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Guide to send products from China to the US

October 2, 2019 by chinafreightus  

When starting this business you should be clear about everything related to Shipping, as it is one of the most expensive items. In the following Guide to send products from China to the US, you will get all the necessary and indispensable information so that you are clear throughout the process. To avoid mistakes and do not end up spending more on shipping than the same cost of the product.


Terms and operation used in shipping products:

You must know each one in detail since they are used in the negotiation stage with the manufacturer. By understanding them you will avoid making mistakes when buying the product.




Common Shipping Terms

You will find these words in English as it is the language that is used by your provider in China.


Supplier (Seller, Shipper, Exporter, Consignor, and Manufacturer): This is the person or manufacturer that makes your products in China. They can be called in any of the ways and you can see them throughout the shipping process.


Buyer (Receiver, Importer, and Consignee): It is the term used to identify you as an Amazon seller.


Carrier: It is the exclusive transport company that is responsible for moving your products from their place of origin to their destination. In the case of Shipping from China to US, the most used are DHL, FedEx, and UPS.


Cargo (Freight): It is how the product or goods that are transported are called, either by ship, plane or vehicle.


Customs Agent (Broker): It is the professional person who is responsible for preparing and presenting all the necessary documentation and tax to complete the importation of your products into customs.


Freight forwader: It is the intermediary company of transport services between the manufacturer and buyer who is responsible for shipping the products. It offers a more complete service that includes, insurance, storage, consolidation, and processing of customs permits.


On the Ground Agent (Sourcing Agent): It is the person that acts as a physical link of the buyer in China, is responsible for attending the company and looking for manufacturers, negotiating, inspecting and preparing products and shipments.


Main types of shipments:

The main 2 are air and by ship:

Airfreight: It is the most convenient option when you have a minimum quantity of products, although the delivery time is much faster from 5 to 7 days. Its cost is much higher than the Ocean Freight.


Ocean freight: When you are sending heavier products and larger quantities, this is the best alternative, since the cost will be much cheaper. The delivery time is 5 to 7 weeks.


You have 2 shipping options. The first is when you have the necessary amount of products to fill a container. The second is when you must share the container with another buyer.


Incoterms: These are the contractual terms imposed by the ICC international chamber of commerce that was created to define responsibilities between importers and exporters.


Some of the Incoterms are as follows:

  • EXW (Ex Works)
  • FOB (Free On Board)
  • FCA (Free Carrier)
  • FAS (Free Alongside Ship)
  • CFR (Cost and Freight)
  • CIF (Cost Insurance and Freight)

How to Import Products to Amazon FBA USA from China?

September 20, 2019 by chinafreightus  

Believe it or not, a good number of private-label vendors have never even stepped on American soil, and their sales go above $100,000 per month. This is no coincidence since today there are multiple alternatives to selling on Amazon in this way. You all know that the Amazon FBA store that sells the most in the world is the American one. The sales of this store in the US marketplace, in 2015 alone reached $107 billion, an increase of more than 20% compared to 2014. If you do not live in the United States, and you want to sell in this marketplace, then you have reached the right post.

Import from China into the USA from another country

Unless you get a supplier that is physically in the United States, you must import your merchandise from China or other countries. Although this is a process that is not as cumbersome as in other countries, it is important to know what to sell on Amazon FBA you must have a series of previous requirements for your product to reach the Amazon wineries.

The import process

In the United States for the importation of products, an IOR or "Importer of record" is needed, which is no more than the person who is responsible for the imported cargo. This will be requested in some cases. It is important to note that Amazon will never be the IOR and in case of consigning it that way when it reaches its warehouses, they will return it.


The IOR is the individualization of the person who is responsible for that burden. This person must have a tax identification number (EIN) or social security number (SSN), the latter being only for US citizens. By definition, if your products are Shipping from China to Amazon FBA through couriers such as DHL, UPS, FEDEX, and others, you will not need this number and they will take care of the forms, customs declarations and others, including the IOR. But there are other times that this will not happen and it is in the following cases:

Merchandise valued at more than USD $ 2,500: In this case the merchandise will need to go through the process of "customs clearance" (if that is a word) which takes time and will need you (the company) to take care of these costs (if obvious, Customs always charge!), and they will ask for your number.

