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100w Outdoor Slim Led Floodlight Has Obvious Advantages

January 10, 2020 by xiangrui light  

With the development of 100w outdoor slim led floodlight, 100w outdoor slim led floodlight has been recognized and accepted by the market. The reliability of 100w outdoor slim led floodlight is gradually emerging. The following XiangruilightLED street light manufacturers analyze three technical indicators of LED solar street lights.
(1) Quality of solar street light source
LED is a cold light source. Compared with incandescent lamps, the power saving efficiency can reach more than 90%. At the same brightness, the power consumption is only 1/10 of the ordinary incandescent lamp, 1/3 of the fluorescent tube, and 1/2 of the low-voltage energy-saving lamp. LED light source is recognized as the most suitable light source for solar energy systems. LEDs use precision control mode. LED lights work in this mode, which significantly reduces the heat of LED lights and effectively solves the problem of dead beads and light decay of LED lights.
(2) Solar cell module
Crystalline silicon solar cell modules are usually used, which have excellent low-light response performance and need to comply with IEC61215 and electrical protection class II standards. Anti-reflection film and highly transparent glass greatly increase the energy generated; 4-6 holes in the frame, easy to install on all system structures; standard MC connector and 1m cable are provided; 3 in the junction box This diode greatly reduces the power loss of the system that is shielded from the components.
(3) Battery technology
Adopt lead-acid maintenance-free or gel batteries, which have the advantages of small size, light weight, small self-discharge, less maintenance, long life, easy to use, no environmental corrosion, no pollution, etc. There are obvious advantages in use, maintenance and management.

Xiangruilight Led Flood Light Factory

January 3, 2020 by xiangrui light  

At present, there are many lighting and decoration equipments used in many different areas. If these equipments are used for a long time, they will cause a lot of energy waves, so people can understand this high-power LED street light to let people Can get a lot of good help from it better.

For this high-power LED street light, it can bring a good effect in the process of use, and there will not be many quality problems if it is used for a long time, so friends must understand it well This product, to better help people get more help in the process of use.

This high-power LED street light has many good quality features, and it will not cause a lot of power consumption for long-term use, and its long service life can ensure that users will not replace the equipment due to quality problems. , Resulting in an increase in costs, so people must pay more attention to the high-quality features of this device to better help users get better help from it


xiangruilight Led Street Light Factory has a rich product line, which is a good choice for you. If you have this need, please contact us immediately.

Led Flood Light Factory Technology Continues To Develop

December 27, 2019 by xiangrui light  

When buying LED street lights, consumers are most concerned about the price, and how Xiangruilight Led Flood Light Factory implements the price of street lights is also off. If the pricing of LED street lights is not reasonable, the impact on them will not be small. In the LED street light market, how to set the price of LED street lights?

When analyzing the price of LED street lights, I believe that many people can realize when they inspect and understand the market. When we actually choose, we will find that the price can be compared, which is the difference between different LED flood light manufacturers. The overall price is different, so that everyone can analyze according to the actual situation when choosing.

The LED flood light factory needs to calculate its own cost when pricing, and then make reasonable pricing based on the entire market situation. The reasonableness of the price of the LED street light can ensure that it will sell better in the future, but if the price is not reasonable, There may still be some other influences during the operation. These certainly need to be objectively understood. After all, the impact caused by irrationality is indeed relatively large.


In general, when you pay attention to and understand the price of LED street lights, you can comprehensively look at which ones are reasonable, so that we can know whether it is reasonable. It is best to look at LEDs when choosing street lights. The advantages of street lights, after a comprehensive understanding of the basic situation of the product, it will be more clear when choosing, and know whether it is what you want.

Professional Information Of Xiangruilight Led Flood Light Factory

December 20, 2019 by xiangrui light  

Rooms with different functions should be installed with different styles and lighting. Bright and rich lamps should be used in the living room; warm and non-glare lamps should be used in the bedroom; bright and colorful lamps should be used in the children's room; simple and waterproof lamps should be used in the bathroom; and lamps that can be easily wiped and cleaned in the kitchen ; Some places need special performance can also choose spotlights.

Lighting and the overall style of the room should be coordinated, and multiple lamps and lanterns in the same room should maintain color coordination or style coordination. For example, rectangular balconies with wooden walls, cabinets and wooden roofs are suitable for installing rectangular wooden lamps; rectangular hallways with iron tables and iron tube glass dining chairs are suitable for chandelier made of rectangular iron tubes; golden door handles are installed The bedroom with golden spotlights is suitable for lamps with golden decoration.


