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Domestic grinding wheel development trend

December 10, 2018 by zengbin  

After years of continuous innovation, and domestic manufacturers constantly introduce foreign advanced technology, the flat cutting disc on sale process has gradually formed its own development trend. The use of diamond cutting wheels is an indispensable process in chip manufacturing. The silicon wafer is diced by an ultra-thin diamond cutting wheel. At present, the process of using the diamond cutting wheel in China mainly uses thermosetting resin represented by phenolic resin. The fixed-line process of grinding wheel is realized by the heating furnace with heating up to several hundred. This energy-consuming and time-consuming manufacturing process The production costs are high. According to the research of relevant departments, the whiskers of the grinding wheel not only have excellent mechanical properties but also have various special properties. As a reinforcing component of polymer materials, it can greatly improve the mechanical strength, heat resistance and resistance of the matrix materials. Grindability, corrosion resistance, etc. Since the grinding wheel itself has a slender structure and high strength and high modulus, it can be uniformly dispersed and acts as a skeleton. In the production of grinding wheel, the addition of whiskers in addition to the general inorganic filler to reduce the shrinkage rate, but also due to the fibrous filler can produce a certain deformation when the force, so that the stress is easy to relax, eliminate the interface stress concentration and residual stress, reduce Internal stress of small products.

Resin wheel classification

December 7, 2018 by zengbin  

The choice of abrasive particle size is primarily related to machined surface roughness and productivity. When grinding requires coarse grinding, the grinding allowance is large, and the required surface roughness value is large, and coarser abrasive grains should be selected. Because the abrasive grains are coarse and the pores are large, the grinding depth can be large, and the grinding wheel is not easy to block and generate heat. When grinding requires fine grinding, the margin is small, the roughness value is required to be low, and finer abrasive grains can be selected. In general, the finer the abrasive grains, the better the surface roughness of the grinding. The resin grinding wheel is generally divided into an ordinary resin grinding wheel and a super-hard resin grinding wheel according to the abrasive. Ordinary resin grinding wheel is a grinding wheel with main abrasives such as white corundum, brown corundum, and silicon carbide as the main grinding component. The super-hard resin grinding wheel is a grinding wheel with a diamond or CBN as the main grinding component. Common flat cutting disc on sale and ordinary resin grinding discs are commonly used in the general resin grinding wheel market. Common diameters are 100, 180, 230, 300, 350, 400, 500. The super-hard resin grinding wheel market mainly includes super-hard resin cutting sheets and super-hard resin grinding discs. The diameter of common cutting sheets is 100, 125, 150, 200. Common disc sizes are 150, 200, 250, 300, 400.

Microcrystalline ceramic abrasive cutting disc

December 6, 2018 by zengbin  

Features of flat cutting disc on sale made of microcrystalline ceramic abrasives: 1. Sharp grain, strong cutting ability, and high grinding efficiency. Large depth of cut, large feed, heavy load, and efficient grinding are possible. According to the test, the single-stroke feed can reach more than 0.3mm, and the metal removal rate is more than twice that of the ordinary corundum grinding wheel. 2. The grinding wheel has good self-sharpness and no blockage, which can maintain stable grinding performance, so the correction amount can be reduced (about 1/3 of the general corundum grinding wheel), which can reduce the number of corrections and improve production efficiency. 3, the performance is far superior to ordinary fused corundum abrasive, the price is far lower than CBN and diamond abrasive, and its hardness is similar to ordinary corundum abrasive, so no special grinding equipment and correction device is needed, no CBN and diamond have special requirements for grinding equipment and difficulties in correction, and there is no special requirement for grinding fluid. 4, good toughness, small wear, good shape retention of the grinding wheel, used for precision grinding and profile grinding, easy to obtain high dimensional accuracy and dimensional consistency. 5. The grinding wheel has high durability and long service life, which can reach 5-10 times of ordinary corundum grinding wheel. The replacement frequency is low, the auxiliary time and downtime are reduced, which is beneficial to the use of CNC automatic machine tools for automatic production.