Merchandise sent by ship (Sea Shipping): Usually this type of shipment is slower and upon arrival at the port, they will ask for the papers. It is possible that your merchandise is not valued at more than $ 2,500 but you still need your papers to release the merchandise. You will also need the EIN.

How do you get an EIN?

The way to get an EIN is a fairly easy process; however, everything around it is somewhat cumbersome. The EIN is a number delivered by the IRS (Internal Revenue Service or the American Treasury) and allows you to regulate and prosecute that you pay taxes on the sales of your products or services in the United States.

What is a Shipping service and what are its benefits?

August 23, 2019 by chinafreightus  

As it is a shipping service, we are referring to companies in charge of sending all types of merchandise, such as packages, documents, and cargo in general, depending on what each one contains.

A company or person uses shipping (which in turn has its employees) to send certain packages safely and quickly. It is a service that has a special logistics to recommend tools that guarantee the customer security and arrival of their merchandise to the final destination, among these they can offer online tracking with the route number and the status of the shipment.


Advantages and Benefits of the Shipping Services -


Shipping from China to Amazon FBA includes:


  1. Speed ​​and security


This is perhaps one of the points that the Shipping has in its favour. Large companies, even natural persons are opting for this type of service to ensure that their packages or merchandise reach the endpoint in the best way. Besides, being a company of its own and consolidated as shipping, the things you send arrive more quickly and if you do it with a company serious and responsible enough, they will even give you insurance in case any eventuality happens with the transport and receipt of your package.


  1. Unlimited parcel capacity that you want to send or receive


This depends largely on the plan you choose. You can have the benefit of sending or receiving at the door of your house with the peace of mind that everything you bought if it is the case of receiving the product, will arrive together.

You don't have to worry about being half received. And if it is to send merchandise even better, there is nothing that gives greater recognition and reputation for your business, the fact that the deliveries arrive complete, that everything that the client asks for is delivered in a single package or a single load.



3.      All risk insurance


If you are hiring with serious and reputable Shipping from China to US, they will offer you or one-time membership insurance, or they will give you the possibility to pay a minimum fee to insure your shipment. This is very beneficial because it will give you and your customer’s peace of mind that the order arrives completely and safely at their final destination.


4.      Greater agility to receive your purchase orders online


The Shipping service has become indispensable for people or companies that constantly buy online since, with this type of messaging, orders reach the door of your house in a shorter time. Also, you are sure that when you hire a serious company, just what you are waiting for will come.

As you can see, the shipping service has many advantages, the biggest is the security, being sure that your products will arrive as you send them, and that if there were any mishaps you have to answer for it.


So you know that the Shipping service is an excellent alternative for your company and to increase the reputation of the quality of your services.



On the other hand, if you are a consumer it is the best option to secure your online purchases.

How to make your first shipment on Amazon FBA

August 16, 2019 by chinafreightus  

Making the most of Amazon FBA should be a priority for every seller who is taking their initial steps in the business. For that reason, knowing what the aspects that are needed to make the first shipment is necessary and thus avoids any inconvenience. Remember that the prestige and identity of your brand in electronic commerce are built from the moment the decision is made to undertake in this area.  Amazon Logistics is a very useful tool to increase your income through internet sales.




The first thing you should do is go to the Seller Central of the Amazon account and choose the product we need to send. This is done by displaying the option that appears on the right side of the article, all this within the inventory section. There we must select the number of items that we will send and in the same way, in how many boxes will be divided, or if on the contrary, it will be in one. Amazon's system is very clear and descriptive in that regard, so you just have to carefully read each of the fields and complete them as needed. Once you enter the customer information, complete the process by selecting “Place Your Order”.


Previous step: from China to Amazon FBA

To send the products you buy from China, where Alibaba is the number one platform to get good quality manufacturers, it is necessary to perform certain actions. Amazon FBA is an automatic service that takes care of the entire process once the items are in the warehouse, but getting them there requires that you inform yourself in the best way. Certain companies can be hired to function as a link between China and the United States, remember that the number of manufacturers in the Asian territory is immense and you should carefully inspect which one is the most convenient. In this blog, the complete article is dedicated to a series of recommendations to carry out this whole process. Shipping from China to US


Take care of your products for the first shipment in Amazon FBA

The quality of the product that you sell in is an aspect that you must take care of if you want to have real success in the world of e-commerce. Remember that you will create a reputation as time goes by and you specify more conversions. Customer service, feedback, and differentiation with the artifacts you have available will make a difference with the competition.


