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Tagada Ride for Sale China

November 14, 2018 by carneeridescn  

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Tagada Ride for sale is a kind of very common and special amusement equipment. Most of the large fairground, amusement parks and theme parks have such rides. It fits for both kids and adults, especially the young people like the disco tagada rides very much.
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The tagada amusement ride is a kind of amusement equipment popular in the world in recent years. The equipment suddenly rises and falls during the operation, bumps and undulations, changes infinite and runs fast and slow. It will be accompanied by strong and shocking disco music, and make the passenger feel like a beating note.
The tagada funfair ride is equipped with high-powered audio, DJ console, shining and colorful lights and various stage items. The tagada carnival ride brings endless possibilities to the passengers with novel gameplay, powerful music. When playing, you can feel strong personnel interaction, joy and excitement. The effect is even better under the night when the lights are flashing!

Carnee Tagada Ride Manufacturer

Carnee company provides large and small tagada amusement rides, and can also accept customization. We pay much attention on the material and good quality, and always regard quality as our value. Welcome to contact us if you have any special request.
Beside the tagada funfair rides, Carnee also provide various range of thrill amusement rides, kiddie rides, indoor amusement rides, carnival rides, water rides, etc. The most popular rides are horse carousel, Ferris wheel, roller coasters, swing amusement rides, pendulum rides, pirate ship rides, kids diggers, walking robot rides, tea cup rides, trackless train rides, ride on train with track, le bar car rides, swing tower ride, kamikaze rides, kangaroo ride, break dance ride, bumper cars, flying car ride and so on. There will be one or more rides to meet your demand and fit your business or amusement park.

How does Disco Tagada Ride Work?

For the disco tagada rides, they can be made with different themes and sizes, to fit for people with different age groups. It is composed of one round turntable, platform, background wall and fence and so on.
Passengers sit in the round bowl without seat belts, but there are protective bars around, which enable riders to hold on to. When the equipment start to spin, the music will also play, and riders will spin around in the round bowl. As the ride speed go faster, people will feel difficult to hold the bar and go up and down to leave their seats.
Tagada ride seems like a large disc that can be tumbled and turned to do more than a dozen movements. Riders sit on a soft seat of the large disc in a circle, and their body moves with the disc and music.
When people sit on the tagada disco funfair rides, their body are not fixed. They will be bounced up from the seats and fall on the ground as the speed change. The disco turntable can be rotated at 45 degrees. The way you play is when you sit in the seat and reach the highest point, you will fall off the seat when shake up.

Hot Sale Tagada Ride Price

How to select the good quality tadada rides with best price and make profits will be one of your most concern questions, and it is also really important for the good business development. Carnee company has devoted to amusement rides research and development for more than 10 years. We have professional engineers team, top sales team and after-sale service team. All of these can support us to provide good quality products and competitive prices to our customers.
In Carnee, you can find new style and high quality products, get good prices and enjoy more comfortable services. Welcome to contact us or visit our factory if you have any demand on the amusement parks rides. We can also help our customers make 3D design or park drawing if necessary. With good cooperation, most of our customers would like to place repeat order and introduce their friends or partner to Carnee for purchase on amusement rides. Trust us and find a new chance to make money.

Track Train Rides for Sale China

November 14, 2018 by carneeridescn  

Want to buy this ride, Email US:marketing@carneegroup.com

Ride on train with track is also called rideable electric train, mini train ride or backyard train. It is usually found in the amusement park, theme park, carnival, funfair or indoor entertainment center. The mini trains run on the track, which are just similar to the express train rides. Running speed can be adjusted from slow to fast, and kids like them very much.
mini trackless train
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The amusement train set is composed of train locomotive, carriages and the track. The train track is made of stainless steel tube. And under the track, there are many short crossties to support the track. And the train locomotive and carriages are mainly made of high quality FRP material, which make the train more durable and comfortable.

Elephant Track Train for Sale

Elephant track train is one of the miniature trains you can ride. The track can be customized as circle or square based on your area, and the track length is also customizable. There will be 3 or 4 train carriages to run on the track, and the track train is controlled by the control cabinet. The seating capacity is 12-16 kids. When children sitting on the train, it will run in circle again and again. People can feel very comfortable and excited on it.