Small knowledge - grinding wheel classification

December 5, 2018 by zengbin  

The cutting disc is the most important type of grinding tool in grinding. The high quality cutting disc supplier is a porous body which is prepared by adding a binder to an abrasive, compacting, drying and baking. Due to the different abrasives, binders and manufacturing processes, the characteristics of the cutting discs vary widely, which has a significant impact on the quality, productivity and economy of the grinding. The characteristics of the cutting disc are mainly determined by factors such as abrasive, particle size, binder, hardness, structure, shape, and size. According to the abrasive used, it can be divided into ordinary abrasive (corundum and silicon carbide) grinding wheel and natural abrasive super-hard abrasive and (diamond and cubic wheel boron nitride, etc.) grinding wheel; According to the shape, it can be divided into a flat grinding wheel, a beveling grinding wheel, a cylindrical grinding wheel, a cup-shaped grinding wheel, a dish-shaped grinding wheel, etc.; according to the bonding agent, it can be divided into a ceramic grinding wheel, a resin grinding wheel, a rubber grinding wheel, a metal grinding wheel and the like. The characteristic parameters of the grinding wheel mainly include abrasive, viscosity, hardness, bonding agent, shape and size.

Analysis of the cause of the film on the resin cutting piece

December 4, 2018 by zengbin  

During the use of daily life, many consumers will soften when cutting materials, especially resin resin EN12413 cutting discs. Many people can't figure out what to do. The following is a summary for the majority of consumers, to answer questions. The solution of the large-section film is a technical problem, which is also caused by the influence of comprehensive factors. It mainly involves factors such as process plan, technical route, formula, consistency of raw materials and process. 1. The hardening temperature is low, or the temperature is too high, and the temperature and humidity suddenly change greatly. In addition, the fluctuation of the relevant technical indexes of the raw materials simultaneously meets the requirements of the Huaji cutting wheel film. If the hardening curve is the same as before, The film will be produced. The low stability of hardening means that the highest i-hardening temperature of the resin grinding wheel should be provided in time due to the double influence of the environment and raw materials, when the seasons alternate or the temperature and humidity change significantly. The hardening is high, which means that the hardening curve has been adjusted, but when the stability is reduced, the weather is dry and the hardening is not lowered in time, which is also easy to cause the grinding wheel film. 2. A short time of hardening curve This mainly means that under certain conditions, the low-temperature drying time of the hardening curve is short, and the heating rate is too fast in the heating stage. 3, the furnace or the kiln is too urgent or the temperature difference is too large. Because the grinding wheel, especially the grinding wheel with large diameter, should have a certain cooling period at the end of the hardening and heat preservation to meet the uniform release of the stress of the 6 inch es cutting disc; at this time, if the temperature is too high Or if the temperature difference changes too much, the cooling changes of the grinding wheel will not be synchronized, so the deformation of the grinding wheel will appear. The resin-cut grinding wheel film is actually a form of deformation. 4. Elimination of hardened humid atmosphere in hardened furnaces All hardening furnaces, whether box furnaces or tunnel kiln, must consider intake and exhaust when designing furnaces. Due to the release of a large amount of exhaust gas (mainly ammonia gas and water vapor) during the hardening of the resin grinding wheel, if these exhaust gases cannot be discharged in time, they will be re-absorbed by the pores of the resin grinding wheel during the cooling process of the grinding wheel, thus causing the grinding wheel to smell. And soft.

Method for forming part grinding by a surface grinder

December 3, 2018 by zengbin  

In production, there are two main methods for forming and grinding parts using a surface grinder. One is to use the trimmed forming disc to grind, and the other is to grind by a special fixture. Grinding the punch with a shaped cutting disc, That is, the cutting disc is trimmed into an inverted surface that perfectly matches the profile of the workpiece, and then the 125*1*22 EN12413 cutting disc is used to grind the workpiece to obtain the desired shape. There are many ways to trim the cutting disc, and there are mainly the following: (1) Trimming the cutting disc with diamond When trimming a cutting disc with diamond, most of the geometry of the forming surface is trimmed, but some discs are trimmed into a shaped one. This method of trimming the cutting disc is done by various cutting disc tools. The tools for repairing cutting discs in production mainly include angle repairing, repairing circular cutting disc tools, universal repair cutting disc tools, and mold cutting disc tools. Horizontal trimming disc angle tool. It is mainly used to grind the forming cutting disc at various angles between 0o and 90o, and then use this cutting disc to grind the inclined surface of the workpiece. When trimming the cutting disc, the position of the diamond tip is adjusted according to the convex or concave shape and the radius of the repaired disc. The horizontal arc trimming cutting disc clamp can trim various concave and convex arcs of different radii, or the profiles connected by arcs and arcs. When trimming a non-arc surface, if the shape of the workpiece being ground is more complicated or the contour is not a circular arc, a special master tool can be used to trim the cutting disc. The tool is dedicated; it is a master tool for shaping a convexly shaped cutting disc. The boring tool for trimming the concave shaped cutting disc is substantially the same as the dies for the convex forming cutting disc, but the contacts of the mastering pattern are used but should be pointed. The above-mentioned several cutting disc tools should be used when using. The diamond shank used must be clamped and must not be loose. (2) Squeeze the fiber cutting disc Chinese supplier with a roller The size of the extruded roller profile is the same as that of the part profile. The circumference of the wheel has a straight groove chute with an unequal distance. The groove width is 1.5 to 2.5 mm, and the depth should exceed 2.5 mm above the lowest point of the forming part. The groove acts primarily as a cutting edge and can accommodate the crushed sand. The material is bent at an angle of 10o to 15o from the center line of the crushing wheel. The iron piece is embedded in one or two straight grooves. After the extrusion finishing, the iron piece is also formed and can be used to inspect the ground profile and the iron piece. Form the cutting disc or the reverse roller. The diameter of the roller is generally φ50~60mm.

