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Importance of Mississauga Electronics Recycling

August 13, 2019 by com2electronicsrecycling  

Recycle is a mantra that many businesses and household owners have adopted these days. There are several benefits of recycling, yet according to surveys, only a small percentage of old electronic products is recycled properly. That being said, initiatives for Mississauga electronics recycling are increasing with each passing day. However, there are still many citizens who are unaware of what battery recycling Toronto exactly is. They don’t even know what Toronto electronics recycling is, how it can save the earth, and how to dispose of the harmful e-waste. Here, we will make you aware of the importance of electronics recycling and how ITAD companies Chicago, Toronto can help.

What Electronics Recycling is?

Mississauga electronics recycling is a process which can be effective in making use of the usable materials in old electronic goods, and turning them into new electronics. Components from old electronic goods, like lead, cadmium, plastic, aluminum, copper, gold, metal and others can be recycled and reused. This is the best way to save extraction of new materials from the earth’s resources, which in turn lowers down emission of greenhouse gases, reduces usage of energy, and prevent water pollution by decreasing disposal in landfills.

Benefits of Electronics Recycling

Here are the benefits we get with electronics recycling:

Saves energy: Recycling materials requires less energy than processing of raw materials from the earth’s resources. For instance, 75% less energy is required to recycle metals than to mine them from earth. Energy required to transport them from the mines is also saved.

Reduces pollution: Toronto electronics recycling is helpful in reducing air pollution caused due to gases emitted from landfills. Thereby, recycling reduces carbon emissions and global warming.

Frees up space: Landfills are mostly filled with non-biodegradable products that take a long time to degrade and decompose. Recycling can reduce the amount of these products, thus frees up space for productive use.

Saves money: Using recycled products reduces expenses related to mining and transporting. Recycled products are also less expensive than new products. With some investment, IT Asset Disposition Services Chicago, Toronto can recycle different types of components in old electronic goods to put them into further use.

How ITAD Companies Chicago, Toronto Help?

ITAD companies are IT Asset Disposition Services Chicago, Toronto that accept old electronic products from the customers and pay them in cash if they have some market value left. Then they take these products to their recycling centers, screen them for any reusable components, and dispose of the unusable materials in an environmentally-safe manner. Accepted materials include laptops, computers, cell phones, CD players, air conditioners, networking equipment, etc. After accepting your old electronic products, they also take the responsibility of clearing your data from them and notifying you when they are recycled or sold out. So, when it comes to Toronto electronics recycling, these ITAD Companies Chicago, Toronto are the ones you can rely upon.

Com2Recycling is one of such IT Asset Disposition Services Chicago, Toronto that is committed to offering high-end Mississauga electronics recycling services in the area. Once you handover your old electronics to them, you can be sure that you will get good value for them and contribute towards a safe earth for all.

Reasons for Mississauga Electronics Recycling

July 16, 2019 by com2electronicsrecycling  

Millions of metric tons of electronic waste get generated in the world each year. With new technological advancements being made with each passing day, and with reduced rates of latest gadgets, users do not hesitate to get rid of their old gadget quickly and buy new ones. But with this upgradation, they forget how much harm they are doing to their own environment. However, Mississauga electronics recycling is one way with which we can gain economic as well as health benefits in many ways. Let’s have a look.

It leads to a cleaner environment overall

When we dump our old electronic goods and gadgets in landfills, they collectively occupy a large amount of space which could have otherwise been used for some other productive work. Apart from consuming a lot of space, this e-waste also spreads harmful gases and toxins in the atmosphere. These toxins, when released in the breathing air, make the air dangerous and harmful. If people start making best use of their gadgets and dispose them off responsibly, environment pollution can be prevented and we would get a cleaner air to breathe in. Getting rid of old gadgets with Toronto electronics recycling also helps in saving space on earth and making the air safer to breathe.

It offers a number of health-related benefits

Electronic goods are made up of a variety of plastics, gases and other components. Some of these components, particularly lead, are very harmful for people’s health. When you dump an electronic product in the landfill, it releases harmful chemicals that enter the breathing air and also seep into the ground. That is why people living near landfills are found to have complicated health related problems as compared to those who live at a distance from these places. Not only to humans, the health of fishes, rodents, stray animals and other organisms also gets effected due to irresponsible dumping of electronic waste.

It preserves resources

When an electronic product is recycled by a battery recycling Toronto company, it extracts useful components from the product and reuse them to make new products. By doing this, they reduce the need to extract more raw material from the earth, thus preserving our already limited resources. Many electronic manufacturing companies have their own recycling centers where they take care of disposing off their electronic goods safely. The components that can be reused are preserved, while others are disposed of in an environment-safe manner. Preserving the reusable components helps in saving energy, time as well as earth’s limited resources.

It saves money

When a Mississauga electronics recycling company preserved reusable components from old electronic products, electronic manufacturing companies do not need to re-manufacture them from scratch. Therefore, recycling helps in decreasing the cost of production required for new products. Since manufacturers manufactured those products for cheap, the end product that enters the market for sale is also cheap, and purchasing them saves money for the consumers as well.

Com2Recycling is one of the most renowned Toronto electronics recycling companies that is dedicated to recycling old electronic goods in the most responsible and safest manner. When you handover your old electronic products to them, you can be sure that you are contributing towards ensuring a safer environment for all.

