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Creating a Beautiful Outdoor Restaurant Furniture Layout

February 16, 2019 by Missouri Table And Chair  

Outdoor restaurant dining when the weather’s nice is a unique experience that helps customers relax, enjoy good food and the company of friends of family. When you achieve the correct placement of furniture and a décor blended together into a comfy space, your customers will be very comfortable. It’s a place where they can relax and enjoy a delicious meal to the fullest. They may not truly appreciate this gorgeous décor, but if it’s unpleasant, it will catch their attention immediately. Therefore, you should consider a few useful tips on the outdoor restaurant furniture layout to avoid unpleasant situations.


Choosing the atmosphere

The layout for outdoor restaurant furniture provides the base for the environment you want to create. Therefore, start the process by deciding the atmosphere type. If you want your restaurant to be open and airy, consider installing outdoor restaurant sofa pieces to create a living room style setting. If you want your patio to feel light and breezy, consider lightweight, plastic or resin chairs in a myriad of bright colors.


Balancing comfort and volume

Creating a fantastic outdoor restaurant furniture layout is a delicate balance. You can maximize your revenue by providing seating as many customers as your kitchen can handle. But you can’t overcrowd your restaurant space.

AL-5605 Outdoor Arm Chair - Silver Frame/Safari Weave


Do you have too many outdoor restaurant chairs and tables? They will make your customers feeling uncomfortable and impede movement for staff. This will slow down service and cause frustrations for everyone. Too few seats can be annoying as customers will need to wait for tables, resulting in fewer sales.

Do some research on potential outdoor restaurant furniture pieces, measure your space and plan it properly. Be sure you’re confident in the layout before buying outdoor restaurant furniture.

Consider functionality

In addition to seating, you should think about the flow of your dining space. How do your customers get around? How about your employees? You should think about ways to incorporate clear ways through the dining room for customer comfort. The design of your restaurant is as much about efficiency as its aesthetics.

WIC-02 Outdoor Side Chair - Coffee


Different seating options

Specific seating options can create different atmospheres in your restaurant. Too much of the same can look uninspired and dull. If all of your seating is at stand-alone tables of equal height, your restaurant space can look flat and crowded. Too many high backed barstools can blog sight lines. Draw your design out on a piece of paper or some layout software before purchasing so you can estimate the final look.

Bottom Line –

Invest your time in thoughtful planning of your outdoor restaurant furniture layout to create a beautiful looking space that facilitates smooth and effortless service. Get the furniture placement, functionality and aesthetics of your restaurant working together. This way, you can create a flawless experience for your diners that set your restaurant apart from the rest.

The Significance Of Choosing Wood Restaurant Tables For Sale

February 4, 2019 by Missouri Table And Chair  

The ambience if your restaurant dining space, as well as the food you serve and the service of your staff are all very important as a business owner. These three considerations should work together to make your customers feel welcome and present the kind of image you want to portray. Choosing the right restaurant tables for sale is a matter of doing some research. It’s important to know the basics of buying restaurant furniture, such as durability, appearance and price.


	Stainless Steel Outdoor Set - Stainless Table Top w/ Brown Rattan Chair


Restaurant bar tables are a fantastic choice for many styles of restaurants and have been a popular option for a long time. Out of all the materials available, wood restaurant tables work best for a variety of commercial dining space needs. If you are not convinced, here are a few things to know about choosing wood restaurant tables for sale:





Commercial grade restaurant tables in contrast to residential tables are the better option in restaurant décor and furnishing. They are generally built from high quality materials that enable them to withstand heavy usage in rigorous environments in the restaurant industry. While running a high traffic hospitality environment, the last thing you want to do is to replace your restaurant furniture constantly. Therefore, you should consider buying wood restaurant bar tables for sale that will last for long time and are covered by a commercial warranty.





Whatever cheap restaurant tables you select to furnish your interior space, the tables should be made of high quality materials, and chosen with precise care and attention to detail. Design and aesthetics are important considerations when selecting furniture for restaurants. Many commercial restaurant dining tables are available that coordinate with your interior and are available with matched seating and the perfect base for support.


Buying commercial restaurant tables that coordinates with your interior is more easily achieved with options from a commercial vendor. If you want to create an ambiance that will make sure your customers have a positive restaurant experience, aesthetics should be the important factor to consider.




Materials and Composition

There is a huge availability of restaurant tables in a wide variety of materials. If you really need a warm yet rustic look for your restaurant, then wood bar tables are a great option and available in an unlimited array of sizes. The restaurant table tops your choose will greatly affect on your customer’s experiences. Remember that, just like your lighting, the color of your restaurant and the ambience you want to portray, your choice of restaurant bar tops will leave an amazing impression on your customers. No matter what, you will want to get it right. That’s where a bit of time spent on research and finding a furniture vendor who has experience and knowledge will go a long way towards success.


Final Consideration –

Every restaurant wants to put their own design and brand stamp on their space. Therefore, you should find the right restaurant table tops for sale to complement your theme and unique space. Once your theme is considered, restaurant bar tables also need to be robust enough to be used multiple times by a variety of customers. If you are looking to buy restaurant table tops for sale, you should count on Missouri Table & Chair.

