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Top Real Estate Trends That Will Shape India's Real Estate Market in 2020

January 17, 2020 by deltarealty  

2019 was a lukewarm year for Indian Real Estate as sentiments moderated due to the slowdown in the economy. Despite appetite shown by end-users, investor activities have softened. Although upcoming corridors in Delhi, Hyderabad, Bangalore, Chennai and Pune continued to show growth, other major markets such as Mumbai continued to suffer from an unsold inventory overhang. It is estimated that currently, the value of stress, assets in Indian Real Estate is to the tune of  around INR 174,000 Crores. A majority of such assets are concentrated in Mumbai.

However, 2019 also saw some notable changes in the industry. The government has taken some praiseworthy steps such as recapitalization of NBFCs, stress fund for stucking Real Estate projects and repo rate cut to boost liquidity in the market. Likewise, NRIs is becoming a dominant force in Indian Realty and contributing a sizable part of the demand dynamics. The growing strength of the diaspora is a welcome change in the industry. The outlook for 2020 looks promising drawing strength from strong fundamentals, growing consolidation and government initiatives to bring in more liquidity.

Here Are The 4 Trends That Are Going To Influence The Industry in 2020.

Technology: Innovation and technology will further deepen its role across the entire value chain of realty transactions with a key focus on lowering the transaction costs and raising customer convenience. In 2020, more investments will follow in the proptech, which will also include newer technologies such as machine learning, Blockchain, drones and virtual reality, among others. Buy luxury Flats in Dahisar East.

Younger Demographics: India’s young demographics will play an instrumental role in driving home demand in the near future. India is home to around 600 million individuals who are  below the age of 25. The young demographics of India with its changing consumption pattern define a huge amount of aggregate demand. Apart from fashion products, consumer durables & automobiles, the young Indian demographics will also be a key player in driving housing demand in India.

Marginal Rise in Sales Volume: We are expecting a marginal rise in sales volume. Although prices nearly remained stable in most of the major markets in India. A viable price option will further add momentum to the homebuyers demand. There will be a growing propensity for ready-to-move-in properties from major developers. Buy house Property in Dahisar.

Commercial: Increased demand for commercial office spaces will continue to get a shot in the arm due to the IT/ ITeS, BFSI & manufacturing industry. There will also be a growing demand for shared or flexible office spaces as both startups and bigger companies are getting lured towards such office spaces. Book your Luxury home Projects in Dahisar East with the latest home amenities.

Guide For Selecting Your Dream House Projects In Dahisar

January 9, 2020 by deltarealty  

Moving or relocating is exciting. However, there are many things, which you have to keep in mind. From searching, a home in a good location, equipped with all latest amenities, has the right valuation and what not! To find for your dream house Projects In Dahisar is something that you should do with utmost care. Is the flat in a good location? Does it have all the needs amenities? Is it closer to schools, collages, shopping mall and hospitals? How much time does it take to reach the locality? Before you sign the dotted line, these are some crucial questions for which you should have an answer.

You may lose track of thing to keep in mind. We are here as your guide to help you search the house of your dreams. The following are the steps that you require to follow in find of your house.

1. Location:

The location of your apartment is one of the most important things to consider. The locality require to be one, which is closer to schools, colleges, Shopping malls, hospitals, etc. The neighborhood also require to be safe. In Mumbai, having a Property in Dahisar is a good choice as these localities have all the necessary amenities and facilities.

2. Evaluate The Space:

You require to know the property details in terms of its space. You should check whether it has the number of rooms you need along with proper space for each of the rooms, how big is the kitchen and how safe and spacious are the balconies. These are some things which you should look in your dream home Flats in Dahisar East.

3. Select A Layout Of Your Choice:

Layouts can be starkly different from what you might expect in terms of Vastu needs, kitchen spacing, etc. At one property itself, there can be multiple options. It would help if you chose what suits you and your family. If you have kids, then you might require a house which has a reading nook, play area for children, etc. If you have a large family then you might require a house with larger dining rooms and bedrooms.

4. Amenities:

You should know what amenities are essential for you and if the property offers similar amenities at the same or additional cost it. A clubhouse, gym, spa, proper parking space, are some amenities that you can find in Luxury Flats in Dahisar.

5. Consider The Commute:

Your home requires to be connected to access points in the city. You require to see how far is your house from points such as Railway Stations, Bus Stops and your Office, etc. You also require to take into account the potential traffic woes in the area. Maybe you can drive to the site in peak hour and check how much time does it take from point A to point B. Buy 3 BHK Flats in Dahisar East.