Things To Look For in a Mississauga Electronics Recycling Company

June 20, 2019 by com2electronicsrecycling  

A huge percentage of garbage ending up in landfills is composed of electronic products. They are harmful not only for the environment, but to surrounding people, birds, animals and marine species as well. Therefore, it becomes important to find a good Mississauga electronics recycling company that can end up your electronic goods responsibly. Disposing off your electronics responsibly means disposing them off in an environment-friendly and socially safe way.

There are three main steps towards determining whether a Toronto electronics recycling company is responsible in its job or not. They are:

·         Looking at the way they generate their reuse revenues

·         Finding out their method of recycling materials and reclaiming precious metals

·         Watching how they manage the toxic, non-precious components of the electronic goods

Other than these, look at these points while selecting a battery recycling Toronto company:

·         The company should have a safe working environment for all.

·         Their workers should be given proper protective equipment to stay safe while working with the electronics.

·         They should have applied appropriate waste treatment processes to prevent any harm to the environment.

·         The demolishing equipment that the company uses should provide protection from harmful materials and chemicals that are released during the recycling process.

The non-precious metals found in electronic goods are the most dangerous for the environment, such as mercury in flat screens and switches, and brominated flame retardants in cables, plastic castings, circuit boards, etc. Most of the cost related to Mississauga electronics recycling is spent on the recycling of these components only. So, make sure that the company you are choosing for your Toronto electronics recycling spends this price to recycle the electronics responsibly.

Now that you know the qualities of a good battery recycling Toronto company, here are a few tips to find one:

·         Check the company’s website and see if they have uploaded any content against e-waste crisis on the planet.

·         Ask them about the way they track, manage and recycle the electronic goods with them, and what measures they take to avoid dumping.

·         Make sure that they do not charge any fee for recycling your electronic goods. If they do the recycling responsibly, they will generate enough money to make profit from the valuable materials they would gain from the product. They don’t need to charge any additional fee for that.

·         Make sure that they have a permanent physical address. If they don’t have it, they must at least have an authorized permit to work as recyclers.

·         Call their customer service and ensure that you are not directed to an automated answering machine immediately. There should be some human to talk to, so that you can clear your doubts and make your queries.

·         The Mississauga electronics recycling company that you choose should not hesitate from demonstrating the process of their reusing, recycling and de-manufacturing old electronic products.

COM2 Recycling Solutions is a reputed electronics recycling company based in Mississauga. It takes the responsibility of recycling and disposing of your obsolete electronic items in an environmentally safe manner.

Things You Must be Curious About Mississauga Electronics Recycling

May 16, 2019 by com2electronicsrecycling  

You must be aware what electronics recycling is. Considering the ever-increasing amount of e-waste on our earth, it has become all the more important to reuse old electronic goods as far as possible. But since latest models hit the market almost every year, people tend to get rid of the older models and get advantage of the latest technology. This is good for the users, but extremely detrimental for the environment. The old electronic products that we dump often lie in the landfills and produce toxic fumes to harm the environment and the surroundings. This is where Mississauga electronics recycling enters the scene. But there are certain things you must be confused about it. We will discuss about a few of them here.

How did Toronto Electronics Recycling Start?

Until a few years back, people did not have any idea about what Mississauga electronics recycling is. So, they simply dumped their old electronic goods and started using new ones without even thinking. But over time, engineers and scientists found out that the electronic goods that people throw away without thinking have some really expensive materials that can be reused. They also found that the level of toxic fumes these products are releasing are major contributors to air pollution as well. This is where the idea of Toronto electronics recycling started.

What does e-waste contain?

Electronic items lying in the landfills usually contain elements like plastics, brominates, cadmium, lead and fire retardants. So, people realized the importance of recycling electronic waste to procure these materials. Recycling and reusing these materials can save the environment from pollution by reducing the need to excavate these materials from the environment. Excavation also consumes a lot of energy and resources which would be ultimately saved by reusing materials that are already excavated from the mines.

What electronic items can be recycled?

Almost every electronic item you know in your life can be recycled. A huge variety of electronic items can be recycled, including cell phones, televisions, AV players, microwaves, telephones, kitchen appliances, fax machines, vacuum cleaners, fans, cameras, electronic toys, exercise machines, hair dryers, etc. A number of components in your computer system or laptop can also be recycled, including monitor, keyboard, scanner, printer, CPU, mouse, etc. If you are planning to get rid of an electronic item, don’t just throw it in the bin. Try to send it for Mississauga electronics recycling by handing it over to an electronic producer, repair shop, retailer or local drop-off center.

How Toronto electronics recycling is done?

During battery recycling Toronto or Mississauga electronics recycling, the experts separate the device into individual components either manually or with the help of machines. Materials that can be saved for later use are procured, while rest of the pieces are broken down. Since an electronic product contains hundreds of complicated components, it can be done efficiently by an experienced expert only.

COM2 Recycling Solutions is a Mississauga based electronics recycling company that is well-versed with the processes of responsible Mississauga electronics recycling. Hand over your obsolete electronic items to them, and rest assured that you did not make a carbon footprint with it.