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2 Locks Tips Every Realtor Should Know

November 27, 2018 by Bill Weingard  

Being a realtor, people assume your job primarily consists of helping clients to find the appropriate property at the appropriate price. While that may habitually be your main function, your ultimate objective is to keep an eye on your clients’ best interest while fulfilling all of their home buying & selling requirements. And to do this effectively, there are 2 vital pieces of info regarding locks you should be mindful of. Every house has locks, and no house is secure when it’s locks are not efficient.


Rekey the locks:

Most people know that it’s smart to change their locking systems when relocating into a new house, particularly if it was owned previously, but a very few know that replacing their locks isn’t the least expensive way to accomplish this. Lock replacement can be expensive & time consuming,  as they require buying & fitting totally new hardware.


Residential Lockout


This is one instance where rekeying can be a very simple yet affordable solution. Rekeying is the procedure via which the inner components of the existing locks on a house are reconfigured, and new keys are cut to match the new pattern. The old keys are made unusable, whereas the old locks are as safe as if they are brand new.


Rekeying is something all realtors should be mindful of, and better than asking your clients to rekeying, you can provide it for them instead. In fact, rekeying makes the ideal closing gift and is affordable and practical. What a lasting impression you’ll leave on your clients if you provide them the gift of a more secure house.


Strengthen deadbolt by 100 percent:

Deadbolts are usually known to the main security feature on majority of the doors, but they can still give away if excess force is applied.


Longer and durable screws are one secret to boost the potency of deadbolt as they reach all the way down to the actual structure  in the door frame & strengthen the door against severe force. Ask our Locksmiths in Scottsdale AZ about having  specialty screws installed into the door jambs in order to make those deadbolts strong & those doors much more kick-in resistant. Also make sure the strike hole where the deadbolt locks into is drilled at least 1” deep–if it isn’t, the door can likely be opened from the outside with no sign of forcible entry. Cave Creek Lock & Key is well versed in the correct installation of these type locks–You can trust your security to the Locksmith at Cave Creek Lock




By assuring that your clients’ deadbolts are supported by more than just the typical fastener, you safeguard their investment & send a message of concern for their well-being.


Being a realtor, your clients are depending heavily on you as they choose a new house. By being knowledgeable regarding locks & lock security, you can ensure your clients find the correct house & also know how to correctly secure it. At Cave Creek Lock & Key LLC, our locksmith in Scottsdale AZ loves working side-by-side with realtors to make sure their clients are well taken care of. If you think we can be your helping hand, feel free to call us at (480) 488 -9842.


This blog is originally posted here: https://cavecreeklock.wordpress.com/2018/11/27/2-locks-tips-every-realtor-should-know/

Locked Yourself Out Of Your Home? Know What To Do!

October 27, 2018 by Bill Weingard  

Has this ever happened to you? Coming home after a tiresome day at the workplace and realizing you forget your keys? Or deciding to take a quick trip to the store & finding you don’t have the keys with you after locking the door? Sadly, this is a very common occurrence that has happened to nearly everyone. Next time you get locked out of your home, try these below mentioned tips or call a locksmith in Scottsdale AZ immediately.


Get in touch with a neighbor:


If you discover yourself in a home lockout situation, the best helping hand could be your neighbor. If you don’t have a cell phone with you this becomes even more essential. They can assist you contact someone who can help during such a situation. They may even allow you to stay in their home while you try to sort out the lockout issue or until your Scottsdale AZ locksmith arrives for help.


door locksmith


Call your landlord:

If it is an apartment complex where you are living in, or are just renting out, it could be an excellent idea to call your landlord. Generally, they’ve got the keys to all the units in the apartment or a master key that can open your door easily.


Look for any unlocked windows:

Another idea would be to look if there is any unlocked window & try to enter from there. Of course, it’d be better to lock all of your windows before leaving the home, but in the off chance you did not, an unlocked window is a handy entry point. However, be careful while trying this kind of stunt to avoid any mishaps or injuries.