How much is the shipping cost from China to Amazon FBA

How do you know how much is the shipping cost from China for your products? How to sell on Shipping from China to Amazon FBA? In the process of how to sell on Amazon, there are several steps that you must follow to ensure that the product you chose will be profitable and you will have utility when selling it. One of the costs that are usually not well estimated is shipping costs. Shipping costs are determined according to the number of shipments that are made per month, so the safest thing is that the provider has an established account with shipping companies such as DHL, FedEx, UPS, etc. and they have a lot of fees more favorable and economical than you can have, if you are starting as a seller on Amazon.

What Are The Major Options To Ship From China To The US

July 27, 2019 by chinafreightus  

When Shipping from China to US the freight cost, lost cost and speed are an important factor. Once the business gets started, the export and import become an important part to ensure economic benefits.




Living in the US? Getting started business with China? Once you start importing, you must take care of the options in regard to the shipment sources.


A few years ago, there were no major sources to rely on but today with the expansion of technology and transport facilities; we have several sources to ship goods from one country to another.


If you are importing goods from China for the first time you might depend on the container shipping. Of course, if you have a sufficient amount of cargo to load, then it is a cost-effective option.


But it is not the only option; there is part-containers load service where your cargo is consolidated with other people’s goods travelling to the same destination. The beauty of this option is that it offers a very cheap and effective price deal for small to medium-sized cargo as well.


Straight forward speaking part-container load service is a hassle-free, cheap and easy method and is usually arranged by a freight forwarder. Prices are considered on the basis of a per-cubic meter and hence are charged based on the size of your consignment.


Once the manufacturing of the goods is done, an important factor to consider is checking how shipping from China to Amazon FBA warehouses can be done? There are several ways one can apply for Amazon shipping labels. Your shipment cost is the key to decide whether your goods will be sold on Amazon or not, ergo it is so important to check on the shipping costs or freight costs.


Now the question comes how to ship from China? The main thing following a good strategy and take control of the Amazon FBA inventory and do a proper listing of sales volume. The major options include;


  • The goods will be directly supplied from the suppliers in China to the Amazon FBA,
  • The goods are shipped from China to a third-party which prepares to send the goods to Amazon FBA.


The best method is to ship from china directly to Amazon FBA. This is the cheapest method as sending via a third party might cost you an additional storage cost.


Air Express is expensive and if you are planning to send the products via expressway, you should directly send it to Amazon FBA.

There are other methods you can ship goods from China to the US, which includes;


  • Sea Freight is one of the most complicated methods to ship goods. Even though it takes a lot of time, to ship and follow complicated custom procedures, it is the most used and widely adopted method. Retailers that need large amounts of goods are benefitted from sea freight.
  • Courier services are recommended for retailers that have small sample packages. Shipping methods are China-post or e-packets offer security and tracking services. Express shipping services such as FedEx. DHL or UPS ship in 5-8 days but are expensive than the China-post or e-packets.
  • Airfreight is generally for the shipments above 150kg to 500kgs. It is considered as the quickest service to deliver products to the destination. However, air freights are subject to customs clearance which can result in delays, fines, and other costs.
  • Drop Shipping means delivering from the manufacturer directly to the customer. Those retailers who don’t want to keep the stock in the stores for long can be benefitted from the drop shipping method.


China is one of the largest markets for cross-border commerce. There’s a steady stream of demand from China across the globe, hence it is very important to consider the freight costs and fluctuating rates while shipping goods.

How to make your first Amazon FBA shipment

June 28, 2019 by chinafreightus  

 Making the most out of Amazon FBA should be a priority for every vendor that is taking its initial steps in the business. For that reason, knowing what aspects are needed to make a first Shipping from China to Amazon FBA is absolutely necessary and thus avoids any type of inconvenience. Remember that the prestige and identity of your brand in electronic commerce are built from the moment when you enter in the online market.  Amazon Logistics is a very useful tool to increase your income through internet sales.




