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What is a cleanroom?

January 28, 2020 by Dulce Lienau  

The concept of cleanrooms implies a room of a particular area, whereby using special equipment, a fixed number of mechanical particles of a specific size, suspensions, chemical compounds per unit of air volume are maintained. The design is thought out to minimize the introduction and generation of particles within the premises.

Only the number of particles per unit volume of air is subjected to control. Mass concentration does not matter. This property is a distinctive feature of cleanrooms. Fractions ranging in size from 0.1 to 5 microns are taken into account.

Why clean rooms

The need to use this type of room is due to the allocation of personnel, equipment, building structures of many particles that become a source of pollution. Compliance with clean standards established standards provides the ability to control the movement of particles. Ultimately, suitable conditions are created for the manufacture of products in a Controlled environment.

The use of cleanrooms is relevant to many industries. The main criterion is the possibility of disruption of the functioning of finished products or reduction of their life due to the entrance of the smallest foreign particles. The relevance of strict compliance with requirements for the level of cleanliness in a particular room is increasing. It should be bear in mind that the creation of such a place is only part of the activities. You will also need to use the equipment, clothing for staff that emits a minimal amount of polluting elements. The strict observance by the personnel of the rules of work in a cleanroom is also essential.

The purpose of cleanrooms is to maintain a given level of airspace cleanliness within the designated framework, taking into account the requirements of technological processes that have increased sensitivity to pollutants.

Types of cleanrooms

The specifics of the air supply system. Design, the size of the cost of creation, is mostly due to the nature of the airflow. The following cleanroom conditions are distinguished:

constructed: the room is prepared for operation; however, it does not have technological equipment, necessary materials, no working personnel;

equipped: the place is ready for work, it has debugged technical machine, there are no people;

The use of automated technical means ensures the cleanliness of the airspace of the Clean Room Rental Murieta. Ways to achieve the goal include organizational activities and the use of protocols that prevent the entry of pollution from outside with the help of staff.

Specified criteria determine the types and types of cleanrooms.

By the method of providing ventilation:

Turbulently ventilated clean room. Air mass is supplied using air distributors or ceiling filters. The classic version of the air supply is a crucial feature of the rooms.

Cleanroom with laminar airflow. Air mass enters the room thanks to a system of highly efficient filtering structures. When air passes through the room, the specified direction of movement is maintained. Allow for a higher level of purity.

Clean areas of modular variety. They are used within a cleanroom to ensure the highest level of pollution protection. Such mini-zones for separation of a production site with increased sensitivity to pollution are created by installing physical barriers. Within this limited space, a higher quantity of high-quality air is provided in comparison with the other volume of the room.

If there is any setback with the equipments in cleanroom we should directly contact to contract manufacturer.


Commercial Rental spaces and rooms for labs

January 4, 2020 by Dulce Lienau  

The philosophy of the service providers lies in a continuous evolution and adaptation of all services to the needs of all customers, so company create a specific engineering department for clean rooms, laboratories, containment areas, critical environment, etc.


A project that has experienced spectacular growth in recent years has allowed team to project a technological and innovative image. Clean Room Rental Murieta offers a wide variety of services, ranging from conceptual design, engineering and detail project; construction and assembly, commissioning, qualification and finally the validation of the room.




All contract manufacturer projects are carried out under the highest quality, in accordance with the ISO, GMP, GLP, FDA & EMEA standards and regulations of each country


Cleanroom services offer its Comprehensive, After Sales and Maintenance Service according to the specific needs of all its customers.


It is therefore most innovative bet since for a white room to enter service it must be validated, so the level of demand throughout the process is maximum.


Clean rooms can be divided into sectors in technology, pharmaceutical, hospital, biosecurity and food and in each of them we find their most frequent uses.


Clean rooms, also called clean rooms or Controlled environment are an essential instrument in certain production and research processes.


The HVAC facilities of the clean rooms is another aspect that requires maximum attention if you want to guarantee the maximum operability of them. The control of the temperature and humidity in these spaces is the key and for this the air treatment must adjust to the conditions and measurements of the rooms creating an air sweep that helps the purification of the area. Through centralized or distributed HVAC systems, the temperature and humidity are controlled to achieve good comfort, the number of renovations needed per hour and a minimum consumption.


