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How to Sync Square with QuickBooks

February 21, 2020 by David Miller  

To make sure your business runs smoothly, QuickBooks allows you to sync your account with other apps you may use to complete your accounting tasks. Connecting your QuickBooks account to Square will enable you to import transactions so that you have access to all the data at the click of a button. This blog will help show you how you can sync Square with QuickBooks and track the transactions. If you need a more comprehensive solution to sync your account, you can also call the QuickBooks helpline number and ask for help. 


Steps to Sync Square with QuickBooks

If you want to download your sales transactions processed through Square, you will first need to link your Square merchant account and your QuickBooks Online account. You can refer to the steps given below to link the two accounts and download the required transactions:

  • Step 1: Log in to your QuickBooks Online account and select ‘Apps.’
  • Step 2: Click on the ‘Find apps’ option at the top of the menu.
  • Step 3: Open the Search apps section and type ‘Square’ in the given field.
  • Step 4: Select the ‘Sync with Square’ option and click ‘Get App Now.’
  • Step 5: Follow the steps given on the screen to complete the process.
  • Step 6: When you are syncing your accounts, you need t make sure you change the relevant permission setting so that Intuit can access your Square account.

Users must note that the steps mentioned above will only work in the case of QuickBooks Online. If you are using QuickBooks Desktop or some other version of the software, you will need to follow a different set of steps. You can call the QuickBooks tech support and speak to a professional software expert to finish syncing Square with QuickBooks. Professional technicians and software experts are available 24 hours a day to help clear up any doubts you may have about your QuickBooks accounting software.


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How to remove a bank account from QuickBooks?

February 13, 2020 by David Miller  

QuickBooks is known for one of the best accounting software as it has some unique features and functions for you. It has something for everyone as there are several version of QuickBooks and everyone can utilize it in many ways through its different products like enterprise edition. QuickBooks Online, QuickBooks Payroll, and many others. If ever you confront any kind of error such as unable to remove a bank account from QuickBooks. Although you should not remove the bank account from QuickBooks unless until you are closing the bank account otherwise there is no need to do so. Even then you want to remove the bank account then you can follow the steps as they provided below. In case you failed to do so then you have an option in the form of QuickBooks helpline number where you will be assisted by the certified experts within no time.

Steps on how to remove a bank account from QuickBooks:

You have to first confirm that you want to delete your bank account from the QuickBooks and if you are determined to remove a bank account from your QB account then, you are required to follow the step provided below-

  1. To start the process you are required to click on the settings which can be found on the topmost navigation panel,
  2. After that, you have to choose COA from the drop-down menu.
  3. Now in this step, you will be required to select the bank account which you would like to permanently delete.
  4. After the previous step, you are required to choose the delete option from your account which is set of predefined actions.
  5. Finally, you will see a confirmation message and you have to just click Ok button and your account will be deleted forever.

By following the step which is provided in above description, you will be able to resolve the issue which you are facing and one thing you are required to remember that you have to follow the steps very strictly. In case you failed to do so or face some error while following the steps, then no need to worry as you can still resolve the issue with the help of QuickBooks technical support where you will be assisted by the certified and experienced experts who will handle the issue in a rapid manner. There will be no hassle while resolving the issue and you will get the solution with accuracy.

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How to Fix QuickBooks Error H303?

January 24, 2020 by David Miller  

When it comes to managing accounting and finances, QuickBooks is the first thing that comes to most people’s minds. Being such a prominent software, QuickBooks has maintained a unique position in the market. But it does n’t mean that it is flawless. There are times when users come across different issues while working with QuickBooks software. QuickBooks error H303 is one such annoying error that comes up when you try to access the company file, which is not on the same computer. To solve this error, you can reach out to the experts at  QuickBooks customer service  and speak to them regarding the issue. They will help you with the most suitable solution to your problem. Alternatively, you can read this blog and understand the reasons and solutions for this error.


Reasons for QuickBooks error code H303

-          When you have a damaged or wrong .dnd file

-          The error can come up if QuickBooks cannot acquire the company files hosted by the IP address 

-          If hosting configuration settings is invalid

-          When the firewall blocks company files from communicating

-          You may have network issues


Steps to overcome QuickBooks Error H303:

        Method 1: Use QuickBooks File Doctor

You just have to download and install the QuickBooks File Doctor Tool. Once installed, the file doctor tool will start working automatically. The tool will first detect the errors related to the software and then solve all these problems automatically. Restart your system after finishing this process


        Method 2: Verify the hosting settings of QuickBooks

-          Open QuickBooks on a system which is configured as multiple users

-          Select the file in both the systems and then go to Utilities. There, click on ‘Stop hosting multi-user configuration.’

-          Turn on the hosting on one computer by visiting the File menu. Then, Utilities, and then click on host multi-user

-          Open QuickBooks again on both the computers


        Method 3: Firewall Settings

-          Open the PC and visit the Control Panel.

-          Select Firewall Settings from there

-          Select ‘Allow a Program.’

-          Choose ‘Add Program’ and then add QuickBooks software in the exception list

-          Restart your PC make sure that the changes have been done 


        Method 4: Change QuickBooks’ folder destination

-          You need to create a new folder in the hosting PC

-          Set Windows to get access to share QuickBooks company files

-          Now, you need to copy ‘.qbw’ file and paste it to a new folder

-          Finally, open the company file in the multi-user mode


Executing these methods correctly will take you out of the problem very soon. If not, ring up  QuickBooks customer care  to find out an alternate solution.


