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Avoid A Burglary! Follow These Smart Home Security Tips

September 13, 2018 by Bill Weingard  

Burglaries have been out of control these days.  They take place continuously, ranging from commercial to residential places, rented or owned. What matters to burglars is they can take something of value. There’re times when lives were harmed and/ or lost due to these inopportune occurrences.

To stay away from such frightening statistics, one has to be prepared & well-equipped against such happenings. Having the contact number of a professional locksmith in Carefree, AZ is also handy. Listed below are some points to know & ponder upon if you are looking to improve your home security.


Aim for higher security measures:

Homes should have a limited entry-exit door because this will decrease the danger of illegal entries to the premises. Ensure these doors are fitted with high-security locking systems. Call a professional locksmith technician to ask regarding the latest & most secure locking units out there in the market. For instance, double deadbolts make forced entry much more difficult & also prevents the unlocking & opening of your doors from the inside. Be sure to ask them to install a window lock. Also, ensure it stays closed & locked, throughout the night or when the home is vacant.

Don’t forget to keep your precious belongings in a secure & safe place. Have an appropriately installed ‘safe’ or ensure that your drawers or cabinets where you store your belongings have good quality locks installed.

Locksmith Services

Find the weak spots in your home:

You must have heard the saying “prevention is better than cure.” So, it really becomes important to check if there are spots where a burglar can possibly go. An outside storage or shed should be kept closed & secured; costly items aren’t for such locations. There must be limited access to your garage also. It’s very important to limit entry to utility rooms because a criminal can cut through the wallboard and make entry to your home quite easily in some cases.

Get in touch with a local locksmith in Cave Creek AZ and seek professional advice on what safety measures are essential to make your outside property more secure against burglary.

office door key

Make yourself familiar with the community where you live in:

Familiarize yourself with the vicinity where you live in. get to know the people residing around you & let them know that you’re a part of their community. In fact, your neighbor could be your best asset when it comes to personal security. They can look after your premises when you aren’t around or notify you when they notice anything wrong nearby your property.

Do you need advice regarding how to improve the security of the place where you are living? Don’t hesitate to call Cave Creek Lock & Key at (480) 488 9842.

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5 Reasons to Rekeying Your Home with Locksmith in Scottsdale AZ

August 16, 2018 by Bill Weingard  

Rekeying locks at your home is one of the most effective and affordable ways in order to improve the safety of your home. Changing the locks completely can’t be a solution for your needs.

Hiring a professional locksmith in Scottsdale, AZ to rekey the home is an easy way to keep your family safe and secure. Unfortunately sometimes homeowners don’t take time to do so. They may wonder whether it is well-worth their time and money. Even if you can account for every old key to every lock in your home, there are different reasons why do you rekey your home in Scottsdale, AZ.

The significance of rekeying your home’s locks

  1. Burglars will take advantage.

When you leave your property in a vulnerable condition, burglars will take advantage. If you move into a home recently or the locks are old, you may be leaving your home, your possessions, and your loved one’s open to harm.

  1. Simplify your lifestyle.

Rekeying your locks is a perfect way to live a simplifying lifestyle. For instance, maybe you have given keys to friends and neighbors earlier; but now you don’t know who has a key or maybe you no longer want all of those people to have access to your home.

Some homeowners have multiple keys to access different doors of their homes. Do this sound familiar? If you would rather have a key that works for every door, you should rekey the locks.

  1. When the keys are rusty, damaged, and old:

Over the time, locks or keys become damaged, tarnished, or just old. In addition to leaving your home in vulnerable state, this situation can make it really frustrating every time you need to  enter your home. Fixing this issue can save you a lot of time and effort.

  1. When the keys are lost:

Most homeowners have lost their keys at least once and suffered anxiously until they are found. If you lose a key and can’t find it, then you should rekey the lock to make sure that someone else won’t use the key to gain access to your possessions.