6. Read The Documentation Carefully:

Once you feel that you have found the right property, you require to read all the documentation carefully. Check for everything from price to the amenities mentioned, to the maintenance charges. You require to understand the contract and only then sign the dotted line.

Searching a dream house can become an easy task if you keep the above points in mind.

Best Place To Invest In Mumbai 2020

January 3, 2020 by deltarealty  

Mumbai today is one of the costliest places for buying a house or investing in one. This has created a great opportunity for lesser priced emerging areas like Dahisar, which have witnessed a phenomenal growth in the past few years. Property prices in Dahisar have seen a hike, mainly due to its proximity to nature and fast pace of development coupled with Government's proposed plans to enhance connectivity with a slew of infrastructure Projects in Dahisar.

Dahisar also enjoys superb connectivity to Thane and Navi Mumbai as well as to the Eastern and Western Suburbs of Mumbai via Ghodbunder Road. Furthermore, future connectivity plans include the proposed metro rail that would run along the Ghodbunder Road with more than 10 halts within Thane itself.

Today Dahisar, especially Ghodbunder Road tops the chart for end users as well as investors as it boasts of widespread roads and highways providing seamless connectivity. Investing in any property is about investing in the right property at the right location for the correct price. Keeping these parameters in mind investing in Ghodbunder Road, Dahisar is most ideal real estate market as it has shown a significant growth not only in infrastructural developments but also in terms of ROI for investors. Buy Property in Dahisar East.

Real estate experts believe that property buyers here have enjoyed a 300% growth in the last five years! Economic advisors and analysts suggest an estimated 40% increase of employment opportunities in the Mumbai Metropolitan Region (MMR), including Thane. Such a predicted hike in jobs would entail a major increase in the demand for housing and subsequently could generate further capital appreciation for real estate investments in Dahisar.

Consequently the residential, commercial and the retail sector here has seen a better appreciation in terms of principal appreciation as well as rental income. Thus Today Dahisar tops the chart for home buyers and investors in the affordable as well as luxury segment, which has resulted in various eminent Developers in Mumbai.

Major Benefits of Buying A Flats in Dahisar That Is Away From The Main Road

December 20, 2019 by deltarealty  

There are residential properties in the affordable sector as well as the luxury sector, Mumbai seems to be a good place to start searching with Dahisar being equal contenders ranked after Mumbai. However, Mumbai is counted among the most costly real estate property market in the world. Therefore, Dahisar is among a few most preferred options for buyers looking for affordable and spacious property away from the main road. House buyers are now moving towards other destinations to make real estate investment as property prices are increasing day by day. Dahisar is being more affordable than Mumbai, isn`t just a wise choice for buying property, but also tops the real estate property chart in giving better returns for home buyers who have invested Property in Dahisar.

Read On Further To Know The Major Benefits Of Buying A Flats in Dahisar

Clean Environment:

Since the flat you have been living in is away from the busy street your flat will not be prone to accumulation of dust. Staying away from different kinds of pollution and automobile exhaust can be really beneficial for your health. Also, if you or any of your family members are allergic to dust and pollution, investing in a Flats in Dahisar East away from the main street will turn out to be your wise decision.

No Noise Pollution:

Owning a Flats in Dahisar away from the main road is the best thing one can think of gifting themselves. You will not have to worry about traffic noise at all. You can enjoy a noise-free environment in your dream house.

Utmost Privacy:

Living away from the main street gives you the benefit of enjoying privacy. Other residential Projects in Dahisar East will be far off from your residence providing you the highest level of privacy which every home buyer can enjoy. Residing in a flat on the main road makes your apartment vulnerable to the view of a passerby taking away your privacy.


Property located near the main street has been always very crowded and congested all round the clock. There are chances of unwanted people entering your residence and eventually your apartment when you buy a flat near the main street which will not be the scenario if you invest in property away from the main road.

Property Value:

Investing in flat away from the main street is what many home buyers would not prefer. Since commuting and accessibility to basic require will be really difficult when you invest in property away from the main road, you can then search properties at a discounted rate. You can even negotiate further, depending upon the locality you choose to buy the Property in Dahisar.

Parking Area:

People who live away from the main road have the benefit of parking their vehicles on the street itself as there is ample space available. And parking these vehicles on the street will not create an obstacle for anyone around therefore people would not mind if you park your vehicle on the street.

Spacious Homes:

Due to less space available near busy streets and areas near main road. The biggest advantage you get into investing a Flat in Dahisar away from the main street is spacious homes. With an affordable price, you can get a spacious property if you plan to invest in property away from the main street.

