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Types of Backup Taken by ITAD Companies Chicago

January 8, 2020 by com2electronicsrecycling  

We all are aware that we must back up our data and wipe off our system before sending our old computer for recycling. This is where ITAD disposition companies Chicago enter the scene. Doing this is not only important for the safety and security of your confidential data, but it also gives you peace of mind that your files and information will not be leaked out. Businesses produce thousands of files every year, and even individuals produce several data files, images, video and audio files that they won’t want to share with strangers. If your phone gets stolen, computer gets infected, or an accident happens, ITAD companies Chicago will help in keeping a backup of your data, so that you don’t lose it in case of a mishap. The need to hire these companies lies in the fact taking a backup takes time and effort, and it is quite complicated too. With these companies, it has become easier than ever to backup data and dispose of old computers, laptops and hard drives.

Types of Backup

Backing up is not as simple as copying files from one place on your computer to the other, such as from your disk drive to a USB flash drive. But when you make use of an IT asset disposition solution Chicago, they use an entire range of tools to do much more than that. Here are a few backup types they may do for you:

·         Backup of specific files and folders: If you want to backup only a few files and folders in your computer, then they would use software to pick those files and back them up. They would back up the files time and again to update the files and folders.Many computers have integrated backup and restore features that the ITAD disposition companies Chicago to create a backup of your full system. In case your operating system has gone bad, these companies also create a repair CD for you. These companies create a full copy of your entire operating system, so that you can restore it whenever you want.

·         Backup of the File History: Most latest operating systems have a backup option to take a backup of the entire File History. A secondary drive is used to take a backup of your file history, so that you can restore the version of a file you want to recover later. It is extremely easy to setup the File History, but it has some limitations as well.

If you have more than one computer, then you can make use of synchronization software to access all your files from any PC. Whenever you make a change to a file or folder in one computer, it is automatically updated in all the PCs in the network. This means that the backup of your files can also be accessed from any device, including smartphones.

So, if you are looking for a reputed IT asset disposition solution Chicagofor the backup and disposal of your old computers, you can blindly trust upon COM2 Recycling for such service.

Have Old Electronic Gadgets in your Home? Here’s What To Do

January 8, 2020 by com2electronicsrecycling  

Computers, LCD TV, LED TV, mobile phones, iPads and others are some of the most common things found in almost every household. On an average, every house has around 24 electronic devices, among which computers, mobile phones and televisions are the most common. After use, have you ever thought what happens to these devices? Once you are done with the devices, when you stop using them, and when you make up your mind to get rid of them, they are termed as e-waste or electronic waste. LCD LED TV disposal Toronto companies deal in disposing off these electronic goods in a safe and eco-friendly way.

What you can do with your old electronic gadgets?

Don’t throw them in the bin. Most importantly, when you are done with your old electronics, never throw them in the bin. Even a small device like a mobile phone or a battery should not go in trash. These devices contain some dangerous chemicals that are not safe to be disposed in the bin. It is not only bad for the environment, but it also means that you have trashed away some valuable components that could have been put to good use otherwise. There are lead battery recycling Toronto companies that would take care of your old batteries without harming the environment.

Give them to someone else for reuse. Some items that you are planning to get rid of may still be in working condition. If they are still working but you don’t want to use them anymore, someone else might find good use with them. The best thing you can do with your old electronics is to give them to some other person who can continue using them. If you can’t find a friend or family member who can use it after you, you can even donate it to an educational institution, charitable body, school, college, orphanage or any other organization in your community. By doing this, you can sometimes help someone who could not afford a new gadget otherwise.

Send them to a Toronto computer recycling company. If you are not able to find anyone who can use your old gadget or if your device is no longer in working condition, then the best thing you can do is to send it to a Toronto computer recycling company. You must have sent your old cans, bottles and newspapers to local recyclers, then why not your old electronics? Electronic products can also be sold to recyclers for recycling. This not only earns you money, but also disposes them off in an eco-friendly way. Electronic goods contain valuable materials like gold, silver and mercury that the recyclers extract to put into good use. They also contain harmful substances like lead and cadmiums that recyclers extract and dispose them of without harming the environment.