Today's lamps can not only play a role in lighting, but also have very good decorative effects. Choosing a suitable lamp can not only make our home brighter, but also can make our home very beautiful. To the right luminaire. Follow us at Xiangruilight Led Flood Light Factory, there are more professional messages waiting for you.

Safety Performance Of Led Flood Light Factory

December 13, 2019 by xiangrui light  


Everyone who has used LED floodlights knows that LED floodlights have good safety performance, so how does the safety performance of LED floodlights manifest, here we at Xiangruilight Led Flood Light Factory arrange for you about LED floodlights The embodiment of lamp safety performance.
The safety performance of LED flood light is reflected in the quality of the LED lamp holder. Generally, the LED lamp head is used for the solar street lamp. Because the LED lamp head has its specific advantages, the warranty period of the general LED lamp head is 3 years, and in the process of use, it will not emit too much heat energy, which reduces errors. Possibility.
The LED flood light does not suddenly go out. Solar street lights use a solar battery to continuously supply power. When it rains, it will also illuminate the road for people, and it will not suddenly extinguish. Solar street lights use DC power, and the chance of problems is very small.
If there is no direct sunlight for several days. Solar street lights use solar power to generate electricity. That is, if there is no sunlight, how can solar street lights work normally? Solar street light manufacturers introduce that solar street light itself takes these aspects into consideration when designing it. We generally set it according to the local rainy weather, that is, if there is no sunlight in the local area for a maximum of consecutive days, it is designed to meet the requirements of several days. Solar street lights in rainy weather generally last up to a week without sunlight.

Which Design Level Is Good For Led Flood Light Factory

December 6, 2019 by xiangrui light  


The Led Flood Light Factory that meets the design standards can provide consumers with better performance products. After all, the better products will be more recognized and it will help customers more. Designing and manufacturing in accordance with the requirements of actual use occasions for lighting appliances will be the basis for ensuring better quality. After all, the better products will be more popular, which will definitely help to find better services and get users. Has always trusted.
If it is better in reliability, you still need to know more. After all, the better the product, the more popular it will be, and it will be recognized by more users. In comparison, the ability of design directly affects the use performance of lighting appliances, whether it is the life of the use, the effect of use, and the complexity of installation and maintenance are all consumers' concerns.
In order to find out which design level of LED flood light factory is good, we still need to pay more attention to it, and then we can have outstanding performance in quality. Selecting directly from a professional perspective is definitely the basis for achieving better benefits. Therefore, in the process of equipment selection, we must evaluate in many aspects in order to make more accurate choices so that users can be more satisfaction.
As for how to choose an LED flood light factory with a higher level of design, as a customer, you have to make more comparisons. After all, selecting by comparison will be the basis for seeking good quality. It cannot be determined blindly at any time. The difference, therefore, we still choose from many angles in the selection process. Only by grasping the pros and cons of a production design enterprise can we truly satisfy customers.

More Durable Products For Led Flood Light Factory

November 29, 2019 by xiangrui light  

In some places, they are relatively prone to earthquakes because they are in the seismic zone. At this time, if the item is not shock-resistant at all, it can be easily damaged. Whether high-power LED flood light has shock resistance is also a question that everyone is paying attention to. Does it have a certain shock resistance itself?

In the process of understanding high-power LED flood lights, Led Flood Light Factory found that it has a very good seismic design, so in the process of use, do not worry about the loss of an earthquake at any time at any time, thereby costing extra Installation, this aspect is something you don't need to worry about at all.


The shock-resistant design of the high-power LED flood light can make the entire item have a longer service life when it is used, thereby truly ensuring that we have a better guarantee of quality in the process of use. The continuous extension of the service life can better save certain economic conditions. This aspect is a very important point for seismic design.

UFO Led High Bay Lights Use Key

November 22, 2019 by xiangrui light  

    UFO LED High Bay Lights is a long life luminaire? In our cognition, this can be said to be recognized. UFO LED High Bay Lights was designed to replace traditional mining lamps because of the high energy consumption, in order to achieve energy savings. We know that UFO LED High Bay Lights have a long service life, but we don't know which factors determine the longevity of UFO LED High Bay Lights. Today, tuoxiang lighting is interpreted for everyone:

    Constant current power supply: high current control accuracy and current stability. Uniquely designed safety isolation circuit with overload, short circuit and thermal protection for high reliability and long life of UFO LED High Bay Lights;


    Heat-dissipating material: UFO LED High Bay Lights uses aluminum profile heat dissipation, and the surface is sprayed with corrosion-resistant super-thermal metal paint. The lamp and chip are perfectly matched to ensure sufficient heat dissipation and improve heat dissipation efficiency.