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Scalp Micropigmentation: The Most Beneficial Hair Loss Treatment

December 5, 2018 by calum scott  

Scalp Micropigmentation has its roots in the 1970s and has been further developed in 2002. However, the first treatment that took place publicly was in 2006. Today, it has become the most effective procedure for hair loss treatment. And why wouldn’t it be? The advantages of this process are and have been proven impeccable.


How is the treatment carried out?

The method is similar to that of engraving a tattoo. With the help of micro needles, the practitioner applies a layer of pigmentation on the scalp, which gives the appearance of a full head of hair.


Are you wondering what the benefits of this practice are?

The Significant benefits of scalp Micropigmentation:

Let’s have a look at them!


  • No false entitlements: Unlike any other product or method available in the market, Scalp Micropigmentation does not claim any false rewards; it is one of the best cures to cover up baldness effortlessly.

  • Affordable: Being a permanent solution, investing in this treatment is a much better option than purchasing many products and getting no results at all.

  • Safe: No chemicals, equal no side effects! No incisions means no infections either! In other words, this is the safest solution of all. Not only does this process ensure the best results, but it also promotes safety.

  • Fast procedure: The entire treatment requires a few sessions, and that is all! It won’t get elongated like other processes available to you such as surgical procedures.

  • Fast healing: Recovery does not need any specific measures as such. All you need to do is avoid using shampoo and prevent from causing sweat during the processes initial sessions.

  • Little maintenance: No requirement for expensive hair products and medicines are needed. Just clean the pigmented area with regular water, and to add a bit of shine, you can try applying wax. That is the minimum level of maintenance that may be needed during the treatment of hair micropigmentation.

  • Younger appearance: The most essential benefit of this procedure is that you will feel young and confident once again. No more feeling aged! You may not have your hair back but it adds a great style, and is much better than baldness.

  • Realistic: Obviously, you won’t get your real hair back but the pigmentation matches your existing hair, and the looks are genuinely enhanced.

  • Long lasting: The treatment will last for years. However, in case you find it is fading, you can always add new pigmentation and a new shade to it, giving it a whole new look over time.

  • Covers imperfections: Bid goodbye to those scars from previous injuries or hair transplant surgery, it will also cover the existing trouble of baldness across your scalp and head.

Hopefully, it is pretty clear why people appreciate the procedure of hair micropigmentationIt has helped many people recover from baldness successfully.


So, if you are facing similar issues, do not think any further. Look online now and get more information about such clinics in your local area. Carry out extensive research on each one before availing in their services. Once you find the best practitioner, set up an appointment with them right away and be on your journey to recovery and self confidence once again.



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