Western Suburban Projects: The Property Investment HotSpot

December 18, 2019 by deltarealty  

Western Suburban which also referred ad State Highway is considered to be the latest and top most favorite spot for people to make investments. The development that has happened in this area is very evident since there are many people buying Property in Dahisar. The area is well connected with many modes of transport, malls, schools, colleges and hospitals. With so many latest amenities available, it certainly makes this area the top most favorite investment spot. Another fascination and attraction is the Sanjay Gandhi National Park, which is visited by people all over.

Real Estate Investors have earned around 20% returns on their investments Property in Dahisar East. It has seen many residential and commercial projects coming up over the years and with each passing year, it has only grown. So if you are somebody looking forward to own a Property in Dahisar, you couldn’t be making a better choice. While you finally come to a decision of owning one, there are a couple of things to look into like to enquire about the current real estate prices that are running in that area. Also, like mentioned earlier, this area is very well connected, even then look around to see all the conveniences that you require and the distance from your home.

If you are a youngster making your first investment, the one thing that you will need to be wary of is making any financial mistakes. Hence, if you are planning to own a home for residential purpose or looking forward to buy a property in Mumbai, the first and foremost step that needs to be taken is,  know about all those financial aspects that goes into the buying of a property.

Especially in an area like Dahisar East, thanks to the many facilities this area offers, the rates of the properties will differ from the rest of the city. The prices of flats have increased in the last 2 years owing to the many developments in this area has witnessed. Any investment done here will ensure you good returns as well since there is much more hope and scope of development. Flyovers, bridges, malls, international airport, which is easily accessible are some of the major attractions for people. Buy house Projects in Dahisar.

You can own one in this area which is connected to every possible mode of transport. Many developers and private builders have taken up projects for both commercial and residential purposes in this area. Dahisar is currently considered as a leading real estate place in the Mumbai Metropolitan Region (MMR). Book your dream Flats in Dahisar East.


Life in Mumbai's Suburban Neighbourhoods

December 11, 2019 by deltarealty  

In a city with over 22 million people, space would understandably stand at a premium. In the past decade, the residential real estate market of Mumbai has encountered a paradigm shift, with the influx of people from across the country. Lack of space and a burgeoning number of people would lead you to believe that living in the suburbs would be restrictive, but it is, in fact, the opposite. An increasing number of real estate developers and Builders in Dahisar are now shifting their focus to luxurious yet affordable homes in the suburbs by creating niche apartment complexes that offer a vast range of modern lifestyle with latest amenities.


Modern Lifestyle:


Public transport, restaurants, hotels, shopping malls, hospitals, schools, colleges, movie theatres and so much more - the suburbs are the perfect convergence for all the modern lifestyle conveniences. You are never too far to go anywhere or do anything. The remarkable rise in population has brought newer varieties and options to the suburbs. Buy house in the Western Suburban Projects.




If you live in the suburbs, you are at an advantage of being in proximity to all forms of public transport and connecting drives. The completion of the new Metro projects will ensure better connectivity than ever. The excellent road and rail connectivity to the rest of the city ensures you can reach anywhere in and around the city with the utmost ease.


Open Spaces & Greenery:


In addition to lifestyle amenities, the suburbs are also home to a broader expanse of greener patches and open spaces. There are more gardens, parks, trails and clubhouses to enjoy here buy house Projects in Dahisar East.


Residential Projects:


The rapidly increasing number of upcoming Projects in Mira Road is a testament to the growing demand for residential projects. Better infrastructure support and connectivity have made suburbs a hub for new and modern residential projects. New apartment complexes and gated communities are being developed that offer an array of modern amenities including clubhouses, gardens, gyms and playgrounds. Buy 3 BHK Flats in Dahisar.




Indian Home Seekers Prefer Their Houses To Be Near Schools

December 6, 2019 by deltarealty  

With cities become increasingly congested, commuting over long distances, is no longer a pleasant experience. This is especially true, vis-à-vis travelling to and from work and the children’s schools. Home seekers, today, are paying considerable attention to having a reputed school close to one’s house, says Rohit Gera, MD, Gera Developments. “Most home seekers in this target group are young parents and come from nuclear families. Fortunately, good schools have started mushrooming all over the cities and home buyers are not starved for choice,” adds Gera.


How schools influence property demand


Although many schools now offer bus services, safety concerns remain. “For this reason, most parents, especially those who are working, prefer to have the option to drop and pick up their children, without having to worry about their safety,” explains Amit Ruparel, managing director, Ruparel Realty. As more schools encourage extra-curricular activities like sports, music, etc., having a school close to the home, makes it easier for the parents as well as the children, to participate in these activities.


