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Microsoft Account password Reset | Recover account.live.com

August 12, 2019 by Elsa Kulas  

How to Reset Your Microsoft Account password

Resetting your Microsoft account password is very simple and will only take 10 to 15 minutes in most cases.


Figure out what email address you are using for your Microsoft account, which it is the correct account for the Device or account you wish the password reset form.


This might seem like a strange or obvious first step, however with automatic logons, the high occurrence of multiple Microsoft accounts, and the many email addresses most of us have, it is important to create sure that you are resetting the password to the correct Microsoft account.


So, as an example, if you have forgotten your Windows ten or Windows 8 password but are not completely sure what email, you are using to log in with, activate your pc and take note of it on the login screen. If you need to reset the Microsoft account, you use to log in to Skype (or Outlook.com, etc.), visit the Microsoft Account check in page from your normal browser and see if your account email address is pre-filled for you. It probably will be.

Open the Microsoft Account password Reset page from any browser on any computer or Device, even your smartphone.


Choose I forgot my password from the shortlist of choices and so tap or click Next.



In the 1st field, enter the email address you use as your Microsoft account.


If you know a telephone number that might be associated with your Microsoft account, you can enter that instead of your email address. Your Skype username is acceptable here, too.


In the different field, for security purposes, enter the text you see and so click or tap the next button.

On the next screen, select one of the email options (continue with Step 7), one of the text options (continue with Step 8), or the use an app choice (continue with Step 9).

If none of the email or telephone number options is valid anymore, and you don't already have an authentication app configured for your Microsoft account, select the, i do not have any of those options (Continue with Step 10).

If you choose one of the email options, you will be asked to enter the complete email address for verification.


Click or touch Send Code and so check your email account and look for a message from Microsoft account team.


Enter the Code in this email within the Enter the code text box, then tap or click Next. Continue with Step eleven.



If you choose one of the text choices, you'll be asked to enter the last four digits of the telephone number for verification.


Tap or click Send Code and so wait for the text to arrive on your phone.


Enter the Code from that text within the Enter the code text box and so press or click the next button. Continue with Step 11.


If you choose the use an app choice, tap or click Next to bring up the Verify your identity screen.


Open the authentication app that you've configured to figure with your Microsoft account and enter the Code displayed within the Enter the code text box, then tap or click Next. Continue with Step 11.

If you decide on i, don't have any of those, tap or click Next to bring up the Recover your account screen.


Under where should we contact you? Section, enter a valid email address where you can be reached in regards to the reset procedure, and so click Next. Take care to kind an email address that is different than the one you do not have access to! Feel free to use a friend's address if you do not have another one to enter.

Check that email account for a message from Microsoft that includes a code you wish to enter in on the Recover your account screen. Kind the Code there and so press Verify.

On the following few screens, enter everything you can regarding yourself and your account, which may help Microsoft establish you. Some things include name, birth date, location info, previously used passwords, Microsoft product you have used your account with (like Skype or Xbox), email addresses you have contacted, etc.

On the Your info has been submitted page, touch or click OK. Depending on the information provided, you may be contacted by Microsoft (at the email address you provided throughout this reset procedure) immediately via email or up to 24 hours later if somebody has to look at your provided info manually. Once you do get an email from the Microsoft account team, follow whatever steps they offer, then continue with Step 11.

In the New password field, and once more within the Reenter password field, enter the new password you'd like to use for your Microsoft account.

Click orbit Next. Assuming all was successful, you should see the Your account has been recovered screen.

Tap or click Next once more to exit.


Sign in on the next page with your newly reset password!