Grinding machine cutting disk steps

December 1, 2018 by zengbin  

As an important processing method for precision factories, surface grinders must have strict process specifications. Rigorous and standard work can ensure the stable precision and quality of the machined parts. The surface grinder operating procedure specification in this paper is available as a standard reference for the factory. 1. First of all, you must be familiar with the operation of the surface grinder to understand the performance of the surface grinder. 2. Before starting the machine, you must wear protective glasses and wear overalls. Fasten your clothes and sleeves. You must put the long hair into the working cap. Do not wear a scarf or gloves to operate the grinding machine. 3. Before the operation, the tools, measuring tools and workpieces should be placed neatly to remove any debris that hinders the operation and operation of the equipment. Before the operation, check whether the safety shield of the transmission part is complete and fixed. It is found that the surface grinding machine should be handled in time. 4. Check whether the transmission part of the surface grinder and the operating handle are normal and sensitive before starting the machine. See if the lubrication system of each part is unblocked and whether the electronic ruler displays data. 5. Before starting the machine, adjust the limit block of the left and right impact blocks according to the grinding length of the workpiece and lock it. 6. The installation of the cutting disc must be statically balanced. After the correction, the balance should be balanced again. The diamond of the flat cutting disc on sale dresser must be sharp. The height of the cusp should be the same as the horizontal plane of the center line of the cutting disc. It is forbidden to trim the cutting disc with a blunt diamond. The vacuum cleaner must be activated. 7. Start the grinding machine spindle to idle for 1 to 2 minutes. Observe the operation. Pay attention to the height of the cutting disc about 5 cm from the table. Confirm that the lubrication and cooling system is unblocked, and the grinding operation is performed after all the parts are running normally. 8. Check the workpiece, load and unload the cutting disc, and handle the machine fault. Stop the cutting disc after it has been removed from the workpiece. 9. It is forbidden to place non-processed objects on working faces, workpieces, and electric disks. It is forbidden to tap and calibrate workpieces on working faces and permanent magnet chucks. 10. When the moving disk switch is attached to the workpiece, it must be checked for firmness and then ground. When sucking higher or smaller workpieces, it should be fixed with a suitable height to prevent the workpiece from loosening and causing accidents. 11. When the cutting disc is close to the workpiece, the workpiece should be moved in the prohibited state. When the cutting disc does not leave the workpiece, the running is not allowed. The grinding feed should be gradually increased, not suddenly increased. Knife cutting to prevent the cutting disc from colliding with the workpiece. 12. During operation, you must concentrate on things that are not related to processing. Do not leave the grinding machine or grind the workpiece. Do not use air pressure to blow the table surface to prevent dust from entering the surface grinder track and affect the feel and accuracy. Do not allow others to operate the grinding machine or Keep the idle people walking around the machine. Especially on the side of the grinding machine. 13. After the operation is completed, the vacuum cleaner or the water tank should be closed first. After the cutting disc is idling for more than 2 minutes, the power of all the surface grinders is cut off, the handles are placed in the non-working position and the power is turned off. Before leaving work, the tools and workpieces should be cleaned and placed neatly to make the grinding table top and surrounding cleaning work. After working for one week in a row, the iron dust in the dust box or water tank should be removed. Do the above for your operation of the surface grinder technology will basically be.