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How to remove QuickBooks updates

January 16, 2020 by David Miller  

QuickBooks is an accounting software that fulfills all your accounting needs at one place by keeping all the data and information organized. Updates are set by default in this software to remove any technical glitches, some people like this feature and some get irritated by it often. If you are also among those who get frustrated with the automatic updates then this blog is for you. You can disable the auto-updating feature if you prefer to install the updates manually. In case you feel unable to do the troubleshooting steps then do connect with QuickBooks tech support, which is available 24 hours of the day.

This software is renowned for managing the accounts for both small and large-scale organization. Since it is trusted among the users, it updates itself timely. However, in spite of many powerful features, you can handle the settings of updates as per your wish and will.

Solution: Removing the QuickBooks updates

v  Click on the ‘start’ menu to open the control panel. If you are using a new version then the icon will appear immediately.

v  Double click on ‘add or remove programs’ icon

v  Highlight QuickBooks from the list of programs installed on your device. Click the remove button to completely uninstall Quickbooks and any updates you have downloaded from your computer

v  Place your Quickbooks installation CD in the drive. An installation utility will automatically launch, click ‘next’ to proceed. This will remove the updates you don’t want.

It must be noted that you should only remove the update by uninstalling the software, do not delete other programs from the startup folder. Deleting those could result in causing vital programs unable to start. Remember, disabling the auto updates is safe and will not interfere with the accounting software’s features.

In case you find yourself unable to perform the required settings on your device, then without any second thought, take help from the QuickBooks helpline number  where the certified technicians will help you to resolve the problem by taking your issue on priority basis. They are experts in handling the issues patiently.


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How to manage QuickBooks Bill Online

January 7, 2020 by David Miller  

If you are having zero knowledge about how you can use QuickBooks Online to manage your bills, then you are going to face many issues. However, learning everything about QuickBooks will not help you in running your business carefully but will also help in managing your finances smartly. One can read this simplified blog to understand how one can manage their bills efficiently by using QuickBooks Online. However, if you want more knowledge about QuickBooks Online, then you can call quickbooks support to speak with the experts. These professionals will clarify all your doubts and queries regarding QuickBooks Online.


How to receive and enter a bill in QuickBooks?

The steps you need to follow while entering accounts payable in QuickBooks are:

      Go to Vendors > Enter bills

      Now select the Vendor or supplier for which you want to enter the bill.

      From the drop-down menu, choose the specific supplier

      Now select the Terms, Bill Date, and Due Date of the bill.

      Enter the amount and then enter the description regarding the bill.

      After entering the tax rate, save the changes, and then close it.

In this way, you have entered a bill in QuickBooks. Makes sure you have saved and recorded the bill in the right account.


How to pay bills in QuickBooks?

Once you have entered the bills, you can pay them through expense form or by printing checks from QuickBooks. You can even pay the bill from the Suppliers/ vendors page in the following steps:

      Go to Supplies > Pay Bills

      Now click on the supplier bill you wish to make payment.

      You will be able to see all the information regarding this specific bill, like invoice number, amount due, etc.

      You have the option to make full payment, as well as partial payment.

      Now enter the amount you wish to pay and even choose the account from which you will pay.

      By clicking on the Pay Selected Bills, option and payment will be done.

      At last, save the changes and close it.


Customize the bill payment form by setting a reminder

      Tap on the Edit menu> Preferences> Reminders

      Even the tick mark the checkbox next to the 'show reminder list when opening a company file.'

      Click on the menu of Company Preference and set the Bills to pay. Here you have the option to choose the appropriate button for you and even enter the number of days after which you want to get a reminder from QuickBooks.

      After clicking on the OK button, you can be sure that QuickBooks will remind you about all your unpaid or overdue bills.

These are all the ways by which you can use QuickBooks Online to manage your bills. If you want to know about them in detail, then you are free to call quickbooks phone number. This number stays accessible 24*7 to help clients who are facing problems while using this excellent accounting software.


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How to reverse a credit in QuickBooks

December 26, 2019 by David Miller  

QuickBooks is known for different versions and its utility for almost everyone especially those who are involved in any kind of financial activity like a business, any organization or even self-employed. It has several products which can be utilized by everyone. QuickBooks users might confront with some errors like reversing a credit in QuickBooks. Well, this is not a good idea to reverse the credit as it is quite a complicated process and it will not help much with the available balances. You have another option if you want to rectify your entry or want to balance it then it will better to delete that particular entry and can redo if required. If the process which is provided below couldn’t resolve the issue then you have another option to resolve the issue in the form of quickbooks customer support  where certified experts will assist ou in resolving the issue within a short span of time.

Steps on how to reverse a credit in QuickBooks:

To resolve the issue how to delete a credit in QuickBooks you will be required to follow the provided steps below:

  1. To begin the process you will be required to Login to your QuickBooks Company’s accounts dashboard.
  2. After that, you will be required to click on the customer’s tab which can be found on the main navigation menu.
  3. Now you have to just choose customer center from the drop-down window.
  4. After the previous step, you can see a different window which will appear and you have to click on the Customer: Job button.
  5. In this step, you will be able to see a list of all the customers. You are required to choose the one with the available credit which you want to delete.
  6. Now you have to just click on the open the customer window and then you can see the list of all the transactions which are related to that customer.
  7. Click on the credit memo tab that you wish you delete.
  8. Finally, you will be required to just save your preferences and then you will be able to successfully fix your query on “how to reverse a credit in QuickBooks”.

By following the steps above you will be able to resolve the issue of reversing the credit in QuickBooks in an easy way. There is always a possibility of errors while following the steps as same in this case. If you couldn’t resolve the error while following the steps then there is another way to sort out the issue with the help of quickbooks technical support  where certified and experienced experts will handle the issue and will provide you a perfect solution.


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