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Should you buy a Butter Packing Machines?

November 16, 2019 by beho cz  

After all the advantages that we tell you, which many companies dedicated to the food industry already enjoy, you will ask yourself: Is it really convenient for me to invest in a vacuum packing machine? The answer depends on your financial analysis, for which the safest thing is to go to indicators such as ROI (Return on Investment).


This indicator that is measured in percentage can be applied with different variables such as, variation in business income, change in the cost of operations, total income, or in general, the variable that represents the benefit to be measured on the investment made on your machine


A beneficial result for your business should have an ROI above 0, never negative.


Now, keep in mind that for an effective calculation, it is vital that the data on the cost of operations, total revenues, or the variable you have chosen to apply the above formula and measure the ROI are correct.



How to choose the most reliable packing machine

For the choice of small Butter Packing Machines manufacturers, all will be very painful, especially for those who have phobia, the complicated market of packaging machinery is even worse, so when you choose, just look for the big manufacturers, the old brands don't They must be wrong, many years of commercial reputation and a unique after-sales service have reduced the problem for friends who need to buy small packaging machines, so it is not wrong to buy small packaging machines that are necessary for large manufacturers.

So how to choose the most suitable packaging machine

  1. First we must confirm what products we will pack.
  2. The high cost of performance is the first Principle
  3. Try to choose the long story packing brand factory with high quality guarantee.
  4. If you plan to visit the factory, try to pay more attention to the whole machine, especially the details of the machine, the quality of the machine always depends on the details, better test the machine with real sample products.
  5. About the after-sales service, it must be a good reputation with timely, especially for enterprise food production. You must choose a superior factory of the after-sales service machine.
  6. Doing a little research about the Butter Production Lines that other factories use may be a good suggestion.
  7. Request for daily maintenance process of the packing machine that includes machine cleaning, fixing, adjustment, and lubrication process and corrosion protection.

So for packing it is must to choose best packing machine because it affect the quality of food. The butter silos is essential for a flexible continuous butter making process. The silo mainly acts as a buffer zone for the freshly produced butter between the continuous butter making machine or the butter reworker system and the butter packaging equipment.



Investing in the best product packaging, such as vacuum packing machines, is a smart decision for the development of your business and to meet the needs of your customers.


Businesses of different scales are already supplied with advantages such as prolonging the shelf life of food (3 times or more), preserving its organoleptic properties, better presentation, quality and other advantages. Perhaps it is your time to do it!


Know about Butter Packing Machines and its usages

October 22, 2019 by beho cz  

The vacuum packaging technique is a trend for the preservation and presentation of food in the industry, as you must have already noticed. Undoubtedly, this type of packaging provides multiple advantages for your business and for your customers in terms of food quality, hygiene, comfort, time savings and return on investment.


 What are these advantages? Is vacuum packaging convenient for your business? Here we advise you on all this.




 Importance of vacuum packaging in food

Foods such as meats, cheeses, fruits or vegetables, sausages, and in general, liquid products of different types, can extend their shelf life while maintaining their taste, texture, colour and appearance properties, thanks to vacuum packaging.


 But how is this achieved? It happens that in the vacuum packaging all the air that the bag can contain inside is suppressed, which makes aerobic microorganisms (They need air to live) do not proliferate and die.


 These microorganisms are responsible for the breakdown of food; therefore, by including vacuum packaging by Butter Production Lines, you can keep your food longer and better. In fact, packing the vacuum prolongs the shelf life of a certain product up to 3 times or more.

 A very practical example is that which occurs with cheese; this food is one of those that, in normal packaging once put in the fridge, dehydrate after a couple of days, and at most, it would be suitable for consumption until the two weeks.


 By keeping the same cheese vacuum packed in the refrigerator, you could keep it for up to 24 months.


 Advantages of vacuum packing

 Undoubtedly, the great advantage of acquiring a Butter Packing Machines is that of extending the shelf life of the food that your company produces. Now, how much can that prolongation time be? * In refrigerator


For your business


This is one of the best product packaging with which you not only get the remarkable advantages in terms of prolonging the shelf life of food, but also because of the different advantages it represents directly in your business. Among the most important:


* Increase the availability and capacity of products stored in the warehouse

*  Facilitates the export of products

*  Reduce production times and costs

* Facilitate the expansion of your products to new markets

* Ensures high quality packaging

* Your presentation makes your products more striking



 For your clients

 Of course, the inclusion of vacuum packaging for the presentation of your products also means a series of advantages for your customers. Some of them are:


 * Safety and hygiene in the products you consume

* Saving by being able to keep your food longer, without having to dispose of it for not eating it quickly.