The phases of any clean room installation process could be summarized in the following aspects:

The clean room design project

Clean room Architecture

Clean room Filtration

Air conditioning of clean rooms

Thorough cleaning of personnel or material

Clean room Features


Some of the safety systems that prevent the material with which it works are contaminated by environmental microorganisms are:


The air entering the laboratory is sterile since it has been filtered to remove suspended particles and microorganisms. It is completely renewed several times per hour so as not to accumulate dust.


The rooms are maintained on a pressure scale slightly higher than outside, so that when the doors open the air leaves and no outside air can enter, contaminated with microorganisms.


The walls are covered with vinyl and the corners are rounded to avoid dirt accumulations.

There is only a sink in the validation room, to prevent the entry of microorganisms in the production area.

Operators must wear special suits to avoid carrying contaminants or generating dust particles.

The locks maintain pressure differences between the rooms and isolate them from the outside.


Company makes some of its spaces available to companies for holding external or internal work meetings, product presentations, courses and all kinds of business meetings.


Multipurpose, accessible, air-conditioned spaces, with WIFI connection, strategically located a few meters from the highway and with ample parking, created to make available to companies a whole range of services aimed at organizing meetings, presentations, courses, etc.


Learn more about extraction hoods and its types

December 11, 2019 by Dulce Lienau  

The hoods are a type of ventilation system with the primary function of protecting the user from exposure to chemical vapors, gases, dust and aerosols. Fume hood also function as physical barriers between reagents and the laboratory, offering protection against inhalations, spills of hazardous substances, reactions and fire.


Injection molding of biomedical products in clean room


A typical Fumehood bell has a box-shaped structure with a mobile window. Experiments are carried out inside the hood that is constantly and safely ventilated, usually by fans and ducts. Chemical vapors are extracted and diluted many times in the atmosphere making them harmless to human health. If there are environmental concerns, a treated extraction system can be installed to remove most of the vapors from the external air stream.


The Low hood works by maintaining negative air pressures inside the cabin and thus preventing the escape of any air particle outwards. The speed at which the air enters the hood is very important to ensure the safety and effective operation of the equipment, since this is how the protective barrier is created that will not let any of the contaminated air inside. High speeds can generate turbulence that will allow indoor air to escape, but low speeds may not be enough containment.


In Lowhood, a frontal flow rate between 0.3m / s (60 feet per minute) and 0.5m / s (100 feet per minute) is recommended, however, it is important to review the safety regulations applicable in your area.


Types of extraction hoods

Table extraction hoods, for general uses.


Distillation hoods: It is characterized by having a very low base, which translates into a large workspace, which allows large distillation equipment to be installed inside the cabin. Its other characteristics are very similar to standard bells.


Bells for perchloric acid: Perchloric acid reacts violently with organic materials, so these bells require incorporating a washing system in order to prevent perchlorate residues. The inner liners are made of acid resistant materials such as stainless steel and the corners are rounded for easy cleaning. All procedures that use this acid must be carried out in a hood of this type to avoid dangerous reactions when coming into contact with other substances.


Radioisotope hood: It is used to protect users from radioactive material. It has a special base to support the cabin made from lead. The interior is stainless steel and rounded corners.


Bells for acid digestion: They have special coatings made of highly acid resistant materials for example non-plasticized PVC; for complete acid digestion applications that need high temperatures, materials for example PVDF should be used. The front panel can be made of polycarbonate to resist scratches of hydrofluoric acid.


Floor bells: Used for applications that requires large devices. As the name implies, these bells are mounted on the ground and do not have a work surface, which makes it easier for cabin equipment to enter and exit.


Bells for demonstration: it has 4 glass sides and is commonly used for teaching, as it allows students to see the teacher's maneuvers from any angle.


What Is The Right Laboratory Fume Hood

November 9, 2019 by Dulce Lienau  

Personnel working permanently in a laboratory must have adequate safety conditions to protect themselves from dangerous work. A fume hood is essential to maintain air quality. It is a type of ventilation system that ensures personnel protection against toxic fumes, vapors and dust. In addition, it acts as a physical barrier to protect against chemical spills, uncontrolled reactions and fires.

Gas extraction hoods with recirculation

The ductless extractor hood is based on the principle of recirculation of air. This unit has a fan on the top that draws air through the front opening and through the filter and is then returned to the workstation. It eliminates hazardous materials and this type of hood is useful when the danger is well known and does not change. Ductless hoods are often not suitable for research applications where the activity and materials used or generated may change or be unknown. The great advantage of this equipment is its mobility. However, charcoal filters require regular maintenance. They save energy and respect the environment.