Ocean Theme Track Train for Sale

Ocean theme track train is the small train ride, which is similar to the elephant track train. The main differences are the color, style and special ocean theme. It can also be used as the train rides for party, which is welcomed by both kids and adults. The ocean theme track train can not only add bright colors and good atmosphere to the party, but also bring the children more happiness.

Backyard Trains for Sale

Backyard train set fits for personal or family use, and it is always put in the backyard of a house. Even though it needs small area to fix, it can take several kids to play together at one time. If you have an open area or space in your backyard, you can buy and put a small train ride there. Your kids will like to play it very happily. And it is also easy to operate and maintain. Many people would like their children to play separately or play with their friends on this backyard train. It will be a good way for kids to make friends too.

Best Track Train Ride Supplier

Carnee Group is the professional manufacturer of various train rides and other amusement rides. It is located in Xingyang, Zhengzhou, China, which is one of the main production base of amusement rides in China.
Carnee has provided train ride to many countries, for example, America, Pakistan, Mexico, Nigeria, the Philippines, Cambodia, etc. Most of our customers give us good feedback and repeat orders after first purchase. And they will also introduce their friends or business partners to us for further business cooperation.

How Much does a Train Ride Cost?

The train ride is a necessary vehicle and amusement ride, which can be used in many scenic spots, amusement parks, carnivals, fairground and so on. What’s the price of a train? And how much does a train ride cost? These may be your most concern questions. Carnee is committed to design, produce and provide best amusement products to people all over the world. We pay much attention on product quality, new style, and attractive appearance. And we also want to give competitive price to our dear customers. For the train price and cost, different train models are not the same. Welcome to contact us or visit our factory to get the best price.

Miami Ride for Sale China

November 13, 2018 by carneeridescn  

Want to buy this ride, Email US:marketing@carneegroup.com

Miami ride is a new type of amusement equipment, which is very popular among kids and young people. It has a long seats with several small seats in a line. People seat on this funfair ride and rotate up and down, it is really fun and interesting. It can also be customized on structure, styles and colors.
trackless tourist road trains
kids merry go round
miniature trains for sale
Miami rides can be found in most of the funfairs, carnival activities, amusement parks, theme parks, outdoor squares, kids indoor entertainment centers, and so on. Many parents prefer to take their kids to take this ride, and it also make children happy.

What is Miami Ride for Sale?

Miami rides is also called as crazy wave rides. It is mainly composed of a flat platform, a vertical decoration wall, a long row of seats and two big arms. When the equipment running, people will feel they are moving in a totally perpendicular direction to the ground.
There are many different styles of the miami funfair rides, and some of them are specially designed only for kids. The seating capacity also different on different styles. Everything will be ensured to be safe and attractive. The miami rides are produced and sold directly by our factory, welcome to buy from us and visit our factory at any time.

Mini Miami Ride for Sale

As most of the players are kids, we also designed a smaller one for them, it is the mini miami ride for sale. The main differences than the super miami ride for sale are the bright color, shinning lights, and compact appearance.
Considering children are small, safety will be very important. On the design, we have paid much attention to make it fit for children very well. There is one long safety pressure bar before the seats, kids can hold it when equipment running, to ensure no accidents occurred. To attract kids, on the mini miami ride, there will be many cartoon pictures or small animals pictures. It will also make it more interesting to play on.

Why Miami Funfair Rides are So Popular?

The carnival rides miami are made of green and environmental raw materials, which all confirm to the national standard. Almost every amusement park in each country has such a ride, people like it very much. Its novel design, high safety, rock music, shinning lights all make the miami ride a popular equipment among both kids and adults.
In most of the outdoor square, miami ride will be set. Parents can take their children to play on it, and they can also take care of them before the ride. It can help kids to make new friends and learn how to be brave too.

