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Fall in love with Vietnamese autumn flowers

August 12, 2019 by cool kiu00  


At the end of the autumn and early winter, it was also when white radish blossomed throughout the mountain of Moc Chau hill. Tourists who come here at this time will easily see the fields or valleys filled with the white of mustard flowers, like the immense prairie picture. No one expected the simple flower to make people immersed in fascination.

The scene of blooming and changing paths, along a strange road that familiar people will lead tourists to fairyland. Although this flower also blooms in many places, but long ago white cabbage has become the symbol of the Moc Chau plateau alone. Visitors can come here around November - December every year as the most beautiful flower viewing time.


It seems that the mention of autumn in Hanoi is that we immediately remember the passionate milk flower scent as a subconscious default. For the children of the capital away from home, it seems that the milk flower scent still remains in the subconscious and evokes memories. Autumn flower milk has become a familiar part, when the lucky wind brings the cold cold, it is also the time when the smell of flowers radiates in the corner.

The tiny, bluish-white milky blooms in the leaves do not seem so prominent, so they are rarely remembered. However, the aroma of them makes our hearts flutter every time you inhale the incense in the wind. Under the tree, each tiny flower buds fell together like a soft carpet. When walking through the streets from Quang Trung, Nguyen Du, Quan Thanh, Thanh Nien, visitors will enjoy the passionate scent that makes Hanoi's revenue more poetic and complete.


Around mid-autumn, when kneeling in many places simultaneously blooming, the most beautiful and early flowers were in the Da Lat plateau. It seems that the yellow color like sunshine makes the city space more romantic. Although it is not the kind of flower that people take care of, but the kneeling still blooms itself into big dust with intense vitality.

The city's outskirts are where the flowers grow most and most brilliantly. You can wake up at 8am to see the flowers, then the dew drops eventually fly in the sun, making each flower more and more pristine. If traveling to Dalat by motorbike, choose Lien Khuong Expressway and Dran Pass Road which are 2 foreign roads to see the most complete flowers. Flowers grow thickly around the mountainside, forming yellow carpet like endless stretches before our eyes that make us fall in love.


The heather is also known as the littoral flower which is a flower with tiny fluffy wings in the cold wind. They often bloom in the late autumn days and visitors often catch the purple heather of color in Dalat or Hanoi. At that time, the average purple flowers seemed to follow the peddlers on the street, causing the capital city streets to add poetry and more taste.

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