Suction hood

There is a wide variety of duct hoods, most with air conditioning (heated or cooled). In most designs, conditioned (i.e. heated or cooled) air is drawn from the laboratory space into the hood and then dispersed through ducts into the outside atmosphere. In other cases, the air is recalculated and returned to the purified laboratory. In the latter case, the idea is to minimize energy and operating costs. Fumehood is used to evacuate dangerous levels of contaminants.


Other types of hoods for Laboratory

Depending on size and features, there are many types of hoods. Some of them are:


Distillation hood: They have a small work surface and a large working area that allows the installation of distillation equipment inside the cabin. The rest of the features are similar to a standard hood.


The extractor hood for perchloric acid: This equipment has a water wash system in the ducts to prevent the formation of explosive crystals and fumes. The ducts are cleaned internally with a series of aerosols. It is the ideal unit to work with acid.


Radioisotope hood: This equipment is ideal for handling radiation and protects the user from radioactivity. It is constructed of lead and the unit has a stainless steel liner.


Acid digestion hood: This equipment is made of polypropylene so that it withstands the corrosive effects of acids. The crystals are replaced by polycarbonate glass and the pipes are covered with Teflon.


They are often big closed equipment that creates a work area. They are waterproof which means they do not corrode even with routine use or corrosive spills. Chemical hoods circulate and filter the air to eliminate any vapors produced.


The front of a Lowhood is a sash window, usually made of glass, able to move up and down on a counterweight mechanism. They have different widths in a range of 1000 mm to 2000 mm. The depth varies between 700 mm and 900 mm and the height between 1900 mm and 2700 mm. Depending on the design, there may be one to three operators.


What you need to pay attention to when choosing and renting a big Space?

October 12, 2019 by Dulce Lienau  

The right choice of California Lab Space for Rent and a legally competent approach when signing a lease is a very important stage in starting a business. Mistakes in this matter can lead to serious negative consequences for your business. In this article, we will try to help you solve this issue and show you what you need to pay attention to when renting a cleanroom.

Factors to consider when selecting and renting a Clean Room Rental Murieta and When choosing Lab Space for Rent, pay attention to a number of factors:




  1. What is the probability that your potential client is in this place and near the lying area?
  2. Is there a parking lot and a bus stop near your building?
  3. Try to explain to someone from your friends where you are. Ask him if he understood you correctly. Will he be able to find you?
  4. Walk around the area surrounding you and the floors of your building. Evaluate what you saw in terms of attracting customers and establishing possible partnerships. Ask the landlord if your competitors are in this building?
  5. Parking Space availability in the evenings and on weekends

Legal aspects of signing a lab space lease

Are you happy with everything? Before you put your signature on the contract, make sure that the Lab Space Murieta offered to you is legally clean. To do this, ask the landlord to provide you with original documents confirming the right to dispose of the premises. This is a certificate of ownership, a contract of sale, or a lease with a general power of attorney. If according to the documents it turns out that the premises are leased out, make sure that the landlord has the right to do so.


If you have doubts that the one who has the right to conclude a lease agreement with you? Ask to show you a certificate of registration of the organization and a copy of the order on the appointment of the director. If you are told that these documents are not with you, that this is just a formality, politely ask to bring these documents to the next meeting. No documents at the next meeting again? Think about the feasibility of further relations with this company, because you have to work here more than one day.


Treat the issue to choose and Rent-A-Lab California with full responsibility! This, in many respects, depends on your future success, or failure. Try to make sure that you can carry out the activities necessary for you here. You can build up a good customer base, and customers will know where you are and your phone number. You will spend money on advertising, business cards, in which your address will be indicated. In the event of unforeseen circumstances that led to the need to change your location if there is lacking Controlled environment, you may lose both the money spent and some of the customers.


You can partially protect yourself by indicating the contact cellular city number in business cards and other promotional materials. Or buy a virtual number that can be installed on any landline phone, regardless of the location of your company.

Mistakes when Renting Portable Clean Room?

September 20, 2019 by Dulce Lienau  

The success of a new business largely depends on a well-chosen space for rent or lease. However, when searching for a suitable Clean Room Space for Rent, it is necessary to consider many factors that entrepreneurs often do not think about. We examined misconceptions that are most common for inexperienced tenants.