Miami Trip Ride for Sale Manufacturer

Carnee has devoted to amusement rides production and sales for many years. We have professional design and R&D team, experienced engineers, and good sales team. Our products have been sold to more than 80 countries all over the world. We help our customer to design their amusement parks, give them training on installation and maintenance. Most of our customers give us good feedback after purchasing, and also return orders.
If customers have some special demand on the rides, we can also make new design and modify the equipment structure to customize the rides for you. Here, you can enjoy the best service and competitive prices. Welcome to visit and buy rides from us.

Samba Balloon Ride for Sale China

November 13, 2018 by carneeridescn  

Want to buy this ride, Email US:marketing@carneegroup.com

Samba balloon ride is a one of the classical amusement park equipment. Its standing feature is the combination of the samba balloons and the hanging baskets. The ride is mainly designed for children and families, especially fits for parents to play together with their kids. It is the perfect funfair amusement ride for most of the business planners and amusement park owners.
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The samba balloon amusement ride is luxuriously decorated and colorful. When riding on the balloon ride, people will feel the childishness innocence and happiness. The design of this set of the equipment is novel and unique, with a sense of modern times. It is very attractive to many kids, and very entertaining. If you have chance to go to the amusement park or theme park, you are strongly recommended to have a try on this ride.

Where to Buy Good Quality Samba Balloon Rides?

Good quality and safety factors are very important to both business owners and customers. To look for a reliable supplier and manufacturer is also necessary. We, the Carnee Rides, is a professional supplier and manufacturer of samba balloon rides and other large and small amusement rides.
In Carnee, we provide the thrill fairground rides, merry go round rides, swing rides, bumper cars, Ferris wheel, roller coasters, track train rides, tea cup rides, flying squirrel rescue ride, slingshot ride, pirate ship ride, kamikaze ride, self control rides, kiddie rides, indoor rides, carnival rides, pendulum rides, top spin rides, kiddie robot ride and so on.

How does Samba Balloon Amusement Rides Work?

Samba balloon funfair ride is a hydraulic rotating equipment. Based on the traditional operation mode, each cockpit can rotate separately and manually control. When the whole ride is running, each cabin under the balloon can also rotate. There is steering wheel in each cabin, people sitting on the ride can control its rotating direction by their own. Sometimes, the ride can also sway head when running, that is to go up and down alternately.
This product integrates lifting, revolving and self-rotating. There are many shinning lights on the samba balloon rides, it looks beautiful especially at night time. Each gondola holds up to 4 passengers, there are seat belts and locking door on it. Parents can seat together with their kids, it is fun and convenient for them to take care of the kids too.

Classification of Samba Balloon Rides for Sale

Swing samba balloon is a paradise for children, and it can be made with 6 balloons and 8 balloons., and it can seat with 24 persons or 32 persons at one time. From configuration and performance, it can be divided into sway type and normal type. Its rising and falling height is around 1 to 1.5 meters. The balloon drives the cockpit to rotate up and down as if it were dancing samba, hence people call it Samba balloon ride.

Features of Samba Balloon Ride for Sale

Why samba balloon rides are so attractive and popular? You can find these outstanding features of this equipment:
1. Samba balloons can add lights and made with different theme.
2. Large seating capacity and comfortable cabins. It fit for family members to play together.
3. The ride can go up and down freely, at the same time, it can also sway in different direction.
4. Each cabin with steering wheel, passengers can control its rotating direction freely.
5. Its style looks like the hot balloon, people feel like they are in the sky when riding.
6. Good quality and high safety.
7. Bright color and attractive.

Mini Flying Car Ride for Sale China

November 12, 2018 by carneeridescn  

Want to buy this ride, Email US:marketing@carneegroup.com

Mini flying car ride is also known as the happy flying car ride. It is one of the very popular kiddie amusement equipment in Carnee company. The flying car rides have novel styles and fashionable appearances. Whenever you go to the amusement park with your kids, the kids will like this ride a lot.
human gyroscope amusement ride
dodgem cars for sale
trackless train for sale
The mini flying car ride integrates the functions of rotation, music and lighting, which is favored by both adults and children. They are widely used in amusement parks, supermarkets, attractions, communities, playgrounds, kindergartens and other places with high flow rate of visitors.

