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The Hair Extensions Methods In NYC Offering Perfect Fashion And Style

January 11, 2019 by custom hair by catherine  

Are you in the lookout for hair extensions methods in NYC that offer best of fashion and style? If you are then you cannot avoid the NYC hair extensions methods that you can have from us at Custom Hair By Catherine.



The hair extension methods that we offer

The hair extensions methods in NYC that you can have from us at Custom Hair By Catherine are fully customized according to your desire and requirements. So, you can be certain that it would be the best to offer you the fashion and style that you long to have. It would be good to have a look at the extensions methods that we offer.

Tape In Hair Extensions: Your hair is attached to 1 1/2 inch or less ultra thin, tape like strips of hair. These hair extensions methods in NYC can add length, volume, and fill out broken sections or shorter sides.  In addition to all natural colors – amber, rooted colors and color melting are available which allows for an unlimited range of color effects.  It works well on most fine hair, as removal does not break down your own hair.




Tape in hair extensions last 6-10 weeks between tightening, are lightweight, and can rarely seen or felt. The hair is top quality and can be reused for 6 months with proper maintenance. Not all Tape In hair extensions NYC are universally the same. We at Custom Hair By Catherine had to try several kinds to find one that is good quality hair, stays in, and is easy to remove without breaking our clients’ own hair.


Sew in/Invisi-Link Wefts: This one of our hair extensions methods in NYC utilizes single hand-tied strips of wafted hair that are attached with small metal rings that cannot be seen.  The attachments are extremely flat.  It works well on shorter length hair achieving a well-blended integration for length.  It also works great on very fine hair without breaking it down.  Depending on hair texture, this method lasts 5-8 weeks.  The hair can be re-used 6 months when properly maintained.




Removable Extensions: We at Custom Hair By Catherine also make removable hair extensions using wafted hair with clips or an invisible wire.  This one of our hair extensions methods in NYC are also visually undetectable and is great for you if you travel extensively, live out-of-town, or just don’t want to be bothered with maintenance.  Wafted hair extensions can be alternated between a weave and removable application any time.




So, when you require to have best of hair extensions for having perfect style and fashion do call us at Custom Hair By Catherine dialing (917) 482-6493 for an appointment. Stay connected with Custom Hair By Catherine on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Google Plus social networks!!

Professional Hair Extensions Salons Give The Best In Quality Hair And Addressing Your Specific Needs

November 3, 2018 by custom hair by catherine  

Are you struggling with the growth of your natural hair or is your hair really fine and could use some extra volume? Professional hair extensions service in New York provides a great way to change your look and boost your self-confidence.




Hair extensions salons in New York provides the best quality hair extensions that will remain in good condition for much longer than do-it-yourself versions. Furthermore, because of the hair quality, your hair extensions will blend seamlessly and look 100% natural.




People end up having problems with cheap hair extensions which become dull and dry after a couple of washes because the hair has been coated to look shiny and healthy but washes off. Improper color matching, cheap hair and no aftercare advice is a recipe for a bad result.   If you wish to have a natural undetectable result, consult with reputed hair extensions salons in NYC.  Receiving hair extensions from a fully qualified specialist trained and experienced in many methods of hair extensions insures a high-quality result.


   hair extensions


Matching the color for hair extensions can be tricky! Therefore, hair extensions salons NYC offers a range of every color imaginable to ensure you get your color right the first time.  The experienced hair extensions professionals in New York love what they do.




They offer the best solutions depending upon the client’s needs to insure their hair extensions can transform the way they feel and look.  Professional hair extensions salons NYC makes it happen easily to achieve the volume, length or color to your hair that you desire! 


Custom Hair By Catherine specializes in offering the best hair extensions that look and feel like your natural hair. We’re here to help you find the best quality of hair extensions that fits your specific situation. If you have any questions or would like to schedule a complimentary consultation, please contact us at 917-482-6493 or Customhairbycatherine@yahoo.com today! We will be happy to advise you on your best options! Stay connected with Custom Hair By Catherine on Facebook, Instagram, and Google Plus social networks!!

Expand Your Hair Styling Options with Hair Extensions

September 20, 2018 by custom hair by catherine  

Wonder how your favorite celebrities get their luscious and beautiful hair every time! Wish to get such perfectly maintained hair? You can achieve that… How? The best and simple way to get that picture, perfect hair is hair extensions. Hair extensions NYC have become a huge trend in the hairstyling industry among ladies of every age around the globe. These extensions not only make your hair look beautiful but also provide you an entire fresh look. Having extensions definitely expands your styling options!


Hair Extension


But when you are considering extensions you need to becareful before deciding which ones. There are many different types of hair extensions available. Therefore, to get the right ones, you need to consult with a professional at hair extensions salons NYC.


Clip-In Hair Extensions

If you wish for temporary, cheap hair extensions then clip-in synthetic hair extensions are the best alternative as these can be placed in the hair and removed easily at any time without any help of a professional stylist. Custom made clip- in’s using top quality hair are more of an investment, but they blend better and look and feel real.


Sew In Hair Extensions

This method uses wefted hair attached to either a cornrow (weave) or links that create a “track” to sew onto. The Invisi-Link method is much flatter and more comfortable. Many colors and/or textures can be blended to create a seamless blend. Of course, the quality of the hair is key to how real the extensions will look and feel.


Halo Hair Extensions

      Fazillah Halo


This method uses wefted hair sewn together in one piece with a wire attached. It lays on your head like a crown and you section your hair around the wire and weft to keep it in place. There are many mass-produced Halo’s you can buy online at various prices depending on the quality of the hair.


Custom made Halo extensions can be designed to fit your needs specifically. The color can be blended to create highlights, lowlights and match your hair perfectly. It is also sized to fit your head so there is no “sliding”. Some people only want a little bit of volume, so the Halo can be made less thick too.

Remy Hair Quality

If your priority is quality over price and want long lasting, realistic looking hair extensions, then Remy hair extensions are the best solution. These are 100% human hair extensions that have been pieced together from hair donors that have not had any type of hair treatment or damage to the hair. The hair comes from all across the world mainly India, China and other parts of Asia and Europe. Authentic Remy quality hair also has the longest lifetime of all hair extension types, when maintained properly.


hair extensions


Keep in mind, the term “remy” is a generic term used all over the internet to indicate quality. The cuticle of the hair should be intact. However, it is not always the case. Sourcing and processing of the hair is the key factor. It is best to find an expert who specializes in hair extensions with trusted quality sources. The best quality hair is usually European, Russian, Italian, and Indian Hair. But again, just because the hair is labeled with the above names doesn’t guarantee that’s what it is. Unfortunately, it is trial and error finding good sources.



Custom Hair By Catherine is one of the most renowned and professional hair extensions salons in NYC offering different types and styles of hair extensions New York services. Stay connected with Custom Hair By Catherine on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Google Plus social networks!!