When it comes to upgrading your safety:

If your home has been targeted frequently, you will want the peace of mind that comes from upgrading your overall safety. The feelings of violation that come when you’ve been the victim of a crime can be alleviated to a great degree by taking steps in order to protect yourself.

The professional locksmith in Scottsdale, AZ at Cave Creek Lock & Key LLC can handle all of them for you, ensuring you a complete peace of mind that your home’s safety is improved. Contact our locksmith service to get your safety concerns taken care of.

If you have further queries about locksmith services and pricing details, please contact Cave Creek Lock & Key LLC today. Rest assured that, we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

This blog is originally posted here: https://cavecreeklock.wordpress.com/2018/08/16/5-reasons-to-rekeying-your-home-with-locksmith-in-scottsdale-az/

Hiring a Scottsdale Locksmith Service? Things to Check Before You Call Them in Emergency

August 8, 2018 by Bill Weingard  

Even though we belong to the reputed locksmith service industry, we must need to get you aware of nasty locksmith scams which are on speed roll in recent days. These fraudsters target your home, belongings and other properties when they are at their most vulnerable, we mean when you are in need of emergency locksmith service assistance.

Locksmith Scottsdale

If you are smart enough to keep contact of a locksmith service provider for your Scottsdale, AZ property, then don’t forget to check on the below mentioned list of precautions for best assurance.

Check If They are Truly Locals or Not

The best way to ensure the authenticity of a Scottsdale locksmith service provider is to research them in advance. Call them beforehand and ask them all the detailed questions you have and don’t forget to check their reviews. Check the business’ legal name. If they claim to be a local company, search for the specific address mentioned by them or their website.

Get Work & Cost Estimations

Renowned Scottsdale locksmith service providers typically have a fixed price quote which they can provide you right with a call or on sight. They don’t use cheap bait-and-switch tricks. Remember, best locksmiths in Scottsdale, AZ don’t work in cheep, although they offer seasonal and loyal customer discounts. So, get a free work and cost estimation before you start working with a locksmith.

What Skills They Have

It’s crucial to choose the right locksmith technician when you need them at the time of emergency. Ensure their skills by questioning your queries related to lock problems. Let the Scottsdale locksmith solve your queries and inform you about his special skills. Ask if he has any specific training or not to enter this industry. Until then don’t reveal your specific requirements in front of them.

Ask If There are Any Addition Charges

Don’t forget to ask if the service provider is going to charge extra in emergency hours or minimum service costs. Reputed locksmiths only claim for genuine service charges without asking for any unnecessary replacements. If you have doubts regarding any of their work, don’t hesitate a second to ask. In scenarios like this, scammers will hesitate to answer you where as professional will easily clear your queries with most adequate solutions.

Auto Locksmith

 Do you have more queries for us? Feel free to get in touch with us at Cave Creek Lock & Key LLC and get immediate professional assistance for all your Scottsdale locksmith service queries. For more details on our services, hurry up and visit our service website now. You can also call us at (480) 488-9842 for immediate assistance.

Choose The Right to Enjoy The Best….

This blog is originally posted here: https://cavecreeklock.wordpress.com/2018/07/12/hiring-a-scottsdale-locksmith-service-things-to-check-before-you-call-them-in-emergency/

Top 3 Common Causes of Your Car Door Isn’t Opening From Inside Or Outside

July 2, 2018 by Bill Weingard  

When the door of your car won’t open from inside our outside, it could be for many different reasons. Listed here in this post are the top 3 reasons why your car door is not opening from inside or outside.


Deadlock: There is a feature installed standard with specific types of automobiles that prompt this particular scenario. As a result, the vehicle door won’t open from inside or outside. As long as your keys work, this will not be a problem. But if you have locked your keys in the automobile, the car lockout is much worse than a typical car lockout situation. These come as factory standard for popular brands like Volvo & BMW (including the Mini-Cooper).


car locksmith


Broken Lock: Well, having a broken lock is nearly as bad as car deadlocking. The vehicle door will not open from inside or outside, but this will possibly only be on a single lock doing this. It’s worse than some of the more standard car lockout scenes, but it’s definitely not the worst thing that could occur to your locks. As long as you have a door lock that’s functioning, you should have no problem getting into the vehicle to fix the issue.