Carnee Mini Flying Car Ride for Sale

Carnee has several different styles of the mini flying car carnival rides. It is composed of the flying car, track and the platform. For the small flying cars, there are BMW car style, happy car style, airplane style, airship style, etc., and the car colors can be painted with red, yellow, white, blue, golden or mix colors. The track can be made into standard moon track or longer wave track as you prefer. When the tourists are playing on the rides, the flying car will rotate in 360 degree, at the same time, it can slide on the track up and down. There is the feeling of climbing over the mountains, with great fun and thrill. When the equipment is running, there will be accompanied with music and flashing lights, passengers can enjoy the great happiness on it.

Why to Choose Carnee Mini Flying Car?

Carnee flying speed car ride is novel in style, bright in color, vivid in image, and the car can also rotate in 360 degrees. Passengers can enjoy the stimulating experience without any fear. Except the above features, it also has many other advantages worth buying.
The flying car funfair ride is made of high quality FRP material and steel material, and use environmental friendly painting. It takes small space, is very easy to operate and move around. Low investment and large return rate, durable and good reliability, all these make it a star product, which is well welcomed by buyers and park owners.
Our company’s long term developing aim is: quality first, customers first, and try to provide competitive prices with good quality. In Carnee, you can enjoy top service no matter before order or after purchase. If you have any inquiry or questions about our products, do not hesitate to contact us, and also welcome to visit our factory on site.

Carnee Mini Flying Car Ride Price

As the flying happy car rides have different styles and seating capacity, the prices will not be the same. Customers can check our official website, or contact our sales person to select their preferred models and send inquiry to get good price accordingly. If you have any special demand on the color or specification, please advise us, so we can check how to make it and customize the rides for you.

Self-Control Rides for Sale China

November 12, 2018 by carneeridescn  

Want to buy this ride, Email US:marketing@carneegroup.com

Self-control rides are one of the most popular amusement park rides. As the word meaning, it is a kind of amusement facility that passengers can control their own movement up and down freely when the ride is rotating. There are many different styles of the cabins and central decoration of the equipment, and colors can be customized too.
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carousel ride for sale
The self control ride is composed of mechanical, pneumatic and hydraulic electrical systems. It can rotate and go up and down around the center of the vertical axis. Based on different demands, the equipment can be made with 6 arms, 8 arms, 10 arms and even 12 arms, so as to take more people.

Different Styles Self-Control Rides

The self-control rides can be made into various styles to attract more people, and their cabins can be bumble bee, duck, elephant, plane, etc. The central column decoration will be similar theme to the cabins. The rides can be used for outdoor squares, carnivals, theme parks, fairgrounds, amusement parks and so on, which are welcomed by both kids and adults.

Self-Control Plane Rides for Sale

Self-control plane rides are kind of aircraft amusement equipment that can rotate and lift up and down freely. The aircraft are fixed on the supporting arms, and rotate around the central rocket or other forms of decoration. Passengers who sitting on the planes can control its ascent and descent by themselves. There are two buttons in the aircraft, very easy to operate.
As the development of technology, self-control plane amusement park rides are more and more beautiful and multifunctional. There are two types of control plane amusement ride currently, that is the self-controlled pneumatic aircraft and automatic hydraulic aircraft. On the central rocket part, supporting arms, and aircraft, they are equipped with many small and colorful lights, which makes it more attractive, especially at night time.

Self Control Rotary Bee Rides for Sale

Self control rotary bee rides are similar to the airplane amusement rides on function. The big difference is the appearance, its main theme is the garden flower and bees. The bug bumble bees rotate around the central part, and a big bee stands on the top of the equipment, kids and children like the styles very much.

Why Self Control Rides are Popular?

Self control rides have lovely styles and colorful paintings, many people like to play. It is easy to operate and very interesting, especially fit for families to play together. People can sit on the cabins and control its up and down, parents can also keep accompany with their kids when riding on it.
The self control rides are mostly used at outdoor area. It has large seating capacity, safety to ride, low investment and high return rate, is also a good choice for investors and amusement business.

