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Top Three Reasons to Hire a Prom Party Bus

August 30, 2019 by Dorchester Limo  



Four Reasons Why to Hire a Limo Service in London or Ontario

August 16, 2019 by Dorchester Limo  

Do you stay in London or Ontario? Do you want to travel by a limo? Yes..who does not want to sit in a limo comfortably? When it comes for any special event, hiring a limo is of a great importance. You might be thinking that it’s all about the comfortable rides, experienced drivers, etc. but no these are not the only reasons to hire a limo service in London or Ontario. Does not matter whether it’s for a wedding or any other event, a limo service in London or Ontario provides an array of advantages. With the right limo service, your event can be much better. Some of the advantages of hiring a limo include the following.


  • No distraction while driving

Distraction while driving is one of the key issues that many people face nowadays. But due to this you should not ruin your special event. Even there is no need for you to pay attention to the driver. Simply you need to sit comfortably and relax while your guests can have a drink and enjoy their favourite music. Apart from this, you can get socialized with other guests without a feeling of missing out.


  • Keep everyone together

You might have told everyone to visit you at the right time, but what if you and your guests cannot reach the spot on time. Traffic, rains, problems with the vehicle, etc are some of the reasons why most of the guests reach the event late. And to ensure that everyone meets at the right time, the best thing is to hire a limousine. The driver can pick you as well as everyone at the said time and thus everyone can reach at the time to enjoy the event.


  • No problem with parking

Does not matter whether you visit a restaurant, a hotel or wherever your event is being organized, parking is the issues that everyone faces. If you hire a limo, then parking is not at all an issue.


  • Make you to feel like a VIP

As the event is quite special, it is wise to make your guests feel special and hiring and travelling with a limo always makes you feel as if you are a VIP.



Hence, these are some of the advantages of hiring a limousine for your event. Would you like to hire a limousine? If yes, then contact Dorchester Limo. It is a reputed company that offers luxury limo services to its customers. Does not matter whether you are organizing a bachelorette party, wedding or any other party, the wedding limo rentals or party bus rentals are a good choice. It deals with wedding limo, party bus, prom limousine, etc. at an affordable price. For details, visit at https://www.dorchesterlimo.net/

4 Advantages of Hiring a Prom Party Bus in London

July 9, 2019 by Dorchester Limo  

You might know that in London, prom night is a great deal for the seniors as it is considered to be the last dance at the school before they leave for their college. Yes...prom season is arriving and the teens are eagerly waiting to make it a memorable one. Many teens’ starts preparing for the prom in advance; they select their dresses, shoes, etc. in advance and prepare themselves properly for the prom night. But there are many people who opt for prom party bus in London. But why? Below given are some of the reasons.




  • Make it easy for parents

As you know prom is a graduate level course. It may end at late night. So, every parent must be having tension on how their child will each home. So, opting for a party bus can let parents relax and ensure them that their child will reach home safely.

  • Enhances security and safety

One of the greatest advantages of opting for a prom party bus in London is the safety as well as security as the drivers of the party bus are experienced. They try their best to keep the teens safe. Even they allow the teens to enjoy properly.



  • Make it memorable

Prom is something that the teens will remember throughout their life. No matter whether the teens want to opt for a limo or a party bus extravaganza, having a party bus is more special.

  • No worries about the ride

With a prom party bus in London, you do not have to worry about asking your parents to pick and drop you. Even if you do not have to get worried about how you and your friends go home from the prom.

So, these are some of the advantages of prom party bus. Would you like to opt for one? If yes, then contact Dorchester Limo. It is a family owned business with years of experience in offering luxury limousine transportation to the customers. It has highly trained professional who can offer you a memorable experience. Its services include weddings, party bus and prom limousine services. No matter whether its prom party or bachelor party, the party bus offers a comfortable ride. On the party bus, you can enjoy properly starting from leaving the house up to reaching your home. All of its services are offered at an affordable price. If you want to opt for a party bus in London, then contact https://www.dorchesterlimo.net/

Elegant Wedding becomes effortless with Limo Rental

June 7, 2019 by Dorchester Limo  

Reserving a limo is merely one of the numerous things that you will need to do when preparing for your wedding. You should arrange the travel for the groom and bride, and other people which will be travelling on the wedding day, determined and planned in order to place it behind you and concentrate on the other information on the wedding.

Listed below are 5 essential 5 tips that each groom and bride need to think about when reserving a limo because of their wedding:

1. Know very well what you want

Before you reserve the limo for the wedding, you should know what you would like. So, ensure that you spend time doing analysis and determining exactly what kind of limo you need and just how many people need vehicles on the marriage day. It really is tough to safeguarded a reservation if you’re not sure what you ought to book.

2. Book early

Perhaps one of the most important things that can be done when hiring a marriage limo service would be to book as soon as possible. That is especially important if you are booking during famous times of the entire year such as for example during prom and warmer summer months wedding season. Unless you book early you can run the chance of not having the ability to get the particular limo that you would like for your big day.

3. Talk directly with all the limo company

Some limo companies will have an online reservation technique through their internet site, it is even now a good idea to speak to someone straight that works together with the limo firm. Encourage them to confirm your booking and verify the right dates and moments. You can never ever be too very careful and you must make sure that everything runs as planned on your own big day.

4. Be as complete as you possibly can when providing facts for the limo company

The more info you can supply the better. Since there is no scarcity of what to arrange for your wedding day, you should be as detailed as you possibly can when providing details for the limo business about dates, instances, and grab locations. Supply them with as detailed of an schedule as you possibly can. Additionally it is smart to supply them with a map with the locations where in fact the ceremony and wedding reception will be consuming place.

5. Get everything on paper

To avoid any confusion concerning the Limo Rental in London Ontario, program, or information on the services to be furnished, it is vital that you will get everything on paper. This is simply part of being truly a smart consumer looked after covers you in the event something goes incorrect together with your limo service. Exactly like with any services you reserve for the wedding, obtaining a contract for the limo service is essential.