Hide a spare key outside in case you do get locked out, if you can’t find a good hiding place you can put a spare in a lockbox. We carry several types of locking key storage boxes in stock, one can be locked onto your hose bib, or onto a vehicle while other can be fastened to your home or even hidden. A professional Scottsdale AZ Locksmith can help you to never get locked out again


office door key


Call your nearby Scottsdale AZ Locksmith:

This is definitely the easiest and best way to gain access to your house or business  again without damaging anything. They have the tools along with the necessary training to open, service & repair your locks. For a reasonable fee, they can break into your home without doing any damage at all.


Your professional Scottsdale Locksmith also opens, sells and services safes and file cabinets. We can add a lock to your file cabinet if it doesn’t have one as well


If you ever find yourself in a home lockout situation like this, feel free to call Cave Creek Lock & Key LLC. We are accessible for all kinds of home or business lockout emergencies. We also specialize in all lock repairs & installation, precision key cutting, custom-made locking system and many more. Your most trusted Locksmith in Scottsdale AZ is just a phone call away from you. Call us at (480) 488-9842.


This blog is originally posted here: https://cavecreeklock.wordpress.com/2018/10/27/locked-yourself-out-of-your-home-know-what-to-do/

Avoid A Burglary! Follow These Smart Home Security Tips

September 13, 2018 by Bill Weingard  

Burglaries have been out of control these days.  They take place continuously, ranging from commercial to residential places, rented or owned. What matters to burglars is they can take something of value. There’re times when lives were harmed and/ or lost due to these inopportune occurrences.

To stay away from such frightening statistics, one has to be prepared & well-equipped against such happenings. Having the contact number of a professional locksmith in Carefree, AZ is also handy. Listed below are some points to know & ponder upon if you are looking to improve your home security.


Aim for higher security measures:

Homes should have a limited entry-exit door because this will decrease the danger of illegal entries to the premises. Ensure these doors are fitted with high-security locking systems. Call a professional locksmith technician to ask regarding the latest & most secure locking units out there in the market. For instance, double deadbolts make forced entry much more difficult & also prevents the unlocking & opening of your doors from the inside. Be sure to ask them to install a window lock. Also, ensure it stays closed & locked, throughout the night or when the home is vacant.

Don’t forget to keep your precious belongings in a secure & safe place. Have an appropriately installed ‘safe’ or ensure that your drawers or cabinets where you store your belongings have good quality locks installed.

Locksmith Services

Find the weak spots in your home:

You must have heard the saying “prevention is better than cure.” So, it really becomes important to check if there are spots where a burglar can possibly go. An outside storage or shed should be kept closed & secured; costly items aren’t for such locations. There must be limited access to your garage also. It’s very important to limit entry to utility rooms because a criminal can cut through the wallboard and make entry to your home quite easily in some cases.

Get in touch with a local locksmith in Cave Creek AZ and seek professional advice on what safety measures are essential to make your outside property more secure against burglary.

office door key

Make yourself familiar with the community where you live in:

Familiarize yourself with the vicinity where you live in. get to know the people residing around you & let them know that you’re a part of their community. In fact, your neighbor could be your best asset when it comes to personal security. They can look after your premises when you aren’t around or notify you when they notice anything wrong nearby your property.

Do you need advice regarding how to improve the security of the place where you are living? Don’t hesitate to call Cave Creek Lock & Key at (480) 488 9842.

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5 Reasons to Rekeying Your Home with Locksmith in Scottsdale AZ

August 16, 2018 by Bill Weingard  

Rekeying locks at your home is one of the most effective and affordable ways in order to improve the safety of your home. Changing the locks completely can’t be a solution for your needs.

Hiring a professional locksmith in Scottsdale, AZ to rekey the home is an easy way to keep your family safe and secure. Unfortunately sometimes homeowners don’t take time to do so. They may wonder whether it is well-worth their time and money. Even if you can account for every old key to every lock in your home, there are different reasons why do you rekey your home in Scottsdale, AZ.

The significance of rekeying your home’s locks

  1. Burglars will take advantage.

When you leave your property in a vulnerable condition, burglars will take advantage. If you move into a home recently or the locks are old, you may be leaving your home, your possessions, and your loved one’s open to harm.

