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Here's Why Your Air Conditioning's Funny Smell Is Not A Laughing Matter

January 10, 2019 by daryl64bn  

For some reason, many people associate weird smells with something that is funny. Although there are times where this is true, when it comes to a funny smelling air conditioner, it is no laughing matter. Air Conditioning Maintenance Orpington professionals note that some AC units tend to produce strange odours from time to time. People don’t take this seriously thinking the smell will dissipate after a while. 


Ask any Air Conditioning Repair Tunbridge Wells technician and they will all agree that strange smells from the AC is something serious. Here are the possible reasons for the odd smell coming from the air conditioner and why it must be checked by a professional immediately: 


#1 - Electrical Odours


A burning smell that has a hint of an electrical odour is very serious. There could be a faulty wire or the compressor could be heating up. The moment any unit produces a burning smell, stop its usage and unplug the AC. Leaving it to function with a faulty wire can lead to a fire. Call an air conditioning repair Tunbridge Wells based expert to check on the unit before trying to use it again. 


#2 - The Gunpowder Smell


Closely related to the electrical burn smell, the smell of gunpowder can also indicate an electrical issue. The odour can be due to a burnt circuit board or a fried fan motor. No matter where the smell comes from, it is best to let the air conditioning maintenance Orpington company check on the unit before attempting to use it. 


#3 - The Smell Rotten Eggs


Rotten eggs are very potent and have a distinct scent that cannot be missed or ignored. When the AC emits an odour similar to rotten eggs, this usually indicates that there is a natural gas leak. Although natural gases tend to be odourless, service providers add the strong and pungent smell to alert residents of a leak. 


A natural gas leak is very serious and dangerous, it should never be ignored. It is highly flammable and toxic when detected the source must be found and repaired at once. 


#4 - Strong Musty Smells


One of the most common foul odour detected from air conditioners all over the world is the damp and musty smell. This distinct smell is usually caused by mould or mildew growth within the HVAC. The AC unit is the perfect place for mould and mildew because it is always damp due to condensation and also warm because of the motor. 


Breathing in mould and mildew will cause a lot of respiratory issues. Once your AC begins to smell musty and mouldy, get a professional to thoroughly clean the system before use. An experienced and trusted air condition technician will even take the necessary steps to ensure the same problem does not occur once more. 


Strange Smells Should Be Investigated


Just because the strange odour from your AC does not bother you doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be inspected by a technician. Addressing the odours as soon as possible ensure your health and safety while also living in a comfortable environment all year round.


For your Air Conditioning Maintenance Orpington or Air Conditioning Repair Tunbridge Wells, our team at Kent Air Conditioning is ready to healp. Contact us today!