* Easy storage in pantry, refrigerator or freezer.

* Increased hygiene in food handling

* Practical sense when having vacuum packed food, which is usually already portioned

* Intelligent and optimal use of storage space

* Less food waste by having the possibility to buy precise portions and adjusted to the quantities you need.


How to choose the correct beverage filling machine?

October 9, 2019 by beho cz  

The adequate liquid food container is undoubtedly one of the important factors that have the greatest impact on sales results. And it is, because beyond the presentation, the hygienic conditions in which this process is, is of vital importance. Therefore, it is really very necessary to use machines for liquid food packaging, adequate, modern and equipped with cutting-edge technology.


The machines for liquid food packaging become even more important when we delve precisely into the food to be treated. We talk about dairy products, fruit extracts, juices, soft drinks and even natural water.


With continuous improvement and technology innovation, now the Butter Making Machines becomes more stable than before. While production efficiency has been greatly improved with the intelligent operating system, the operation is very simple and convenient.




And how to carefully choose the correct beverage filling machine

  1. First of all, you must determine what types of beverages you want to fill. Filling machine prices vary according to the range of your products. It is better to choose different filling machines for different types of products.
  2. Cost efficient is the first principle when you are going to buy Bottle Loaders. At present, the quality of the domestic food filling machine has enhanced in the quality much more than previous time. Choose a quality filling machine with stable performance, so that the packaging is faster and more stable, with low energy consumption.
  3. If there is a field for research, you should pay attention to the main aspects, but also pay attention to small details, because the details determine the quality of the machine in general. You should try to use sample machine as much as possible.
  4. A good reputation for an after-sales service, especially for food processing companies, is particularly important.
  5. Priority can be given to a trusted beverage filling machine and to the Bottle Unloaders.
  6. If possible try to purchase Crate Washers machines which have all accessories, simple operation and preservation, with automatic continuous feeding mechanism.

Utilities of machines for liquid food packaging:

  • These machines are used for the proper container of milk and all its derivatives, juices in box or glass container, water, soft drinks, sodas, beers, wines, spirits etc.
  • They have been designed to perform repetitive processes, without stopping for many hours in a row, which makes them suitable for eventually becoming part of an industrial automation process.
  • The machines for liquid packaging reduce to zero the risk of contamination with waste and the possibility of leaks in the packaging.

How to choose machines for liquid food packaging?

The machines for liquid food packaging are presented in different versions, according to the type of container in which we are going to package. We have among many other options, the tetra pack, the cardboard box, the plastic bag, the glass container.


Each of these versions, in turn, is presented with options for daily production quantity, programming and automation options, process configuration etc.

Packaging machines: the helping hand of industrial production

September 25, 2019 by beho cz  

One of the largest industries worldwide is the plastic and glass industries. Most drinks and non-perishable products need a container that allows them to keep their fresh ingredients, long-term consumables and durable over time. This is why the Butter Production Lines acquire great significance in the industrial production of these materials, since they are usually the most demanded in both local and international spheres for their fast and precise processing.


What are the advantages of a packaging machine?

The Butter Packing Machines by gravity, which are most commonly used machines and affordable, can be packaged simultaneously from 2 to 12 bottles. They have a stainless steel structure that guarantees maximum durability and quality that also meets the sanitary requirements required by the packaging processes.

The stuff that can work this kind of Butter Packing Machines, are mainly PVC, glass and polyethylene. In this way, packaging machines are very useful and practical and are of great help in industrial production . The organize of this kind of Butter Packing Machines is by mean of a microprocessor that has a mainly screen and keyboard to order more exact actions corresponding to the job.

When choosing a Butter Making Machines, it is important to consider its technical capabilities and if these are according to your personal needs, they have a security system and a size according to the space where the machine is to be located. It is also essential to assess whether the packaging machine has the certificates for sealing food products, pharmaceuticals, among others.

