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Will hearing aids help with background noise?

October 9, 2019 by Cindy  

Are you having problems understanding speech against background noise? It’s a common problem for most people with hearing loss. Coping with background noise has also traditionally been a real technical challenge for older style hearing aids. Fortunately, modern technology is making exciting changes to the way hearing aids adapt and respond to background noise.

Older style hearing aids were sometimes ineffective because they used omni-directional microphones that amplified everything. So, if you were in a restaurant and trying to have a conversation with your partner your hearing aid would amplify your partner’s words but would also equally amplify the conversations around you and the clash of cutlery and all the other unwanted noises too.

Background noise not only makes it hard to understand other speakers but it can be exhausting as well. So, can today’s hearing aids completely shut out background noise? No, they can’t but modern technology uses a number of tools to filter out background noise and significantly reduce its impact including:

Directional microphones

Digital signal processing

FM and wireless technology

You may find that when you first get hearing aids, the amount of noise you can hear is a little unsettling. You may have even forgotten these sounds exist. Different brands and models have specific technologies to deal with background noise.Hearing aids that sit in the ear canal and block the ear also tend to reduce background noise more effectively than open ear type hearing aids.

Digital hearing aids vs analog hearing aids

October 9, 2019 by Cindy  

Hearing aid technologies have changed over the years. Before digital hearing aids came on the scene, hearing aids were based on analog technology alone. 

Analog hearing aids’ sound signals are continuous and uniform in flow, so the sophisticated nuances or layers of sound that digital hearing aids have are missing. Adapting to different sound environments with analog hearing aids means simply turning up the volume, which is very uncomfortable. Also, with analog hearing aids, you don’t have the option to reduce background noises – they would also be amplified. 

Digital hearing aids have sound signals that vary and are individual, bringing natural-sounding speech and audio enriched with depth and variation. Therefore, you can really play with the sound and volume of digital hearing aids, adjusting the experience to your personalized specifications and all your different settings.