Many schools also prefer students, who reside within a certain radius from the school. All these factors tend to influence the home buying or renting process of families. “Considering that admission to a school is usually a long-term decision, home buyers tend to prefer strategically-located residential projects that have multiple schools close by,” says Ramesh Ranganathan, business head, north and west, Mahindra Lifespace Developers Ltd.


Returns on property investment, in places that are close to educational facilities


The top facilities that customers consider, while looking for a home include infrastructure, amenities within the housing complex, specifications of the apartment and distance of schools from the project site. Developers too highlight amenities like proximity to public transport and schools, in their marketing campaigns. If well conveyed, these can boost project sales. “Having a good school in the locality, will fetch a premium on the property and give attractive returns, as well as rental options,” adds Ruparel.


Proximity to schools and other educational institutions, is especially important in metropolitan cities like Mumbai, Bengaluru, Pune and Chennai, where every minute saved counts. Moreover, a centrally located and easily accessible residence, can go a long way in improving the residents’ quality of life. According to industry experts and agents, the occupancy levels in homes/ apartments that are closer to schools/ educational institutions, are generally higher. While the rental yield on properties, typically ranges between two and three per cent in metropolitan cities, one can expect a marginally higher yield for properties closer to schools, they point out.


Buyers’ preference towards properties near educational institutions


Schools in the vicinity of a property, are becoming a crucial factor, in the home buying decision for buyers in the age group of 30-40 years.

Having a good school in the locality, will help the property to fetch a premium and earn attractive returns as well as rent.

With safety of children becoming a rising concern, parents prefer having a school that is close to one’s home.


Delta Group was founded by Group of entrepreneurs & has a history of over decades attached to it. We ventured into the real estate business with small sized residential development in the western suburban area. Buy 2 and 3 BHK Flats in Dahisar East with the latest amenities.


Source: https://housing.com/news/indian-home-seekers-prefer-homes-near-schools/

Dos And Don'ts For Buying A Property To Earn Rental Income

December 4, 2019 by deltarealty  

Investor and house buyers, who is looking to buy a property and lease it out, should approach the process with a lot of forethought, to get optimal returns and avoid a serious financial setback from a wrongly-chosen Property in Dahisar. From the initial choice, to finalizing the purchase of your first rental property as an investment, there’s plenty of planning and work involved. You should begin hunting for your rental investment property with an unbiased approach, in the areas and all of the properties in your investment range.


The foremost things that you want to consider, when trying to search the best rental property are:-


Project Quality:


Today, rental home seekers prefer projects, which add value to their lifestyle. Good projects with the best lifestyle deliverables, may be out of their purchasing reach, but they expect to get such facilities in a rental home. Projects with amenities like gardens, children’s play area, sitting area for elders, reliable, secure and professionally managed maintenance, are always preferred by families hunting for rental flats. The ambience inside the complex is very important to them. Buy house Projects in Dahisar.




The quality of the location in which you purchase a rental property, will determine the kind of renters, you will find and how frequently you may face vacancies. You may be faced with frequent vacancies, during the time when students return home for the holidays. Also, there would be a higher churn of tenants, when, ideally you should look for long-term leases.


Property Taxes:


Property taxes aren’t standard across the board and as an investor intending to earn money from rent, you should know about how much you will have to shell out, as taxes. High property taxes are obviously justified in very good areas, which are superlatively connected. Such areas also usually attract long-term renters. Locations in upcoming growth corridors should be preferred.


Rental Amount:


You should be aware of what the typical rent in the region is. Make sure you find out enough about the region, to judge where it is headed in following five years. Property taxes may rise and even if you can afford them now, significant developments in the area, which increase property taxes, may make them less affordable. When you’ve narrowed down the right location, look for a property that can potentially yield steady and growing rental income, as well as the appreciation on the capital value of the home. Consider properties which are within your budget and slightly above it, as well. The slightly costlier options can be paid for by some bank leveraging and developers may be open to negotiating the price. Buy 3 BHK Flats in Dahisar East.



Dahisar Makes A Strong Comeback On The Mumbai Map

November 27, 2019 by deltarealty  

Mumbai has always been a sought after real estate destinations in the country. Its cosmopolitan charm and status as the commercial capital of India has translated into a vast and prolific housing market. However, as the country reeled under downward pressure, many markets in Mumbai also suffered. Prices in many major markets in the Mumbai have been already very high and hence a softening in sentiments eventually resulted in cost corrections.


But once again in 2019, as markets in India have started to rally ahead, many micro markets in Mumbai are once again becoming the flavor of the season. One such micro-markets are the Dahisar stretch located in the Western suburbs.


