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A quick guide to business class air consolidator & their discounts

January 16, 2020 by Goran Bla  



For example, if the business class fare is $3,000 and the airline’s commission is $1,500, the consolidator might keep $200, your agency might keep $300, and the passenger would pay $2,000.

The second legal way for consolidators to do business is for the airline to file special rates in its official, government-filed tariff and then offer the specials only through selected consolidators.





Number 1. Discounted Fares

Airlines have a lot of seats that they like to sell through business class consolidators. Therefore, business class consolidators are capable of providing discounted fares to travel agents, which help them have excellent profit possibilities on corporate business travel also.

Number 2. Group Flight Tickets

A business class consolidator negotiates contracts with airlines to buy seats in bulk, this involves targets and if the targets are achieved, the more discounts can be received further due to trust developed with airlines.

Number 3. Premium Discounts

A Business class consolidator offers heavy discounts on business and first-class tickets as airlines generally release premium class discounts to such consolidators only.

Number 4. Business-class consolidators in the USA

Travel agents can purchase special fares from specialized airline consolidators in order to fulfill their specific business needs. For instance, the USA is the world’s largest air travel market and some consolidators may specialize in selling business class consolidator tickets for those major airlines. Such consolidators can be recognized as:

Have you still not chosen the best ');" href="https://www.travelagentmall.com/">Business Class Consolidator for your business? We hope that the discussion made above will help you select the right ');" href="https://www.travelagentmall.com/">consolidator.

9 Tips to Get Cheap Flight: Save Big

January 7, 2020 by Goran Bla  

Use Airline Consolidators

Consolidators are wholesalers who buy fares in bulk. Due to long lasting relationships, travel agents can purchase tickets from consolidators and then sell them to consumers. It’s a win/win: Consolidators offload their tickets without dealing directly with clients, and travel agents gain access to rock-bottom fares.



Clear Your Browsing History

You find a cheap flight online, search for it again later that day … and the price has high as skyrocketed. Why? All airfare portal record your browsing cookies and some use this information to raise prices when you’re interested in a flight. If you clear your web browsing data (known as a cache), there’s a chance that you’ll find the reasonable price.

Be Flexible About Date & Time

This is the number one way to save when it comes to booking flights- we’re talking hundreds of dollars. The cheapest days to fly are generally Tuesday, Wednesday and Saturday.

Book in Advance

When it comes to finding inexpensive flights, the general rule is the more available seats, the cheaper the airline ticket. So booking well in advance is usually your best bet — it’s a good idea to make your arrangements a minimum of 21 weeks prior to your departure date.

Research About Airline Hubs

Generally, flights to and from airline hubs are inexpensive because there are more flights to choose from. So if your final destination isn’t a major hub, check prices to the hub first, and then look for an additional flight from the hub to your final destination. Yes, you’ll have a layover, but you could save a lot of money in the process.

Fly during undesirable hours

“Go on a red-eye or crack-of-dawn flight,” says Elizabeth Avery, the founder of the travel website Solo Trekker 4 U(http://solotrekker4u.com/). These flights tend to have unfilled seats and often will be less expensive than midday flights.

Follow your favorite airlines

Several airlines post last-minute deals to their Twitter accounts. Check Below major airlines’ Twitter handles:

Airline website Twitter handle

Alaska Airlines @AlaskaAir
American Airlines @AmericanAir
Delta Air Lines @Delta
Frontier Airlines @FlyFrontier
JetBlue Airways @JetBlueCheeps
Southwest Airlines @SouthwestAir
United Airlines @United

What’s the 24-hour rule?

If you book a flight and realize it’s not what you want after all, don’t worry. If booked more than seven days ahead of departure, all flights out of the U.S. offer a 24-hour hold or cancellation policy.

What is the mistake fare?

A mistake fare — like dropping a zero so a $1,540 round-trip flight suddenly costs just $154 — usually comes from human error. Sometimes, it means the same price is available from nearly every departure city — like $500 round-trip from the entire U.S. to Australia.