So, if you have an old mobile phone, LCD TV, LED TV, computer, battery or any other electronic good in your house, then send it to a responsible recycler like COM2 Recycling Solutions and rest assured.

Mississauga Electronics Recycling: Where to Donate Old Electronics?

December 9, 2019 by com2electronicsrecycling  

Now that you have made up your mind to replace your old computer, TV, smartphone or another electronic device with a new one, what do you plan to do with your old device? Are you going to throw it in the dustbin and forget about it? Do you know that electronic products lying in the landfills are extremely dangerous for the environment? So, the best way to do Mississauga electronics recycling of your old electronic goods is to donate them to those who need them. If your electronic device is still in working condition or can be fixed with a minor repair, then donating it to someone will allow the needy to get some mileage out of your used devices. Many people and organizations would greatly appreciate this donation of yours. But you must be susceptible about where to donate it. Well, here we are giving you a few feasible options.

International organizations: There is a number of international organizations in Asia, Africa, Eastern Europe, Middle East, Caribbean and Latin America that accept old electronic goods in working condition. Whether you have a dual core, quad core, laptop or desktop, or a Celeron or AMD computer, or a cellphone, tablet, keyboard, mouse, cable, power cord, computer part or scanner, they would be happy to accept them and send them for Toronto electronics recycling. You can schedule a delivery time with such an organization, and they will come to your place to collect the item to be donated.

National organizations: In most countries, donation is tax deductible and it can make a great difference to a family in need. Once you donate, these organizations repair, refurbish, and place them into education sectors and other facilities. Whether you have a laptop, desktop, tablet, server, gaming console or even a printer, you can find a national organization in your country that is involved in electronics recycling and battery recycling Toronto. After recycling, these products are then sent for use to non-profits organizations across the globe.You can find a reliable national organization in your area with the help of search engines. Local directories also list recycling centres and donation sites where you can send your monitor, computer, TV, smartphone and other electronics equipment for Mississauga electronics recycling. You may also spot some drop off points in your area where you can donate your old electronic devices. Donating electronics is a great way to help the environment by getting your unwanted items recycled properly.

Educational institutes: Some educational institutes accept donations of electronic goods, especially computers, to give higher learning to their students. There are many universities, schools and colleges that exchange e-waste for special scholarships given to financially poor individuals. Some institutes also support agencies and non-profit organizations to train economically weak students and disabled individuals.

When you donate your old electronics to any organization or educational institute, you will receive a tax receipt that you can use to get tax benefits on your donation. Com2Recycling is a recycling company that accept old electronic goods and send them for Mississauga electronics recycling in a safe and responsible way.

Steps to Take Before You Send Your Computer to ITAD Companies Chicago, Toronto

December 9, 2019 by com2electronicsrecycling  

There are many ITAD companies Chicago, Toronto that accept and recycle old electronic products like computers, televisions, laptops, cell phones, monitors, printers, etc.  free of charge. However, if you are planning to get rid of your old computer, you need to erase all the confidential data and documents saved in it so that no one can access and misuse it. Such information can include anything from your bank account details, contact numbers and personal details to confidential business information. Simply deleting files from the computer system is not enough. Here are a few steps that you must take to make your computer ready to be sent for IT asset disposition services Chicago, Toronto.

Steps to Follow

1.       The first step is to take a backup of all your data. This step will help you retain your data, so that you can transfer it on your new computer. To do that, you have to buy an external hard drive from a computer hardware store, connect it to your computer, and do a full system backup. Before running the backup, make sure that you have selected all the files that you want to retain. Once deleted, you may not be able to retrieve them later. You will lose them forever. So, be sure to double check.