Commercial Lockout


Door Damage: If you have been in a mishap, you may have injured the door in a manner that keeps the vehicle door from opening altogether. When an automobile door won’t open from inside or outside because the car door itself has been injured it’s almost always a bodywork problem. Though the vehicle isn’t deadlocking & the lock is in running condition, the door can’t escape the door frame.


This problem can be obvious or rather subtle. Because it’s possibly just one door causing the issue, check to see if unlocking the door in a conventional way moves the switch or post locks to the unlocked position. When you can notice that the locks are functioning, but the vehicle door won’t open from inside or outside, the problem is with the door itself.



In a majority of the cases where an automobile door won’t open from inside or outside, you’re going to eventually need the help of a professional Locksmith in Scottsdale AZ. If you’re not sure what to do during a car lockout situation, don’t risk your car further, call a quality automotive locksmith in Scottsdale for help!

What to Expect from an Expert Locksmith Service Provider in Scottsdale, AZ?

May 9, 2018 by Bill Weingard  

It’s crucial to understand the importance of proper security in this 21st century. And for excellent security, what could be a better option than hiring a professional locksmith specialist for your Scottsdale home or business!!! But, locksmith services can differ, depending on the requirement you have in your hand. However, in every condition, we all must expect to receive expert advice and effective results when we hire any qualified locksmith professional.

Types of Locksmiths

Automobile Locksmith

Lock and key problems related to automobiles need immediate service response from a certified locksmith company. Examples of such emergency situations include breaking car ignition keys, losing your car keys, locking keys in car and so on. Automobile locksmiths are trained to expertly use various tools specially designed to automobile locksmithing purposes. Auto locksmiths in Scottsdale can also assist with rekeying and replacement of automobile ignition and door keys.

Residential Locksmith

Install, repair and replacement of standard lock and security systems are the primary service aids too be offered by a residential locksmiths in Scottsdale, AZ. Residential locksmiths are well trained and industry experienced to offer satisfying security improvement for your residential properties. They can be summoned anytime of the day, any day of the week, month or year to serve your requirements.

Commercial Locksmiths

Commercial sectors need high end and up to date security installments to avoid unauthorized access and limit certain areas from certain individuals. Commercial locksmiths in Scottsdale can install various alarm systems, CCTV systems, master locks, access controls systems, intercom systems, biometric security and more. Business owners can easily restrict access to particular buildings, secure areas, and their other essentials with help of an experienced and proficient commercial locksmith service provider in Scottsdale, AZ.

Emergency Locksmith

Emergency locksmith service is overall locksmith service assistance for both residential and commercial property owners as well as automobile owners, where the service requester will receive instantaneous and expert solution for their problems, compared to standard locksmith services. In most cases, automobile owners highly needed help of emergency locksmiths in Scottsdale due to the uncertainty of emergency situations which they can face at anytime and anyplace. Apart from auto owners, residential and commercial property owners can also be benefitted by hiring an emergency locksmith service provider in Scottsdale, AZ to avoid emergency lockout and instant fix of locks, keys and other security accessories for crucial areas of their property.

At Cave Creek Lock & Key LLC, you can affordably receive all types of advance locksmith services in Scottsdale, AZ for all your properties. Here you can find well trained, insured, experienced, certified and industry specialist lock and key professional to help you with all your needs.

This blog is originally posted here: https://cavecreeklock.wordpress.com/2018/05/09/what-to-expect-from-an-expert-locksmith-service-provider-in-scottsdale-az/

Why Locksmith Service is an Absolute Need for Your Scottsdale Property?

