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How Has The Falling Rupee Affected Real Estate NRI Investments In India?

November 6, 2019 by deltarealty  

Real estate has evolved extremely over the past few years. There is a better transparency post implication of RERA and GST which has fuelled the buying decision of the NRI community. Additionally, the value of INR has been witnessing significant low against the value of the US dollar as seen in past years. A depreciating rupee creates an ideal environment to invest in Indian real estate, as the cost of acquisition of property becomes lesser for NRIs. Many non-resident Indians (NRIs) have moved to invest in the residential real estate sector in India to take advantage of the low prices as the dollar surges in value.


However, that’s not the only factor that has led to heightened NRI investment in India. Several other reforms such as the implementation of the Real Estate (Regulation & Development) Act, 2016 (RERA) and the introduction of goods and services tax (GST) have increased the transparency in the real estate sector, boosting the confidence of NRI investors in India. Buy house Projects in Dahisar.


Today, India ranks at 100 in the Ease of Doing Business Index amongst 190 nations, as compared to a rank of 130 in 2017. This phenomenal jump is a result of legislative and administrative reforms introduced by the government in addition to the digitalisation of various aspects of the economy, such as bringing the house buying process online, which has made it exceptionally convenient for NRIs to buy a house in India.


What is Driving NRI's to Invest in Real Estate in India?


According to a report by KPMG, “NRIs prefers Indian real estate due to higher long-term returns.” The report adds that 72 per cent of NRIs want senior living, residential Property in Mumbai, which offer luxurious latest amenities and are ready to pay a high premium for a suitable property. Besides, many NRIs are driven to purchase a property in their hometown due to family ties. Consequently, preferred destinations for NRI investments are no longer limited to metros. Top destinations for NRI investors now include - Chennai, Ahmedabad, Hyderabad, Trivandrum, Chandigarh, Pune, Mumbai and Navi Mumbai.


NRI Investment Options in India


Real estate Developers in Mumbai are expecting NRIs to make up a large chunk of their customer base in the near future. Consequently, top Builders in Mumbai are developing premium residential projects tailored to meet the expectations of the NRI and millennial Indian customers. Whether you are looking for capital gains or a luxury abode for yourself and your family, Check out the Projects in Dahisar by The Delta Realty Group to get the best bang for your buck!



Real Estate Investors Guide Before Buying Property In Dahisar

October 31, 2019 by deltarealty  

Exclusive or pure investors buy property for the exclusive purpose of earning a profit on them; they do not utilise the estate personally. The properties in question can be residential Projects in Dahisar East. Pure investors have a better chance of making a profit in their dealings simply because their options are wider. There is also no immediacy or urgency involved, since the basic objective is profit. Since they do not intend to occupy the premises themselves, they can rent out the property until the time when they intend to sell it off at appreciated rates. Buy house Flats in Dahisar.


Investors of This Kind Should Keep Certain Guidelines in Mind:


Investing in the residential real estate Property in Dahisar East, the first preference should be towards flats that are located on the first floor. They should offer a good view and ventilation and, ideally, the use of a swimming pool, clubhouse and other latest facilities. They should also be backed by adequate parking facilities. Most buyers do not make compromises on this last factor, even if they give consideration to the others.


Property Location is everything. Even if rates are steeper in a preferred area, go for it. It will pay rich dividends in the final analysis.


Select to invest in properties by Delta Realty. The very name of a famous Builders in Dahisar makes a definite difference on the bottom-line of the sales deed.


It is always more profitable to invest in properties under construction or still in the planning stage. By the date of actual completion, rates will tend to get higher.


Here is a quick note on ready for possession properties. Certain dynamics of the property market remain constant, so a profit is still possible. However, a ‘readymade’ property bought for the purpose of investment will have to be given sufficient time to appreciate in value. Also, certain modifications specific to a potential customer’s wants may have to be made. The price that this involves would have to be adjusted in the final amount.


Finally, if you are new at property investment and are utilising a housing loan in order to invest in property, ensure that the ratio of self-finance-to-loan amount is conducive to a future profit.


Property investment is not a game of blind man’s bluff. Fortunes can be lost for many reasons, including spurious or incomplete documentation, faulty judgment and dealing with fly-by-night developers. There are a number of bases that requirements to be covered to reduce the risk factor. Buy house Projects in Dahisar.