  1. Simplify your lifestyle.

Rekeying your locks is a perfect way to live a simplifying lifestyle. For instance, maybe you have given keys to friends and neighbors earlier; but now you don’t know who has a key or maybe you no longer want all of those people to have access to your home.

Some homeowners have multiple keys to access different doors of their homes. Do this sound familiar? If you would rather have a key that works for every door, you should rekey the locks.

  1. When the keys are rusty, damaged, and old:

Over the time, locks or keys become damaged, tarnished, or just old. In addition to leaving your home in vulnerable state, this situation can make it really frustrating every time you need to  enter your home. Fixing this issue can save you a lot of time and effort.

  1. When the keys are lost:

Most homeowners have lost their keys at least once and suffered anxiously until they are found. If you lose a key and can’t find it, then you should rekey the lock to make sure that someone else won’t use the key to gain access to your possessions.

When it comes to upgrading your safety:

If your home has been targeted frequently, you will want the peace of mind that comes from upgrading your overall safety. The feelings of violation that come when you’ve been the victim of a crime can be alleviated to a great degree by taking steps in order to protect yourself.

The professional locksmith in Scottsdale, AZ at Cave Creek Lock & Key LLC can handle all of them for you, ensuring you a complete peace of mind that your home’s safety is improved. Contact our locksmith service to get your safety concerns taken care of.

If you have further queries about locksmith services and pricing details, please contact Cave Creek Lock & Key LLC today. Rest assured that, we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

This blog is originally posted here: https://cavecreeklock.wordpress.com/2018/08/16/5-reasons-to-rekeying-your-home-with-locksmith-in-scottsdale-az/

Hiring a Scottsdale Locksmith Service? Things to Check Before You Call Them in Emergency

August 8, 2018 by Bill Weingard  

Even though we belong to the reputed locksmith service industry, we must need to get you aware of nasty locksmith scams which are on speed roll in recent days. These fraudsters target your home, belongings and other properties when they are at their most vulnerable, we mean when you are in need of emergency locksmith service assistance.

Locksmith Scottsdale

If you are smart enough to keep contact of a locksmith service provider for your Scottsdale, AZ property, then don’t forget to check on the below mentioned list of precautions for best assurance.

Check If They are Truly Locals or Not

The best way to ensure the authenticity of a Scottsdale locksmith service provider is to research them in advance. Call them beforehand and ask them all the detailed questions you have and don’t forget to check their reviews. Check the business’ legal name. If they claim to be a local company, search for the specific address mentioned by them or their website.

Get Work & Cost Estimations

Renowned Scottsdale locksmith service providers typically have a fixed price quote which they can provide you right with a call or on sight. They don’t use cheap bait-and-switch tricks. Remember, best locksmiths in Scottsdale, AZ don’t work in cheep, although they offer seasonal and loyal customer discounts. So, get a free work and cost estimation before you start working with a locksmith.

What Skills They Have

It’s crucial to choose the right locksmith technician when you need them at the time of emergency. Ensure their skills by questioning your queries related to lock problems. Let the Scottsdale locksmith solve your queries and inform you about his special skills. Ask if he has any specific training or not to enter this industry. Until then don’t reveal your specific requirements in front of them.

Ask If There are Any Addition Charges

Don’t forget to ask if the service provider is going to charge extra in emergency hours or minimum service costs. Reputed locksmiths only claim for genuine service charges without asking for any unnecessary replacements. If you have doubts regarding any of their work, don’t hesitate a second to ask. In scenarios like this, scammers will hesitate to answer you where as professional will easily clear your queries with most adequate solutions.

Auto Locksmith

 Do you have more queries for us? Feel free to get in touch with us at Cave Creek Lock & Key LLC and get immediate professional assistance for all your Scottsdale locksmith service queries. For more details on our services, hurry up and visit our service website now. You can also call us at (480) 488-9842 for immediate assistance.

Choose The Right to Enjoy The Best….

This blog is originally posted here: https://cavecreeklock.wordpress.com/2018/07/12/hiring-a-scottsdale-locksmith-service-things-to-check-before-you-call-them-in-emergency/