve the noise pollution, our company is equipped with auxiliary muffler on vertical mill, which can reduce the pollution caused by noise pollution, and achieve green milling operation.

How to improve the output of construction waste crusher?

November 1, 2017 by onlysunny  

Construction waste refers to construction units or individuals of all kinds of buildings and structures, pipelines and other construction, laying or dismantling and repairing produced in the process of waste, waste soil, waste material, waste and other construction waste crushing station without moving or fixed construction waste crushing equipment processing waste. Construction waste crusher is a new energy saving and efficient crushing equipment. It is widely used in building materials, railways, mines and other industries. It has the characteristics of large crushing ratio, large production capacity, uniform crushing granularity and so on.

How to improve the output of construction waste crusher

1. Suitable equipment model

Different customers on material production requirements and crushing degree are different, such as the choice of the type of inconsistent not only affects the production capacity, will accelerate the wear of equipment, reduce equipment life, so users of the material crushing equipment should be appropriate to choose the type of.

2. sufficient material resources

When the material is broken, the material should be sufficient. If the material is insufficient, it will not only affect the progress of production, but also have a certain impact on the output.

3. Regular maintenance and repair

For the construction of garbage crusher to do regular maintenance and maintenance is the key equipment in normal operation, not only can effectively increase the service life of the equipment, but also can improve the production capacity of equipment, increase the yield of the equipment.

4. the reasonable layout of the installation base

On the construction of garbage crusher installation should choose to place a flat and broad, because no matter which production process is composed by a group of equipment, and these devices only be fixed firmly and reasonable layout to realize the production yield more.

Environmental protection concept of portable crusher plant

October 27, 2017 by onlysunny  

Portable crusher plant is a kind of high efficiency crushing equipment. It adopts self driving mode, advanced technology and complete functions. Under any terrain conditions, the equipment can reach any position of the work site. This portable crusher plant can reduce the handling of materials, and facilitate the coordination of all auxiliary machinery and equipment. By means of wireless remote control, the crusher can be easily pulled onto the trailer and transported to the site.

Since there is no need for assembly time, the equipment can be put into work immediately when it arrives at the site. The concept field of coarse crushing and fine crushing has been greatly expanded. portable crusher plant design philosophy aims to stand in the customer's position, to eliminate the crushing site, environment, complex foundation configuration to the customer's broken operation obstacles, as the primary solution. Truly provide customers with simple, efficient, low-cost project operation hardware facilities

Environmental protection concept of portable crusher plant:
The portable crusher plant silencer, the best noise absorption system equipment, compact and flexible, can meet the city construction waste crushing operations, effective dust removal system, diesel engine noise pollution status for the release system can remotely control the portable crusher plant hydraulic excluded obstacles, pre screening device can greatly improve the crushing efficiency.

ultrafine grinding mill structure design

October 25, 2017 by onlysunny  

Ultrafine mill is mainly suitable for ultrafine mill of some ores and non-metallic materials. Its application is very extensive, can be widely used in a variety of grinding industry, such as paper, cosmetics, medicine, food, chemical, smelting and so on. Ultrafine mill is composed of a series of production systems, such as grinding system, powder selection system, powder collection system and dust removal system, etc.. The fineness of the finished product is very high, so it can be used for high quality cosmetic raw materials grinding and drug grinding processing. Its environmental protection effect is very good, can meet home requirements standards, investment cost is low, so widely favored by users. Now, ultrafine mill has become a widely used grinding equipment in many new industries, and has become the mainstream of milling equipment.

ultrafine mill structure
In the past, we often use the Raymond mill all need to solve the problem of grinding grinding equipment in processing production, Raymond mill for some material grinding efficiency is very high, very high for some qualified rate of grinding, but usually not to have an efficient grinding work of all materials and all the finished material fineness. In the continuous development of the industry's urging, various types of milling equipment came into being, such as medium, tricyclic micro grinding mill and ultrafine mill mentioned here, are targeted milling equipment, they can play its advantages and characteristics in various fields, to improve the grinding efficiency, improve the qualified rate of the product materials the result is a great progress in milling equipment. For example, in the construction of roads and bridges, ultrafine mill materials can be processed as fly ash and slag in the past very difficult to process, and then mixed with cement, it can improve the quality of cement products, such as enhanced viscosity and corrosion resistance of cement. This is a very good example of ultra fine grinding operations.