The first thing we must do is go to the Central Seller of the Amazon account and choose the product we need to send. This is done by displaying the option that appears on the right side of the article, all this within the inventory section. There we must select the quantity of items that we will send and in the same way, in how many boxes will be divided, or if on the contrary it will be in only one. The Amazon system is very clear and descriptive in that sense, so you just have to dedicate yourself to carefully read each one of the fields and complete them according to the need. Once you enter the customer's data, the process ends by selecting "Place Your Order".


Previous step: from China to Amazon FBA

To Shipping from China to US, where there is the number one platform to be able to obtain good quality manufacturers. It is necessary to carry out certain actions. Amazon FBA is an automatic service that is responsible for doing the whole process once the items are in the warehouse, but getting them there requires you to report in the best way. There are certain companies that can be hired to work as a link between China and the United States, remember that the number of manufacturers in the Asian territory is immense and you should thoroughly inspect which is the most convenient.


Take care of your products for the first Amazon FBA shipment

The quality of the product you sell in is an aspect that you must take care of if you want to have a real success in the world of ecommerce. Remember that you will create a reputation as time goes by and you make a greater number of conversions.


Build your shipping plan on Amazon

Once you have set everything up and are ready to send your products to Amazon FBA. Log in to your Amazon seller account and create a new shipping plan. First, you must specify the products you want to send to Amazon. Then you must specify if you are selling 'Individual Products' or 'Products packed in a box'. Check "Individual items" when you are shipping boxes that contain one or more products that vary in quantity and condition. Select Products packaged in a box if all the products in your box have a SKU (unique identifier of a product) and condition, that is, each box with the same product contains the same quantity and has been pre-packaged by the manufacturer.

How do I know how much is the shipping cost from China for my products? | How to sell on Amazon FBA

June 13, 2019 by chinafreightus  

How much is the shipping cost from China for my products? How to Sell on Amazon FBA these are few question which come in mind of everyone who start their business on Amazon recently. In the process of how to sell in Amazon there are several steps that we must follow to ensure that the product we chose will be profitable and we will have utility to sell it. One of the costs that are usually not estimated well is the shipping costs.




Shipping costs in case of Shipping from China to Amazon FBA are determined according to the number of shipments that are made per month, so it is most likely that the provider has an established account with shipping companies such as DHL, Fedex, UPS etc. and they have a lot of fees more favourable and economical than what you can have, if you are starting as a salesperson in Amazon.


The best thing you can do and it is a recommendation, is to ask your supplier to quote you the shipment with the accounts that they have already established, because they already have much cheaper rates due to the amount of monthly shipments they make and so you will benefit from those cheaper rates.


Remember you always have the last word as a customer and you are the one who accepts or not the price of the shipment, if it is high and it goes beyond your profit margin, you can always find another company that makes the shipment. You are the customer and you will pay in last for the merchandise, as long as it is according to your parameters quality and price.


Your first shipment with Amazon logistics

Learning to sell on Amazon in a professional way is essential and advises you with who knows the subject and has experience; they will take you on the right path.


If the Shipping from China to US on Amazon is completely new to you, you must first register as a seller on Amazon. When you are ready to list your products, select the Amazon Compliance (FBA) option. With this option, Amazon will store, prepare and ship your product, as well as manage customer service and returns. Your sole responsibility as a seller is to track your inventory and replenish when necessary.


An outline of the FBA process

Next, we went through the process of selling your products in FBA. Follow these steps to make sure that your first FBA shipment to the Amazon Fulfilment Center goes well:

  1. Decide which products you want to sell in Amazon FBA (and contact a supplier)

  2. Sign up to get an Amazon seller account

  3. List the products you want to sell on Amazon FBA and create a shipping plan

  4. Select a freight forwarder to handle the transportation from your supplier to the specified Compliance Center

  5. Delivery of your products to the Amazon Logistics Center assigned

Crucial things to understand about Freight Shipping Service:

May 23, 2019 by chinafreightus  

The service providers of the Freight shipping are not the freight carriers. These are usually the logistics dispatchers for third-party, or even the agents non-asset-based. These organize the different set of the logistics services that are meant for the individuals, and also for the companies, and also move ahead towards the shipments for Shipping from China to Amazon FBA that are done through the asset-based carriers that could defined the destinations within and beyond national bounds. The accountability mainly involves with the freight shipping company which is the reason that they book as well as to arrange the space for freight as well as loadings or even at times for the people.




