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Decorate Your Roller Blind With Top-Quality Accessories

August 14, 2019 by Consol Blinds & Homes  

A roller blind is a type of window treatment that’s made from a fabric material specially treated or strengthened so that it hangs flat against a window. The fabric material of the roller blind may be rolled up & down using a spring mechanism or a hanging side control. Roller blinds are simple & easy to install and are affordable option for decorating rooms. They are available with a wide range of colors, fabrics, textures and patterns to mingle with the theme of your room. While roller blinds may look simple due to their sleek built, they can be embellished employing accessories that are readily accessible in blind supply stores. A roller blind usually consist of the fabric material, the rod and the side chain control. You can also incorporate the following accessories to improve the operation & look of your roller blinds:


Fancy Bottom:
Rollers blinds don’t have to look dull with the addition of an elegant bottom that may be shaped to resemble curves, waves, and other quirky design. These bottoms look best with café rods that harmonize their designs.



Rollers blinds are controlled by a chain that hangs by either side of the blinds. You can jazz up your side chain control by incorporating a striking pool at the end of the chain. Pulls avail in a wide range of shapes like cylinders, circles and cubes are materials such as aluminum, glass and wood.


Remote Control:
You can life & lower your roller blinds from far using a remote control that runs a motor



using an infra red connection. The remote control generally avails with a timer system that you can program beforehand to close and open your roller blinds at particular times of the day to offer your house the impression of being occupied even when you’re away. A single controller may also be employed to run multiple blinds. The motorized unit employs infra red technology to remotely control the blinds so that all you’ll require is a clear line of sight between the controller & the individual motors of all your roller blinds.


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Top Benefits of Opting for Wooden Blinds

July 18, 2019 by Consol Blinds & Homes  

Wooden blinds and wooden Venetian blinds are the most common blinds that are available nowadays in the market. These blinds are durable and provide a lot of advantages and thus are opted by many people nowadays. Some of them are as follows.

Allow the light to enter the room
These blinds are made up of wooden slats and are attached to string, where there is an adjustment by means of which light can enter your room when the blinds are down. Thus, the wooden blinds possess such a feature that can allow the light to enter into the room in comparison to other blinds.


Style and Integrity
These blinds are designed in a unique way. It provides a unique look to your house and makes your house look beautiful as well as stylish. Even it helps you in maintaining integrity in your home. It is to note that these blinds are available in a wide variety of styles that can suit the walls of your house, furniture’s, etc. Apart from this, another essential advantage of wooden blinds is that they can be redecorated easily i.e. if you want to redecorate these blinds then you can stain them. And thus you do not require buying another one.

Can be cleaned easily
No doubt, wooden blinds can suit your house, but what if the dust gets accumulated. Well...do not worry .These blinds can be cleaned in an easy way. These blinds do not require regular maintenance. Simply with a damp cloth you can wipe the slats and then dry them properly to avoid moisture.

Basswood Venetian Blinds

Made up of natural material
No matter these blinds can match every room, but do you know of which materials they are made. Well, these blinds are made up of natural wood material and are available in various designs.

Thus, these are the advantages provided by wooden blinds. Wooden blinds are considered as the best option for allowing light to enter into the room and are available in a wide range of styles and designs .Would you like to buy one for your home or office? If yes, then buy it from Consol Blinds and Homes. It is an online shop that deals with various types of blinds such as Roller blinds, eyelets curtains, panel blinds, Roman blinds, Bed Linen, furniture’s, curtain rods, lightnings ,etc. at an affordable price. For more details, click on this link at https://www.consolblindsonline.com.au

Top Seven Benefits of Opting for Roller Blinds

May 24, 2019 by Consol Blinds & Homes  

Nowadays roller blinds are becoming very popular. They are used in both home and offices and are preferred due to the reason that they offer a trendy look to your windows. These blinds are available in a wide range of designs. There are many benefits of opting for roller blinds and some of them are given below.


Firstly, these blinds offer a stylish look and enhance the beauty of your house or office. No matter whether it’s your clients or relatives whoever visits your office or home will surely appreciate it.


Sunscreen Blinds

Secondly, they are used easily i.e. they can be installed, maintained and clean in an easier manner. But the only thing that is required is the right fabrics that need to be used. For example-if you are installing a roller blind for your kitchen, then make sure to use a flame resistant fabric. Even they can be easily pulled up and down without any difficulty.


Thirdly, these roller blinds can control the sun glare and temperature in your house or office. With these blinds, even you can get proper sunlight entering into the room, without letting the UV Rays to enter into the room.


Fourthly, these blinds are available in a wide variety of designs and shapes, sizes, colors, etc. Thus, you need to select it depending on the size of your house. Selecting the right one for you can enhance the look of your house.


Fifthly, they need less maintenance. You can clean it once in a month by yourself.


Sixthly, these blinds can maintain your privacy. If you require privacy and want to remain engaged in your activities remaining away from the inquisitive individuals,then roller blinds are the best choice.


Basswood Venetian Blinds

Seventhly, they can offer a good coverage for your home. Protecting your home is must especially the furniture’s and floors from direct sunlight. Roller blinds can protect your furniture and other essential things from the rays of the sun if your roller blind is down. And if you want the sunrays to enter your home you can pull it up.


Therefore, above given are few advantages of using roller blinds. If you want to buy roller blinds, then look no further. Buy it from CONSOL Blinds and Homes. It is a leading company in Australia that offers various blinds and window furnishing products at a less price. It provides a fast delivery of its products. Some of its products include satin bed linen, vertical blinds, wooden blinds, roman blinds, and many more. To know in detail, click here @ www.consolblindsonline.com.au