April 27, 2018 by Bill Weingard  


* You locked yourself out of your house, office or car and just can’t find the spare keys?

* Someone break in your house and you need instant security installation, new lock installation or repair for your property?

* Lost the keys to your safe and need immediate access to the possessions inside it immediately?

What can you best in these extreme scenarios? Well, the simple and perfect solution is to call an emergency locksmith professional for instant services and get you the expert solutions that you require. Therefore, it is needless to say and remember that you will always need service of experienced locksmiths for your Scottsdale property.

Commercial Lockout

Importance of Proper Security

Life without having proper security for your properties is just unimaginable, especially in today’s world where your personal belongings are not so safe from goons. Locks and locksmith services play a crucial role to proper safety of your small to big belongings in Scottsdale. The 21st century emergency locksmiths have access to advanced technologies, tools as well as knowledge and machineries to help you best with your security measures for property and belongings. These highly trained experts can immediate assist you whenever you face any dire situation related locks, keys and other security reasons.

One Solution for Your Emergency Needs

Amongst the countless benefits of locksmith service in Scottsdale, here are few of the most crucial ones stated below for your acknowledgement.

* Getting you out from stressful and unexpected locked out scenarios at earliest

* Restore lost, broken or damage keys

* Replacement and repair of damage and old locks

* Proficient safe opening

* Duplicate key making for the lost or damaged ones

* Immediate change of locks in case of emergency and break-ins

* Expert security advice for both residential and commercial properties

* Knowledge sharing of most advanced security solutions

* Installation of latest security options

And, so on…!!!

office door key

Before you select a locksmith service provider for your Scottsdale property, don’t forget to check their agency reputation and prices etc. Renowned locksmith service providers in Scottsdale such as Cave Creek Lock & Key LLC offers cost effective but highly advanced and super active locksmith solutions to clients in a shortest possible duration. It is a well trained, multiyear experienced, bonded, and insured locksmith solution to solve your requirements with utmost perfection.

You can get more details on Cave Creek Lock & Key LLC’s locksmith services for Scottsdale by visiting their website or simply dialing (480) 488-9842 from your phone.

This blog is originally posted here: https://cavecreeklock.wordpress.com/2018/04/11/why-locksmith-service-is-an-absolute-need-for-your-scottsdale-property/

The Significant Importance of Locksmith Services for Your Scottsdale Home

March 20, 2018 by Bill Weingard  

Almost every one of us is well aware to the important role of locksmiths in our life. Whether you own a residential building or a commercial place in Scottsdale, the valuable contribution of lock experts helps us maintaining a secure and safe environment, so that we can rest peacefully in night. Well, the folks who are still unaware to the crucial importance of locksmith services for their Scottsdale property, this one is a must read piece of advice. Let’s continue further to know the incredible importance of locksmith services.


office door key


The Place of Locksmith Services in 21st Century

Besides the classic locksmith services of offering solutions such as fixing lock and keys, nowadays lock experts in Scottsdale also provide a long list of other spectacular services including installation of modern security technologies, safekeeping your valuable assets, stop trespassing, and so on. Even though you think Scottsdale locksmiths have excellent knowledge in fixing various lock related problems, you are definitely going to need help of an experienced locksmith professional to get access to varied advanced services such as trunk opening, duplicate key making, ignition key replacement and repair, key cutting, vault installation and so many others.


Get Best Industry Solutions

Expert locksmiths offer high standard security solutions related to commercial industry. Whether your commercial sector is lacking proper security measures or in need of security updates, industry renowned locksmiths at Scottsdale can work as your security consultants to provide highest security measures needed.


auto locksmith services


No Location Constraints

Whether you misplaced your keys at home, or accidently locked yourself inside your car; you know how helpless you can be, especially when you are out of town or in a remote area. In that case, the best solution you can have is to call your Scottsdale locksmith service provider and they will be near you in just matter of minutes.


