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Know about the 6 best features of set-top box

January 10, 2020 by chitramtv store  

Set-top box have become an important piece of equipment in every home. It is important to invest in the best set-top box to make it easy to watch all programs and movies. A decoder is a device that contains a tuner that captures an external signal source and delivers it to a television to get excellent quality images. Iptv Providers offer various schemes and complementary packages offer the best set-top box in India, so you need to choose wisely among them.


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The main function and utility of the set-top box is still to broadcast television and movies. The Best Indian Tv Box available in India are built with the latest technology that offers all the basic features of the decoder and many "smart features" that will help you experience another level of comfort and technology. In general, you need to obtain a variety of hardware devices to take full advantage of the new smart features provided by technology. You can choose from these tech products and order yourself without leaving home! Here a list of additional features of set-top box.


  1. Live TV: The first intelligent feature provided by the latest technology is the ability to capture everything live. Whether you're playing a sports game in another part of the world, interviewing your favourite celebrities, you can access all these events with the best set-top box. You can watch Live Tv Indian Channels.
  2. Storage: Set-top box are usually used for streaming movies and other programs. If you just need it, you don't need storage to store all of your recorded movies or series. However, if you store your own music or movie library, you will need a storage device to store all of these.


The Best IPTV Provider offers the very highest quality movies and series as well as exactly that. In addition to storing recorded movies and programs, there is also space to store all your music. If you already have other external storage devices, you should invest in a set-top box with a USB port.


  1. Wireless / DLNA: Other additional features include Wireless / DLNA because customers can connect their phones and other devices to the decoder. This allows customers to exchange different media between different devices.
  2. Compatibility: The best set-top box is not only suitable for movies and shows. It also ensures compatibility with all other USB / other storage devices and devices. This allows the exchange of information, media, and other data between multiple compatible devices at the same time. It makes data transfer easier and very convenient for each family.
  3. Transmission quality: It is vital that a perfect set-top box provide the best picture quality and the best pixel resolution. The best set-top box offer a resolution of 1090 pixels with a large number of HD channels and offer multiple options to search for your favourite shows and movies.
  4. Remote control: Remote control is a necessary complement that comes with the set-top box package. It is imperative that the remote control has all the necessary features for easy operation.


How to choose an IPTV subscription?

December 16, 2019 by chitramtv store  

TV stations in many countries, including those in India, are streaming their content online. This means that anyone who has an internet connection and a web browser can watch different types of online television programming. The IPTV subscriptions provide access to television through internet. So you can watch all Indian TV channels from a simple tablet, a computer, a mobile phone, a Smart TV, a simple android box. These TV boxes are also called Smart TV boxes or IPTV set-top boxes.




The IPTV subscriptions are therefore increasingly widespread and strongly democratized thanks to their ease of use. More and more providers are offering IPTV subscriptions. But it must be admitted that the quality is not equal between all. Digital Chitram TV is becoming a trend nowadays and it is also an opportunity for users to enjoy all their favourite channels. But here it is still not easy to choose the subscription that meets his needs. To find your bearings, here are some ideas for you.


IPTV subscription: benefits at your fingertips

The ChitramTV yearly Subscription offers multiple benefits for all ages and remains the best ally of women at home. In short, it is a digital TV channel offer. Unlike a conventional satellite broadcast for example, we can program the channels that pass on its screen. The benefits are at hand because even children can spend hours or hours after school in front of the television watching their favourite cartoon without having to worry about it. In addition, an IPTV subscription also allows you to connect to the internet and enjoy other multimedia and viewing of all Netflix movies and series, cooking, sports, etc on any device. Note that some decoders require a suitable television that must be considered.


The choice of the supplier

Choosing an IPTV subscription is not a simple thing, but you can still fine-tune your choice by focusing on the provider first. Many operators offer a subscription offer to this server but the best is to compare the price and its benefits. Sometimes it is also sufficient to consult the users' opinions or to inquire about the quality of its services. Indeed, there are providers that offer good value for money while others are of little interest in providing limited TV channels. Anyway, a supplier offers their service and technical support 24/24. You can watch Live TV Indian Channels at any time. It must also stand out from others by proposing new offers and new features.


The choice of the offer

The best IPTV operator is those who offer more extensive and unlimited channels. Note that most providers offer packages whose price may vary depending on the quality of the packs and their contents. In short, the choice of the offer remains a decisive criterion to guarantee a better user experience. You must then choose a pack offering unlimited TV channels. It must also contain Indian TV programmes such as movies, documentaries, cartoons, sports, cooking, travel, etc. In short, the choice of an IPTV subscription certainly depends on its needs, programs that you want to watch throughout the subscription but also features that we could enjoy, multimedia, VOD etc.