Where to Buy Self Control Rides?

Carnee is the top manufacturer and supplier of amusement park rides in China, it has devoted in designing and producing amusement rides for more than 5 years. For the amusement park plane rides and bumble bee amusement ride, we have mature technology to produce it. And our products have been exported to more than 80 countries all over the world, such as Nigeria, Pakistan, Uzbekistan, South Africa, America, Romania, UK, etc. Carnee keep on exploring new markets in very fast speed.

Ferris Wheel for Sale China

November 9, 2018 by carneeridescn  

Want to buy this ride, Email US:marketing@carneegroup.com

Ferris wheel is a large wheel-like mechanical amusement equipment, and it is always used in the large amusement park or theme park. Looking from a long distance, it just looks like a big ring. The big wheel ride can also be regarded as a city’s mark or a park’s mark. You can remember it easily at the first sight when you go to play at an amusement park.
When you ride on a Ferris wheel, you can see the beautiful scenery around and enjoy the happiness with your family members or boyfriend and girlfriend. Many people think that riding on Ferris wheel can bring themselves joy and happiness.
fairground carousel for sale
children's amusement rides
trackless train for sale

Observation Wheel Structure

Observation wheel is another name of Ferris wheel. And its main structure consists of a big rotating upright wheel, column bracket, driving system, platform, electrical components and cabins (which are also called pods, capsules, gondolas, or passenger cars).
These cabins are attached to the wheel rim. When the wheel turns, they can still keep upright due to gravity. So the passengers will be safe in it, even if it reaches the top point. Some of the deluxe and modern giant wheels have the capsules mounted on the outside of the wheel rim. There is electric motor to independently rotate each cabin, to keep it in upright position and ensure passengers’ safety.
There are LED lights on the Ferris wheel. Especially at night, it looks as if the colorful wheel are rolling, very beautiful. When tourists ride on the Ferris wheel at night, as the big wheel rise slowly, you can see more and more night scenery of the city, and it will bring you unforgettable feeling and memory.

Ferris Wheel Manufacturer

Carnee Group is the professional manufacturer of outdoor large sized Ferris wheel rides and other amusement equipment. The factory can design and produce various kinds of Ferris wheels with height range from 15 meters to 120 meters. And it especially concentrates on the 30m, 42m, 50m, 65m and 88m sky Ferris wheel. All the components and design comply with the national standards. It has to resist to bad weather and cruel situation, even fight against typhoon or earthquake.
Carnee has the Manufacture License of Special Equipment, and Installation, Alteration, Repair & Maintenance License of Special Equipment. We have the cutting workshop, bracket workshop, cabins workshop and other mechanical parts workshop. All the parts and components are classified in order.
In our factory, we have established strict and complete quality control system, which can provide high quality Ferris wheel with favorable price. Reliable quality and fast delivery have won many customers’ trust and high opinion.

How does a Ferris Wheel Work?

As the carnival Ferris wheel is the large and complicated equipment, its working principle is little different from the other rides. The equipment is driven by the friction wheel. Motors drive the speed reducer directly, and the speed reducer will drive the friction wheel, and then make the wheel and cabins turn.
The giant wheel keep rotating very slowly, and passengers can go in and out the ride easily when the Ferris wheel cabin rotates at the lowest point. There are 2 safety devices on the pod shaft, and a safety lock on pod door, which can totally ensure passengers’ safety.
The big wheel ride is equipped with function of controlling of positive and negative rotation manually. In normal circumstance, it is under clockwise rotation. After starting up, the equipment will keep continuous running. No stopping even when passengers go in and out the cabins. But do not worry, there will be service personnel at the passageway. They will take care of the passengers when opening or locking the cabin’s door.

