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The Perfect Way To Have Best Of Wedding Halls Venue In Westchester County

January 11, 2019 by coliseum whiteplains  

Your big day of dreams is in front of you. You cannot hang tight to make it official. Family and companions, all are eager to be a piece of your day. You need your wedding to be splendidly planned. Weddings are about numerous elusive minutes. A fruitful wedding festivity relies on the decisions you make. In the middle of huge amounts of things, you are required to select the wedding hall venue so that it all turns out to be amazing. The wedding setting is the most vital component that requires watchful consideration and we at Coliseum White Plains have made possible to have such wedding halls venue in Westchester County that fulfils all such considerations.

The considerations that make us ahead of others

It is not that we at Coliseum White Plains only make available wedding halls, there are others too. Ours stand apart from other wedding venues in White Plains NY as we fulfill all your considerations while selecting the best.

Budget: When you book our wedding halls venue in Westchester County, you can be certain that you will not have a hole on your pocket. We offer the best of services in all respect at an affordable price. We are your one-stop wedding venue with reception halls, ceremony sites, and overnight accommodations – and possibly a space for a rehearsal dinner, after-party, or post wedding banquet – make for effortless planning and stress-free guests. You can expect to have at an affordable rate a 7500 square foot of massive event space, which is ideal to set the perfect ambiance for luxury wedding & celebrations.

Westchester County wedding venues

Location: It would never be difficult for your guests to be at our wedding halls venue in Westchester County. We are located at 15 South Broadway in White Plains NY and so anyone can reach there with any hassle. This would be an added advantage for your guests as they can enjoy until the end of the function without thinking of returning to home.

Themes: You and your beloved must have in mind a theme for your wedding reception. We at Coliseum White Plains make possible to materialize such when you book our wedding halls venue in Westchester County. We have done dance themed weddings of 80's & 70's as well as other themes as well as some exciting cirque du soleil style weddings. So, you can easily expect your dream theme materialized at our venue.

So, when you desire to have the best of wedding hall do call us at Coliseum White Plains dialing (914) 285-0900. Please stay in touch with Coliseum on Twitter, and Google Plus social media networks!

Night Club White Plains: A Never-Ending Excitement For Everyone

November 29, 2018 by coliseum whiteplains  

Are you in search of a place to unwind with friends as well as make new ones? A nightclub in White Plains can offer you the opportunity to get the best in terms of quality service. There are several exciting activities that you can get yourself engaged in to ease off the pressure of daily activities. Perhaps you are the type that finds it hard to detach yourself from unwavering concentration from work. A short visit to a nightclub in White Plains will change your orientation. On this account, here are some of the benefits that can make your visit worth the while.




  1. Remarkable DJs

At a nightclub in White Plains, you should be expecting to have an unending feeling after your arrival. There are professional DJs that know how to set you in the mood for a dance. Moreover, there is never a dull moment for you and those you will like to mingle with. Every music tune can set you ablaze, allowing you to rediscover new dance stepsyou never thought of.





  1. Explosive sound system

The music atmosphere in a nightclub is always different, compared to the one you have in your room. The reason is that there is a sound system in place that can amplify all music tunes for everyone. Moreover, you will get to like every bit of sound you hear because of the energy present in it. Also, you will be amazed at how you can keep up with the vibe of the music for long hours.




  1. Socialization

If your busy schedules restrict you from going on a vacation, you can opt for a nightclub outing instead. The reason is that the Coliseum in White Plains can offer you an opportunity to get along with new people. You get to let off the accumulated stress that has kept you from being free. Whenever you have a chance to take some time off, ensure you use that opportunity to enter a nightclub. You never can tell when you can meet a long-term business partner when sharing pleasantries and drinks.




Finally, you don’t have to be too engrossed with the daily activities of life. You should find some time to unwind with friends and meet new people. Sparing a little part of your time for fun can actually improve your productivity at work for several days. Why not make it a weekly routine by visiting a nightclub in White Plains? You rest assured of experiencing more fun than you can imagine. For further inquiry please stay in touch with Coliseum on Twitter, and Google Plus social media networks!

Quinceanera Tradition – Ways To Have The Best Corte De Honor

October 22, 2018 by coliseum whiteplains  

The Corte of honor is known as one of the most celebrated Latino traditions of the Quinceanera celebration. The Quinceaneras Corte de Honor, celebrate her to mark the transformation from girlhood to womanhood. This transformation not only physically happens but also it happens psychologically. This is the day when she adds another feature to her dream.




Most of the time, family members and close friends of the Quinceaneras family members are chosen to be in her Corte de honor. They do participate in a special waltz for the celebration.


Celebrate this unique day 

This day is unique and can’t be repeated in entire life therefore, you shouldn’t leave it dry. You can make this day memorable by choosing Quinceaneras White Plains in Westchester County as your venue. This is highly popular place and it is designed to make this day memorable.




The Quinceanera tradition has been or the Corte to consist of fourteen boys and fourteen girls. Plus, the Quinceanera and her escort for her celebration. Each couple represents a year of the Quinceaneras life. Most of the Hispanic families in the USA prefer to have a half court with seven girls and seven boys. Now, each of the persons represents one year of her life and the Quinceanera adds the fifteenth year. Families those are experiencing reduce number of participants in the Corte of Honor to be easier to work with. They do found the major benefits of the smaller court to be reduced costs and the challenge of organizing dancer rehearsals.




Apart from them, some families also choose to have Corte of only boys. The number of boys in the Corte can range from four to fourteen boys. The reason behind idea is the all boy Corte of Honor allows the Quinceanera to be the only crowned princess at her own. Contrary, some families prefer to have the Corte de Honor to be only girls. Many times each girl is escorted by her father. There are tons of options are available to make your day memorable. You can choose the soothing option for you.




In all these celebrations, venue plays the vital role in order to get the highest excitement. This is the reason you should always choose a suitable venues to make your event memorable. Choosing venue for Quinceaneras parties in White Plains will be the best and well capable to make this iconic day memorable.  So select your venue and enjoy this day. For further inquiry please stay in touch with Coliseum on Twitter, and Google Plus social media networks!