Services provided by Reputed IPTV Server

November 21, 2019 by chitramtv store  

IPTV is the most popular and renowned services being offered to the customers. The company provides the channel streaming directly to the set-top box. All you need to do is to look for the ChitramTV subcription renewal in your area. This consists of the AVOV, DreamLink T1 as well as the Infomir or MAG boxes. We also give the customers for the access to direct exclusive to about 2200+ standard HD channels which are ranging from the movies, sports and other famous TV shows. With the help of ChitramTV topup you can stream the most favorite channels which could be done directly from your house. The Services offered by the popular reseller are given below:




International access: 

All you require is the HighSpeed of the Internet connection along with the unlimited capabilities of Download this could also help to enjoy the Premium services of IPTV. The ChitramTV renewal also has never been easier with the channels from entire world.


 On demand Video: 

Yes, now with the subscriptions you may also enjoy more than 3900 movies as well as hours of the Video on Demand which are available in the full HD devoid of the requirement for any kind of the additional subscriptions, this is all an important and vital part of the package.


Smooth Playback:

When your internets will downstream the bandwidth which is more than the 15 Mbit/s, you will be able to relish the experience of full HD from about 720p as well as 1080p content which are completely effortless to the TV.


Wonderful Value: 

The IPTV service offered by the ChitramTV recharge is mainly designed to be much cost effective which is also leveraging the existing and the current internet connection having several channels that are accessible to enjoy!


Internet Protocol television which is popularly known as IPTV is basically delivery of the television content through the networks of computer which are based on logical Internet Protocol, instead of through the most customary terrestrial, satellite as well as the formats of the cable television. Unlike the media of downloaded, IPTV provides the complete ability to always stream source media regularly. Hence, as the result, the client media player may also start playing entire content usually instantly. It is known as the process of streaming media. The ChitramTV yearly Subscription is here who could provide you with the required services.


IPTV offers you with the services of togetherness of television, telephone as well as internet. It is much similar like the satellites and the cable television, where the IPTV uses the set-top box which is also known as the (STB) which allows the viewers to always watch several of the channels along with this they can also order the movies through the option of the VOD which is also known as video-on-demand. IPTV uses the broadband ADSL, which is the similar technology which delivers high-speed of the Internet to computer. It helps to opens door to much highly interactivity and potential for several channels.


Some easy steps to become an IPTV reseller

November 2, 2019 by chitramtv store  

IPTV which is an Internet protocol TV is the new and latest step in development of the telecommunications which takes the television to be beyond any kind of the constraints of the radio signals as well as connections of the conventional cable. 


According to the service of Chitram TV to which they usually subscribe, the users of IPTV can also watch the live television and also the video on demand. However, onset of the new technology that offers the complete opportunity for the entrepreneurs for becoming the well qualified resellers with the standing as the intermediaries which are between the IPTV service providers as well as the final users. Below mentioned are some steps to become Indian TV.



You need to set up the legal entity. It might be also really easy as the assumed name or as DBA which means "doing business as" -- or this might be the partnership or the corporation or even the LLC. Pick the name for the business, and then apply them to legal entity that you create. The name must certainly serve as the wonderful and effective marketing tool and which could also identifying the business which deals with the IPTV and telecommunications. 

Contact IPTV service providers. Most providers are constantly on the lookout for resellers to assist them to expand their level of operations. You may also visit the website of the company and fill up the important and mandatory forms about the company and also about the personal information. 

You need to set up the specific sales office. Since the IPTV reseller server is mainly the industry of direct-sales, the sales office will never necessarily require to serve as the single point of contact having the prospective clients. Instead, it must also be the hub of the activity for entire sales team. When you are starting out the independent sales company, you could not have the employees, so in this case you must also be able to always operate from your home in starting. 


For being a Indian Tv Channels you need to educate yourself by the form of reading entire study material for the service provider. The services of the IPTV provider through which you would work may also have diverse levels through which the resellers will be able to qualify. However, getting to the higher level will also mean to be the higher streams of revenue, though you should also have to always learn the updated skills to do this. On the other hand the service provider may even assist you through providing the requisite marketing support. You may even become much more familiar with tools of the tools for marketing support provider. 


When you are also planning to always hire the employees, you need to apply for the identification number of the employer through internal service of the Revenue.


So if you will follow these easy and simple steps you can become a reputed reseller for Live Tv Indian Channels