Cheap rental space - good choice

You should be wary if the newly opened space offers low rental rates to Rent a Lab. Be prepared for the fact that after 11 months - usually for such a period the contract is concluded - you will be raised the rent by at least 50%.




Before signing the contract, it is necessary to discuss in detail the adequate and favourable conditions for a possible increase in the rental rate of Laboratory Space For Rent. The increase in rents should not be sudden for the tenant, you can specify in the contract, for example, a rate increase not more than once a year, by a fixed amount or percentage. 


You must also clearly understand what services provided by the owner are included in the rental price. Often, after the conclusion of the contract, the tenant discovers that he will have to pay separately for the costs of electricity, water, heating, cleaning, garbage collection and security, and that space must be Clean Environment Room For Rent. Also, in some cases, the owner may indicate the amount of rent without VAT.


I want - and tomorrow I will terminate the contract

When concluding a contract, it is important to pay attention to its validity period and terms of extension. Most often, you will need to notify the landlord in writing 3 months before the end of the contract. The details of the lease must be discussed with the landlord in more detail. For example, it is important to know whether your company will receive a “legal permit”, that is, whether it will be included in the official list of tenants. Do not forget that a sign, advertising or any other external navigation in Clean Room Rental San Jose is established only with the consent of the owner: if you need it, this must be specified separately.


Pay attention to the options for termination of the contract, because many lessors are not eager to return a security payment or take it into account in the last months of the Clean Room Space For Lease. Do not sign the contract without reading the papers carefully.


Whoever needs to get there

The geographical location and transport accessibility is the first thing that you should pay attention to when choosing a Lab Space For Rent San Jose. Not all of your employees, let alone customers are willing to spend one and a half to two hours on the road or park a car three blocks from the space. It will also be useful to think about where they can have a snack or drink coffee.


At the same time, it is far from always worth pursuing the “prestige” of a location. So Rent a Lab in California in the city centre is often unreasonably high, and small start-up employees will not be happy with the need to buy a business lunch every day in an expensive restaurant simply because there is no cheaper catering nearby.

Important criteria to choose your next office for rent

August 17, 2019 by Dulce Lienau  

The location of the office for rent:

The location of the Clean Room Rental Murieta is one of the most important criteria to consider in your choice. Indeed, the location must be within a reasonable distance of your home and your main activities, since you will have to travel this distance several times a week. The office must also be accessible and close to the main arteries, especially if your clients need to visit your offices.


Common expenses or taxes:

Before renting a cleanroom office, find out about the fees and taxes that are included in the rent. Also ask if additional charges need to be included also and, if so when the amounts must be paid. Usually, in commercial spaces or shared spaces, common costs such as snow removal or concierge are divided among tenants. The price is lower since the invoice is shared. This is an advantageous formula that will allow you to save some money!




The visibility of the building and the goodwill:

Should your office be visible to passers-by? If so, you must direct your choice to an Rent-A-Lab California, it is easy to locate or that allows you to display your logo on a sign. Your business will be more accessible to customers, passers-by and service providers. And do not forget that this visibility becomes an interesting form of advertising for some companies! On the contrary, if you do not receive customers at your office and do not attach importance to this visibility, you can opt for a more discreet office for rent.


Lease term of the office for rent:

When going for California Lab Space for Rent keep in mind that the lease must meet your needs and those of your business. Try to plan your need over time and think about the length of the lease that suits you most: one, three, five or even ten years.


Shops nearby or in the same building:

When you look for an Controlled environment office to rent, you will find that some buildings include companies from the same sector of activity or related industries. For example, some of the spaces for rent are focused on financial services; others are distinguished by technology companies or those working in the health sector.


The presence of thermostats in the office for rent:

The comfort offered by the office for rent is an important issue. Imagine feeling a current of cold air or constant heat, without being able to adjust the temperature: this situation will quickly become annoying and will harm your comfort!  You will be able to control your temperature freely.


A closed or open office:

This criterion is of varying importance from one person to another. Some will prefer open-plan offices, while others may want closed offices. Often less expensive, open-plan offices are a popular solution for start-up professionals. However, if you like to work in silence or have to make many calls, opt for a closed office instead.


Wall insulation:

Confidentiality is essential for some companies and many professionals such as notaries, health specialists, etc. Their information should not be divulged and their storage should not be heard by passers-by or other colleagues.

For Rent a lab clean room Facilities | CleanRoomRent.com, it is best to contract manufacturer as they will give you best suggestion.