How do packaging machines work?

Vacuum sealing comprises one of the most used methods in food preservation processes. In fact, this technique greatly allows for greater storage of products. The packaging machines fulfill this function of vacuum sealing since it sterilizes and maintains in optimal conditions the materials or foods that are desired to be packaged, since the oxygen that can be housed inside is greatly reduced. However, there is a wide range of products that can be packaged and that these machines can make, such as: drinks (water, liquors, soft drinks, yogurts), solid and gaseous objects.

These machines can work through the CNC system (computer numerical control), where their main function is to achieve results in a short time and with the greatest possible accuracy. Artificial intelligence has advanced so much in recent years that it has been incorporated into industries to serve as allies in the mass production of packaging and sealing processes.

What are the procedures and types of packaging machines?

The first stage that a packaging machine performs is to introduce the product into its packaging, be it a plastic bottle, an aluminum can, blisters, among others. As a second stage, the packages are grouped and classified in their respective packaging, which are closed in vacuo and stored in detail. The packaging machines can seal horizontally and vertically and have different purposes, such as for heat sealing machines, Thermoforming, stretch film, shrink flow pack and - side seal.

Choose best machine for Butter Packing

September 7, 2019 by beho cz  

The dairy industry is characterized by the manipulation of a highly perishable product that must be monitored and analyzed correctly due to its high content of bio molecules which can cause changes in short periods of time if they are not controlled under the right conditions. In the cases, the process is handmade, in some it can be automated, so the appropriate Butter Making Machines in the industry must be adapted.

One of the delicate processes within the processes of the dairy industry is the packing or packaging of finished products, since they must be packed by Butter Packing Machines that ensures safety and guarantees the quality of the product that is delivered to the consumer.

The particle packaging machine for the material is small particle products, but some of the powdered items, the granular packaging machine can also be adapted, so that in the adaptation of the material, the granular packaging machine is not said to be the Special packaging machinery for particulate products. Automatic particle packaging machine, for large companies, complete automation can improve the production speed of companies, in order to increase the production of companies, automatic granular packaging machine greatly to meet the needs of large companies, but for small businesses, automation also completes the company to save a lot of labour.


Equipment:  For the task of packing Butter Silos products the equipment is varied since these can be manual or automatic, they also vary depending on the type of product that you want to pack and the volume of product you want to pack.

Automatic production accelerates the pace of production of the company, advanced technology gives the granular packing machine the best packaging quality, therefore, the particle packaging machine is also at the forefront of the market, the convenience of competition not backward, it is the same as upstream, and finally joined the ranks of automation so that our production companies provide more convenience.

Because the automatic granule packing machine for Butter Production Lines only needs a few operators to operate, the production process does not need artificial participation at all, so the automatic granule packing machine is common in small-scale small businesses. The advent of the automatic granular packaging machine showed that the particle packaging machine is an effort, now joins the ranks of automation; we all know that the automation of our life has brought a lot of convenience, such as Use of automatic washing machines and labour, so the automatic granular packaging machine is like that.

Uses of packing machines:

  1. Used to place food products in containers or containers.
  2. In some cases they serve to inject them into empty food or pack them inside controlled atmospheres.
  3. Some are thermo-forming and thermo-sealing, so they are used to create the containers where the food will be packed.

Advantages of packing machines:


  • In some machines, factors such as the temperature of packaging or packing of the product can be controlled, thus avoiding food damage.
  • Simplify manual work because automated technology produces a greater number of bottles or packages per hour.
  • The machinery has a hygienic design, they are also constructed with stainless steel that guarantees the safety of the product to be packed.

Key Reasons Why Everyone must Buy a machine to make Peanut Butter

August 19, 2019 by beho cz  

These days, people are searching for food which is baked freshly or freshly cooked. We clearly understand that there is some different sense related to satisfaction while you eat the food which is straightforward fresh from oven or, in such a type of scenario, Butter Making Machines are really helpful. It is mainly for the reason that because the delicate taste of the home-produced food as well as pureness of their content remains. This is what the machine got invented for the purpose of Butter Production Lines.