Have you still not chosen the best consolidator for your business? We hope that the discussion made above will help you select the right consolidator for cheap flights.

How to select Perfect Mother’s Day Gift

December 30, 2019 by Goran Bla  


Choosing the right Mother’s Day present for the mother of your children, grandmother, mother in-law or your own mother doesn’t have to be stressful or expensive. Here are seven strategies for finding the perfect Mother’s Day gift to show your love and appreciation for the special women in your life.

1. Buy her clothing or jewellery

Earrings are always a simple, elegant gift idea that can be fun to shop for. Or you can find something more everyday like a nice blouse in her size. If you aren’t sure what her size is ask someone who might know, like one of your siblings, your dad, or one of your grandparents.

2. Give her your time.

Many mothers would love nothing better than to spend some quality time with their always-so-busy children or spouse. Give your mother or your partner time spent together with you.

3. Choose something you already know she loves.

You can’t go wrong when you buy something you know she’d choose for herself, such as her favorite perfume or skin care product, a gift certificate to a beloved restaurant or a fresh pair of her favorite sneakers.

4. Buy her favourite movie or a streaming service.

If she doesn’t have a streaming service like Netflix, or her favourites aren’t available on Netflix, you can you can find her favourite movie or TV series on DVD or BluRay. Or, you can buy her a subscription to a streaming service so she can have access to her favourites and more.

5. Give her flowers.

Flowers can be the easiest and most rewarding gift. If you don’t know her favourite flower, you can use your best judgement and find something that fits her personality. The good thing is that no matter which flowers you get, they will all be beautiful and she’ll appreciate the gesture.

6. Make a homemade card.

You can also buy her a card, but homemade is always best! There are many ways to make a Mother’s Day card. You can use a photograph, or construction paper, or use sewing thread.

7. Give her something that reminds her of her childhood.

Think of a special item or memory from her childhood and give her something that will remind her of it. For example, if your mother loved the daisies outside of her house when she was young, a good gift would be a bouquet of daisies, or a scarf with daisies on it.

Wondering what to get Mom for Mother’s Day? Browse Giftsideafor for Best Mother’s Day gift ideas for every superwoman on your list from new moms to mother-in-laws to grandmas.

How To Make Money With An Airline Consolidator

December 23, 2019 by Goran Bla  

Working with an airline consolidator is an easy way to increase your commissions and decrease the stress for you and your customers. Low net fares allow you to mark up higher commissions while still getting clients a deal. Consolidator fares also make it easier to upsell clients on premium classes. Before you book your next airline ticket, be sure to consult with an airline consolidator!

5. Airline consolidators manage large groups

An airline group is 10 or more people traveling together. When approached with a large group, your first instincts should be to call your consolidator. Airline consolidators help travel agents manage group flight bookings at lower costs and save valuable time by responding quickly to their group booking requests.

4. Airline consolidators help you upsell

Always contact your airline consolidator. Consolidator low net fares make the upsell more palatable for the client. Consolidators with a global reach allow travel agents to earn high commission on tickets across all cabins: first, business, premium economy, and economy.

3. Airline consolidators will expand your airline options

There is a great demand to book discounted fares. Therefore, travel agents find selling of international flight tickets as an excellent source of making high profit. Every travel agent has a collection of their preferred airlines. Consolidators already know the ins and outs of the travel industry and will provide you with insight from an agent’s perspective so you can make an informed decision that best suits your client’s needs and secure a good commission for yourself.

2. Airline consolidators have excellent customer service

When you need to make a last minute change or smooth over a wrinkle in the itinerary, you want an airline consolidator in your corner. These situations need a fast response to resolve queries on time. Therefore, travel agents should check for round the clock support from an airfare consolidator. This can save a lot of time as a consolidator will be able to respond whenever the help is required.

1. Airline consolidators are global experts

It is necessary to know how experienced an airline ticket consolidator is. Despite offering low fares some of the consolidators are unable to meet expectations of travel agents. However, a consolidator having more experience in the industry can serve far better due to its extensive knowledge. They can present the most effective solutions to travel agents to manage any uneven situations in a better way.