Top Reasons Why You Should Invest In Real Estate In Dahisar

October 23, 2019 by deltarealty  

Mumbai, 'the city that never sleeps' can be unnerving at times and can put some people in a tight spot to settle down somewhere far from the maddening crowd.


Dahisar is the answer to that peaceful haven amidst the general stress, pollution and chaos. All the factors that you need in a property, namely return on investment, a respectable neighbourhood, Quality education, excellent health care, ample recreational opportunities, a decent overall quality of life are all present Projects in Dahisar East.


Whether you are looking at connectivity to other parts of Mumbai, top class infrastructure, transport in terms of buses and trains, markets for daily shopping needs, or a central location - Dahisar has it all and more.


Top Reasons Why You Should Invest Property in Dahisar:


Real Estate in Dahisar has flourished over the time to offer apartments that reflect all the qualities a person looks for in their dream house. There are several reasons why it makes sense to invest in a Property in Dahisar East, here are a few of them:


Excellent connectivity


Dahisar is an important station in Western Lines as it helps connect to the rest of Mumbai. There is a great network of roads that run through the eastern and western parts of this suburb. The Western Express Highway makes commuting to South Mumbai convenient.


Access to quality education


Your children are assured of the best education that money can provide with the best institutions like School Don Bosco. The reputed College is located here and has produced luminaries in many fields of occupation.


A shopper's paradise


The lack of malls in Dahisar is more than adequately met by the access you have to malls in Borivali and Dahisar for the brand as well as economy purchases, conveniently. 


The Best Health Care


Your health is not just good, but great hands with premium hospitals. It is home to some of the best doctors in the city. Investing in a spacious 3 BHK Flats in Dahisar will not only allow you to unwind freely, but also proves to offer good facilities.


Infrastructure growth


There are major upcoming developments in the infrastructure of Mumbai like Metro. This will ease the traffic congestion in Dahisar. Another major project is the widening of the Western Expressway, which will ease your commuting woes.


Brand matters


When you invest in a Property in Dahisar, there are numerous benefits that you receive. The Delta Realty Group has an extensive experience of over half a century in constructing quality residential properties and own numerous Projects in Dahisar.



All You Need To know About Dahisar Real Estate Market

October 17, 2019 by deltarealty  

Good connectivity and a flourishing economy have been the growth drivers for the Dahisar real estate market. Dahisar is all set to see more developments for providing a world-class living experience for its citizens.


Today, Dahisar fulfills the expectations of house buyers of all categories with its wide-range of options for residential Property in Dahisar. Investors look up to this booming marketplace for safeguarding healthy returns.


Dahisar Reale Estate Market:


Although affordability highlights the residential market of Dahisar, the demand for premium housing has also seen an upsurge in recent years. High-rise apartments and integrated townships are growing in number. Thus, house buyers of Mumbai in search of spacious house who have found an alternative destination in Dahisar.


Ghodbunder Road - Thane area is a sought-after hub for both budget homes and luxury properties. Other prominent localities to invest in Dahisar. The property prices are expected to increase with the metro link coming in.




Dahisar has numerous location advantages such as it is linked to Mumbai via the Eastern Express Highway and the Eastern Freeway; to Navi Mumbai via the Thane-Belapur Road; to central and western suburbs via Ghodbunder Road and to areas in Gujarat via the Mumbai-Ahmedabad Highway.


Social Infrastructure: 


Dahisar has access to some of the finest social infrastructural facilities which are the main benefit of living in Dahisar, apart from being close to nature. The Indian Institute of Technology Bombay in Powai is around 30 kilometers away. In addition, there are reputed schools, colleges, health facilities, shopping malls and ample entertainment options. Buy house Property in Dahisar East.


NRI Investments in India: The Essential Checklist

October 10, 2019 by deltarealty  

While NRIs may need to invest in Indian real estate to benefit from correcting prices and a depreciating rupee, there is much research and careful planning involved. Presently, Indian real estate is a very popular investment option for most NRIs. However, since they live abroad, it becomes more important for them to do proper due diligence before risking their money.


Mandatory checks:


NRIs should not be entirely convinced by impressive presentations and glossy brochures. They should have someone trusted visit the property’s site and check the ground realities. Like all real estate investments, the location of the project should be attractive and should enjoy good connectivity. Buy house Projects in Dahisar.


