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What should be the Ideal Cost to Repair and Replace a Garage Door?

January 24, 2020 by Thrifty Garage Door Repair Calgary  

Over the years, your garage door can be at the receiving end of some serious damage. Whether it is intense weather or just your day-to-day usage, your garage door will eventually need some repairs. So to give you a better idea of the price of some of the most common repairs, here is a list of all the prices.


On average, the cost of any garage door repair is $190. There are other additional costs to this as well, that change depending on the size of the door, type of the door, and type of repair. There are only a few types of repairs, each with their own price. Most typical repairs include the springs, opener, cable, sensor, track, and locks, all of which can cost between $85 and $290.


Garage door repairs are considerably cheaper than replacing the door completely. While the most expensive repair that you can get is of a panel, which can cost about $800 on a high end, and a complete replacement of the door will cost over a thousand dollars. So before you set your mind to getting a replacement, be sure to contact a professional and see if they can repair your garage door.


As we mentioned before, only a few parts of a garage door can undergo repairs. Each of them has a different price and can affect the functionality of the garage door in different ways. Here are some common parts and the price of fixing them.

·         Locks: $100 - $300
·         Sensor: $85 – $200
·         Panel: $250 – $1000
·         Track: $125 – $400
·         Opener: $90 – $300
·         Springs: $50 – $350
·         Cables or Chain: $130 – $300

As was mentioned above, one of the most expensive repairs is the replacement of a garage door panel. The panel is the largest part of your garage door and is the part that protects your home from intruders. Whereas one of the lower cost parts of any garage door are the springs, but we would advise against buying cheap springs since they are more prone to damage and would require replacement sooner. 

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