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Enjoy the life of the wealthy with a limousine hire

October 14, 2019 by edmontonlimo  

There are many things in life that seem to happen only in movies or in reality shows. These are those things that we will all love to have a taste of but our financial circumstances do not permit. Then there come these special occasions that make using one of such luxurious services only enjoyed by the wealthy well worth it.


This is what most people feel when they have to hire good looking limousines. A wedding is a once in a life time event and as the bride is the queen of the day, she really needs to be treated like royalty. What better way to treat a bride than to have her brought to the wedding ceremony venue in limousine? Unknown too many people, hiring a car like a limousine is will not break the bank but you need to tread carefully when hiring such a service. The following are some points to keep in mind when looking for a Edmonton Limo like this to hire.



This is what you want to be bothered about when looking to hire this can of luxurious car. There are not many Edmonton Limousine service providers of these around and some people have taken advantage of this fact to advertise services that do not exist. This is especially common over the internet where people are prone to buy a “cat inside a bag”. However, for your wedding, take you time to ensure you are suing a reputable service provider. If in doubt, ask around for information or possibly use forums on the internet.




Check insurance

As a rule these types of companies will have insurance for the services they provide. However, it doesn’t hurt to verify that this is actually the case. If possible, ask to see any accident history their Party Limo Edmonton drivers may have especially the one that will be allotted to drive you.


Check the fees

Before going out to get a company to chauffeur you around on your wedding day, you should have a budget in mind. This will help you select from the many quotes that you may receive. Although there may not be many such companies offering Executive Car Rental Edmonton service, it is no reason to accept the first price that you get. As you go around searching for which company to use, also take note of the prices they are offering and what is included in the price. You may be able to spot some unnecessary fees that have been added by some companies to inflate the bill. When you have different quotes to consider, you are more likely to get the same service for a better price.


After you are happy with a particular service provider, don’t forget to get a signed contract of all expected services. If you will do a careful research online then it is sure that you will get best out of the best services exactly as per your requirements. 

Are You Hiring A Luxurious Limo For Your Special Event?

October 4, 2019 by edmontonlimo  

There are many people organizing events today but when you are into showbiz, it is all about showing off just like the name suggest. When planning for an event, it can better to start planning early if you intend to succeed. Showbiz involves managing a lot of people and logistic and the only way to succeed is to plan well ahead the event.


Get everything ready before you start making publicity for the event. Things like Party Bus Edmonton and Wedding Limo Edmonton service should be contracted to carry the high profile guest that will be coming for the event, if you will need more than one limo for the occasion, it is better to start searching early.




Check all available services in your area

Start your search for limos to use for your event by checking all the different providers in the location in which the event will be taking place. If you are lucky you may be able to find providers within the locality who are able to provide the number of limousines you need. Depending on the number you are seeking to hire, you may have to use more than one provider. Sometimes it may be necessary to bring service providers from out of town if there are no providers or not enough of them in the area where you are having the event.


Get quotes and compare prices

When you are organizing an event cost is bound to run high easily so you want to be sure to save cost wherever possible. To get the best prices, get quotations from the different providers that you have identified. When you receive the quotes, be sure to ask questions about the services that are included in the cost. Compare the different quotes and the Prom Limo Edmonton services involved before you choose a service provider. It can help you to save good money and unnecessary hassle.


Check history of drivers

When you are going to be receiving very high profile guests, you want to also check the drivers that will be behind the wheels. Important things to check are their accident history and if possible sometimes criminal history. You really want to be sure about the type of people who will be carrying your high profile guests. If you will hire a reputable company then you no need to worry about anything.


Be clear about the services to expect

When you plan to get Luxury Transportation Edmonton hire service, be sure to explain clearly what your expectations are. If you need the service provider to include services like escort girls and wine, this should be clearly defined. This will ensure you know what you are getting and also put measures to check that you get what you paid for.


Sign a contract

At the end of it all, be sure to sign a valid contract with all the terms clearly spelled out. Make sure to read the fine prints that may end up costing you money.

Choose A Best and Luxury Transport For Your Wedding

September 23, 2019 by edmontonlimo  

Without any doubt, limousine is the great option of cars for wedding transport. Many people are choosing limousine in its place of Party Bus Edmonton because it offers the most comfortable and luxurious facilities. Not only for wedding, a limousine is a great transportation option for business meeting, vacation, and traveling. Many graduates are using Prom Limo Edmonton because it provides comfort facilities and perfect transportation option.




