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Mozilla Thunderbird not Responding

August 5, 2019 by Jim Carry  

Thunderbird Customer Support Phone Number

Mozilla Thunderbird is an email application which faces some unnecessary issues. The concerns are put up by different users. Thunderbird has its share of issues, mainly when the users operate it on Windows 10. One of the basic ones includes where the email service doesn’t respond and runs slow. It either keeps crashing or hangs in between while using the application. It becomes a trouble for the people as they can’t access the service to and fro. Read this blog and understand the ways to fix the error. You can also reach out to the technical experts at Thunderbird support and have a word with them.

There are different sets of solutions provided to make it more easy and convenient for you. You can start with implementing them one by one and see if they resolve your issue or not.

Solution 1- Disable the antivirus application that blocks Thunderbird

Many times, the antivirus application installed in your system can pose Thunderbird issues. The tools interfere with the system, thereby blocking some applications. Maybe the antivirus has blocked the Thunderbird application. You can verify whether this is the case of not. Otherwise, you can either disable specific antivirus features or the entire application. If the issue is persistent, you can also uninstall it. You need not worry as with Windows Defender; the PC will not be at risk.

Solution 2- Update Mozilla Thunderbird

Outdated versions of Thunderbird can become a problem, especially if the users are opening the application on Windows 10. You can always check for the latest updates and make sure to install them to avoid any future troubles.

Solution 3- Run Mozilla Thunderbird in a safe mode

If any third party application causes Thunderbird to freeze in between, you need to run it in safe mode. To run Mozilla Thunderbird in safe mode, follow the instructions shared below

  • ·        Tap the Windows Key, and I key together to open Settings App
  • ·        Click on Update and Security
  • ·        From the left pane, click on Recovery and then choose the option of Restart Now
  • ·        Now, from the given list of options click on Troubleshoot, then on Advanced options and later on Startup settings.
  • ·        Click on the Restart button and then the specif key on the keyboard to select the version f the Safe Mode
  • ·        Now start Mozilla Thunderbird

Solution 4- Disable Thunderbird add-ons

  • If the third-party add ons that are installed are posing a problem, then you need to disable them
  • ·        Press the Shift key and run Thunderbird application
  • ·        Check the box which says Disable all add-ons
  • ·        Click on Continue in safe mode


Solution 5- Contact Mozilla Thunderbird customer care

If the above solutions do not work, then without wasting any time contact Mozilla Thunderbird customer service. Promptly connect to the techies for the solution.


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Thunderbird Email Login Problem

July 30, 2019 by Jim Carry  

Mozilla Thunderbird is an effective way to better your email experience and manage your accounts. It is a cross-platform email client that allows subscribers to manage emails and chat messages. Thunderbird, which is known as a free open source software, is developed by the Mozilla Foundation. The Mozilla Thunderbird software is designed to give you complete control over your email account, including allowing you to customize your experience and sync your email. However, you may sometimes find it difficult to access your email account or log in to Thunderbird. This article will give you some simple solutions you can use to try and fix the Thunderbird email login error. You can also call the Thunderbird technical support phone number and ask for technical assistance if you need help implementing the solutions.

Solutions to fix Thunderbird email login problems

Solution 1: Check the configuration and server settings

The whole point of Mozilla Thunderbird is to give users a reliable and safe email experience. If you encounter an email login problem while using Thunderbird, you need to make sure you are using the correct server settings. You can refer to the steps below to review the settings and fix the login problem:

·        Step 1: Go to the account settings and check the SMTP outgoing settings

·        Step 2: In the server name field, type “smtpout(dot)secureserver(dot)net.”

·        Step 3: Make sure the connection security option reads “STARTTLS.”

·        Step 4: Your incoming and outgoing username is your email address

·        Step 5: Change the port setting to 80 and select the ‘Use name and password’ option.

The server settings are case sensitive, so you must make sure you type the settings exactly as they are given in the above steps. You should also double check the server settings with your email client to make sure everything is in order.

Solution 2: Open Thunderbird from Safe Mode

One reason why users may find it difficult to log in to their email account on Mozilla Thunderbird is because of compatibility issues with a third-party application that is installed on the computer. You can refer to the steps below and open Thunderbird in Safe Mode to check if the issue can be resolved:

·        Step 1: Use the Windows Key + I shortcut to open the Settings app.

·        Step 2: Navigate to the Update and Security section and go to ‘Recovery.’

