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January 16, 2019 by Apple customer care  

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How to Setup Netgear Wi-Fi Router without Modem

January 16, 2019 by Apple customer care  

Netgear was the first service to introduce the Wireless Router and provides with one of the fastest and most reliable services. It offers innovative designs and is suitable to be used in every household, office, restaurants, etc. have Wi-Fi set up at your home place of workplace becomes very important as now everything is done with the help of technology. To browse anything, to download new games, songs or videos or even to watch movies, you need a stable and a fast working internet connection and ample amount of data that can only be provided with Wi-Fi networks.


You must be aware that if you wish to set any Wi-Fi router, you need to have a modem. The technicians usually visit your place to set up the Wi-Fi router and it is usually done by also setting up the modem. But have you ever wondered that is it possible to set up the router without a modem? If you have thought about it, then you must have researched about it too. Netgear provides you with this opportunity. The steps are not too complex, but they only need some due considerations and proper focus. By reading this blog, you will come to know how to setup Netgear Wi-Fi Router without Modem. If you have any query regarding this blog so contact Netgear router support number.


Steps for the setup procedure:


·        If you wish to connect the router without a modem, you need to have a DSL microfilter. It is a small box that helps to connect your router and your telephone through a telephone jack. You need to connect the Netgear router to the telephonic jack.

·        The next step is to connect the DSL microfilter to the telephone via a small wire( telephonic wire will be preferred)

·        Now with the help of Ethernet cable, now connect the computer or laptop to the port labeled as ‘LAN’ on the Netgear router

·        Now connect the Wi-Fi router to the power supply and switch it on. It will take around a minute or two to boot up properly.

·        Now open any web browser that you desire and automatically Netgear Genie setup wizard will display on the screen.

·        Now type or http://www.routerlogin.net. They will guide you to the setup wizard.

·        Now, when Netgear will ask to configure the internet, select the option of ‘Yes’ and then choose, next.

·        Now a drop-down menu will appear, asking you to select your country. Do the needful. The Netgear will take some time to detect the Internet connection, and after that, the login screen will appear.

·        A username and password will be provided to you by the ISP into the provided fields to access the ISP network. After done, click on Next. If you don’t have your user ID and password, then get in touch with ISP.

·        Now choose the option of ‘Take me to the internet’ to ensure the proper setup.


By reading and implementing these steps If you are unable to understand these steps of how to setup Netgear Wi-Fi router without a modem and need expert’s help, then reach out to the Netgear router customer care.


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My Apple ID has been Disabled

January 11, 2019 by Apple customer care  

Whenever you want to download any kind of app or songs on your Apple device, you are required to enter your Apple ID and the password. This is a mandatory process for all Apple customers. And there will be times when your ID gets disabled and this usually happens when you haven’t been using it in a long time, or when you have entered the wrong password too many times or when you get the security question wrong. When such situations happen, you cannot help but panic since it prohibits access to the app store and iTunes etc. So in order to prevent such unwanted headaches, you should know the way to get back your ID. And if you keep reading this blog, you will find all the necessary steps that are required to recoup your ID when your Apple ID has been disabled.

You will know when you experience this issue because you will see messages like ‘this Apple ID has been disabled for security reasons’. This means that even if you enter the correct password, it will not permit you access. And there are many ways to recover the ID, but one very effective method id the two-step verification process that requires you to confirm your identity and ownership by providing the recovery key. The recovery key is the 14 digits number that you get through Apple. So to recover your disabled Apple ID, follow the instructions below: Then you can contact Apple tech support number

ØOn your Apple device, first, enter the Apple ID and click on the password reset option or link.

ØNow you must enter the recovery key for the two-step verification process.

ØAfter that, choose where to get the verification code and once you receive it, enter the code in the provided field.

ØFinally, create a new password and select the ‘reset password’ option.

After you have successfully reset your password, you must sign in using the modified credentials and make sure to update the password settings on all the other platforms like App store, iTunes and on your Mac.

The mentioned points are what you must do to recover or restore your Apple ID when it gets disabled. Make sure to remember the new password and keep the recovery key safe for future use. If you face any kind of error during the process or if you made a mistake and you don’t know what to do, you can contact Apple support to get assistance from expert technicians.