Do you know what is grinding?

November 30, 2018 by zengbin  

Should be noted when grinding 1. Before grinding, first determine the correct bearing model, and identify the drawings to clarify the processing technical requirements between the parts. 2. Before driving, you must carefully check whether the operating handles or buttons are in the correct position, and whether the various movements of the grinding machine are normal. 3. Before using the new cutting disc, you must first idle for 5 minutes. After confirming that the operation is normal, first trim the outer and both ends of the resin EN12413 cutting discs, then remove it together with the flange, and then perform a static balance. 4. Before grinding, carefully check whether the workpiece being clamped is correct and the fastening is reliable. In particular, pay attention to adjust the position of the stopper and tighten it. Take care to prevent the cutting disc from colliding with the support frame, chuck or tip holder. 5. During the operation of the cutting disc, the operator should not stand in the direction of the front of the cutting disc and should not lean on the grinding machine to avoid accidents. 6. When grinding, first rotate the cutting disc and the workpiece, and slowly bring the cutting disc close to the workpiece until it is slightly in contact with the workpiece; and then feed the workpiece and the cutting disc under normal operating conditions (the feed must not be too strong) Also, you must stop after you retreat. 7. The workpiece cannot be measured while it is still running. Do not touch the cutting disc with your hand or wipe the rotating workpiece with cotton sand. 8. The operator should wear a fitted overalls and wear a mask to avoid inhaling dust and grinding liquid mist beads; women workers should wear a working cap; when trimming the flat abrasive cutting disc, pay attention to protect the glasses to prevent debris from flying into the eyes. 9. Before stopping the vehicle, cut off the grinding fluid supply system and let the cutting disc idle for 2 minutes to remove the grinding fluid adsorbed in the cutting disc. Grinding refers to the processing method of using abrasives and abrasive tools to remove excess material on the workpiece. It belongs to the finishing industry and is widely used in the machinery manufacturing industry.

Cutting heat of the cutting disc

November 29, 2018 by zengbin  

1 grinding heat and its conduction During grinding, the disc is violently rubbed against the surface of the workpiece, so that the instantaneous temperature of the local area is more than 1000 °C. Grinding sparks is the phenomenon that the grinding debris oxidizes and burns in the air. The friction between the abrasive particles and the workpiece and the deformation energy of the metal layer are all converted into heat energy, so the grinding heat and its conduction can be expressed by the following formula Q=Q friction + Q deformation = Q workpiece + Q wear debris + Q cutting disc + Q medium 2The effect of grinding heat on processing a Causes surface burn of the workpiece: The surface of the workpiece may be burnt under the action of instantaneous high temperature. The so-called burn is generally a non-uniform annealing of the metal material on the surface of the hardened workpiece under the action of grinding heat. As a result, the surface hardness of the workpiece is reduced, thereby affecting the performance and life of the part. The surface of the workpiece with severe burns can be seen by the naked eye, and the surface presents a layer of the oxide film that is burnt yellow or black. The surface of the workpiece with a slight burn is light yellow. Grinding materials with poor thermal conductivity, such as bearing steel, heat-resistant alloy steel, etc., are the most prone to burns. Grinding Master WeChat: 2105551090 b Residual stress and crack on the surface of the workpiece: When the temperature of the grinding zone reaches a change in the metallographic structure of the metal material (referred to as phase change), the metal surface changes in the metal surface and stress is generated. When the local stress exceeds the strength limit of the workpiece material, cracks are generated on the surface of the workpiece. c Affects the machining accuracy of the workpiece: grinding heat will cause thermal expansion and deformation of the workpiece, affecting the shape accuracy and dimensional accuracy of the workpiece. (3) Measures to reduce grinding heat an According to the material of the workpiece, the aluminum flat cutting disc elements are reasonably selected to optimize the grinding performance. The hardness of the cutting disc has a large influence on the grinding heat. When the dry grinding or the workpiece is in contact with the cutting disc for a long arc length, in order to avoid burns, a soft cutting disc can be used to exert the self-sharpness of the cutting disc. In the case of particularly large amount of grinding, the atmospheric hole cutting disc can be selected, which is not easy to block, has a strong cutting force and fast heat dissipation. b, Take good cooling measures, such as using the right cutting fluid or high-pressure cooling to improve the cooling conditions. At present, for the mass-produced grinding machine, the cutting fluid temperature regulating device is used to cool the workpiece at a normal temperature. c Reasonable use of grinding amount. When the peripheral speed of the flat abrasive cutting disc is increased, the thickness of the abrasive grains of the single abrasive grains is reduced, but the number of rubbing between the cutting disc and the surface of the workpiece is increased, the grinding heat is also increased, and the surface of the workpiece is easily burned. Although the increase in the workpiece speed increases the grinding heat, it is advantageous for heat dissipation because the contact time of the workpiece in the grinding area is reduced. Therefore, the workpiece speed should be appropriately higher during rough grinding. The amount of backing knife has the greatest influence on the grinding heat. If the finely trimmed cutting disc is ground with a large backing knife, it is prone to burns.