Have you still not chosen the best flight consolidator for your business? We hope that the discussion made above will help you select the right consolidator.

Are you aware of the unused flight tickets refund?

December 18, 2019 by Goran Bla  

Travel companies can actually recover unused flight tickets refund

Travel management companies have a track record of their customers’ flights schedule as if they have attended the flight or cancelled the same. What if these travel companies get the privilege of recovering huge money from a bulk of unused flight tickets?

Many times, passengers face unexpected situations like health problems, postponed meetings, jury duty requirements, or weather conditions. This makes them leave their flights unattended. However, on a positive note, unused flight tickets refund can be obtained from airlines.

Many travel companies do not know the fact that the unused flight tickets refund can be retrieved. Therefore, they lose the chances of recovering money for those unused flight tickets. Additionally, a refund can be claimed for unused economy class tickets as well.

The truth behind unused flight tickets refund

It’s true that airlines often say that unused flight tickets are non-refundable but getting unused flight tickets refunds is actually possible. When you know the exact amount to recover from airlines, this makes the task easier. A company like a Ticket Audit helps travel companies know the exact value left in unused flight tickets. Thereby travel companies can ask airlines for the same amount for obtaining unused flight ticket refunds.

Whether your customers would have booked refundable or nonrefundable plane tickets, you can recover money for all unused flight tickets. Travelers often buy non-refundable flight tickets in order to save time as the refundable airline tickets can be 3 to 4 times costlier than the non-refundable tickets, still, those tickets can be refunded if they are not unused.

Several other conditions when travelers get unused flight tickets refund

Some situations where your passengers are entitled to airline refunds are overbooking, rights for delayed baggage, schedule changes due to weather conditions, and more. Also, when an airline cancels any flight ticket due to some reason, it will rebook that journey with the next available flight. On the contrary, if your passengers do not want to attend the next flight, you can claim for an unused flight ticket refund.

Unused flight tickets refund policy by American Airlines

Suppose your passengers booked flights from Austin to Illinois on American Airlines and many of them were unable to travel on those flights. In this case, you can recover money for those unused airline tickets by evaluating the exact refund through a platform like Ticket Audit. Knowing the exact amount after proper evaluation, you can present that to airlines and claim money for the same. There can be varying refund policies of airlines but you have the privilege to get taxes paid for any unused flight tickets. American Airlines lets you get a refund for any cancellations within 24 hours until and unless you book flights 2 days prior to departure.

Unused flight tickets refund policy by United Airlines

The cancellation policy of United Airlines is somewhat similar to other airlines. Passengers have a 24-hour time period to cancel for free and they have 48-hours total time to change their plans without any risk.

6 benefits of calculating unused flight tickets refund

Have you ever considered the service that can help you recover money for unused flight tickets? Some service providers have advanced tools that can calculate the actual value of unused flight tickets refund. Some of the benefits of getting a refund value are presented below:

  1. Advanced tool to check unused airlines ticket refunds saves time and effort.

2. Accurate values are calculated that avoid the chances of any fraudulence.

3. Refund values for thousands of unused flight tickets can be calculated within very less time.

4. No installation cost if you get a completely web-based service for obtaining return value for unused flight tickets.

5. It helps in getting back a hefty amount of money left with airlines.

6. Getting aware of the unused flight ticket refunds is really beneficial to corporates, TMC(s), OTA(s), travel agents and other travel entities as it can help them maintain loyalty with customers.

Author Summary

Our ticket audit tool calculates the exact refund values left in unused flight tickets. Travel companies connect with us for quick computation of refund amount for a bulk of unused flight tickets. Our platform helps them recover hidden money from airlines.

Why You Should Fly Business Class Instead Of First

December 11, 2019 by Goran Bla  

A restful flight is essential for those travelling long distances for business.

Here are five reasons why you should opt out of that first-class ticket and fly business class instead:

5 Reason you should buy business class fare

Reason 1 More leg Room

Say goodbye to cramped spaces lie-in flatbeds, Especially worthwhile for long-haul flights.