·        Step 3: Click on the ‘Restart Now’ button located in the right pane.

·        Step 4: Go to the ‘Troubleshoot’ section and open the ‘Advanced’ options.

·        Step 5: Locate the startup settings and click the ‘Restart’ button

·        Step 6: Press the appropriate keyboard key and choose which version of Safe Mode you want to open Thunderbird.

If you find that Thunderbird opens properly without any problem and you can log in to your account then you know that the Thunderbird email login error is most likely caused by a third-party application and not Thunderbird itself. You can call the Thunderbird customer care number and speak to a trained software expert to find out how you can identify and uninstall the software or application that is causing the problem.

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How to reset password in Thunderbird?

July 27, 2019 by Jim Carry  

Thunderbird is being used by several users throughout the world and provides greater satisfaction in terms of using email services and accessing emails. Suers ac has better communication with Thunderbird email service without any technical hurdle. However, you may land into trouble if you can't recall your password and unable to proceed further. There could be several tools that can fix the problem. This blog will also help you in this situation. If you follow this blog till the end, then you can easily get the password that you have set for your account, and these steps will lonely be applicable if thunderbird application has been opened in your system. If you need further support, then you can also contact Thunderbird customer care phone number for more information and prominent support.

Easy steps to reset the password in Thunderbird

This method will only work if you are able to open the Thunderbird application on your computer. Then you can easily reset your password which you can't remember. These steps will.l help you to do so:

·        You need to launch the Thunderbird application on your computer.

·        Now you have to go to the tools menu.

·        Once you click on that, you will get a menu with several options.

·        You  need to look at the bottom of the lists where you can find the ‘options.’

·        Open the ‘options,’ and in a window, you will get multiple options from where you have to choose security and password tab.

·        Next click on the option ‘saved password’ and follow the screen instructions.

·        Now a saved login window will appear on the screen where you can see all the accounts and profiles that are currently working or were in use for sometimes.

·        Then you can choose the account that you are looking for and click on the show password option.

·        A pop-up box will open asking you to confirm the show password or not.

·        You have to click on yes to confirm it that you need to see the password.

·        Inj the next window you will get the password for specific accounts, and you can easily determine the password there.

·        Now if you want, you can change the password easily.

In case you are not getting the proper way to perform these activities, then you can contact at Thunderbird technical support and get the most prominent support form the expert of Thunderbird email service. There you will be getting the easy solution with easy steps in quite quickly.

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Thunderbird Email Stopped Working

July 11, 2019 by Jim Carry  


Thunderbird email offers some great features to make it easy for users to have the easy way of email communication. It also offers a safer ground to keep your account and other information safe and secured. You can get some issues as well related to the Thunderbird email. If you getting Thunderbird email is not working then you should contact at Thunderbird tech support phone numberto get the easy support. This blog will also help you to fix the issue easily if you follow the blog until the end and focus on the solutions.

How to fix the issue easily:

Thunderbird email is extremely organized and well-established email service that can provide the best solution to fix the issue. Now you only need to look for these methods to get the solution:

Method 1.First of all, you need to check the internet connection it is working fine at a good speed. You should check the wired connection as well. You need to restart the router to remove the issue related to internet connectivity.

Method 2.Then you need to verify the server settings for Thunderbird email. You have to go to settings and find the settings for IMAP and POP3 to make them accurate. Then you can resume the AOL mail services. Configure the mail settings with this information:

·        Incoming mail server (POP3/IMAP server): mail.yourdomain.com

·        Outgoing mail server (SMTP server): mail.yourdomain.com

·        Username: the full e-mail address like email@yourdomain.com

·        And then enable the SMTP authentication as well.

Method 3. You should also check if the password is working. If you are using through PC, then check the keyboard for caps lock and num lock. If you are using the mobile, then you should remember that it is case sensitive. Once you figure out password related issue, then try to log in again.

Method 4.You also have to make it sure that AOL mail is not getting any interruption from any other third party software or application. You should disable firewall, windows defender as well along with the antivirus software. You can also revive the security settings of the software to run it easily.

Method 5.There may be some external attack from virus or malware. Some corrupted files may also create the issue. So you need to find them and remove the causes to fix the issue.

Get further support at Thunderbird contact number:

With the help of the above methods if you are not able to solve the issue, then you should access the Thunderbird contact numberand get connected with the most prominent expert with expertise in Thunderbird email servicing. Then you can easily solve the issue with a guaranteed method.

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