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A Few Common Hardwood Floor Problems and Their Fixes

July 12, 2019 by Daniel Budure  

Are you facing issues with your hardwood floor in Glendale AZ? Looking for professional help? Hardwood floors are undoubtedly one of the most lavish and elegant additions to any home or commercial property. However, these also get minor damages over time which can be repaired easily with the help of professionals. So let us check out some of the common hardwood floor issues and their fixes below –


  • Cracks or splits in the wood –


Small splits or cracks get developed on the surface of many hardwood floors over the years which can be repaired by securing the two pieces together using some angled nails and wood putty to hide the spots. However, if your floor suffers from large cracks then you must go for professional hardwood floor repair in Glendale AZ for refinishing the floor. And if there is worse split in your hardwood floor then it will be wise to replace the damaged plank!


  • Gaps between the planks –


When the wood starts drying out it shrinks and when gets wet and humid it expands. And regular expansion and contractions over time create the gaps between the planks; hence the gaps are seasonal in nature. However with time and weather change the gaps tend to close. It is a rule that if the gap is less than the thickness of a dime then the flooring is normal. However, if the gaps persist for a longer period then you must look for professional hardwood floor repairs in Arizona to cease the problem completely.


  • Buckling of the floor –


A floor gets buckled when the boards distort and lift up from the attached subfloor. In such cases you need to immediately call a professional hardwood floor installer for identifying the root cause of the problem. They will help you in attaching the planks firmly so that the problem gets alleviated.




  • Wash Boarding


Wash boarding also termed as cupped floors develop across the width of the wood strip where the edges of the planks raise up and the center of the board drops down. The main reason behind this issue is moisture imbalance where more water is there on the bottom side of the plank than on the top. For curing this problem you will need to balance the humidity levels of your home so that it returns back to its normal state. And once the floor gets stabilized call a professional to refinish it to perfection.


  • Warped Floors –


Serious moisture problems result in warping of the hardwood floors and needs to be addressed immediately. Such problems may occur due to improper installations or faulty hardwood used. However the major reason is still moisture in this case!


Besides the common hardwood floor repair problems there are many others such as scratches and loose planks. Whatever may be the problem it is always better to hire an expert hardwood floor repair Glendale AZ professional for help.



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