2.       Once you have taken a backup of the information saved on your computer, it is now time to clean off the data. Keep in mind that simply selecting the files and deleting them won’t do the trick. They will simply be transferred to your Recycle Bin, from where they can be easily retrieved. The files will not be completely deleted even if you empty your Recycle Bin. When you remove files from your desktop, My Documents, and Recycle Bin, you may not be able to see them, but they are still present in your computer’s hard drive. If some evil-minded people get hold of your computer, they can easily use a special software to recover this information from your hard drive. So, in order to wipe off the hard drive completely, you need to buy a high security level software. If you don’t plan to do that, the best way is to extract the hard drive from the computer and physically destroy it using a hammer.

3.       You need to keep in mind that the computer not only contains the files that you created and saved. It also contains information about your browsing history, online transactions, credit card details, passwords, and other sensitive details. If you want to clean your computer completely, you have to send it to ITAD companies Chicago, Toronto. These are professional experts who take the responsibility of wiping off your computer system using special software programs.

Com2Recycling is one of the most reputedIT asset disposition services Chicago, Torontothat take the responsibility of wiping off confidential information from your old computers and recycle them in a safe and environment-friendly way. So, what are you waiting for? Approach them today and let them do their duty for your benefit.

Options of Mississauga Electronics Recycling

November 11, 2019 by com2electronicsrecycling  

These days, societies have started producing immense turnover of e-devices on a regular basis. The reasons may be regular advancements in the field of technology, due to which electronics become old very soon, and we feel the need to replace them quickly. On an average, a laptop lasts for around 12 years, desktop computer lasts for 7 years, tablet lasts for 5 years, and smartphones just for 2 years. Such a short lifespan of electronic products results in e-waste produced in huge amounts. Every year, millions of tons of e-waste is accumulated worldwide, and within a few coming years, this amount is expected to increase manifolds. So, let’s have a look at the significance of Mississauga electronics recycling and its methods.

What e-waste is?

E-waste refers to all electronic goods that come to the end of their life after use. This can include anything from an outdated computer to a malfunctioning VCR. Such products are usually no longer useful for the owner, and the owner wants to get rid of it. Fortunately, nearly 100% of the e-waste produced is recyclable. Even when the product is not working properly, it has metal, glass, copper, plastic, silver, gold and palladium parts that Toronto electronics recycling companies can recover and reuse. According to a research, out of one million smartphones recycled, the recovered components include 772 pounds silver, 33 pounds palladium, 75 pounds gold and 35,000 pounds copper.

How Mississauga Electronics Recycling is done?

Recycling a device refers to the process in which it is disposed of in a safe manner so that it can be refused again. In many countries, it is legally not allowed to dispose electronic products in a recycle bin or garbage. Electronics contain toxic components like lead, cadmium and mercury that should be disposed of safely and carefully. If left alone in the landfills, they produce toxic fumes that are extremely harmful for the environment.

Ways to Recycle Electronics?

There are three major ways of recycling electronics:

Donate: If your electronic device is still in working condition, then you can consider donating it to the people who cannot afford new devices and won’t mind using your old product. Some charities use your donated device as it is, fix it to perfection, or resell it to get some money. Donating your old electronics will not only help the organization, but you will also get a tax break if you donate it to a school, library or no-profit organization.

Handover to tech companies: Another way to recycle is to give your old electronics back to the manufacturer. A number of tech manufacturers and even retailers have recycling programs that make battery recycling Toronto easier for the customers. Some even give incentives to let them recycle your devices. For instance, a company may reduce the price of their new product if you give your old device to them and buy a new one from them. Some companies even let you bring in your old electronics and give you credit or cash in return. Some tech companies simply manage sites where you can leave your old products.

Bring to a recycling company:There are specialized recycling companies that are in the market to recycle electronic products only. One such company is Com2Recycling. Once you send your old electronic goods to them, they take full responsibility of disposing and recycling it properly.