Reason 2 Gourmet Dining Options

Find cutlery, warm gourmet food find wine.

Reason 3 Privacy

Dividers on business class, Attendants do not disturb if requested

Reason 4 Networking

Get to meet powerful people, Get to connect with potential clients.

Reason 5 Easy Check-in

Don’t wait in queues

Exclusive check-in and security check for business and first-class passengers

Need to buy Consolidator Business class tickets?

8 Perks of flying Business Class

1. Priority Check-In

Check-in procedure is much easier and more convenient. We can avoid long queue and sit comfortably while the staff do the check-in process.

2. Business Class Lounge

While waiting for the boarding time, we can enjoy Business Class Lounge facility. Again, it depends on the airline and airport, but usually inside the lounge, we get to enjoy endless of food as well as good rest to recharge the energy. Some Business Class Lounges even have shower, massage and sleeping room facilities.

3. Additional Baggage Allowance

Well it depends on the airline policy but usually Business Class has more baggage allowance. It surely is a good news especially for a big shopaholics.

4. Priority Boarding

Whenever they’re ready, we will be the first they call, talking about first priority, no more queueing.

5. Amenities & Facilities

Comfortable pillow and blanket?, fancy socks?, complete amenity kits?, noice-cancelling headphones?, bigger screen and more inflight entertainment?, how can you not love this?

6. Fine Dining

Imagine being welcomed by a glass of champagne or fresh juice, then enjoying full course of gourmet meal. The food will keep coming we’ll never get a chance to feel hungry since they spoil the passengers with lots of food from snack, breakfast, lunch, dinner or supper complemented by wide selection of wines and beverages.

7. Bigger Better Seat

Well this is the major benefit that AnakJajan enjoy the most, bigger seat and more space for us to rest. Most Business Class seat can be adjusted into flat bed position, fully comfortable flat bed for us to sleep on. Yass!!

8. Be the first to leave the aircraft

Another perks of flying Business, we don’t need to queue since we’ll get the first priority to leave the aircraft.

How to buy consolidator airline tickets?

  • While buying consolidator tickets, always check if your consolidator has a long-standing relationship with an extensive range of reputable airlines.
  • If you want to book an upgraded seat for your customers at a discounted price, first check the various restrictions associated with a consolidator you are going to choose. Some consolidator tickets can have certain conditions while others do not.
  • A genuine flight consolidator will always provide phone support and help desk support, so you can consider these factors while selecting a consolidator.
  • Travel agents can check if a flight consolidator can offer them enough discounts so that they can easily add their desired markups.

11 Tips to Get a Refund on Non-Refundable Airfare

December 7, 2019 by Goran Bla  

In short: There’s no such thing as a nonrefundable ticket. You can get a refund on a nonrefundable airline ticket under the right circumstances. If your airline or agent tells you otherwise, don’t accept that as the final answer. Just remember the exceptions and send a brief, polite email to one of our exclusive customer service contacts.