No Bound Availability

They work even on holidays. Yes, you read it right. Renowned locksmiths in Scottsdale offer their services from Monday to Friday. They know well how crucial it’s to get proper solution at the time of emergency. For a person stuck with lock related emergency, asking help from an expert locksmith agency in Scottsdale should be the first and foremost think to do.


CAVE CREEK LOCK & KEY LLC offers only the high standard, superbly affordable and round the clock available locksmith services in Scottsdale. We have teams of highly trained, experienced and insured lock and key experts with us to help you with emergency needs. Just give a ring us at (480)488-9842 to get instant help at your doorstep.

Advantages of hiring a locksmith during Christmas and New Year.

January 8, 2018 by Bill Weingard  

Hii everyone…the holiday season is here-The Christmas and the New year….! Well, this is the most wonderful time of the year when everyone is busy for shopping and getting themselves ready for the festival. With such busy schedules of the people, crime in cave Creek reaches the highest peak during this festive time. Hence, you should think of protecting your property by installing, repairing locks as well as other security systems in your home, office as well as vehicle. But how to do this? Well, hire locksmiths in Cave Creek. These locksmith’s offers a lot of advantages, especially during the festive seasons. Some of them include the following.


Responds Fastly

If you have locked yourself out of your vehicle or in your home without a duplicate key, then this locksmith can reach you in a fast manner as soon as they receive your call. These locksmiths are trained by professionals in such a way that they can reach you in no time; does not matter wherever you are. They offer a wide range of locksmith solutions like making a new key for your home or office or your vehicle can install new locks, can repair the lock in less time, etc.


Available every time

There is no particular time that you will break your lock or will lose your key rather it can happen anytime and thus anytime you can need the assistance of locksmiths. And fortunately a wide number of these locksmiths provide their services 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. So, if you are locked up, then no need of getting panic, rather you can call the locksmith and experienced their services.


Offer a wide range of services

These locksmiths are specialized in offering various types of services like commercial locksmith, residential locksmith, automotive locksmith’s services, etc. Some of the locksmith services that it offers include electronic access control, Biometric access control, master key system, keyless entry and many more. They also offer services such as rekeying, emergency rekey, lock replacement, installation of locks, duplication of keys, electronic locks, etc.


auto locksmith services


They are quite trained

The locksmiths in Cave Creek are quite trained and experienced too. They can deal with a wide range of locks and can easily find out what the problem is and can offer the right solution for your problem.


Thus, these are some of the benefits of hiring a locksmith. There are many locksmiths in Cave Creek and CAVE CREEK LOCK & KEY LLC is one of them. It is a reputed locksmith company that offers its services in Cave Creek and Scottsdale area. It provides its services in sectors like transport, forensic, commercial as well as residential sectors.


This blog is originally posted here: https://cavecreeklock.wordpress.com/2017/12/22/advantages-of-hiring-a-locksmith-during-christmas-and-new-year/

Why Locksmiths are Lifesavers for Your Day to Day Life?

December 9, 2017 by Bill Weingard  

Well, we really don’t know when emergency will knock our door for sure. Locks and keys are vital part of our everyday life as they ensure security for our house, office, vehicle and all other valuable belongings. But, how much do you really know about locksmith services? How can these locksmith specialists help your Scottsdale, AZ based house or office? Why should you always keep the number of a professional Scottsdale locksmith phone number with you? Let’s know it for your acknowledgement.


office door key


Great Level of Safety & Convenience

Compromising with you, your family and valuables safety and security is never an option, and you can make sure of it by hiring expert locksmiths at Scottsdale. For your knowledge, most of the locksmith professionals are well-trained and licensed which ensures proper installation, repair and guaranteed safety for your property without any damage caused by them. Even professional locksmith services in Scottsdale, AZ are insured, which means that if by any rare chance damage caused will be covered. All you have to do is dial the number and make a call, and the experts will be at your doorstep as quickest as possible.