Basically, it's not really clear when the machine for peanut butter making was started initially to exist. As per some of the beliefs as well as studies, it was in early part of 15th century that natives of Africa began to grind the peanuts into stews. On the other hand, the soldiers of American civil war then made peanut porridge and Butter Silos, as this name usually suggests, uses of the peanuts. As for Chinese, they use the peanuts in different sauces where peanuts will get smoothly crushed. On the other hand, it is only the fact that in 1900s that a Butter Packing Machines were made for mass production of the nut butters.





No doubt that there is a huge difference between the grinding of peanuts for making butter from their early years of the existence up to present day. The versions have also well evolved with various types as well as designs according to the choice of customer. Moreover, there are different machines that are available for the purpose of the mass production but also there are even the ones which are designed for the home use as well as on small kind of the processing.



These days they may simply be available or found in several home kitchens now a day and also there is different kind of the great reasons for it. The initial point, increasing use of the additives in the manufactured goods might also not be much good for the purpose of long term health as well as this can even lead to complete level of illness. Hence, to prevent the purpose of eating of some of the additional preservatives through the much commercialized peanut butter, getting the machine for peanut butter making in comfort of home is very much recommended. The next point here is that if you have such machines in kitchen, you may also have various available choices as well as options about what kind of the nut butter you wish to have in your meal. You may even add some of the natural flavors to this, or to also help to produce butters that you can't buy at supermarket, like the macadamia nut butter. The last and important point here is that making your butters may be really a great lot of fun and you may also have bond with the children or different members of your family as well as different members of your friends.



Now, what you are waiting for?! If the maker of peanut butter is not yet on the list, so it is now time to have them.

What all can be made with the Peanut Butter Making Machine?

July 18, 2019 by beho cz  

For creating the much tasty as well as much delicious spreads out of the peanut butter as well as other nut butters, you should have the machine for peanut butter making. It needs to be much appropriate according to the usage, either if it is meant for your home, for shops, for the small production as well as for the industrial use. The machine could also be used for Bottle Unloaders and it is also used for the purpose of grinding nuts, mainly it is the peanuts, until the time it change into the food paste which is mainly made from the roasted nuts, it is simply known as the peanut butters. This is definitely a great accessory for your kitchen that may also be used from comfort of your house.


Apart from Bottle Loaders even the butters made from the peanuts, we may even produce other nut butters such as cashew, almond, walnut, pistachio, pecan, hazelnut butters and macadamia. Several of the butters are just not available to purchase, outside the shops of odd specialist food shop, and hence by making your specific kind of the version that you are creating which is something that not just is delicious as well as tasty but actually it is also quite much unique at the same time.

Actually, this is quite much surprising to learn about Crate Washers that few of the nuts that are also very much mentioned above are not actually nuts in the botanical terms though in the culinary sense, these are – this also includes the peanuts themselves. However, use of the peanut butter maker also does not just limit you for using of the nuts all alone as you may even use other kind of the foodstuffs such as the seeds as well as the beans. Just you need to make sure that every nut-butter makes the session, you have also followed perfectly for the machine instructions. The maximum or the higher quantity of the nuts along with the measurement of some of the additional food additives for making the nut butter tastier should also be taken into consideration while you are using the machine. Also, at the same time you should never forget even the safety tips for using it to avoid the unnecessary or the un-required accidents.

Many of these actually buy factory that is made for nut butters, for great level of the convenience for having it devoid of without doing this yourself to avoid any kind of the hard time in the kitchen washing along with operating maker. On the other hand, if we purchase and we do not make them by ourselves, there is also some tendency that spread will not be really nutritious as butters that we can make by ourselves, this is also good for health or this may also be a great help to enhance the risk which is related to the heart ailments? It is mainly for the reason that few of the commercial products usually have great amount of the preservatives as well as great number of the additives which are actually not considered to be good for your health. To ensure that you are also eating the right as well as much healthy nut butters, so you must also have the peanut butter making machine that should be placed in kitchen.

What are Butter production lines and butter packing machines?

June 7, 2019 by beho cz  

For the purpose of butter production, the butter production lines serve to be useful. It creates finest quality product having best moisture distribution and spread ability and that too with great care. The butter production lines are totally compatible with packing machines of EMF and ARM series.


Several benefits are there offered by these lines such as:

  • Along with butter production, the butter production linescan also be used for making several different spreads. No need of emulsifiers or stabilizers is there for product having low fat content.