In special wedding day, choosing Luxury Transportation Edmonton is greatest decision to create perfect and memorable wedding day. To get the best limousine cars for wedding transport, it is important to choose the right style of a limousine. The style is important things to choice, especially for people who look for a stylish and fashionable vehicle for a wedding. There are many types of limousine based on size, type, models, and colors.  Some bride may choose a black limousine for their transport. Some others choose white limousine. It is advisable to not choose a more bright color for limousine such as; red limousine, purple or yellow limousine.


The second tips are asking for the style of limousine to the car rental company. There is some question to ask for the company related to limousine cars before making the final decision. You need to ask some guarantee service for the limousine models. It is important to make sure that your bridge should arrive on time to the church for wedding receptions. It is also important to check company background for the service and ask some references from past clients that have hired limousine transportation service. Most of car Rental Company provides different kind and model of the limousine. Some of them provide stretch Hummer limousine that larger than a standard limousine.


To get the best Executive Car Rental Edmonton service for special wedding transport, it is time to book the service from online sites. A good company can offer and provide online booking for wedding transport service. It is important to book the cars 2-3 days before the wedding day. A professional car rental service provides limousine, wedding transport with chauffeur service. The company offers and provides great packages for wedding service with plenty of vehicle models. By booking the right limousine models, you can get the most memorable wedding transport in the special wedding day. How imagine that you can transport all bridges, the bridegroom, bride maids, and other people together in one limousine. There are plenty of facilities available inside limousine cars includes; flat screen television, stereo audio system, air conditioning system, karaoke player, Xbox game player, Nintendo player, private phone call, meals, snacks, soft drinks and other modern facilities for comfort and enjoyable transport from the bride's house to the church.


When it is to choose the right company, try to search them on the internet. Make sure that you find and get the right company for a limousine service. It is very important to choose the most comfort limousine cars with the best deal offer.

Hire Luxury Limo for Your Special Occasions!

August 30, 2019 by edmontonlimo  

Limo services are rapidly getting popular these days. With class and quality service, this industry is getting enormous fame. You can get luxurious and latest models of Limo for your special occasion with just a phone call away.


Great Style to Flaunt

Limo Service Industry offers you great style and class with their luxurious and latest models of Limousines, which you can flaunt among your friends and family. Whether it’s Birthday, Engagement or wedding, you can book your Edmonton Limo for specific hours with just a phone call. If you are planning something different and special for your loved ones, do not hesitate to call on numbers of Limo Industry, they will provide you fleet of Limos to decide upon; also, you can book luxurious and ravishing Limo for your celebrations. With great style and elegance, treat your loved ones and show how much you care for them.




With Edmonton Limousine Services, you must ensure that drivers with the service providers are fully trained do not consume drugs while drive and should not have criminal history. Any service provider in the Limo Industry, train their drivers for the best of their sophistication to feel you at the best and comfortable. Limo services come with simple concept that needs you to hire a Limo of your choice from a fleet of Limo, and tell them your pickup date and time and dropping details. The Limo will be made available to you five minutes earlier of your given time and place. You just need to stretch yourself and relax with luxurious ride. No worries and hassles of parking, driving, and less space!


Limo Services for Work and Pleasure-


Birthdays/ Anniversaries

Gift your loved ones a ride in one of the best Party Limo Edmonton available in the fleet, that too within your budget. Sit back and relax with your special guest of the night, without worrying about drive and parking the car.


Wedding Ceremony-

While planning wedding, want to offer your guests something special to ride, book Wedding Limo Edmonton for your guests and family to ride and show them that they are special and welcome to enjoy your best day. While you can just concentrate on your wedding vows, your guests will be taken care by trained Limo chauffeurs.


Airport and Transfer Service-

After travelling no one likes to wait for taxi and shuttles, in fact you can simply book a Limo by any Limo service provider in the industry. Nothing can be more soothing than luxurious and classy Limo waiting for you outside Airport.


Tours & group tours-

Stretched Limo has great capacity to accommodate 10-15 people comfortably in one car. You can make your group tour memorable by hiring a Limo for your vacation. Moreover, these Limos are very luxurious, accommodating and offer you additional facilities that you may require while your tour. Nowadays you get best unbeatable prices for booking a Limo for your occasion due to online market place that offers you diversity of Limo services along with standard prices. You can search and select from a large fleet of Limo that suits your criteria.