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What can reduce toner, ink and paper consumption

October 30, 2017 by v4toner  

Professional print management software to reduce ink and toner and paper consumption. It can save up to 50% on printing costs. A typical business spends 1-3% of its revenue on printing without directly knowing on what this money is spent. Do you know how much of your bottom line is spent on printing? Probably not: most businesses do not have controls in place to monitor or manage their printing activities. V4ink understands this problem and offers your business a risk-free software solution to save up to 50% on your printing costs without impacting quality. V4ink enables businesses of all sizes to immediately reduce toner and ink (like hp cf230x toner) consumption with ongoing savings on paper usage. 


V4ink uses its patent-pending Pixel Optimizer technology for reducing toner consumption by identifying and deleting overlapping pixels. By intelligently removing unnecessary pixels, Pixel Optimizer can save you up to 35% in toner or ink without visibly impacting quality. About Immediate Savings, immediately upon installation and activation, V4ink reduces toner and ink consumption with no compromise to quality. The software runs in the background, automatically applying savings controls with no interruption to business processes or end user workflows. About complete visibility, V4ink automatically identifies all your local and network printers. By collecting comprehensive usage statistics for each print job, V4ink can provide comprehensive information at the organizational, group, individual and application levels. This information is compiled into detailed cost and usage reports for complete visibility of printing patterns and cost structures.About ongoing optimization, V4ink includes flexible rules to optimize an organization's print activities including paper usage for additional savings up to 20%. Print rules include a range of privileges and quotas that can be enforced universally or on specific users, groups or applications. For example, color printing privileges for the marketing department N-up or duplex printing with high savings levels for all print jobs from Outlook, or monochrome printing and removal of graphics and pictures for all print jobs from Internet browsers.



About centralized management, V4ink's unified framework enables centralized management of all reporting and system administration. The software can be installed on-premise or in the cloud as a SaaS-based model. Whether installed on-premise or in the Cloud, V4ink can be up and running within a few minutes.

How’s the problem of toner cartridges?

September 4, 2017 by v4toner  

1.Reasons for the occurrence of the bar: (1) the developer is surrounded by the carrier and the toner is sucked or spilled on the paper by the photosensitive drum. (2) the developer in the mixer is running bad or hp toner damp agglomeration due. (3) mirror or lens pollution, cleaning it. 


2.The reason of the vertical black bars: Find the cause of the fault in the order of the drum, cleaning, developing, and fixing parts. (1) The drum is in contact with other parts, or the surface of the drum is damaged by friction due to excessive blade pressure. (2) scraper blade is defective or blade powder too much. (3) the development of the toner on the roller is uneven, was strip-like distribution or scraper under the debris. (4) magnetic roller with a strip of toner powder. (5) the fuser inlet is clogged, and the portion which has not yet been fixed after the transfer is rubbed against the fuser entrance and the image is damaged. (6) The surface of the heating roller is stained with toner and other dirt.


3.The emergence of vertical white bars: (1) photosensitive drums produce serious scratches caused by printing on the toner. (2) charge the electrode wire dirt caused by the corresponding part of the photosensitive drum does not charge the power of white bars. (3) low supply voltage caused by uneven charging voltage and produce different width and the edge of the white bar. (4) transfer electrode wire is too dirty and can not be properly transferred. (5) the tn660 toner is small and uneven or the separation claw is deformed.


4. Reason of no image, paper black: may be the control circuit or scan circuit failure. 5. Full white image Cause: The optical part, the charging part and the mechanical part are involved. (1) laser or laser control circuit is damaged. (2) the optical system is blocked by foreign matter; mirror angle is not right; mirror is damaged or dirty; mirror surface aging. (3) scan drive circuit failure, that is, no scan. (4) the charging electrode is damaged; the charging electrode wiring is broken; the transfer electrode is in poor contact or the electrode wire is broken. (5) transmission gear shaft rotation, and the wheel does not turn, so that the photosensitive drum does not turn.