Human Gyroscope Ride For Sale China

November 9, 2018 by carneeridescn  

Want to buy this ride, Email US:marketing@carneegroup.com

The human gyroscope ride is one of the most popular amusement rides welcomed by both kids and adults. Sometimes we also call it the gyrosphere ride or 3D Space Ring ride, which fit for the amusement parks, entertainment centers, malls, funfairs, fairground or carnivals etc.
amusement rides for sale
bumper cars for sale
train rides for kids

Types of The Human Gyroscope For Sale

With the capacity of 2 seats, 4 seats and 6 seats models available, customers can choose freely. Colors can be customized base on customers demand and preference with red, yellow, blue, green, white, black or others. The human gyro carnival rides can also add shinning lights if you like, will be more attractive in the night activity, in the day time, colorful styles will attract many braves want to have a try.

Where to Buy a High Quality and Low Price Gyroscope?

Since you have well known about the advantages of the human gyro, then where to buy a gyroscope? We, Zhengzhou Carnee the professional human gyroscope manufacturer, can provide you the high quality product with competitive price. Carnee factory is located in Xingyang, Zhengzhou city, Henan province, China, if you are planning or have chance to visit our factory, we can show you how to make a gyroscope, check each point from the raw material, assembling, welding, polishing, painting, test running, inspection etc.
Experienced in research and development, production on various of amusement rides for more than 5 years, Carnee products have been sold to more than 100 countries already, for the amusement park, malls or personal business, with over 95% good customer feedback, and build the long term business cooperation.
With more than 200 professional product designers, installation engineers, after sales service engineers, workers and sales people to help you select on the amusement rides, make better design or suggestion for your park or plan, to ensure you get the best products, good price and satisfied service.

Container Loading of the Gyroscope

When loading the gyro, we will pack it with bubble film carefully first, then protect with iron frame, and load with 20GP or 40HQ container base on quantity and different items. We will dismantle it into several parts base on real condition, load them with best plan and take use of the space sufficiently and reasonably, to reduce the additional shipping cost for your consideration.

Warranty and Installation of the Human Gyroscope

Normally we will provide one year warranty for the gyro equipment, if any problems when it running or using during this period, just contact us freely. We will provide checking and inspection guidance in time, teach you how to repair or replace the spare parts with video call or instructions, and send you the free spare parts if necessary. Even out of the warranty period, you can contact us for solution on the gyro problems, once we get your feedback, we will reply you within 24 hours and help to solve the problems. For installation, we will send you the instruction manual and installation guidance together with the equipment for reference. But if you would like our engineer to go to your place, no problem, we can arrange, but it needs your support on the additional cost of engineers round trip air tickets, meal and accommodation, our engineer can also give you the training on how to install, operate and maintain the equipment.

Pirate Ship Ride for Sale china

November 7, 2018 by carneeridescn  

Want to buy this ride, Email US:marketing@carneegroup.com

Pirate ship ride is also called as swing boat or viking pirate ship, and it is often seen in the playground, amusement park, theme park, carnival or funfair. Pirate ship is a type of newly designed amusement ride that swings back and forth around a horizontal axis. The name of pirate ship ride is derived from the appearance of the ancient pirate ship.
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tagada ride for sale
carnival amusement rides
After starting the pirate ship carnival ride, it will swing slowly, and gradually become quick. Passengers sit on the pirate ship pendulum ride, just like they are shipping on the stormy sea. Sometimes rushing to the crest of the wave, and sometimes falling to the bottom. It is so thrilling to challenge the limit of your psychological bearing ability. The “pirates” have been regarded as the mysterious persons since ancient times. They always appear on or around the sea, and do something bad things. Many people only see them in books or on televisions, but never see them in reality. This makes people, especially children, want to know more about the mysteries of “pirates”. Therefore, when the children see the pirate ship amusement ride, they will surely would like to have a try and want to become a pirate captain by themselves, so your business opportunity is also coming.

Pirate Ship Ride Description

The pirate ship amusement ride is composed of passenger cabin (the ship), support arm, suspension system, transmission system, platform, operating system and other parts. There are two types of the ship body, that is FRP or iron material type, you can choose according to preference. The rocking pirate ship ride can also be equipped with gorgeous lighting, wonderful music, long lasting and fade free paintings.

How does a Pirate Ship Ride Work?