Understanding the law:


NRIs investing in India must understand the laws that govern real estate transactions. There are, for instance, restrictions on how quickly the profit from a real estate transaction can be repatriated. NRIs also want to learn whether their gains will be subject to double taxation.


Watch out for:


The real estate sector in the developed markets is better governed and more evolved. Here, buyers are often subjected to a lot of hassles. Unless an NRI has a trusted person running errands in India, buying real estate in India could be challenging. Then there’s the management of the property as there are not many companies in India still that offer such services. This makes it all the more essential that an NRI has an agent to collect the rent as well as look after its maintenance.


ROI expectations:


NRIs investing in residential real estate at this point of time, should have reasonable return expectations over a long-term period. Finally, NRIs also needs to be aware that the depreciation of the rupee against their home currency, will also have a bearing on their returns. Buy house Property in Dahisar East.


Smart Homes - A New Definition of Luxury House

October 3, 2019 by deltarealty  

We are living in a world where we are constantly trying to attain better and better lifestyle for ourselves. Our house is one of the most crucial parts of our lifestyle. Well, to make improvements in this, there is an emerging concept of smart homes. It is searching its way into the lives of many people for a more luxurious, modern, safe and comfortable living. Buy Luxury and modern house Projects in Dahisar East.


Smart homes provide us with the ease in life that we want, in a bust and hustling lifestyle it is difficult to keep a track of the necessities that we need in our house. Since the invention of smart homes, it has reeled in more creativity and innovation for people buying houses Flats in Dahisar. It has boosted research in the field of developers along with architects and companies that help with technology related to the same. Looking at how much it is being demanded by the people, we can soon expect discounts and offers by industries that provide with smart-technologies for modern houses.


A very important question that experts are wondering right now is that investing in a modern house is a luxury or a necessity. And what are the major advantages that bend us towards opting for a smart-home? Well, experts say that the most important improvement would be that we would be able to save tremendously over energy consumption. A lot of companies are giving in their cent percent to make this concept a sustainable idea. The main keys that technologists are focusing on are lighting, heating and cooling, security or access, inclusive of kitchen ferments, entertainment and also healthcare. Considering the fact that every industry is making artificial intelligence a part of their system, real estate should do the same. It helps us monitor our house, even if we are not physically present. We should reconsider our way of living and make it better by inculcating smart technology in our house. Buy luxury smart house Property in Dahisar East.



Wise Investment Today for Excellent Returns Tomorrow

September 25, 2019 by deltarealty  

When we talk about the hot selling residential projects in the beautiful city of Dahisar, Mumbai investors and buyers are keen to know more about them, their builders, the market prices and what all they are offering. As the real estate market is booming rapidly in Dahisar, Mumbai so many reputed Builders in Dahisar are showcasing their interest. Many Dahisar land developers have already started their projects and many are bringing up new residential Projects in Dahisar that promises to give a wonderful living experience.


The many residential projects that require mentioning here is Wave Estate. Wave Estate is one of the well-known upcoming residential projects in the heart of Dahisar, Mumbai. It is building a gated community with latest amenities, contemporary designs and lavish housing style in the 2BHK, 3 BHK Flats in Dahisar.


Why to invest in residential projects of Dahisar?


Residential Projects in Dahisar East can offer lucrative returns in future. If you are a local resident of Dahisar and looking to invest in residential Project here, then it’s the right time to conduct your research. Check out for the projects that can give you better opportunities in the residential Property in Dahisar East.


Firstly, the prices of the property at construction stage is less than the one which is already built. Projects which have just been announced for sale by the developer will take few years for completion and guarantees escalation in prices. After completion, you can semi-furnish the property and lease it to earn rental income also.


Secondly, presence of IT multinational companies in the city. It has opened the doors to new employment and generated job opportunities for people residing within the city and also from other parts of India. They will need residential places to settle either temporarily or permanently. So, investment in residential Projects in Mira Road. It is a right time can ensure whopping returns to the investors and also the buyers.


Points to checkout for before investing in a residential project.


Clarity on purpose:


It is important to be clear on the purpose of investing your hard-earned money on a residential Projects in Dahisar East.