In industry of Shipping from China to US, carriers usually play a most crucial and significant role. In initial place, one must clearly understand that there are mainly two types of carriers, such as contract carrier as well common carrier. The common carrier should provide their services to the individual parties as well as companies with strictly following the rules as well as regulations of shipping authority of their land and of lands where the ship freight.


Any kind of the disobedience to specific guidelines of shipping authority on the other hand about offering the freight services might also lead to cancellation of the license of the common carrier. Instead of this, the contract carrier also has an ability to distinguish itself from the common carrier through preserving the discretionary right for accepting or even for refusing any kind of the shipments for a company or for an individual and also for the private carrier. On the other hand, both of these offer different kinds of the carrier services through the respective system of transportation, such as airplanes, ships, trucks as well as railroads.


Though offering the shipping services to the overseas destinations, the agents of the freight forwarding or the shippers will show the level of expertise for preparing as well as processing the cargo movement. They require being hugely knowledgeable about processing documentation as well as preparing and also has performing duties about the international shipments. The duties includes preparing as well as reviewing of the commercial invoice, bill of lading, as well as the shipper' which is export declaration.


Moreover, they even require preparing as well as processing the documents according to the requirements of shipping authority about country where shipments that are getting shipped. Documents that are related with export, import, and also transshipment, needs to be prepared and well processed in the line with specific requirements of carrier companies, that will finally be accountable to deliver cargo to different international destination. Also the Freight forwarding companies are just arranging shipping services on the behalf of a company or the individual.


On the other hand, role of such third-party agents in shipping industry has some high values, particularly to the exporters. Moreover, Exporters search booking as well as arranging the space for loadings with company having the services of international carrier that involves the host of process, specifically in documentation part so such third-party of the freight shippers perform enhanced as well as much professionally as compared to the exporters in general.

Are You Searching Best International Shipping Service?

May 9, 2019 by chinafreightus  

To spread client base and edge in front of opponents in business, you may need to start different business operations in new continents and countries. Though, when you sell different products in a new place, timely and safe and timely shipment turns into the main concern. To keep the costs of transport low and reduce shipment woes, you can route to expert international Shipping from China to Amazon FBA agencies. These types of services provide ship and air freight packages for different kinds of customers at affordable price points. Like a shipping company can take complete care of different cargo shipment, together with toys, medicine, machinery and also cars.




At the time you hire an expert company for Shipping from China to US, you can choose from a lot of shipment alternatives. They give top quality cargo containers for out of the country shipping services. A company can give customers the best feasible shipment choices to confirm the cargo doesn’t get affected and reach the target place in shape. No issue whether you want to send steel parts or glassware, these company services can take complete care of customer’s goods.


A responsible shipping company can give you complete shipment packages. It contains collection of cargo, on time shipment as well as delivery. The efficient and trained employees of these moving services confirm our products are perfectly packaged. These are efficiently packed in appropriate containers of international services to reduce any chance of damage in transit. From delivery to packaging, the whole thing is done by the staffs of company with strict devotion to industry norms.


At the present time times, you may have to send cargo that must reach the place within time span throughout an international shipping service provider. In such conditions, international shipping companies can come to your assistance. When you hire company for cargo shipment to different places in any country, there is no requirement to worry regarding delivery within schedule. A specialized shipping company normally provides client provisions to keep tab on status of cargo together with its location.


At the time you want to send costly things to offshore places, tensions of loss caused by any accidents may trouble you. Though, this type of chance is also reduced when you hire a professional shipping company. Best shipping agencies provide complete insurance coverage for client items. As per on your monetary capacity and need, you can select an insurance coverage provided by these international services. So, any natural disaster happens or there is a chance of loss caused by shipment delay, international shipping entities can salvage your situation.


For shipping company, you can face the problems of customs clearing for goods import and export. Though, it is one more area where shipping services can confirm to be helpful to you. These shipping entities are best in handling customs clearance as well as documentation processing for clients.


Once you hire a best shipping company it is compulsory to resolve our problems on each aspect of cargo shipment.