Varieties of Restaurant Table Tops That Will Draw More Customers

January 18, 2019 by Missouri Table And Chair  

The durability and functionality of the restaurant table tops that you can get from us at Missouri Table and Chair will ensure you want to purchase from us. We understand the demands of a busy restaurant, and we have the perfect table top solutions for any restaurant and would love to help you with yours.




The reasons for choosing us

All our restaurant table tops feature our one-of-a-kind customer service that is tailored to each individual client. When you work with us, you are working with a business that understands the hospitality industry, what customers want, and how to make your establishment more profitable with the right look.


Laminate Table Set - Walnut Table w/ Black Vinyl Ladderback Chair


The quality you can have

When you purchase restaurant table tops from us at Missouri Table and Chair, you’re buying a piece of furniture that delivers quality. People who understand their craft assemble each table and wood tabletop from the best possible materials. We design each element of our tables with durability in mind and test all of them to ensure they can stand up to the toughest restaurant commercial conditions.


The variety we offer

We offer varieties of restaurant table tops. Here we are detailing some of the varieties that we offer.


T-mold laminate tops: These laminate tabletops feature a rubber t-mold edge that protects tables from chipping or other damages. You can have such restaurant table tops from us in colors like Alabaster, Black, Burnished Chestnut, Coffee Bean, Eggplant, Flamingo, Hollyberry, Hunter Green, Lapis Blue, White, Navy Legacy, Oiled Soapstone, Port, Sunshine.


Self edge laminate tops: These restaurant table tops of ours are of 1 1/4" thickness and we use the same laminate color on the top and sides of the table tops.  You can expect to have an extremely durable top. 


Aluminum edge top: We also offer this nature of restaurant table tops which feature a laminate top with a milled aluminum edge. Extremely durable top made from 45 lb industrial grade particleboard.  




So, if you desire to buy such table tops for your restaurant, please consider us at Missouri Table and Chair.

Considerations for Buy Laminate Restaurant Tables

January 7, 2019 by Missouri Table And Chair  

As restaurateurs, you are likely very much aware of the significance of atmosphere with regards to an agreeable eating background. Regardless of whether you are remodeling or buying a new restaurant, your mind will be on outfitting the space with decor and of course, tables and seating. Overall, it is an eatery, and tables and seats will be necessary. How would you pick the correct tables for your restaurant? One popular option is laminate restaurant tables from us at Missouri Table and Chair.




The reasons for selecting our laminate restaurant tables

There are obvious reasons for choosing our laminate restaurant tables. It would be wise to have a look at the reasons before you decide to purchase.


Laminate Table Set - Natural Table w/ Black Vinyl Ladderback Chair


Durability and ease of maintenance

Our laminate restaurant tables are simple to clean and maintain. Right off the bat, the laminate that we use is normally heat and scratch resistant, which means you do not need to be particularly cautious with them, making them perfect for busy restaurants. Furthermore, the toughness of such table fits simple cleaning. Since it is produced using engineered materials, it very well may be cleaned without harsh cleaning chemicals. In fact, a decently clean cloth is all that is needed to keep these tables looking their best.


Aluminum Edge Laminate Table Tops - Side View


Low operating cost

As an entrepreneur, it is common that you will be worried about working costs; luckily, our laminate restaurant tables are very budget friendly. Laminate is one of the most popular options for restaurants. Its initial cost is low, and it won’t require a large portion of your paid staff’s time cleaning or repairing them.


Aluminum Edge Laminate Color Options


Choice of color

Laminate restaurant tables you can purchase from us at Missouri Table and Chair come in an unlimited amount of color options. Since laminate is an engineered material, there is a considerable measure of adaptability concerning its appearance, particularly in regards to shading. The assortment of accessible hues that you can have from us implies that you can discover something that works with any color scheme within your restaurant plan.


So, when you desire to have the best of laminated tables for your restaurant do give us at Missouri Table and Chair a call at 816-246-4040.

The Way To Have The Best Of Granite Restaurant Tables

December 18, 2018 by Missouri Table And Chair  

Do you wish to have a table for your restaurant that does not rust or corrode, is relatively resistant to being scratched, and has a longer wear life and a smooth surface?  Moreover it also is practically non-magnetic and budget friendly. If that’s the table you want, then you need granite restaurant tables from us at Missouri Table and Chair.




Reasons for being with us

You can buy granite tables from many online websites and vendors so why buy from us. We stand apart from others in offering you the best of granite restaurant tables due to certain facts.


Interaction with real people

Unlike other online shopping sites, we are real people just like you. We are hardworking professionals dedicated to the work we do and it shows in every aspect of our operation. The entire team here at Missouri Table and Chair is real people helping to drive the success of our company. Every member of our team takes great pride in providing outstanding customer service to each of our customers. While we are proud of the exceptional products like granite restaurant tables we offer, we are even prouder of the incredible team we have built over the years.