Background check of the builder:


One must conduct thorough research about the credibility of the builder, which includes his portfolio of projects delivered in the past, the time taken for completion, any legal interventions, quality etc.


Project Benefits:


The most essential part while looking for the best residential project for investment is to search out what benefits it is providing to you as a resident. It involves the amenities it is offering, discounts, locational benefits, healthy & green surrounding. Buy Flats in Dahisar.



Why Invest in Real Estate Property in Dahisar?

September 19, 2019 by deltarealty  

Mumbai is one of the costliest places to invest in real estate, and therefore its residents are now moving towards other destinations to make lucrative investments in real estate. Since last three years, the property rates in Mumbai have increased by 49.87%. Today Dahisar, being cheaper than Mumbai, is not only a lucrative option for buying property, but also tops the real estate chart in giving higher returns for house buyers who have invested Projects in Dahisar.Some of the most important factors include:


Transport & Connectivity:


It has a very good rail and road transport for easy mobility. It is only 52 km from the Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport Mumbai. Dahisar has very good rail connectivity, not only to Mumbai city, but to other parts of the state. Dahisar also enjoys immaculate connectivity to Navi Mumbai, Eastern and Western Suburbs of Mumbai via Ghodbunder Road. Buy Property in Dahisar.


Health Care:


Healthcare facilities are of utmost importance in any area and Dahisar has a horde of high class Hospitals. There are also many reputed private clinics and labs to cater to the medical requirements of the people here.




The driving force for the growth in the city has been robust infrastructural growth along with developments on the residential and commercial front. The growth of flyovers, highways and wide roads have changed the image.


A Sprouting Real Estate and Commercial Hub:


Dahisar is also considered to be the emerging commercial real estate hub, offering enormous employment chances, due to forthcoming IT and Business parks. With very reasonable rentals, Dahisar is all set to be the emerging central business district of Mumbai. With a varied mix of opulent choices and rapid development of social infrastructures and higher ROI. Dahisar, today is among the top investment destinations in the country. Today residential and commercial Property in Dahisar are par with International standards and the presence of the industrial belt is also the driving force of the growth in Dahisar.




Important factor influencing the investment decision is Education. Dahisar has many engineering, medical, professional colleges and also Reputed schools.


Shopping & Entertainment:


Any place without shopping and entertainment areas is not worth investing in. Dahisar has several popular hang outs, malls, eateries and cinema halls. The Ghodbunder Road area is a hot spot for malls and entertainment. Buy house Property in Dahisar East.



The Major Township of Western Suburbs in Mumbai

September 11, 2019 by deltarealty  

Dahisar is just 1 stations away from Borivali and is fast becoming the most sought after residential location in the Western Suburbs in Mumbai metropolitan region. It has emerged as one of the fastest-growing areas of Mumbai. A boom in the trend of investment in retail space clearly results in the boom in markets and malls.


Retailers are an important part of local communities. People are more likely to spend their weekends and free time at high street markets. Dahisar is the upcoming hub for retailers. Having retail plaza next to the residential space is just like cheery on the cake. It makes life easier and convenient if you have shopping outlets close to your house. And Dahisar gives you that comfort and feeling of bliss. The lifestyle of people living in metro cities has changed a lot in the last decade.  Especially if we talk about Dahisar, you will observe people wearing known brands and eating at branded outlets. All their desires for a luxury lifestyle are fulfilled at retail shops, markets and shopping malls. Dahisar offers one of the best retail experiences, with a great lifestyle and retail plaza. Residing at this prime location will make life convenient with its metropolitan feel. Buy Property In Dahisar East.


You will get the large number of opportunities. It is the Major townships of the western suburbs Mumbai. It is a 5 min drive from Dahisar railway station and 10 mins from Borivali via the western express highway. Along with upcoming highlights for connectivity are the metron. Delta vrindavan giving offers a perfect luxurious lifestyle, excellent connectivity, infrastructure and latest amenities. It is a landscape of creating infinity opportunities in the western suburb of Mumbai. Book your dream house Projects in Dahisar East.


The luxurious residences at Delta vrindavan, take you to cloud nine with modern amenities such as a swimming pool, well-landscaped garden, gym, children’s play zone and a dedicated area for indoor games. Additionally, a multi-purpose hall offers you an opportunity to organize frequent get-togethers and host parties. Buy luxury house Flats In Dahisar East.