Therefore, ultrafine mill can show more and more advantages in the process of production and application, and can provide more help for our production and construction. In the process of using, we should combine the advantages and characteristics, fully understand its performance and operating rules, which can not only improve the work efficiency, but also can reduce the frequency of occurrence of failure of ultrafine mill, reduce equipment downtime etc..

Configuration and process of ore milling equipment for ore dressing

October 24, 2017 by onlysunny  

The ore milling equipment needs to be used in conjunction with other equipment to form an ore dressing production line. The Ore Milling Equipment is an important component of the mineral processing production line. It is a necessary procedure to improve the grade of mineral material by using ore mill. The application value of concentrate and the selection of impurities in ore can improve the utilization ratio of mineral material and obtain higher economic value.

According to the characteristics of mineral material, choose magnetic separation or flotation method for mineral processing, if the mineral material does not contain leaves, mud, dirt, residues and other debris, only the magnetic separation function to select the concentrate. In general, in order to improve the aggregate grade better, the crusher, mill mine, spiral separator, flotation machine, magnetic separator is the key equipment for processing, other auxiliary equipment like feeder, screening machine, conveyor are also essential.

According to the characteristics of mineral materials, choose magnetic separation or flotation method for mineral processing, no matter what kind of choice, the production process is indispensable mine grinding machine.

The broken ground plus: the use of large stone crusher will be broken into small particles, can be used fine crushing processing combined, broken more fully, and then use the mine beneficiation mill for grinding after ore fines mine mill grinding into the next process.

Grading: need to use spiral pole machine classification program, using spiral classifier aggregate gravity size was graded aggregate, sorting out concentrate, spiral pole can be separated in the aggregate debris, to classify the aggregate.

Magnetic separator: magnetic separator uses magnetic force to separate the magnetic impurities in the mineral material. The magnetic separator makes a preliminary classification of the ore material, and then it is sent to the flotation machine for flotation processing.

Flotation machine: material plus flotation reagent into the flotation machine, making the minerals to be separated with other substances, after using the wet material of thickener initial concentration, drying, concentrate can be obtained.

New development of mineral grinding technology

October 23, 2017 by onlysunny  

Grinding of ore and other materials more finely, can make production more efficient, can save a lot of cost, and can make tailings recovery processing become simple. The fineness of grinding and discharging products discussed here refers to the P80 granularity of 20 m and 7 m, which needs to be produced in the production line of energy cost and low cost mill. If you want to reach the fineness, in the production line equipment selection, the general selection of ultrafine Ore Milling Equipment as the main milling equipment, mineral particle monomer dissociation required electric energy consumption accounted for about 70% of the total cost of mineral processing plant, in the application of conventional milling equipment will grind mineral size to 2020 m below, the traditional in ultrafine grinding when the cost of grinding and grinding fineness decreases with increasing exponential function.

A problem with the traditional grinding fine grinding mill is the mineral speed is relatively low, because when the mill speed is higher than the critical speed, the grinding medium by centrifugal force together with the rotary cylinder, power low speed mill is relatively low, in fine grinding, grinding and high processing capacity required for low power intensity mill can not meet the mineral industry, it must increase the equipment, which in turn increases the production cost, in order to solve these problems, need to use the traditional mill diameter greater than 20mm steel ball, the steel ball gap so large is great, the fineness of grinding in small particles of 2020 m is too large, the material of small the magic ball impact and grinding pressure can not form a fine effect, but increase the magic wear rate, make the production line to produce a large number of substandard products. Therefore, the traditional mill in the high demand of production requirements, appear more and more no ability, production contradiction is also urgent need to solve.

Based on this, brought the dawn of birth of new ore milling equipment for ultra fine mineral material, which has a fixed grinding chamber, small grinding medium, with a high speed rotating agitator operation in a mill, stirring mill rely on high intensity mixing effect, effectively promote the grinding medium small rotating at high speed a lot of compression, rotation of the dielectric layer, the dielectric layer can produce a lot of surface pressure and torsion, the crushed material to a suitable size. The test and actual operation of the new type of grinding equipment, the effect is very significant, is a classic of new grinding equipment.