The varieties we offer

We at Missouri Table and Chair offer you varieties of granite restaurant tables. Our variety is not only in shape but also in color. You can have square and round tables from us. We have four different granite colors that are all special and look stunning depending on the colors around the granite. With all of our granite choices, you can find granite restaurant tables that bode well with your taste and the space in your establishment.


Customization of the tables



Any prosperous restaurant will tell you that creating a unique design with their furniture, tables, and many other aspects, is one of the keys to success. We have all the resources here to help you build that through our granite restaurant tables. We offer customization features that nobody else can match, with the best value to go along with granite. Our experts will do everything they can to ensure that your space is being used to the best of its potential. Our selection of granite restaurant tables is the best you will find!


So, when you require the best commercial tables for your restaurant, give us a call at Missouri Table and Chair at 816-246-4040. For more information stay connected with us on our facebook , twitter , and google+ pages .

The Perfect Way To Buy Tables And Chairs For Your Business

December 15, 2018 by Missouri Table And Chair  

As a business owner, you definitely want to buy commercial tables and chairs that offer, quality, durability and style. Those features are exactly what we offer at Missouri Table and Chair.


The reasons for working with us



At Missouri Table and Chair, our stock of commercial and hospitality furniture highlights sturdy materials matched with inventive design and imaginative plans. Regardless of whether you are searching for climate proof outside dining sets for your open-air bistro, high barstools with rich structures for a chic bar, or tables made of dazzling wood for a provincial coffee shop, our quality and reasonable costs can help breathe life into your vision.




When choosing where to buy your eatery and business furniture, consider Missouri Table and Chair, a company with over 30 years providing quality commercial furniture.



Best of customer service

We at Missouri Table and Chair offer customized client interaction in a world of online shopping.  Not only do we really pick up the telephone when you call, you will know the name of your very own customer service representative while shopping with us. We are here to encourage and converse with our clients, so we can serve each customer’s specific needs.





Commitment to customers

We respect our duties to our customers. We at Missouri Table and Chair give phenomenal support during and after each sale, and back up our products with a superb warranty on each item. Our unmatched customer support has allowed us to remain in business for more than 35 years.




Help in making the perfect choice

Along with personalized customer service, we also offer you the advice you need to make the right choice. New restaurant owners, and even some recurrent clients, may not know the intricate details of choosing the right dining furniture. We question clients on the various perspectives which need considering before purchasing our products for their business.




So, do give us at Missouri Table and Chair a call at 816-246-4040 when you require the best quality furniture at an affordable price. For more information stay connected with us on our facebook , twitter , and google+ pages .

Key Information For Buying Butcher Block Restaurant Tables

December 5, 2018 by Missouri Table And Chair  

If you’re the owner of a restaurant looking to update your space, butcher block restaurant tables are a fantastic choice! Undoubtedly butcher block tables and their design are incredibly stylish. Butcher block tables are very functional for use as a commercial table in any hospitality setting. Review the key information below when considering restaurant butcher block tables for your restaurant, so you can feel confident in your decision.



Proper care is necessary- Butcher block restaurant tables are sturdy in nature and create a warm classic look to any space.  However, butcher block tables require maintenance to ensure they last as long as possible to give you a great return on your investment.  Treat the surface only with recommended cleaning products.  At least once a year remove the minor nicks and scratches that might happen during its use. This will ultimately increase the usability of butcher block tables as new for a longer period.  Consult with the vendor when you purchase your butcher block tables to ensure you’re caring for your tables per the recommended specifications. 

They warm up your restaurant- Butcher block tables made of natural wood adds a rustic feel to any space and help to make your restaurant feel more cozy and comfortable. If you wish to give some modern look to your restaurant or build a good impression on clients mind, then incorporating butcher block restaurant tables can add an unexpected contrast to your restaurant business. Furthermore, butcher block tables are always in style for restaurants and there are options to fit within any budget. 

               laminate table set small


There are different styles- One of the primary reasons so many hospitality business owners choose a butcher block table is that it will last longer and generally wears better than many other table options for the restaurant business. The natural look and wear pattern of wood tables are natural and don’t diminish the look of butcher block as it ages. You can also choose different wood types including oak, ash, maple and more that are very durable.  The variety of wood species and stain colors available means you can always select a butcher block table that will match with the theme of your restaurant. 



Be careful with water and heat- Any liquid substances can absorb into a wood table top which can lead to stains.  Clean up any spills as soon as possible.  Excessive heat can cause damage to the table’s surface.  Stacking chairs or barstools on the table top or against the edge will cause scratches and wear through the finish.  Treat your tables with care and they will pay you back by lasting a very long time.  


If you’ve decided to fill your space with butcher block restaurant tables, rely on Missouri Table and Chair. We produce fully customized butcher block tables of different shapes and sizes to meet your specific need. Our products are unique with the perfect finish that brings a distinctive look to your space. Our expert technicians are passionate about delivering the best designs that maximize your space.  For questions, call (800) 225-4935 today, and get the beauty of our butcher block tables! For more information stay connected with us on our facebook , twitter , and google+ pages .