There are numerous special circumstances and exceptions that can override even the airline industry’s strict “no-refund” rule. They even apply to the most restrictive “basic” economy class tickets.
Number 1. If you cancel within 24 hours of bookingIf you’ve booked a ticket in the United States, the Department of Transportation (DOT) requires U.S. and foreign air carriers to hold a reservation at the quoted fare for 24 hours without payment or allow the traveler to cancel the reservation within 24 hours without penalty. This policy is known as the 24-hour reservation requirement.
Number 2. Request a refund on your ownIf you are on the hook for a costly change fee, try requesting a refund. Most airlines allow you to request a refund directly on their websites. Even if you don’t think the airline will grant you a refund, it’s worth a try.
Number 3. If an airline cancels your flightIf an airline cancels your flight, it will try to rebook you on the next available flight. You don’t have to accept that flight. If you’d prefer not to travel on the new itinerary, you are entitled to a refund for the unused transportation. This is true even for a nonrefundable ticket. You are also entitled to a refund for any bag fee that you paid, and any extras you may have purchased, such as a seat assignment, according to the DOT.
Number 4. Wait until the last minuteIf you have a flight booked and need to cancel your flight, wait until the last minute. If your flight ends up being delayed or canceled because of weather, you can receive a full refund on your flight. Typically, you don’t need to show up at the airport. You can check online, and if there is an issue with your flight, you could be looking at a fee-free refund.
Number 5. If there’s a significant schedule changeIf your airline changes its schedule, you may be entitled to a full refund even if you’re holding a nonrefundable ticket. How much of a schedule change depends on the airline. American Airlines has a 61-minute rule. United Airlines will offer a refund under certain conditions when there’s a schedule change
Number 6. If the contract of carriage allows itThe contract of carriage sometimes called the conditions of carriage — is the legal agreement between you and the airline. Often these terms detail other provisions for refunding a nonrefundable ticket.
Number 7. If your bank or credit card says soIf you feel the airline hasn’t offered you the product it promised, you might be able to dispute the charge on your credit card (commonly called a credit card chargeback).
Number 8. If you dieAirlines offer refunds to your next of kin if you die. This is a long-standing industry courtesy. There’s no rule or regulation that says an airline must refund a dead passenger’s fare. If, however, the promise is contained in the contract of carriage, then the airline must honor it.
Number 9. If your travel companion diesSome airlines will refund tickets — even nonrefundable ones — as a goodwill gesture when your travel companion dies. Most airlines have internal (nonpublished) policies governing these refunds.
Number 10. If your military orders change or you have jury dutyAirlines are known to refund nonrefundable tickets if your military orders change. They have also refunded tickets for passengers with jury duty or other civic obligations. If you think you qualify for one of these exceptions, ask.
Number 11. If you have extenuating personal circumstancesSometimes, life happens. Passengers fall ill before their flight or declare personal bankruptcy. Airlines review these refund requests on a case-by-case basis. They weigh your loyalty to the airline, take into consideration your manners and always ask: “What would happen if this ended up in the news?”

Airline Consolidators Misconceptions: How to Shop Smart

November 27, 2019 by Goran Bla  

Airline Consolidators Misconceptions

Airline Consolidators Have Restrictive Terms and Conditions.
Airline consolidators once functioned under a difficult system with restrictions preventing travelers from reaping benefits beyond low airfare. Passengers could not use frequent flyer miles on flights booked through a consolidator, which provoked questioning whether or not they were really saving money on flights.

Airline Consolidators Are Unreachable.
In the early days of airline consolidation, travel agents didn’t have access to local offices and face-to-face communication with the consolidator they were working with. To top it off, customer support operated within a limited time window, so agents were unlikely able to execute damage control with the airline consolidator when flights were cancelled or altered.

Airline Consolidators Don’t Offer Great Discounts.
Some assume there is not a large difference between net and published fares. Airline consolidators serve as a resource that allows travel agents to compare fares among different airlines; which, as stated before, can be up to 65% off.

Airline Consolidators Don’t Speak English.
Today, the travel industry is intent on hiring multi-lingual employees, and airline consolidators are no exception. Present travel agents can rest easy knowing they are able to speak with a consolidator in their native language and keep any misunderstandings at an all-time low.

Airline Consolidators Charge Penalties for Ticket or Itinerary Changes.
Airline consolidators can even aid in adjusting itineraries to fit present circumstances. Note that, while the consolidator doesn’t charge changing fees, some airlines do. Your consolidator can help navigate which airlines have pricey change penalties.

Airline Consolidators Have Limited Options.
Because they didn’t offer the option to choose specific seating and had limited flights available.

Read Full post: Airline Consolidators Misconceptions How To Shop Smart


November 13, 2019 by Goran Bla  

As a trusted travel agent if you really want to bring a positive change in your business, you can start by selecting the right airline consolidator. Here, we will help you determine whether or not your airline consolidator is capable of growing your business. This may help you select the best consolidator and transform your business.

Check below Factors to find if your airline consolidator is trustworthy