For the pirate ship working principle, let’s give you some general explanation. When the motor rotates, it drives the tire through the belt. The tire rotates and rises under the action of the electric hydraulic propeller, and touches the friction track at the bottom of the passenger ship. Under the effect of friction, the ship will swing freely. After 2 to 3 times of friction driven, the passenger cabin can reach the designed swing angle, such as 45 degree or 60 degree.

Classification of Pirate Ship Ride

There are many types of pirate ships with different sizes and seating capacity. For example, the kids pirate ship with 8 seats or 12 seats, and the giant pirate ship ride with 16 seats, 24 seats, 32 seats or 40 seats. The pirate boat ride area will be decided by its seating capacity, and you can choose your preferred one for your park based on its design, seating capacity and your park space limitation. One of the very popular type is the dragon pirate ship, at both fores of the ship, there are two dragon heads, with incomplete body. And a man stands in the center part of the ship, which looks like the Chinese traditional dragon boat race.

Features of Mini Pirate Ship

1. Various designs. Taking into account of children’s interests and psychology, when designing the kids pirate ship, people would like to decorate it with more cartoon character appearances and colorful paintings. So that children can play happily, at the same time, it can stimulate their interests on new things.
2. Suitable for both indoor and outdoor. Due to its small size and beautiful style, the kids pirate ship can be used both indoor and outdoor. It is more convenient and interesting than the other general amusement rides.
3. Highly simulation. The small pirate ship style simulates the real pirate ship, kids will have great interests on it. Especially when they are playing in the pirate ship ride adventure world or pirate ship ride wonderland.

Bumper Car Ride for Sale china

November 7, 2018 by carneeridescn  

Want to buy this ride, Email US:marketing@carneegroup.com

Bumper car ride is one of the kiddie rides, and it can be seen almost in every amusement park or indoor amusement center. The funfair consists of several groups of dodgems rides, and the funfair bumper cars are played together by kids, family members, or friends. Driving on the bumper cars and run into each other, you can enjoy very happy moment and meet some new friends. Bumper cars are necessary amusement rides for parks.
fairground bumper cars
buy amusement rides
electric train rides

Types of Bumper Car Ride for Sale

About types of the hot selling bumper cars, they can be divided into mainly below 3 types:
1. Battery operated bumper cars
2. Electric bumper cars
3. Inflatable bumper cars

Hot Sale Bumper Car Manufacturer

Carnee equipment company is the professional amusement park rides manufacturer, and it has its own factory and overseas sales department. Experienced in designing and producing battery bumper cars, electric bumper cars and inflatable bumper cars, also kiddies bumper car rides and other amusement rides, Carnee can surely provide you the high quality products with low prices.
The bumper car body shell is made of the FRP, which the thickness is 5mm-8mm. The protective layer use color gel coat, function on high strength and acid and alkali resistant, against fading by expose to the weather.
Carnee company always regards the product quality as the most important value. From the raw material suppliers selection and key electric parts purchase, product design, research and development, to the producing progress, installation and inspection, factory all pay much attention and take strict control action. All the purpose is to ensure we can provide our customers high quality products, good services and competitive prices.

Bumper Car Spare Parts

When delivering the bumper cars, we will provide you with some small spare parts free of charge. And you can also buy some additional ones for spare use in case of any urgent demand. Here we list you the parts that may be needed for your reference: Bumper car motors or engines, batteries, steering wheels, foot plates, brakes, outer tires, inner tires, conductive wheels, dodgem shell etc.
We will provide you with one year warranty, and you can contact us freely if any problems of the bumper cars. Our professional after sales department will reply you and provide you the solution within 24 hours.

How to Buy the Dodgem Bumper Cars?

1. You can scan Carnee website to check and select the bumper car rides you want, and then send inquiries to us, or contact us by email, skype, facebook, whatsapp, telephone, etc.
2. Our sales managers will contact you and reply you once they get your inquiry or information.
3. We provide you with the detail quotation of the bumper cars for your check and confirm.
4. Once you confirmed all the information correct and no change, we will send you the proforma invoice for you to make the payment. We can accept the T/T payment or online payment method, which is preferred by your side. If any other choice, we can talk further.
5. Factory arrange production of your order, then arrange delivery.