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Top 5 Techniques to Keep Your Pool Secure and In Good Condition

December 19, 2019 by diverdan  

Every year, there are numbers of deaths and injuries caused from inappropriately maintained or designed Swimming pools. Here are some instructions that will help to stay safe.


Safety barriers: Planned to keep small kids from coming in pool area, safety gates and fences have to be installed to certain condition. The fence surrounding the swimming pool access area has to be minimum 48 inches in height, any straight members must be on the pool side of the barrier, vertical members must not go beyond 1-3/4 inches and all openings have to be small adequate thus a diameter of 4-inch sphere can’t pass through. Before you use any safety measurements you should clean swimming pools carefully. There are some service providers available that help you in the process of Pool Service. They are expert in their work and can give your best results.




Apart from this, for more security the barrier’s gates needs open out away from the swimming pool and have a self latching and self closing system. In case the mechanism of gate latch is less than 54 inches from the gate’s bottom, then it wants to be used at the top on the gate on the pool side facing. You can also choose swimming pool service to maintain your pool in an excellent condition.


Drain covers: Drains of pool can have an extremely strong suction and there have been many cases of drowning and kids being eviscerated from being caught in the drain of pool. The drain’s suction can be enough powerful to have stomachs and backs held down and have hair caught in the drain when covering the drain. Also, there have been reports of kids sitting on the pool’s drain and having their bowels pulled out of their rectum. To keep away from this, you should use an anti-vortex drain cover and highly effective Pool repair service.


Coping and Deck: Carefully check all walking areas around the swimming pool to confirm that there are not any protrusions and sharp edges to the coping, decking and plastic decking drain channels which may cause toe and foot injury.


Diving slides and boards: Diving slides and boards are unsafe by nature and are suggested against in the first position. Still, if you wish to have these, check them frequently with Pool repair New Brunswick professionals to confirm that they don’t have any cracks and that any hardware and the bolts are not deteriorated and rusted. Always keep any uncovered bolts painted with a paint to stop rust from forming. Be careful if diving slides are slippery. It can be a reason of injury. You should properly and regularly clean the diving area to avoid accidents.


Protection of Pool light: Electrical circuits of pool light have to be secured with a GFCI device. These are many outlets you may have observed in bathrooms and kitchen that have the reset and test button. Protection of GFCI can even be a wave in the breaker box that manages the circuit of pool light.