Lockout Service


Not only it does save your lots of time, with a good brand Scottsdale locksmith service you will have the access to a range of highest quality lock and key services such as key installation, new key making, key duplicate, key cutting, floor safes, commercial lock solutions, new security system installation, and many more. Professional locksmiths in Scottsdale are highly qualified and superbly efficient, and every time you summon them they will make sure that each one of your security problem should be addressed and fixed properly in no time. These craftsmen have all the required expertise and skills to fix any type of key and lock problems instantly and effectively. They also have access to all the new and advanced tools to implement their services in best way possible.


Residential Lockout


Your Emergency Partner for 24/7

Almost every renowned Scottsdale locksmith service provider offers round the clock assistance to their clients. That means, no matter whenever and wherever you face any lock and key related emergency situation, you can rely on your expert locksmith partner to support your queries and give you immediate assistance instantly, even on weekends and holidays. Whether you need them for residential purposes or automotive and commercial lock solutions, they provide guaranteed service solutions to all kind of security problems. They even offer excellent seasonal discounts for loyal and regular customers. So, it’s always a win-win situation to hire a proficient locksmith service provider in Scottsdale, AZ.


For emergency locksmith help, you can contact Cave Creek Lock & Key LLC just by dialing (480) 488-9842. They have experienced experts to help you with your locksmith related needs.


This blog is originally posted here: https://cavecreeklock.wordpress.com/2017/11/30/why-locksmiths-are-lifesavers-for-your-day-to-day-life/

Top Four Advantages of Locksmith in Cave Creek

November 14, 2017 by Bill Weingard  

Lock is something that is essential in day to day life of the people in Cave Creek due to the high numbers of thefts and burglary. No matter whether it is your house, your vehicle, or your trolley bag lock plays a vital role in your safety as well as protection. However, sometimes some situations arise when you are bound to compromise on these protections. Sometimes your lock may break down, you may forget to take the key with you, or you may lose your key. In these situations, no doubt you may try it on your own to solve these issues, but there is no need to do it by yourself and it is because of the availability of a wide number of locksmiths in Cave Creek. But what are the benefits that these locksmiths offer? Well, read the given points.


Wide range of services

These locksmiths offer a diverse range of services depending upon the requirements of the customers. Every problem related to locks can be solved by hiring a locksmith in Cave creek. If your key is lost or got broke down, a locksmith can unlock your lock or can prepare a duplicate key .Apart from unlocking the locks, they can also install new locks in office, residents, etc. They have various types of locks with them and thus they install it according to the demand of the clients.


Available every time

There is a saying whatever is destined to happen will surely happen. And lock problems are no exception to it .If you have to face any problem related to locks, then it will definitely happen and you never know when you will face this situation. It may happen that you may lose the key of your car in the midnight or you may lose your trolley key in a new place. So, do not worry. These locksmiths are 24*7 available to help you. Does not matter whether you call them during night or day, they can reach you wherever you are.



There are many people who do not like to hire these locksmiths as they think that they can solve the issues by themselves. No doubt one can solve the lock related problems, but sometimes it becomes very hard to solve. And while trying to find a solution, one may end up in destroying the door, physical injury, etc. So, in order to avoid these issues it is always better to hire a locksmith service provider who can provide a quick solution to every lock issue.


Guaranteed services

These locksmiths provide guaranteed services to whatever lock issues you have. The locksmiths are quite trained and possess years of experience in this field. And thus they provide perfect solutions to every lock related problems.


Door Locksmith


Hence, these are the top four advantages provided by these locksmiths. Are you searching for a locksmith in cave creek? If yes, then contact CAVE CREEK LOCK & KEY LLC. It is a locksmith service provider in Cave Creek for various sectors such as transport, forensic, residential as well as commercial sectors. It offers services like key cutting, key replacement, etc. at an affordable price.


This blog is originally posted here: https://cavecreeklock.wordpress.com/2017/10/23/top-four-advantages-of-locksmith-in-cave-creek/