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What to do When Mac Doesn’t Turn On

January 4, 2019 by Apple customer care  

Mac is an Apple Inc. product which works on Mac OS and comes with advanced technology. But there are times when Mac users face the complication due to some technical snags. One of the problems Mac users encounter is ‘Mac doesn’t turn on’ issue. This problem can be resolved with the help of techies on Apple tech support number. Also, you can solve this issue through some rectifying techniques. To learn those methods to solve the Mac problem on your own, read this whole blog.

Fixes of ‘Mac doesn’t turn on’ issue

Troubleshooting steps to solve this Mac problem are quite simple but you should be focused while performing these steps:

Solution 1. Check for Display issues

When you see that the Mac is not turning on, there are chances that the Mac is turning on but the display is having some problem. To check if it’s a display issue, press the power button on the Mac. Then focus if you are getting these signs, even if the display remains dark:

®   When the Mac starts it produces a Chime sound.

®   There might be Fan or driver noise.

®   LED sleep indicator will indicate if the Mac turns on.

®   If your Mac device has a backlit keyboard then the keys will turn on.

®   Press the Caps Lock key and check if the Caps Lock light turns on or not.

If any of the above-mentioned things happen then this is the issue is with Display of your Mac. So, go to a trained technician and resolve the problem as quickly as possible. Otherwise, continue with further instructions.


Solution 2. Check for the power issue

If your mac is not turning on and the display is not having any problem, then proceed with these steps:

®   Check for the power cord and the Adapter is properly connected with the Mac and plugged into a working electrical socket. Plug-in any electrical appliance and check and get sure that the socket is working, if the socket is not ok then try another electrical socket.

®   Replace the power cord and Adapter if the electrical socket is working but the mac is still not turning on.

®   If you have a mac Notebook device then make sure to use the right power cord and Adapter. Charge the battery of your Mac Notebook enough.

Perform these steps and resolve ‘Mac not turning on’ problem. In case, these steps don’t work then dial Apple support and get the instant solution from certified techies.



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Apple Id password not working

December 24, 2018 by Apple customer care  

Presently, almost half of the human population now owns an Apple product. It has become a symbol status for most of the people. Apple has also become one of the reliable brands when it comes to technological devices. Even though it costs a quite heavy bulk out of your pocket, but once purchased you can rest assured that you won’t face with major difficulties in the future run? Are you someone who has recently purchased an Apple product and is not able to deal with the issue of being logged out of your account suddenly? Or even if you have made yourself familiar with the product and is not able to deal with the issue, then you have come to the right place. You should definitely read this blog. Even after reading the solutions mentioned here, you still face some technical hiccups, don’t hesitate to contact the Apple tech support numberanytime. You should know that your Apple Id and password is the gateway for everything that you do with Apple. Be it signing into an app, go to the I Tunes store, etc. So if you face any dilemma with you Id password not working, you should not even a waste a single precious minute and follow the steps given in this blog right away.


Follow these instructions one by one and your problem would be solved:

·        Go to your apple Id by logging in with applied.apple.com

·        Now try signing in and if you are unable to do so, click on iforget.apple.com

·        Try changing your password

·        Once done, try logging back in with your Id and the reset password

·        If your ID and password is still not working then go to the Settings of your device

·        Go to I tunes and app store and tap on your Id which will be displayed at the top

·        Now sign out

·        Wait for a few minutes and try signing in again with your Id and new password


It will just take a bit of moving around here and there on your device, a little ounce of patience and maybe multiple logins when dealing with the issue. You can also try rebooting your device once if you feel that the steps that you followed could not resolve your issue. You can always ignore the pop-ups which will be displayed on your screen. This issue can be common with the Apple users. Even if after trying the mentioned solution, you are not able to settle your dilemma due to technical glitches, then it is advisable to contact the Apple support where all your issues would be solved easily.

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Apple Passcode not working

December 10, 2018 by Apple customer care  

Passcodes are important for the security of your devices against theft and unauthorized permission. It helps you to keep your personal data and information secure, and also protects your privacy and personal space. Speaking of which, Apple products and devices also come with the feature to create passcodes all for the same reason. But sometimes it so happens that these passcodes are forgotten by the owner or customer and hence they are not able to access their devices since the passcode does not work. When a problem like this happens you should contact Apple contact number, but since you are already reading this blog, you can find the solution for this problem here. This blog will provide you with a comprehensive detail and explanation on how you can carry out the steps that are needed when your passcode does not work.

When you have forgotten your Apple passcode you can remove it by using the iPhone and the Apple watch. But you have to set up your Apple watch again after removing the passcode. The following steps will show you how to proceed with this method:

ØFirstly, keep the iPhone and watch together until you have completed the steps.