Gear grinding machine works

November 28, 2018 by zengbin  

Forming method The cutting disc of the forming cutting disc grinding machine processed by the forming method is shaped into a tooth shape by the forming cutting disc dresser in the axial section, and the cutting disc holder can be fed in the vertical direction. The gear to be ground is supported by the indexing frame and the tailstock and is longitudinally reciprocated by the table to grind the tooth surface, and the indexing is performed after each tooth is ground. On a machine tool with a helical gear, the aluminum flat cutting disc can be rotated at an angle according to the helix angle of the workpiece, and the workpiece can be additionally rotated while reciprocating. If the machine cutting tray enables the cutting disc to enter the internal gear workpiece, the internal gear can be ground. The forming cutting disc grinding machine has a simple structure, high efficiency, and accuracy of up to 5 grades, which is suitable for batch production and is particularly suitable for gears with a small number of teeth (for example, less than 10). Exhibition method The gear grinding machine processed according to the forming method can be divided into four types according to the shape of the cutting disc. Dish-shaped disc grinding machine: The narrow side of two rotating disc-shaped cutting discs is equivalent to the two tooth faces of the rack. The workpiece is moved by the rolling disc and the steel strip, and the table reciprocates along the axial direction of the workpiece. Exercise to grind the entire tooth width. After each tooth is finished, the indexing head is divided by the indexing plate. This machine can also be used to grind helical teeth with additional equipment. If a cutting disc is inserted into the internal gear, the internal gear can be ground. This kind of machine tool is the generally horizontal layout. When the diameter is more than 1 meter, the vertical layout is used, and the precision is up to 4 grades. It is suitable for grinding high-precision gears. Conical cutting disc grinding machine: The axial section of the cutting disc is trimmed into a tooth shape of the rack and linearly reciprocated along the tooth direction. The workpiece is finished and indexed by a worm gear, a lead screw, and an exchange gear, but it is also used for rolling motion of the rolling disc and the steel belt, and the worm gear pair or the indexing disc is used for the indexing movement (see color picture). The helical gear can be ground when the cutting frame is rotated through an angle of the workpiece helix. This machine tool is easy to adjust and has good versatility. It is suitable for single-piece batch production and has a wide application. Worm cutting disc grinding machine: The principle is similar to the hobbing machine. The cutting disc is in the shape of a large-diameter single-head worm (see worm drive). Each time the flat abrasive cutting disc rotates, the workpiece rotates through a tooth. The transmission ratio is accurate, and some use of mechanical transmission. Some are driven by synchronous motors, and some are driven by gratings and servo motors. During grinding, the workpiece is fed in the axial direction (see machine tool) to grind the entire tooth surface. The cutting disc is turned by a diamond turning tool or rolled into a worm shape by a rolling wheel. The machine tool has a vertical layout, continuous indexing, and high grinding efficiency. It is suitable for machining medium-sized gears in batch production. It is especially suitable for gears with a large number of teeth, and the precision can reach 4 levels. Large flat cutting disc grinding machine: The working plane of the cutting disc is equivalent to one tooth surface of the rack, and the involute model (also with steel strip and rolling disc) is used to generate the forming motion. The cutting disc and the workpiece are not reciprocated in the axial direction of the workpiece. After grinding one side of the tooth surface, the indexing disc is used to divide the teeth, and all the tooth surfaces are sequentially ground. The workpiece is then turned around and the other side tooth surface is ground. The machine tool has a horizontal layout, simple structure, stable performance, and accuracy up to 3 levels. It is mainly used for grinding the shaper cutter, shaving cutter and measuring gear for metering.