Dahisar is located about 20 kilometres from Mumbai Airport. It has emerged as one of the major neighbourhoods of Mumbai. There is a plethora of social amenities in the area, including Schools, hospitals, parks, colleges, cafes, restaurants, and shopping malls Property in Dahisar East. The lovely area is known for its green neighbourhood with gardens at almost every block- a luxury in a metropolis like Mumbai. The suburb in Mumbai has the Sanjay Gandhi National Park in the east and mangrove forests in Gorai, in the west. The Dahisar river and Poisar river pass through the area which makes it further enchanting.


Dahisar, which is further North of Borivalli and can be reached in few minutes (via the locals) has scenic hills on the eastern side and Manori creeks and saltpans on the western side. It was once a favorite choice of nature lovers to settle down due to small hills, dense mangroves, orchards and the famous Dahisar River. 


This stretch is going transformation with the efforts of the government towards decongestion of traffic and regulations over other illegal activities. As flyovers are being built over the Western Express Highway and metro lines constructed over link road; traffic will be regulated leading to a better connectivity through SV Road, Link Road, Western Express Highway and Suburban Rail Network buy Flats in Dahisar East. Moreover, the area is in  proximity to workplaces across Mira Road, Kandivali, Malad, Goregaon, Jogeshwari, and Andheri, thus making it a suitable choice for working people. There are also numerous other employment hubs in the region, including Mindspace IT Park, Nirlon Knowledge Park, Techno Park and SEEPZ. Book your dream house Projects in Dahisar East.

Checklist Of Things To Consider Before Buying Property In Dahisar

November 20, 2019 by deltarealty  

Dahisar is now considered to be one of the top places to invest in Mumbai majorly because of the connectivity developments in this city. Dahisar is no longer called the Satellite city of Maharashtra. It is blessed with excellent connectivity to major parts of Mumbai and it goes without saying that the development in physical and civic infrastructure is increasing the demand for housing in this city buy Flats in Dahisar East. With IT Parks, business zones and shopping centers coming up in Dahisar, there are a few new housing projects which are capitalizing on the twin variables of accessible social framework, business and business development and obviously, higher employment opportunities and openings in the area. This, alongside the right progressing foundation work. Dahisar has a cosmopolitan culture simply like Mumbai. It has an exceptionally rich culture and each celebration is commended with energy here. The educational division in Dahisar has very well developed Western suburban projects.


Things to Consider When Looking to Buy Property In Dahisar


Market Research:


Before you finalize upon the property which you need to invest in, research the market to make sure you are investing your money in the right place. Talk to different real estate agents and also ask people around about the recent sales in the area. Don`t just completely rely on what real estate agents tell you. Always be very sure that the money you are putting in will be reflected in the apartment you buy.


Inspect the Property:


After checking out a few of the preferred apartments that you have shortlisted, check each property properly. Make sure your apartment is nearby schools, hospitals, and shopping mall. Consider the amount of traffic near the building and check for the amount of noise as well. If there is a lot of noise, it will not be a great idea to invest in such properties. Verify all the amenities and security measures provided by the Builders in Dahisar.




Location is of utmost importance, you should look carefully around the area where you are going to eventually reside. The property you are planning to invest should be in a safe and secure place, offering proper security to family members, all modern amenities and proper physical infrastructure.


Hidden Costs Involved:


Different expenses can emerge anytime that can`t be anticipated toward the beginning of the transaction. For instance, the builders can make additional charges for changing their records when another individual joins or leaves a property, and for organization expenses to give data you`ll need so as to get a house loan. This can include a few more hundred rupees to the expense of moving, so it merits planning for well in advance.


Maintenance charges:


Many people are completely unaware of the maintenance charges while buying an Flats in Dahisar. There are maintenance charges like property tax, elevator charges, water charges, municipal tax, charges for staff members of the building, and electricity charges which are applicable to each and every resident of that building. Ask your builder how many parking slots he has allocated to each flat. It is always better to clarify such questions well in advance.


Price of the Property:


The choosing a house or a flat is to fix a budget. It makes it easier to shortlist a house if you recognize what quantity you`re willing to pay thereon. Compare the worth of the property in question with those encompassing it from varied builders to urge a concept if the builder has offered you a real quotation. There are ways where you`ll be able to get a comparative analysis of properties within the area you`re trying. Portal listings, brokers in the area or newspaper listings are such sources.


Builder’s Reputation:


As a buyer and investor, it`s your responsibility to check the Builder or Developer`s history. By visiting recent buildings created by the same builder, you may get an idea about his position in the market to make your mind up upon the standard followed by the builder.


It is advisable to buy your dream house safely considering all these points mentioned above carefully.