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Methods To Complete FIFA 20 Elite Eight Squad Building Challenge More Cheaply

September 25, 2019 by Chris Pineson  

  Here we are about to talk about the cheapest way to complete the FIFA 20 Elite Eight Squad Building Challenge.

  Just as you'd expect from the name, the FIFA 20 Elite Eight SBC (Squad Building Challenge) exactly requires 8 nationalities. Certainly,  that's not all; you can only have three players from the same club and two players from the same nation, and at least, you must have a minimum of 88 chemistry, five pretty rare players, and all the players need to be gold. Oh, god, the SBCs really don't get easier in FIFA 20. But fortunately for you, we've already done the legwork and also have a cheap FIFA 20 Elite Eight solution for you just right here. Still can not figure this out all by yourself? Check here and keep reading.

  The Solution To FIFA 20 Elite Eight SBC:

  This amazing reward for the FIFA 20 Elite Eight SBC is a Prime Gold Players Pack which is worth 45,000 FUT 20 coins, therefore, to say this solution costs under 8,000 coins means there's some serious value to be found here - if you don't get someone like Phil Jones as the best player in this pack, that is. The most you'll have to fork out for any specific player in this solution is 1,000 coins and there's likely a few that can be substituted out if you can't get them for at a much cheaper FIFA 20 Coins. Please keep in mind that you need to have at least five rare players though!

  And Now Here Is Specific Our FIFA 20 Elite Eight SBC Cheap Solution (Listed In Coins Order):

  ①CM: J. Baumgartlinger [GER 1/Austria] - 1,000 coins

  ②GK: T. Koubek [GER 1/Czech Republic] - 1,000 coins

  ③CM: N. Sahin [GER 1/Turkey] - 900 coins

  ④RW: E. Skhiri [GER 1/Tunisia] - 800 coins

  ⑤CB: D. Boyata [GER 1/Belgium] - 700 coins

  ⑥CM: W. McKennie [GER 1/USA] - 700 coins

  ⑦LB: R. Bensebaini [GER 1/Algeria] - 700 coins

  ⑧CB: N. Subotic [GER 1/Serbia] - 500 coins

  ⑨LW: F. Johnson [GER 1/USA] - 450 coins

  ⑩RB: T. Gebre Selassie [GER 1/Czech Republic] - 450 coins

  ⑪ST:  G. Burgstaller [GER 1/Austria] - 400 coins

  The Total FIFA 20 Coins You Spend Is: 7,600 coins

  Please keep in mind that the FIFA 20 transfer market fluctuates wildly and although this was the cheapest solution I could find at this time of writing, the prices might have already increased ever since. So we will keep updating this post as long as we find another better solution. For more FIFA 20 SBC solutions you can check here.