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How to Use SEC-E9 Machine Cut Tubular key?

May 15, 2019 by Chasen Black  

In this article keycuttingmachine will show you how to use SEC-E9 machine to cut tubular key,hope it helps!

what is a tubular key?
Tubular keys are short keys with a hollow shaft most often used to open vending machines to retrieve coins and cash. A universal tubular key is one that is cut to fit a set of machines so that there is not a separate key for each machine.

How to do tubular key cutting?
First you should have a key cutting machine for tubular keys
Tubular keys can be cut with SEC-E9 key machine.

Second you need a tubular key clamp

Source: http://www.uobdii.com/wholesale/tubular-key-clamps-for-sec-e9-key-cutting-machine.html
This is the tubular clamp tested ok with the SEC-E9 machine

Third, here is the tubular key list done by SEC-E9

Car Brand Model Year IC Card
AGA AGA 0-0 8647
AGA AGA 12 CSS2 0-0 8648
AGA AGA 42 0-0 8649
AGA AGA 39 0-0 8650
AGA AGA 37 0-0 8651
AGA AGA 0-0 8652
AGA AGA 0-0 8653
AGA AGA 0-0 8654
AGA AGA 0-0 8655
AGA AGA 0-0 7096
Beaver Beaver 0-0 6559
Bilma Bilma 0-0 8608
Bumil Bumil 0-0 6558
Chicago Chicago 0-0 6543
Dynaconsult Dynaconsult 0-0 6556
Fort Fort 0-0 6557
Fort Fort 0-0 6549
Lowe&Fletcher Lowe&Fletcher 0-0 6551
LYF LYF 0-0 8606
LYF LYF 0-0 8607
Meroni Meroni 0-0 6546
R.O.C. R.O.C 0-0 6550
R.O.C. R.O.C 0-0 6552
R.O.C. R.O.C 0-0 6553
Ronis Ronis 0-0 6554
SAG SAG 0-0 8656
Sentry Sentry 0-0 6555

Fourth, SEC-E9 and tubular key test report
Tubular key cutting done with SEC-E9 key cutting machine:
tubular-key-cutting-sec-e9-key-machine-1 tubular-key-cutting-sec-e9-key-machine-2 tubular-key-cutting-sec-e9-key-machine-3 tubular-key-cutting-sec-e9-key-machine-4 tubular-key-cutting-sec-e9-key-machine-5 tubular-key-cutting-sec-e9-key-machine-6 tubular-key-cutting-sec-e9-key-machine-7 tubular-key-cutting-sec-e9-key-machine-8
tubular-key-cutting-sec-e9-key-machine-9 tubular-key-cutting-sec-e9-key-machine-10 tubular-key-cutting-sec-e9-key-machine-11 tubular-key-cutting-sec-e9-key-machine-12 tubular-key-cutting-sec-e9-key-machine-13 tubular-key-cutting-sec-e9-key-machine-14 tubular-key-cutting-sec-e9-key-machine-15 tubular-key-cutting-sec-e9-key-machine-16 tubular-key-cutting-sec-e9-key-machine-17 tubular-key-cutting-sec-e9-key-machine-18
tubular-key-cutting-sec-e9-key-machine-18 tubular-key-cutting-sec-e9-key-machine-20 tubular-key-cutting-sec-e9-key-machine-21 tubular-key-cutting-sec-e9-key-machine-22 tubular-key-cutting-sec-e9-key-machine-23 tubular-key-cutting-sec-e9-key-machine-23 tubular-key-cutting-sec-e9-key-machine-25 tubular-key-cutting-sec-e9-key-machine-26 tubular-key-cutting-sec-e9-key-machine-27 tubular-key-cutting-sec-e9-key-machine-28
tubular-key-cutting-sec-e9-key-machine-29 tubular-key-cutting-sec-e9-key-machine-30 tubular-key-cutting-sec-e9-key-machine-31 tubular-key-cutting-sec-e9-key-machine-32 tubular-key-cutting-sec-e9-key-machine-33 tubular-key-cutting-sec-e9-key-machine-34 tubular-key-cutting-sec-e9-key-machine-35 tubular-key-cutting-sec-e9-key-machine-36 tubular-key-cutting-sec-e9-key-machine-37 tubular-key-cutting-sec-e9-key-machine-38
source: http://www.uobdii.com/wholesale/sec-e9-cnc-automated-key-cutting-machine.html

CGDI MB Benz W164 All Key Lost Programming EIS Data

April 23, 2019 by Chasen Black  

For traditional method for Benz EIS data collection,it will take you about several hours.It is inefficient,so here I share the guide on how to solve Benz EIS data collect inefficiently,here I take Benz W164 as example.
Benz W164 All Key Lost Programming EIS Data Collection (1)

CGDI Benz Prog
CGDI Benz AC Adapter

And for the Benz key programming you can reference this video guide:

Run CGDI MB Monster software and select “Wiring Diagram”,then check the wire harness diagram
Benz W164 All Key Lost Programming EIS Data Collection (2)
Follow the wire diagram to build wire harness connection
Benz W164 All Key Lost Programming EIS Data Collection (3) Benz W164 All Key Lost Programming EIS Data Collection (4)