ØNow, on your Apple watch, go to ‘my watch tab’.

ØTap on ‘general’ and under this, select ‘reset’.

ØNow you need to tap on ‘erase apple watch content and setting’ and after that, select ‘confirm’. You could be asked to enter your Apple ID, so make sure to enter it.

ØFor those of you with apple watch series 3 and apple watch series 4, either choose to ‘keep’ or ‘remove’ your cellular plan.

ØWait for the entire process to get over. After that, you must set up your watch. Now restore from a backup.

If you are in a situation where you don’t have a paired iPhone, you can use your watch to remove the passcode. Here’s how you can do that:

ØBefore you begin, keep your watch in charge until the steps are done.

ØLocate the side button on your watch and press it till you see the ‘power off’ sign.

ØNow press the power off slider and tap on ‘erase all content and setting’.

ØWait for it to finish and reset your Apple watch and restore.

Keep these steps in mind or refer back to this blog the next time you face the same problem. If faced with any technical problem during the process, contact Apple tech support to avail help from certified employees.



Source URL: Apple Passcode not working

Unable to Sync Bigpond Email Contacts and Calendar on iPhone Device

November 30, 2018 by Apple customer care  

Sometimes the problem of syncing email contacts and calendar to your phone becomes a problem with all email users. This is one such problem that is prevalent with iPhone users and Bigpond email customers. They have issued this particular problem countless times because it happens every so often. It is necessary that the email contacts and calendars sync to your phone because it provides an easier way to access it without having to go through the trouble of typing it over and over again and also to open your emails to see and check upcoming events. If you are looking for ways on how to fix this issue then this blog will prove helpful as it will guide you to successfully correct this problem in no time. If you want to know another kind of information about Bigpond email then get in touch with Bigpond email customer service well-qualified representative through this Apple tech support 1800-875-318.


To know how to sync contacts, follow the steps below:

·         Open the setting>mail>contacts>calendar

·         Choose the ‘add account’ button and click ‘other’.

·         Select ‘add card DAV account’.

·         For server: contacts.telstra.com

·         For username: enter the email address you have provided while creating the account.

·         For password: your password.

·         Select ‘next’.

To know how to sync calendar:

·         Settings>mail>contacts>calendar.

·         Choose ‘add account’ and select ‘other’.

·         Select ‘add CalDAV account’.

·         For server: calendar.telstra.com

·         For username: your email address

·         For password: your password.

·         Select ‘next’.

To see if your device has synced open your contacts and calendar app and check if your email contacts and events have been updated.

Make sure the background data is enabled while carrying out the procedure because only then will you be able to sync your Bigpond email contacts and calendar on your iPhone. These steps are only for iPhone users and the steps might be inaccurate for Android users. So make sure that you carefully examine the product and the operating system.

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Facing Inconvenience in downloading Audio from iTunes – Call for Experts Advice

November 20, 2018 by Apple customer care  

Are you having glitches in downloading audio from iTunes but don’t know what to do? Then the first thing that needs to be done is to relax! There are in fact countless users who come across this problem. iTunes is an application especially supported on Apple devices from where the users access music, videos, and movies. This application is now available on Android devices as well. You can refer this post for fixing the issue of ‘inconvenience in downloading Audio from iTunes’. The step by step guide is given in an elaborated way so the users can understand it adequately.


With iTunes, you can manage content on your IOS devices. To download the music you can manually add items from iTunes, the steps for same are given below. You must carefully follow these so that the problem can be sorted out conveniently.

Solution: Inconvenience in downloading Audio from iTunes


Step 1: Connect your device to your computer

Step 2: Open iTunes and make sure that it is updated

Step 3: On the computer, find the item you want to add to your device

Step 4: Select the item or music track that you want to add to your device and copy it

Step 5: Return to iTunes and go to the Library tab of music

Step 6: Click on your device in the left sidebar and click the name of the item you are adding

Step 7: Paste your item that you just copied

Note: But it is to be kept in mind that this can only be done when you the manually manage music and videos option is turned on.


You can even download free music from iTunes. In case there is any problem that you face and don’t know how to deal with them, then without wasting any further time, users are strongly suggested to get in touch with Apple customer support number Centre at +61-1800-875-318 where the team of certified technicians will elaborate you more on fixing the issue so that you will not be bothered anymore. For future, you can always refer to these steps and use them for downloading the audio files.

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