What ITAD Companies Chicago, Toronto Do with Your Electronics

November 11, 2019 by com2electronicsrecycling  

Once you hand over your old electronic products to ITAD companies Chicago, Toronto, they make sure that your information is backed up. Since your device might be going in new hands, you won’t want others to have access to your private and personal data. Before they recycle or refurbish your old device, make sure that you wipe the system completely to make sure that any information doesn’t leak out. Before sending your old devices to an ITAD company, do the following first:

Backup your data: First of all, make sure that all your pictures, videos, data and documents are backed up either on the cloud or on a hard disk. You can keep this hard disk to you so that you can transfer the data to your new device without losing it completely. The idea is to make sure that everything that you need is successfully saved.

Clear all your data: Resetting to factory settings should be enough to remove all the data stored on your device, including your photos, videos, passwords, and history. But you can be extra cautious by using a disk cleaning software available for computers. Whether you have an Android phone, an iOS device, Chrome tablet, Mac device, or a Windows computer or laptop, go to the settings of the device and find an option to completely reset it to factory settings. Make sure to tick all the personal files if prompted.

Remove all attached storage devices:This seems obvious, but most people forget to remove any attached storage device from their electronics before sending them to the IT Asset Disposition services Chicago, Toronto. Such devices may range anything from DVD drives and USB ports to floppy drives and card readers. Don’t forget to remove these devices before sending the gadget for recycling. For instance, if you are sending a smartphone, media player or digital camera, there may be a SIM card or memory card in them that might be holding important data. You will find this device near the battery compartment, and it should be removed before you give it away. If your device does not have a memory card, you will have to connect it with a computer and remove the saved internal memory.

Remove all your online accounts: While you were using your gadget, you must have connected to multiple online accounts, such as Facebook, Microsoft, Apple, Google, Twitter, Instagram and others. If a new user gets this device, he or she may be able to access these accounts without your authorization. Therefore, make sure to delete all these online accounts too before sending the device to ITAD companies Chicago, Toronto.

Once you take these steps, your data will be kept safe while you send your electronics for recycling. To ensure that your identity and information is kept protected, hand over your device to a responsible and reliable ITAD company only, like Com2Recycling. With proper caution, they will ensure that your information is not stolen or accessed, and your devices are recycled properly without compromising with your security.

Choosing the Best ITAD Companies Chicago, Toronto

October 9, 2019 by com2electronicsrecycling  

ITAD stands for Information Technology Asset Disposition, and ITAD companies are businesses that aim at disposing unwanted and obsolete equipment in a safe and environment friendly manner. While you make up your mind to replace your old IT equipment, you cannot just throw it in the trash can and do away with it. You need to contact dependable ITAD companies Chicago, Toronto who can properly decommission, recycle, dispose of or resell your equipment. If you are a business owner and have lots of electronic goods ready for disposing at frequent intervals of time, then ITAD is going to be an integral part of your business’ risk management strategy. For that, you need to find an ITAD company who can prove to be a long-term ITAD service provider for your old e-products. We will tell you how to choose the best ITAD companies in your locality.

1.       First of all, make sure that the ITAD company you are choosing has knowledge about IT products and how to dispose them of while complying the industry rules, laws and regulations. If your IT equipment is still in working condition and can be refurbished to resell, then they should pay you for it. However, if your equipment is unusable and needs to be destroyed completely, then they must do that in an environment friendly way. They must document each and every step involved in its disposal and must show it to you if asked for. This would minimize your business’ carbon footprint, and will save you from company risks and allegations.

2.       R2 is an international standard set by SERI (Sustainable Electronics Recycling International) to administer recycling of products. It is responsible for ensuring that recycling of your products is being done carefully as per the safety standards. The IT Asset Disposition services Chicago, Toronto that you choose should follow R2 compliant processes while recycling or disposing your IT equipment.

3.       Unless your IT equipment needs to be destroyed completely, or if you want to get if recycled completely, the ITAD company should offer you a credit, cashback or return on investment. If there is any scope of refurbishment, or if you are not sure what to do with your old IT components, the ITAD company that you choose should suggest you the best possible options regarding the disposal of your assets.

