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Planning To Buy A Caravan? A perfect Guide To Buy A New Caravan

July 10, 2019 by Allen Smith  


Buying a caravan might become one of the most remarkable investments in someone's life. Choosing the right caravan carefully is important and crucial. So which type of caravan shall people buy to make their holidays a memorable one? Whether from Touring Caravan in Devon, settling into a right touring involves a lot of discussion and viewpoints, considering the needs and essentials. Visit this website to learn about the caravan sites in Devon.


Here are some considerable aspects in a caravan before purchasing it:-


1. Select The Size Carefully

The size matters, no matter how many people are supposed to travel in the caravan, there must be enough space to place the amenities like beds and recliners. Nobody wants to feel congested and squeezed.


2. Selecting The Number Of Berths

Having a large family? If so, then multiple berths should be considered. If a couple decides to buy it then two to three berths would be perfect. As beds and sofas take more space, so they should be fitted inside caravan wise numbers.


3. Selecting The Types Of Beds

Wanted to take a beautiful caravan but the size is small? No problem, selecting the type of bed could free up a lot of space. Pull out beds and bunk beds will help in minimizing the area covered.


4. Design Of The Caravan

The most important factor is the design of a caravan. Depending upon the design, if it comprises of modern technology or not a caravan must be purchased. Of course everyone wants their caravan to be equipped with modern bathrooms, beds and lot more vehicles’ specifications.


And a lot more. Even after considering these aspects one must aware of the laws and warranties regarding caravan. To buy a caravan one can places like Touring Caravans in Devon to purchase one immediately.


For more information on glamping holidays around Cornwall, please contact us here - https://www.woodviewcampsite.co.uk/new_contact


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Take Your Luxury Along With You While Camping, Glamping – The New Trend

July 9, 2019 by Allen Smith  



Glamping is the perfect amalgamation of luxury and the touch of nature. People are quite aware of camping from as long as man started taking shelters. Soldiers and armies had to take shelter in wild to pass their night, so they started camping. In passing time and modern ideas the camping has turned from survival to enjoyment. From struggling to survive in wild to feel the adventure and nature, camping has evolved from the past few decades. It's more of like a sport nowadays. Almost everybody wants to experience it once in a lifetime. That took birth to "Glamping"- glamorous camping which started to come into favour. There are some wealthy people who wants to feel the nature closely but they are not able to leave their luxurious life behind. So one came up with a idea of luxury in camping which gave birth to glamping.


Now people could travel all around the world with their luxury along with them. Glamping holidays in Cornwall is now be possible easily. As per the guest's needs and demands everything is balanced carefully. Creating comforts with utility in terms of design for experiencing the serenity is given at most importance. Amenities like, extra- comfortable beds and hot shower, delicious food, efficient lighting and privacy, every aspect is being taken care in glamping. As it includes no wooden doors and glass windows, it allows one to experience and feel the nature without any filter. It unites the nature and the man with natural surroundings in the most intimidating way possible. One can smell the wet sand and feel the sunlight by staying around the luxury that they want.


The peaceful silence of nature and amazing scenery provides an ideal place for inner peace.Glamping holidays in Cornwall is not only beneficial individually but also encourages interaction with their close ones in the best way, sitting around a bonfire, telling and listening to it - and making new ones. All of this is makes the soul refreshing.


For more information on glamping holidays around Cornwall, please contact us here - https://www.woodviewcampsite.co.uk/new_contact


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What Are The Important Facts Regarding Caravanning And Camping In Devon?

June 5, 2019 by Allen Smith  


There is the presence of many caravan sites in Devon and so, it is very important for one to be aware of the interesting facts regarding the caravanning and also camping in Devon.


Caravanning And Camping


First of all, you need to take your tent or caravan in order to go for camping in Devon for the purpose of seeing two beautiful coastlines. Along with that, generally, the sands of Woolacombe Bay are RNLI patrolled in case of the high season. On the other hand, the Exmouth beach and also shingle beach Fishcombe Cove by Brixham are considered to be the picture postcard.


Camping Sites In Devon


There is the presence of many of the best dog-friendly campsites in Devon. All you need is to take your pooch hiking in Dartmoor and also Exmoor National Parks for the pure wilderness.

The South West Coast Path Walk in the Ilfracombe is generally a wooded valley with the presence of stunning views. You should not miss the Berry Head Nature Reserve and also Lundy Island for puffins, sharks, and dolphins in their own habitat.


Some of the picturesque locations for a Devonshire tea with the presence of plenty of caravan sites are the Brixham, Paignton and also Torquay. Also, the villages of Croyde, Beer Beach, Salcombe, and Clovelly are considered to be the most welcoming.





In this way, it is evident from the above section that, you can definitely enjoy your day out with the help of camp and also caravan sites in Devon.


To book glamping holidays in Cornwall, please visit this website.



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