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Top 100 Baby Boy Name Starts with B

November 14, 2019 by Mom News Daily  



It is the biggest pleasure for parents to name their child also a very big responsibility. Because once you documented the name you can’t change it or if you later on try to change that name there is to much paper work and it will take long time to do that. Anyhow if your baby is going to carry that name for a very long time of it is important to choose the best baby name. While choosing any baby name do remember to see how it sound and does it mean positive like if you choose a name for baby which means something negative or wrong then it is bad and these type of name are wired and awkward. So it is one of the most important tip to stay away from this kind of name. If you are choosing a name then try to find new generation Christian baby boy names also remember to see what it means and how does it sounds because if you choose any name then later when your child grow-up and the name will not suit his personality and many other school kids do make fun of her name. So choose a name which is trending but also simple, sweet and meaningful baby boy name. That is the key factor to find any perfect name. 


As there are many names to choose from we have selected the top 100 baby boy name starts with B and these names are currently trending and if you are looking for name idea for B word then these are top baby boy names given below.


Top 100 Baby Boy Name with Meaning


Bennett - Blessed

Blake - Son of Lake

Ben - Son of

Brooks - Dweller By The Brook

Brandon - Prince, Or Brave

Brycen - Speckled

Barrett - Bear Power

Bodhi - Awakened Or Enlightenment

Bryant - Noble, Strong, Virtuous

Brecken - Spotted, Speckled

Bruce - Strong, Smart

Braylon      - Combination Of Brayden And Waylon

Brayden - Broad Valley

Brian - High Or Noble

Brock -Badger

Benjamin - Son Of The South Or Son Of The Right Hand

Bo - To Live

Baylor - Horse Trainer

Brayan - Disputed

Boston - Botolph's Town

Branson - Son Of The Raven

Blaine - The Son Of The Disciple Of Blaan

Brady - Spirited; Broad

Billy - Resolute Protection

Bailey - Berry Clearing; Bailiff City Fortification

Brentley - Hilltop

Bodie - Shelter

Bowie - Yellow, Fair-Haired

Bevan - Son Of Evan

Bobby - Bright Fame

Beau - Handsome

Brysen - Son Of Brice

Brixton - The Stone Of Brixi

Brody - Second Son, Ditch

Braxton      - Settlement, Farm

Bentley - Handsome

Bruno - Shield Or Armor.

Brayson     - Broad Valley

Bastian - A Man Of Sebastia

Brent - A Holy One

Basim - Smile

Basse - Low-Born Or Short

Braiden      - Near The Broad Valley

Benoît - Blessed

Benson      - Son Of Benne

Benedict - Blessed

Bryan - Strong, Virtuous

Bentlee - From The Meadow

Bently - Handsome

Braeden - Broad Valley

Broderick - A Descendant Of Bruadar

Braylin - The Glow Of Life

Braxtyn -  Good Personality

Barry - Fair-Haired

Benny - Blessed

Beaux - Handsome” Or “Beautiful

Beck - Brook

Beowulf - Beewolf

Berkeley - Birch Meadow

Brogan - Small Shoe

Brantley - Fire

Bergen - Mountain Dweller

Berg – Mountain, Hill

Benyamin - Son Of The South

Brendon – Prince, Smelly Hair

Benvolio - Good-Will Or Well-Wisher

Beckett - Bee Cottage

Berger – Parson Who Lived In The Mountains

Beresford – Forda

Bowen - The Son Of Owen

Beriah - Calamity Or Misfortune

Benvenuto - Welcome

Bern - Bear

Berilo - Green Gemstone

Bernard - Bear-Hard Or Brave

Byron - Cowshed

Bryce - Son Of The Ardent One

Braydon - Broad Valley

Bert - Illustrious

Berquist - Mountain Twig

Berry - Fruit

Brodie - Uncertain

Berenger – Bear And Spear

Bryson - Son Of Brice

Bridger - Bridge

Bered - Hail

Bercan - Little Spear

Berthold - Bright Ruler

Bronson - Brown

Bjorn - Bear

Brenden - Prince Or King

Benton - A Town In The Bentgrass

Basilio – Royal, Kingly

Bear - Bear

Berold - Bear Ruler

Brantlee - Steep, Tall

Bernez - Stream

 Billie – Determination, Strength

Baker - To Bake

Bradley - Broad Wood Or Broad Meadow