4.       While getting rid of your old IT equipment, data security must be your major concern. Sometimes, you may want your company’s sensitive data to be stored online until it is properly destroyed. For that to happen, you would require an ITAD company that can provide mobile services as well. They will come to your place to wipe and shred your IT equipment in front of your eyes. However, if such on-site services are not possible, you need to find a company that has security standards to keep your data protected during the recycling process.

You would not want to have your data stolen or your e-waste dumped in a landfill illegally. For that, finding the right ITAD companies Chicago, Toronto would be of essence. You can completely rely on Com2Recycling to dispose your assets and ensure that your equipment is properly taken care of.

Why Households Should be Educated about Mississauga Electronics Recycling

October 9, 2019 by com2electronicsrecycling  

Today, there is a lot of hype about electronics recycling. You must have heard about this concept, and that everyone must follow it to save the environment. But do you have any idea about what it is and how to do that? Basically, electronics recycling, also known as e-recycling, is a concept in which old, discarded and outdated electronic products are reprocessed and reused to save manufacturing of new items. Household electronic products that can be sent for Mississauga electronics recycling include everything from radio, microwave, television and air conditioner to fan, laptop, cell phone and computer. There is a widespread development of electronics recycling started to save the environment and avoid e-waste related issues among the people. That is why each and every household should be educated about recycling their old and obsolete electronic goods.

Why it is important to educate households?

Members of a household who do not have any idea about battery recycling Toronto would simply throw their broken electronics in the bin. Worse, they may even mix these appliances with other household waste products. As a result, these items will end up in the landfills, lying there for several years, causing air, water as well as soil pollution. Certain components in them may even emit harmful gases that are dangerous for the creatures living around the landfill. On the contrary, an educated household will not dump the broken appliances in the bin, but will give them to recycling companies so that they can be disposed of properly without causing any harm to the environment.

What should households do with their broken electronics?

The process of Toronto electronics recycling is performed by taking out the components that may be used for other applications. This reduces the number of components being sent to the landfills. Since each household has so many electronic devices these days, each of them disposes at least two devices each year on an average, and that multiplied by the number of households in the world makes a whopping figure to break down. Recycling and reusing these devices can be extremely helpful in minimizing e-waste and thus saving the environment.

Since Toronto electronics recycling requires a lot of knowledge, precision, tools and machines to perform e-recycling, a large number of recycling companies have come up to handle these tasks. So, whenever a household decides to get rid of an old electronic device, they should surrender it to their nearest recycling company. The company will segregate the reusable parts of the device, and break down other components properly so that they do not cause any harm to the environment. E-waste needs to be disposed in a special way to prevent toxic substances from contaminating the ecology. Apart from sending the device for recycling, if the appliance is just old and it is still in working condition, it can be donated to a less privileged household who is in need of that appliance. Even if it needs a minor repair, the household may get it repaired and use it for as long as it works.

Com2Recycling is a reputed Mississauga electronics recycling companythat households can send their old electronic devices to for recycling. Once you send them your e-waste, they will take the responsibility of recycling it properly.

Launching Mississauga Electronics Recycling Program Among a Group of People

September 11, 2019 by com2electronicsrecycling  

It is easier to recycle electronic products on an individual or family level, but what if you want to run a recycling mission on a bigger level, such as recycling all the obsolete electronic goods in your office, residential complex, school or college class, etc. To handle Mississauga electronics recycling at a bigger level, you need to setup a dedicated e-recycling program. This will not only reduce your garbage service pickup, but will also reduce your group’s carbon footprint and improve morale. These days, everyone wants to contribute to save the environment, and your group members would definitely be excited to participate in the effort.

Here are a few steps to launch a Toronto electronics recycling program among your group.

·         First of all, assign a coordinator who is interested in leading the recycling program in your group. This person will get the required permissions from the management of the group, such as the principal of your school or college, the secretary of your residential complex, or the boss of your office. Once the program is signed, the coordinator will ask for volunteers to make a team. Create a memo enlisting the benefits of recycling, and inspiring people to take part in the program.