Select “EIS” option at left menu bar,then click “Read EIS data”
Benz W164 All Key Lost Programming EIS Data Collection (5)
After reading EIS data,click “Compute Password” at left menu bar
Chose “Copy key without key”,and click “Collect Data”.
Then select “Platform mode(Quick collect)” and click “OK” to start data collection.Note:Here need CGDI MB AC Adapter
Benz W164 All Key Lost Programming EIS Data Collection (6)
Benz W164 All Key Lost Programming EIS Data Collection (7)
Please insert the simulation key within 1 minutes,if you have inserted,please pull out and try again.
(Please turn the quick collect adapter switch to the Platform position.Turn the key to ignition ON position)
Benz W164 All Key Lost Programming EIS Data Collection (8)
It will take you about 6 minutes to collect data,please wait…
Note:By traditional method,you need spend hours
Benz W164 All Key Lost Programming EIS Data Collection (9)
After data collection completing,save the data on your laptop
Benz W164 All Key Lost Programming EIS Data Collection (10)
Then click “Upload Data” button to upload the data you save just now for password caculation
Benz W164 All Key Lost Programming EIS Data Collection (11)
Upload data successfully,please click “Query Reqults” buttons to query
Benz W164 All Key Lost Programming EIS Data Collection (12)
Calculation successfully
Benz W164 All Key Lost Programming EIS Data Collection (13)

How to Connect Yanhua ACDP to Your Mobile Phone

April 20, 2019 by Chasen Black  

Here comes the guide on how to connect  Yanhua ACDP to mobile phone.If is necessary for fresh man on first time user to get it.And for more article about Yanhua Mini,please check here:Yanhua Mini ACDP Tech



1、Open the Bluetooth and connect the WiFi;

2、Open the ACDP on your phone and click setting as the following icon;Click “Initial use settings”

3、Following the directions: press and hold the “SET” button on the ACDP device for about 7s till the device’s buzzer sounds, then release the “SET” button. Then click “Next”;

4、Choose the device;

5、Enter the password of WiFi, then click “Start configuration”;

6、Bond the device;

7、Bonded successful as the following.


 Article from Yanhua Mini Tech Blog:

Launch CRP429C Data Report Playback

April 12, 2019 by Chasen Black  

Launch CRP429 Diagnostic Record
If user records the running parameters or waveform graphs while reading data
stream, it will be saved as diagnostic records and appear under this tab.
Tap “Diagnostic Record” to enter and select the desired data stream items and
tap “OK” to jump to the playback page.
On-screen Buttons:
Graph – displays the parameters in waveform graphs.
Combine – this option is mostly used in graph merge status for data comparison.
In this case, different items are marked in different colors.
Value – this is the default mode which displays the parameters in texts and
shows in list format.
Frame Playback – plays back the recorded data stream items frame by frame.
Once it is in frame playback mode, this button changes into “Auto Playback”.


Diagnostic Report
This module stores all diagnostic reports generated in process of vehicle
All the diagnostic reports are sorted by Date and Make. If there are too many
reports stored, tap (Search) to filter and quickly locate it.
• To select certain report, just check the box at the right lower corner of the
report. To select all reports, tap “Select All”. To deselect all, tap “Unselect”.
• Tap it to view its details.
• Select the desired report and then tap “Delete” to delete it.


Autel MK908P Vehicle Menu Layout

April 3, 2019 by Chasen Black  

Prior to first use of the Diagnostics application, the Autel MaxiCOM MK908 Pro VCI device must be synchronized with the MaxiCOM Display Tablet to establish a communication link.

When the VCI device is properly connected to the vehicle, and paired to the MaxiCOM Display Tablet, the platform is ready to start vehicle diagnosis. Tap on the Diagnostics application button on the MaxiCOM Job Menu, the screen then opens the Vehicle Menu.


Manufacturer Buttons
The Manufacturer buttons display the various vehicle logos and the brand names. Select the required manufacturer button after the VCI device is properly connected to the test vehicle to start a diagnostic session.
The small envelop icon displays beside the vehicle brand name is tappable,touching which displays an attached PDF file, showing relevant information,such as vehicle coverage and function list, etc. for the corresponding vehicle make.





How to Use CGDI MB Prog to Read/Clear/Write Mercedes Benz NEC chips

March 21, 2019 by Chasen Black  

This mini post show a test report on CGDI Mercedes programmer read,clear,write a NEC chip.And for more CGDI MB programmer test case,please check here:CGDI Benz Test Cases

Note:Download CGDI software here:CGDI BMW BENZ Software Download

step 1 dismantle the key and desolder the NEC chip
step 2 clean the pcb and nec chip before welding back on the board
step 3 identify the nec chip and weld onto the nec board
step 4 select the nec adapter and corresponding chip type
step 5 read key/chip
step 6 reset
cgdi-mb-nec-chip-6 cgdi-mb-nec-chip-7

step 7 if you have key files already, open/write
cgdi-mb-nec-chip-8 cgdi-mb-nec-chip-9 cgdi-mb-nec-chip-10

step 8 read key/chip to confirm the success of key writing
cgdi-mb-nec-chip-11 cgdi-mb-nec-chip-12


CGDI MB is able to read and write NEC chips!