  • Varied types of dosing units could be used for equipping butter production linesfor culture, moisture, dry ingredients, oil and salt slurry.

  • The butter produced is ready for the wrapping purpose. A butter pump could also be used to first used to fed it to desired capacity butter silos and then to the butter packing machine.

  • The shell life of spreads and butter by these is long.

Butter silos:

In between the packing machine and churn, the butter silos are used as a buffer. It is the capacity of the packing equipment and churn on which depends its volume size. For ensuring connected pumps proper feeding, a highly operative pressure tunnel is used to equip the butter silos. Gentle treatment in ensured for the butter with the augers of large diameter that run at slow speed.

Butter packing machine:

This is the machine designed for aiding the purpose of wrapping and filling the butter, margarine and others into the parchment paper or aluminum foil. Wide range of dosing is covered by the butter packing machine modifications from 8 to 1000g.

The major features of the machine:

  • Wrapping and filling of machine arm for the purpose of packing products of paste type into portions of consumer size

  • Products that can be packed: spreads, butter, fresh cheese, edible fats, margarine, curd, minced meat and other products of paste type

  • Output of machine is 20-80 packages per min

  • Just the brick height adjustment allow to have portions of varied sizes from single machine

  • Packages shape: portions in semi-round form and bricks in rectangular shape

  • Parchment paper or aluminum foil is used as the packaging material

  • The package folding type is length side or bottom folding

Accurate dosing, ease of operation, integrated solutions etc. are some of the many benefits of butter packing machine.

To get the desired product of finest quality, one can rely on the popular sources such as B e H o spol. In the industry of food and engineering, this Czech company has a long established tradition. All the equipment manufactured is the machines of the present day technology to meet all the requirements of the customers. The emphasis of the group is on quality, reliability and timeliness of fulfilling the order. Satisfaction of customer is always on priority and therefore one can rest assured of getting best quality desired products. They also have ISO certification that guarantees that all the processes are executed flawlessly.

What is the operation process of butter making machines?

May 10, 2019 by beho cz  

A highly compact machine capable of handling both sour as well as sweet cream is known as butter making machine. This machine is more productive with high output and as compared to the batch methods, the butter making machines are economical as well. This machine comes with specific feature of continuous output that is not found tin any of the methods used conventionally. Stainless steel of finest quality is used to make all of its contact parts that ensure that working conditions will be hygienic. In this case, it is always better to rely on the popular and trusted sources such as B e H o spol for getting the machine.


The use of butter making machinesis intended to produce butter of sour, lactic and sweet cream obtained from soured or sweet cream. It is also possible to serially produce mixed fats having concentrated fat content with the additional elements integration with the help of SNF’s reduced content or with additives of vegetable fat. Whether the butter making machinesare modified or the traditional ones, it is possible to produce all kinds in high quality on account of connected elements of control. It is the system of cleaning in place that round off the entire solution with reliable and simple cleaning of the system. Special washing caustic tank, tank for hot water, heating system and required valves are comprised in the CIP system along with corresponding pumps.

The highest requirements of butter standards are met by the butter produced with butter making machines. In the process of butter making, churns are also used.  These are the revolving containers that are barrel shaped and large. Agitation of cream takes place in these churnstill the clumping of globules of microscopic fat together. In the process, draining of liquid takes place after which sterilized water is used for washing the butter. The production capacity of continuous churnsis 1 ton butter/hour.

Bottle loaders:

The inefficiency of hand packing is eliminated by the bottle loaders allowing automatic packing of several molded containers. With the single system, more than one container could be efficiently loaded since the capabilities of bottle loadersare expanded in modern system. Different configuration of bottle loaderscould also be adapted with by the system. It is also possible to invert the layers, rows and patterns of checker board with the modern bottle loaders.

All those who are looking forward for getting the butter making machines can approach the trusted sources in the industry such as B e H o spol. A long tradition is there of this Czech company in the food and engineering industry field.High requirements are met at the customer end from all the modern machines manufactured by this company. The quality of products and machines delivered is ensured by established system of work, upright technical equipment and staff comprised of qualified and experienced members. ISO certification is also there to guarantee that all the processes are conducted flawlessly.