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The Best Way to Experience Cave Point County Park is by Kayak

June 11, 2019 by Cave Point Paddle & Pedal  

The park gets its name from obviously the caves. The majority of the caves are actually underwater and can be tough to see from the shore, as can be the caves tucked into the side of the bluff face. Realistically, only a small percentage of visitors actually get to see the true gems of the park, on the water. Being in your personal kayak or hopping on a Door County Kayak Tour is highly recommended! One of the park’s larger cave can not physically be seen standing on the shore. Some people never get the chance to see and experience what is directly under their feet and not even knowing it exists. When the water permits, you can actually paddle inside the caves and coves! Being on the water also allows you to paddle over some of the underwater caves as well.



Mornings are typically the best time of day to paddle and experience the park to its fullest. The wind is usually very calm, making the water almost look like glass and the paddle a little easier without having to paddle into knots of wind. Calm water also means the closer you can get to the rock without having to worry about being pushed into it. Typically early mornings also means fewer people in the park, making all your photos and viewings even more picturesque.

Make it happen this upcoming summer! Be one of the few, of the many, Door County visitors to truly experience the large percentage of the park.

The Best Places to Kayak and Bike in Door County

May 10, 2019 by Cave Point Paddle & Pedal  

With about 300 miles of shoreline, there are numerous spots to kayak, but only a few sticks out as the best. Door County also has an astonishing amount of hiking and biking trails for the vacationers who love to hit the trail. On a peninsula where you are never far from a coastline or park, it is easy to find a gorgeous water view or a view of the Niagra Escarpment.

Here are some of the best places to go kayaking and biking in Door County, Wisconsin on the peninsula.

Places for kayaking These spots make for great kayaking! Some these spots you can also see via a Door County boat tour, but a kayak tour is in our opinion the most opportune way to experience these spots.

Places for biking With 5 state parks, 1 state trail, and 19 parks, in addition to many protected regions, you will never need to make a trip far to discover a trailhead. We mention a few biking areas in Door County that you can enjoy having a Door County bike rentaldeliver your bike or pick it up.

Cave Point County Park: A famous spot to organize a picnic, see the water splashing on the cliffs or get a photo, the best way to see this park is from the water. While there might not be as many caves as Apostle Islands, this county park is more accessible as there are safe harbors on either side of the park within 30 minutes paddle. Dependent on the height of the water, these caves and coves are able to be entered with a kayak. Make sure to have a solid understanding of the weather, wind, and waves forecast as well as the water temperature, as it can be a very dangerous place to be caught in the wrong conditions. Better yet, go with a guided kayak tour of Cave Point. Another great way to see this park is by renting a bike and pedaling down the Cave Point Drive into the park. The park can be full of parked cars with nowhere to park some days so this can be an easy solution to still access the park without having to wait for a parking spot to open up.

Mud Lake Nature Preserve: Not everyone enjoys the big waters of Lake Michigan and wants something easier, more protected and full of wildlife. The Mud Lake Nature Preserve is a great option for those seeking a more peaceful paddle. Even if it is a windy and wavy day, you can usually enjoy kayaking here and have a safer experience. The entrance to this kayak spot is where Reiboltd’s creek crosses County Road Q. This meandering creek flows (very slowly) up into Mud Lake. As you follow this creek to the nature preserve, make sure to keep your eyes peeled for Bald Eagles, turtles, salamanders, herons, and more wildlife.

Peninsula State Park: One of the most popular state parks of the 5 gems, this kayaking spot has a lot of vistas; Horseshoe island, Eagle Bluff, Eagle Bluff Lighthouse, and Nicolet Bay. The wind can blow offshore here pretty hard, so make sure to familiarize yourself with wind and wave forecast prior to doing a Door County kayak rental or do the Peninsula State Park kayak tour with us. Plenty of bike trails crisscross the park as well and are a major attraction here. Try the Sunset trail for a fun family bike excursion.

Cana Island Lighthouse: Also situated in Baileys Harbor, this lighthouse is one of the more picturesque lighthouses in Door County, WI. You used to be able to walk out to the island when the water was lower, but now that the water level is higher, the best way of accessing the lighthouse is by kayak. Launch either out of Moonlight bay or North Bay. If you launch out of North Bay (a much longer paddle), you have the chance to paddle over and recognize some of Door County's acclaimed shipwrecks! Recognize the Churubusco, G.J. Tracy and the A. Bronson from these waters. This is an incredible spot to see some shipwrecks in a fairly protected bay.

Door Bluff Headlands County Park: Situated between Ellison Bay and Gills Rock, this location has a lot to offer that is not only scenic but also not as overwhelmed with tourist traffic. Garrett Bay is a detached bay that sees negligible watercraft traffic even in the pinnacle of summer. Paddle along the rough shore of Door Bluff Headlands County Park, look for antiquated Native American pictographs on the stones and investigate the stone bluffs and cliffs cut by Lake Michigan over hundreds of years. The Schooner Fleetwing shipwreck makes for even more variety at this spot.

If you want to have a great time on the water in a kayak or on land with a bike, then make sure to give us a call or book online with Cave Point Paddle and Pedal. You can contact us at (920) 473-4051.