·         Educating the group members is very crucial to turn your Toronto battery recycling mission into a success. Train them, make them understand the benefits of e-recycling, and inform them about the implementation of the program. It is important to include your cleaning staff too in the mission. Create an enthusiastic environment in the group, and even ask for suggestions for improvement.

·         Take a walk around your office, school, college or residential complex and see what recyclable materials are lying as garbage. Most of the electronic goods are recyclable, so ask all the members of the groups to bring their old electronic goods and gather at a place.

·         You may place bins in which any obsolete electronic goods can be thrown. Keep the bin at a place that is easily visible and accessible by your group members.

·         Once you have fixed a date to collect all the electronic waste, call a recycling company to pick them up and take them for recycling. If you don’t have contact with any such recycling company, you can talk to your cleaning staff and ask them for support. They would be happy to give you the contact number of the right person, as getting rid of e-waste will only lighten their workload.

·         Follow up with your recycling company and ask about the amount of recycled and retrieved materials. Share this information with your group members. This would create a sense of success in your group and they will feel encouraged to participate in such programs in future also.

Once your program turns out to be a success, educate the members to reduce e-waste in other ways. You may also give rewards to those who contributed the most and volunteered in the most effective manner.

Com2Recycling is one of the most reputed Mississauga electronics recycling companiesthat you may rely on to hand over your e-waste and get it recycled responsibly. So, give them a call and find how they can help.

How ITAD Companies Chicago, Toronto Help

September 11, 2019 by com2electronicsrecycling  

Technology run devices are dominating the world today. As far as businesses are concerned, they no longer keep their notes on papers on in files. They no longer maintain budget, sales, payroll and income books, as they now keep all this information on computer hard drives. All this business-related information saved in soft form is known as IT asset, and its proper disposition is termed as IT asset disposition. When it comes the time to dispose your old computers and laptops, it is important to remove this IT asset properly, as it can be easily stolen and misused. Remember that simply restoring your devices back to factory settings is not enough, as some sensitive personal and financial information may still be there.This is where ITAD companies Chicago, Toronto enter the scene.

They destruct data

When it’s time to refresh your technology cycles and replace the old computers with the new ones, then the data saved in them has to be destroyed properly. These devices may have sensitive data saved in them, such as your important phone numbers, credit card numbers, passwords, social security numbers, proprietary information, medical records, etc. When you do not destroy this data properly, your business is left open to disastrous risks. Malicious people may steal your information and use it to damage your brand reputation, rob your finances, use your identity, etc.

They save time and effort

The job market is highly competitive at present, and you must not waste your employees’ valuable time on wiping data from hard drives, or asking them to crush, hammer or drill them. Remember, even if you crush a hard drive, it may still have retrievable information left. Apart from that, you also need to train your employees to do these odd jobs, which will also save your as well as their time. Professional IT Asset disposition services Chicago, Toronto are specialists in wiping hard drivers and destructing data, lending more productive time to your employees, and protecting your company by ensuring that it is done correctly.

They reduce your carbon footprint

Electronics contain hazardous waste that needs to be disposed of responsibly. Materials like mercury, lead and arsenic are some of these hazards present in old computers. That is why it is illegal to dump e-waste in landfills. Responsible ITAD companies Chicago collect the IT asset from you, retrieve the usable components, and dump others. A certified company will do it correctly and handle the waste in such a manner that it does not leave any carbon footprint on the environment.

They save your brand image

If you simply dump your old computers in a landfill and some legal mentors identify it as related to your company, then your brand will be shamed upon for doing such an irresponsible act. It may even make a headline, featuring a video of your old computer lying in a landfill. The entire act will present you as an unprofessional and irresponsible business owner and affect your brand image.

Now that you know why you must hire specialized IT Asset disposition Services Chicago, Torontowhile reselling or recycling your IT asset, we hope you will keep Com2Recycling in your mind. As a certified electronics recycling company in Toronto, they make sure that your IT asset is seamlessly managed from beginning to the end.